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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

9 of the University be requested to make a report in writing at each meeting of the Executive Committee relating to the affairs of the University since its last meeting, and any recommendation which he cares to make for the future; and included in this report shall be a statement containing the financial condition of the UniversitY making the report as of the first day of the month preceding the meeting of the Executive Committee". At the suggestion of President Barker, Professor Hoe from the Department of Education, made an appeal for a small appropria- tion for the purchase of a Psychological apparatus for thiis De- partment. After some explanation as to the need of this appara- tus, the sum of $250.00 was appropriated for this purchase. On roll-call the vote stood: Ayes - Messrs. Clay, Nichols, Davies and Stoll. Noes - one. Motion carried. The Executive Committee then adjourned for lunch. The Committee met again at 1:40 o'clock. At the suggestion of President Barker, Professor Miller came before the Committee and asked for She appointment of a Professor of Zoology. Professor Miller stated that he was orig- inally employed as Professor of Geology but owing to some changes in the faculty at a later period he consented to teach Zoology also until such time as a professor could be secured for this work. Prof. Miller urged the appointment of ax such a professor at this time in as much as being the Dean of the College of Arts and Science, he did not have time to give proper attention to the work in Zoology. The name of Professor Shull of Transylvania University was suggested as a good man for the Chair of Zoology, The Committee took no action upon this request of Prof. Miller's,

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