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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 26, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

,- - mfM. -- MJ'J 'il..utnm;TUBgTOownm, wujii ..n..ivJr.UJVi urn... ilwhil wn i.i.WWi,,n. jAjuglte. nu.Mmn..tu, wnmwmi-ujMLUBu- TEE' KENTUCKY.: GAZETTE. 55a. ub&inuiOM SAWRDAT, .Augujl 26, NUMBER Wednesdays cj Intelligence? LAW BOOKS. 1,797. v- - VOLUME X, ; J. BRADFORD, , , frreet , o,here Subfcriptim, at Epay,, ire. arj: thankfully received,., Printing in general executed Tn neat ondcorrcft ,Jnner Per Annuls W Saturdays j Tw.-nty-O- State of Kentucky. " STOLEN WANTF.D the plantation' ns the sub": h person who i well acquainted withroRSALE, BY Whole sale or. RETAIL, Tune Term i 707. FROM about two and a half Meredith Helm, complainant, ..'TIlKroLLOWIU'G Malting & Brewing of Beer it miles from l,e:,iiigtoa, on Tucfday AGAINST . LAW ISUUIva. Be !Jmn Fibjarald, Leir at law ? the lit mltaiit, a ion cl Marc, .." u uuiiLbttt. ureat encou- " JITYCafETabiid&ed " fpinafti Njfi Prius X John Flt,zJdra!1 dec. 5 UI"nainVC3 ears old, a natural trotter, about ragenienrwill be givenpply fa, r' in Chancery. P ow el on Mortgages ,"us niS'1 no brand, lier tail 15 A. i ' JOT yon,devices ' ta" aScuc,ore Lexington, July 36,1797. ile deferdanr not navinWntHureps .m" M2 Uli IJUWUI't her nole out. ablaze down .ji flrttPrPrl "hie WLf .,, lT. ' an rv . f ! .uiaiac &rccauiY toUIJU act ux A herfacr; and a dark (pot on her but. 7Z7. II rrv on cnntrndls . j fo. Jt uiu WUll. tock-jfilntrty Dollars Reward. strayed from the same peanng tn the fdtisfaftion of the court, that the the United States, tmo ' oon-uThursday the 10th of this '( .defendant is not an inhabitant of tins state On AN awav frnm v,n,: Swift's Edition A." VK. "otion of the complainant, bv hisattomev, mtant, three ilea.s one a grey V son county, Kentucky,) seme: , Bacon's abridgement, .it is ordered, that the deibnd4.1t appear here on white, fuppoled so beibgut six years time in May Wilfjn's reports la(r,a Negro ftian namE-4the third day of our next Oftober term, and old, a very lar,;e bealt and supposed LOUIS, (or LUE.) about twenty-sou- r ' Ulackftone's do. , . . ahfwer the complainant's bill: and that a convi to w eigh about iix hundred, an other a years of ace, five feet Ox of this order be inserted in the Kentucky Cokt upon Lytleton I oreihfin- . red ltecr. with a white back, abonrliw ti " . i.irri. zeue lor two month's fucceliively, another d Kyd on awards i.i. : at the dopr of the court house of ft&n fyears fliort horns, supposed leii,. j he aboxe reward will f,, ;,Z Jiiglunore On bail county, and that this order be publifhcd io to weigh about fivehundrtd, and the en is secured in any jail in this hate-th-ird D urn ford and kaCr. . ounaay immeaiaIytter Divine fervue,! a red ltecr, with a white face, a- Hale's Comnjon Law, , A. HOLMES. ooor 01 rne BaptUc meeting house bouclour yeaisold,fuppofcdtof.cigh Lexington, July is. Wiljrams's conveyancing of Walhington. tf .iddul luui uuiiiij cu, , mi in gooa ol Vatfel's Law of.Naiions Tejie (A copy.) der ; they were leen on the 1 ait's 1Sf 0 IJlackltone's Commentaries, C E. FRANCIS TArLOR, C.W. l'5 cieekroad, and it is fuppofcl they Vade Meccum (Morgan's) may attempt to cross the Kentucky RiI Hawkins's Pleas of the Crown, Scort County, fct. . ver, as they wei e purchased of some The partnership of ChaVi jx Richaidfon's PratTtice JiJarcJj Court Q. S. 1707., ' person or perldps in Lincoln county, IIuMrHHEVS ?