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Image 1 of The Frankfort roundabout, November 9, 1907

Part of The Frankfort roundabout

37I MMFOB THE r ROUNDABOUT PuhlisherrEIDIS == f 5f A LEWIS GEO t 1 liI FRANKFORTS PROGRESSIVE MERC r 1fItM11LiYYYIIIIR1tirtt AS11IIIIf lis SOUTH xo1tions CO I PHARMACY KODAKSLECffAYLE CO OMPTE lrorJa South And nil styles of Port nt my now Gnllery8 Cull on tits gruphor VY CO juno IfiGin LAUNDRY I june 22il J E G J in oLUMBER 15 Cm I hones June 15Gm ra 1nre Artificial Distilled Water Factory Nos 105 and 108 EROUNDABOUT Womans Coats These coats are superbly tailored of a bautlfnll Blak and Tun collar and cuffs quarter and braid They come in throe ways did r GAY IV i hind but MONDAYS BLAZE YOUNG ttr RLEG 8JIKAQ IN uasM 13a ¬ 20a L am doing and Bladder Pills so well and improving so fast in health that I can not say too much for your kidney and bladder pills I like a new man DeWitts Kidney feelI Bladder Pills are sold by South fey J presuyteriunlI J BAZAAR AND SUPPER The Pastors Aid Society and the Epworoh League of the Church v111 give a bazaar MeqhodlstI December 6th This will be in the here are a few things that will be open to your inspection all sizes beautifully cos Dolls tumed by handso cheap that every little girl can have a Bags and plenty of and prices from the bachelors laun dry bag down to the ladles fine opera i bags One hundred beautiful handmade handkerchiefs cheaper than you can buy the material Fancy and domestic aprons will be among the most useful articles for the housewives Comforts long and wide made of the best material cheaper than you could make them The fancy table will contain many a nice little glfo that would do for Christmas hand painted china card cases pin cushions sofa pillows etc When you tire of shopping you can rest anti he served with delightful refreshments all homo prepared Each booth will be in charge of ten ladies ready to SOrie you ckyGAigTORIA j ¬ ¬ n I LADDERS I I I Just received another new stock of I LADDERS From foot long kinds in stock 10 to liG MN MI Building Lumber of nil Your trnilo is appreciated Wo have 1 2tt I i i 3000 8500 Extra 1 BRErlooI I FRANKFORT BRIDGE KY STREET CAR LINE Cars leave Capital Hotel Main and Ann streets for South Frankfort com mencing at 615 a m and every 15 minutes until 1015 p m For ParkAt G15 a m and 3 cars per hour until 1015 p m For Cemetery 630 a m every minutes until 945 p m For Leestown 630 a m and every 30 minutes until 10 p m F AND V TRACTION CO J D SALLEE Supt ¬ f i5I MEETING OF WOMANS CLUB The Womans Club will meet at the residence of nits A H McClure on Monday November llth at three oclock When the stomach heart or kid ¬ neys get weak then these organs al ways fail Dont drug the stomach nor stimulate the heart or kidneys That Is simply a makeshift Get a BENSON prescription known to druggists Delayed Letter everywhere as Dr Shoops Restora Mr J A Edge of Lexington was tive The Restorative is prepared ex here Siuulay last to visit his sister pr6ssly for these weak Inside nerves Mrs S C Lacefield who has been and Strengthen these nerves buld them is serloJirly ill Ill with Dr Snoops Mr rtul Mrs John Edge were also lets or liquidand see how quickly hero visiting thir sick daughter help will come Free sample test Mr Pnston Wades baby who has sent on request by Dr Shoop Racing beer quite ill Is improving at this VIs Your health is surely worth writing Capital Pharmacy this simple test Will Bodkin was called to Mr tt e Frankfort by the serious illness of CHURCH SUPPER his father Mr John Bodkin Mr and Mrs Buford Kirk of FrankThe ladies of the First Baptist fort wore the guests of Mr George Church will give a Bazaar anti IBavtiSt on Tuesday November 20th Mitchell Miss Carrie Sanders who has been in the Old Chapel visiting Mrs John Dennis and family Other articles will be for sale at his iv irued to her home in Louis very reasonable rates ¬ Collector Grant L Roberts has collected Internal revenue taxes for the month of October as follows 147172310 tax gal 3808 barrels 16188953 amount of taxes lons I r villoMr loin Chambers on a convenience store Every lody lnvt d to attend CASTOR A BAMMOIDiCO fDeputy i is quite Choatevillo and success Misses Edith and Lilufwl large I called on little Miss Ethel Munsen who has been too sick to go to school For Infants and Children this week The Kind You Have Always Bought Mrs Irvin Hall who has been visiting her mother has returned to her Bears theI home Sig1lature of BENSONITE Y I 1 4500 Restorativetabi L COLLECTION OF REVENUE TAXES t J to ¬ dollieI It these elegant uo I Genuine Fox Furs 500 Fine Mulls at 5 to values In Boas Scarfs and Cravats at from I 250 to ¬ will be a bevy loss on live stock shippers as well as the compa