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Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 77, no. 3, Fall 2006

Part of Kentucky alumnus

c t j , s t ,`: if i : i i —L”` ~ V‘ " ;’1 ">· ’‘·%AV fl' ` ° · afs `P , I T ` . . Y***1E i t — — —.~i ; ‘“`` t I — as ’ ` . i 2 , » ‘ i . ‘;' s » e A ·V., - ~ i T `:··· t t »,i,g », .. ~ ~ is —. -’ · W_ , ~ . s . ¤ at »¢v- = iis K il `· lY?i¥e»¤;' lf ( -»~; if · TF? ei l lg { E l T -’ j I t * Qitsihi * fh " t . —· ·‘ih#»i `Yi `»»·¥ x. f at vg: “4 »4 . zé - ” i ` _. » COLLABDRATIVE EFFDRTIHEALTH CARE Bagkgygund Buzz As a Commonwealth Collaborative, UK’s emphasis on health care is a Kentucky _ _ _ _ _ priority, producing solutions for injuries and diseases to extend and improve ly’e, in- Thls selles Wlll hlghllght crease access to health care, improve knowledge and practice, and reduce costs. UK 23 Pl'0j€€tS 3iH1€d at is pursuing these health care initiatives in conjunction with a wide variety of Com- solving the "Kentucky monwealth universities, state and local govemment and community agencies, public Uglie5" by improving school systems, and clinics: :)(§;;ll;;l;l;El§2:;°;°lS’ Lethal Cancers. e l · · ‘ _ ’ • The Marty Driesler Cancer Project: strengthens the ability of regional and local , ehvlmhmehtv health hospitals in the Fifth Congressional District to detect lung, liver, and esophageal ehle and lltestYles· cancers at an early stage. '5`;c:l;;£;l§)fl$§:v$;;lth • Developing and Testing a Lung Cancer Vaccine: explores immunotherapy to § _ ” treat lung cancer using each pat1ent’s own white blood cells to spur the develop- · Chllhhhlhhveh 3 ment of dendritic cells (one of the most potent immune inducing cells) to reduce ? term that portrays the the risk of recurrence or maintain remissions following definitive treatment for p3l'tH€l'Sl1i[1 billdillg non-small cell lung cancer. UK’s researchers, K-12 Neurosciences zggazgggizlggggilzignt • African American Dementia Outreach Partnership: increases the use by.African— , ’ , American patients of the programs and services of the UK Alzhe1mer’s Disease entrcpmncum mdusthcst Center in the Sanders—Brown Center on Aging. ‘ local government officials . . . . . and private citizens who • Discovery of Biomarkers to Facilitate the Development of Neuroprotective . . . . Thera ies for Traumatic Brain In ur : tar ets ost-traumatic brain dama e and the will participate in —- and p· . l y g p g . benefit from _ these beneficial effects of cyclosporine A, a drug that appears to reduce post-traumatic _ t brain damage by reducing oxygen radicals that exacerbate the initial injury. prqlcc S` Access to Health Care: promotes health in underserved populations; the Good The five main categories Samaritan Nurse—Managed Center provides nursing staff for existing community- of collabomtiveg nre; based clinics in Fayette and surrounding counties, serving children, adults, and families. ° ehvlmhmeht Substance Abuse Issues: provides information on the problems and issues of sub- ' h€3ltl1 €3l'€ stance abuse, defining local problems, and developing action plans using community • economic development assets and the resources of the university and partners so that communities can imple- • education ment action plans. ° qhhllty etllte Oral Health and Group Prenatal Care: provides group prenatal care at UK and rural clinics combined with treatment for persistent periodontal infection in preg- nant women to help reduce the number of preterm, low birth weight children born in Kentucky; improves health and reduces health care costs for mothers and infants, cur- rently estimated at $20,000,000 annually. Pharmaceutical Health Costs: PharmacistCARE, a pharmacist—administered patient care service, will help to improve the health of persons with diabetes and re- duce health—care costs. Medicaid Pharmacy Outcome Analysis: uses a software program to analyze the usage of prescribed pharmaceuticals by Medicaid recipients, ultimately improving or maintaining Kentucky Medicaid patient outcomes and satisfaction while signifi- bXtI_a cantly reducing pharmaceutical costs to the Commonwealth. ll `" The Preservice Health Training Project: trains future physicians, nurse prac- Fn/’ details, irish? m!rw1f.nltj.’. titioners. physician assistants. and dentists how to communicate with and provide care i?r~”tmtf1?/tK?tEW2ieaffltcatti.{tim to patients with developmental disabilities and their families. Child and Youth Well-Being: serves as a clearinghouse for activities ranging from research and service in pediatrics, education, public health, dentistry, social work, psychiatry and nursing, along with efforts involving economic development and the environment, to improve the condition of youngsters in low-income circumstances. KENTUCKY ALUMNI 7

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