( Co.'w-- dUToIvedontJie Jftlna.' ot Pleading ijftem All pel Jons indebted to laid firm arirequetted Harvy'Innis Esq. complainant, to by Mr. John Hunt of mike iminMiafo n4.nin......j ,.t.i wnn rwn Forfter's Crown Law v. s. ......vw I'BTmtiii ur rninr t - V.cwaro ot ten tlouars v given any demands are requellcd to call on the lubiclf. David Rof5. AHm. of ,!, Tw.v T ? - . Dyer's Reports, . -. for the Mart, and thief,- or .,five dol &als. Srrange's do. K,,cm, luwuoie nanus tne baoks'Se. . v , lars ror uiejware, anu nx uoiiars will are placed. Morgan's Fflays In Chancery. ANDREW HOLMES. be oiven for taktnn upthefaid ftears. Brown's Cases in Chancery, ApriVi6. tf uglier may get Pleader's afliftant t defendant David Ross, so tliatthereafunable charges,them, and all other Dougherty's Crown Circuit, not havinjr'enteird Jiis appearance, and civ en Warranted Bouhing Cloths,' THOMAS LIVWIN. Itiiiiiiingron on fcjectments fecitynccordingto'ths a6t of ailembly andtne From No. to No. 6, for fall at Wl ) ?nustield'Angult rulds of this court, and it appealing to the fa Dotftor and. S.udeut ANDREW HULMES' STORE,?' tisfaftion of , the coiirt that he is not an inhabDouglass's Reports The corner Of Maia and Mill.ftreetsc itant of this state on the raotioT of the comFame on Remainders. SALE. plainant, by his counel, it is ordcrf-that the Hale's Pleas of the Croivn, said defendant, David, do appear here on the Lnpey's Practice fourth, Monday in July next, and answer the The, "WaIiington Diftrier fct. - -- EaJ -- V4 Is "-; '.-',- -; . . &U1V4 ' M 4 f i " - r r, " Ga'-- "1.-.- "t-e- ofd,-wit- h 1 11 Tj LexJiin-ton.Vv- i Goods & TO BH SOLD EY s CINCIN NATUS, A Zers MONTEZUMA, r Ciitfmn .-,, high, seven years old, fiddle or Imnefs, being remarkably sure " of soot, and pel fcctly trirtable. A BLACK OTAKli, tnineen nanas anu nn inch high, of a handsome foun, a6 exceeded by none of her size for the laddie, eitner in point of gait or spirit. A strong built ELACK MARK, fourteen hands and an inch high, sit jears old, tnd ndsj remarkably vll. An elegant full blooded BROOD MARE, 15 hands'higb, 3 years old, of a beautitul bay, .unlJ tmlv he an acouifitian to any. cen- tleman conveniently Ctuated for breeding sine liorfes. Apply to. velr-lclat- ed fAinnw 1797- f.-- li. J-- Xwelve hundred ', will immediate lybe given to purchasers. " Cincinnati, Augufl 3. tf Box. Containing Twenty Bats, ' EIGHT DOLLARS REWARD. of which are, covered witn Black oil nnd lined, on the vmdeifide with some have the makers name, " james Rarrach, Pliiladeipiiia, in tneiu. i"--.- -i ., .T L.... inpfl r".' rhnrfff . -rit sv is deltreo TotaKc lucm wilL be sold to defray expence otherwile-the- y as they are injuring very much, having been weW 1. -- ci . D-- Wr. WINSLOW. , - June ra, j 797. tt I ULI SALE, .l. "at noted tract of LAND, Englifli's ftatlod, containtnefonr hundred atrp. !!lr".VVl Crabo,chard' inePP.'l? v mitncrr '"'"".''.i '"ur tor a puwie a. the of qrall .,K"- - Kc nouie ; ?d land is good ly, a girijc part ai it would .Hike exjei ilenc meadow; die ange is sood both winter summer, and fior.its fitnation. no Joubt , . . ....-- , , uc pi-uc- "i iiwaierco witn lpungs; a .fn,l ln inr ., rtitfilli-i- , , o.,.l nl. li -- :.,..v .7". . .w u.....,w .(JU jii.n to IkVKf throaghfctbe tract ; eighty o'r ninety acres now" in .order., fpr propping. An indu"ptitabteitl wll be nadtto thaipuufhafe. Fqr terjtji an. ply to the Pruyer.hmcf, or to tlie fubfjnberj, ' at Madison courtjloue. theSalemmeetinchonre-iiilhiscoaii- - .- ty where divine fsrvice is performed. Smhuel Caldwell ', 6'. Lt C. &. IRAYED'or stolen away from tr.i. pIVE b" -- U- to'tte-rubferibe- -- title " , '. "'""' An indisputable acrCS On .T aosve tneyUpper Blue ltrj: the ajove land was patentej m the name ofBeverly Wmflow. . 1;v nuu irec mioareo. acres on the r.eavei fork of B15 Cliftyj a biancb of Green rivei r being part of 9 survey located and patented in the name of Qeorge Scqtr. The above lands will bcfold cbeapfhnd the title warranted -- ood. Anv person inclinable to TDrch!e mav brow the tenri3 of sale, anU see th6 title paper, on application at Brent's tavcr.i. LeKington. ,nmn,n,'. ... note. OR . a Cn!i.ln.. wtok. rii wo tuoutand 1 3 hundred arr?t nn fV. - ITa.n'! uiiuiiu 01 r . bvs i " inR & tf TRACTS IVltni'f -- WlftlVinrtLL. J- 'ForctaALfc; (Uolo viz. LAN'D : HE defendant not having entered his appeal ance agreeable to an -- ' LesiilgtonllfTufl 8. THI THOMAS HA XT. V -," '" In Chancery. caooi,topurcna.e. JJ the aifFerent number. mjilAw ... t AV '. k ,",V ' V'"'" P: mP.m" ' ' c! bRv HOLMES s More. ' . ' At a Court of Quarter SelHons held for . r the county ot Lagan, the ITtti day at , J J June 1797, r Tohn HahleT complainant, Agamft v ames Harriott, ctefendant. 1 Lest in niy Store, some time last spring, A rfF 2 adt of airembly and the rules of thij Woodfoaij county, August 4. 7t court; and it appealing to the !ti3 faction of the court, that he it no in habitant of this llate on the motion For Sale, council it is of thecomjelainaut by hii.. VTW SECTIONS OF LAND, .. l" - .1. the Military range, within INdeed, out ofthe following nnmbars, vu. 3 pear here on the fecottd day'of the and 15 in the second township, and Zj and 2 n.vt .niitr tn hi. Vm1c1 nntU tVrnnH in the 3d townfliip. Perfor.s who wish to be acTuefdav in September next and an- comodated may uutchafe in small quantities. r...... , n,l ,hr - Kill )T ." For terms apply either to J. & A. Hnr.t oriU A" uv. . ...v...... ,,. .,v Ham Wells in Cincinnati, to Col Oliver bpen- v.ujjr . i.j.o ?er in Colurarna, or John V. unt, meirhant, Kentucky Gazette or Herald for two in Lexincton. . 1'iiccellivelv. and nailed un at . . -- j. KiiniMvoi - n as . nj Lesington, 9'h August, l, 1 n...i hinrle .v.. for tl,e MAPT inrMHj, -- J a II rt. WCJIIUHUCW TIAV Uflt " . FARMING. LAND, SHOT , cellent BEAUTIFUL sorrel fldd, seven years on Plwnb creek, Shelby county, for. old, fifteen hands hisli, veil known for X YING on reafbnable J-terms, in tracts to snit i sale, as a foal getter, and his remarkable liis talents the purchasers, they paying Cafli in prt, and on the turf. as fiivins. bond and fecuutv so the balanc maybe agreed on. The parts sold will be laid && full bred Spanifh'ftud, from Mexico, sire off, and a good title with general warranty, s. - 1 rou - The noted high bred Horse l;i. s, i. y of the For Sale, - -- -- WHOlFSAtF. . . $ a sew Sclwpl Books, Enquire at the Offic Kentucky Gazette. .- 1 Subscriber, bill of the coiimplainant, and that a copy of ri3rbrderbe Jorthwitli inserted in the Kentucky j T T HO is about to remove his olel Rone Walt. Gazette for two mionths fiicceflively, and also ,. thf VV lvill ,rh ,. nn .i. set up at the front door of the Court house "7 lt "f "f" ' lot jeorgetown. and one hundred ar.d forty back, he Will also (A, dopy.) Telle l .1,. r..- flrtr,,.-tnnM W .JOHN HAWKINS,. , Clk. Cur. foe including his blaclffmith'sJRiop.o'n three of JHtp "the other lot,? will be three small briclchoufts, which will accomodate as many families; all Four or Five .THoufand Acres of Ex of which wijl be sold on reafonatle terms'bv " ALSO, AN Dry 11 -- Subscriber. living irt li bmbonJL Three Dollars Reward. counrr. on itrond's creek, at ' the plantation April at. trayed ttnl r back's Mill, a sorrel Mare, about 13 01 Mir. r- ranci5 irom : un utAiA..'. iyuwiirug, jiicKyiaii, iuui lands liicrn a small Mar in her sorehead. in "ts from Lexington, on the 23dinllant, adaik EQrfjile randed on the near buttock and oft bay horse, eight ornine years old, nearly fifteen Whofoevxrtake up haniHhisb, a blaze and fnlp, two Jnndfert white. FOR CASH OH MERCHANDISE, i onlderthus IR. WILLIAM LEAVTM 1. hoever will deliver the id horle to mr.Fran- CniA 1ir onrl Hplivf-rher ro the 4w , Lexington, Augnft 17- Two.thoUfand Hye hundre fliaUhaye fubferiber at' Hornback's Mill, fliall .cUDownmg.or to thefubferiber, acres- of LAND, lytnz on the above rewaid. aliaat zs. NOTICE. have the above reward. nUnh f George Heytel. miles from the (eat lick eovernmenr.Sindlocate! fubfcriberyvill attend, or his Tohn Reed. ten from Drenrton's wa"i said lami Lexinston, April 28. tf3 and furveved in the name of Thorrm Turpin. ; for him, at the town of Auguilt t " uujuiuj a im aqpcrnzea or mr. r. j uru NewcalUe, in the county of Lincoln OTlC, to thoft whom "lay ulfi.-t Woorffnnl ftm.nta. -- rf. :..... and state of Kentucky, fiOm the 2oth CF Mr. DOYL, '(ahunter,)'thaf was 2M conctrn That whereas it nave raa trjow tha n.rm h ,.,u o can -: the aoth ot O 7 ;,TJ .once witn .me, wm pieaic .U '"T. "!"'' f September next till .. . c lUILilUIVVI .1 l IMVitaiU V.lli;illUVl,V,Lll M.f ' W vnuw ldtl jr uaftot near tober inclunve, tor.iay oir ana mu ptitgam, he wu hear ot lometning very ..iT. rfiiti rnnnrv or to the InVcrtBer i,;rro,; coantv. ' . z . i.i the in and out lots of laid town to flie wrtttfV n li, qHvnntafr. mLtlArfM. 2L&D30E. '"" " ' EXorKGol. vvnii rlenunrr of Vircrima.anl . purchasers, agreeable to the terms of tf ' -iJZlT5vejnvenhnn in exchaie, my dfie- . .1 .u.y j vrivrt. er... sale. Lexingion. ."- - ern. i.i f . T- . . . s - THE '-i- 7- 1 '' -- i- ,,j tX A .- - ..?. . HAS TOR SALE Q ffHiiglxs and Hlmrh, 13 or Ld.oon acres ofLcyid fir.fA!e, at their Factory, near ailinininirTdY the fa'id town, which he Washington county, Maryland, ivill Inv. eifin small trads to suit the HAVE f purchasers, tp whom an indisputable title will be made. Spencer Grijjht. August 14. - - A' LASJ As)0 GtNtaL N A.I L srhlch tisy will J - !- US ASSORTMENT OP S difpofc ofrfjn reasonable . jLer-ingto- i- l'UlX JiALll,, difei but have been credibly inform- OJf XAND ed lince, tjhat there is ajcceptipitjh Oil willed the bond, this ia to forewarn any. pier- - Ifiavt live, lvinC about v mi!e from W-Cfoiv from trading for or. taking an aT- intorij, near the Geqrjetovn road, eonra mij as I am tv0 hundred acres it is well watered. J ,n. rignment on the fajd due-bil- l, be cleared-t- i.e ife determined not to.difcharce it untiCl rmtable. "t & terms apply tn thj fobicnois-- Theracl x i n r terms. hcartQ.Becoricraiy. vlnrnoir-rcnd- JOHN CLAT. . , m the pmiQ.A as ti t . , ttAHCBttlw J

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