The postmaster of Gosconda Mo Daniel A Bugh says of DeWitts Kid 500 Fine Furs and Muffs values 500I are Better than anything over offeied for 50 50 skirts we otTer you argent c Skirts ¬ tieThis n 2500 > Mr W H Claxtonof 1 alts Mill AT morning to the residence on the was returning to her home ou Satur NO 4143 ST CLAIR ST corner of the alley between Wilkin day in a buggy with her brother son and the river on Broadway When they reached the foot of Cedar street where a blaze about a chimney Cove Hill on the Owenton pike the STAMPING GROUND caused by a defective flue inflicted horse became fractious which caused about 100 in damages upoit the build- the young lady to jump from the Mr Alvin M Duvall had the misfor buggy and when she alights on the ing tune to lost a fine milch cow valued The house was occupied by Mrs pike her left leg was broken just at 60 last week M S Forsee as a residence The above the ankle MrJ G Blanton attended the conDr Patterson was called and re furniture etc was damaged by water vention of vehicle dealers at Cinciu fire and breakage to a considerable duced the fracture I nati last week extent WORK NEEDLE Births To Mr Zack Brooking and ATTENTION daughter wife October GUILD SUBSCRIBERS CALLED TO NEW YORK To Mr W Pike Duvall and wife daughter their first Mrs Hiram Berry President of the October Rev A H Lindsay of Flemings pastorate Ladies Needle Work Guild desires all bornMr burg has been called to the J W Jameson sold to Mr Robt those who have subscribed garments containing fifty a farm for this fund to send the same to the Marshall directors from the different churches acres lying on the Woodlake and Elkso that the distribution be made to horn pike at 90 per acre Mr Howard Triplett of St Louis the suffering poor as soon as possi Grant Mo is visiting relatives here with his eloquent and ble He is an R M Grant s familyA able minister His friends rejoice in NAVIGATION RESUMED stole a lot of buggy and his being called to a larger field but wagon harness from the barn of Miss regret his leaving Kentuand repairs upon locks No ITho the Kentucky river having5 been Varnia Bourne on Monday night Esq S B Triplett Mrs J J Yates navigation has been re Tha Kind You Have Always Bought and Mrs Annie Nutter left Tuesday Bears thesumed aril the Falls pity will re- for a visit to relatives in Oklahoma Bignatcro sume trips to the upriver points UNO of departmeht 1Jast bx 3511er1 ha at 1123 pn Monday alarrn Praml r rr plain colored so much skill such fine quality was novel be- ¬ jIIO as is shown in these 2500 snits Hero Walking Skirts sundry i LADY 12pO fore produced for are suits with long coats and short coats lined with silk are designed in oxquisit styles only 2500 Other qxfii up to GOH fir conies no by v 500 to Tailored Suits So much style Clair I = of Misses Coats cloths and pretty fancy mixtures 1250I 500 of made Misses Coats A largo assortment N a toBO rb gtool Yards la cated at East Louisville were totally Destroyed by fire on Tuesday night together with three or four car tfJoads of hogs Ainvolvinglot aoflojs of cattle large 1 about 250000 I were saved by strenuous work on the part of the employes of the company Several of the men were quite badly burned while trying to rescue thereat j JOHN luuo 156m- iJ DISASTROUS FIRE IN LOUISVILLE L t 104 To Then ny SALENDERSt The TroY TH- AT tt Every thinO bnttho wash oot in JOB PRINTING iCO GonU18llY B GEO u net c1Sau- OLLINS will not affect us W will sel and Straight Liquors at Streets eat 01 FLaw The Pure Bridge Cor 2nd VII Liquors and Where Staple and Fancy Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Both NE juno 15Om r J SOOTTOW Country Produce a Specialty of 102 a partial program the runny extra values which cannot be duplicated elsewhere in Erankfort Heres only of land I W rrho banufnctunl equippedI t l Ic Market Tho Best Beef Lftn Pork Fresh und Si sa CO HAMMOND June of Franktort Gasesiec Light C jJjicorpnitctl Gin The South Side sell the Celebrated Ham and the hest Wall mor Paint Plaster made Invincible or old sanitary work cull on Chas Whitehead 101 St Clairl strett Eeady at all times with prices to suit the most skeptical juno 15Gm Phones 105 I t- We lent Ol11ce up suiirs jloin PLUMBINGnew need llrstciass When I juno 15 = KACmNS a The Capital 11Om In Addition NELL StClair St I 1 N Laundry flints The M do the best work in the State ¬ All worn called for mid deliver ed light price = Of knowing that you arc cor- ¬ rectly drSCfd and the satisfac ¬ ion of knowing that you have paid the LOWEST PRICE is only to wear o garment that was bought at Groups anlcfor de Photo RPM IIB n Tiia Satisfaotion brave you a Gas StSWtf If not Cor Main and Ann Sts Liiunclry Foot of Ann St KY FRANKFORT 1114 J get one ut once aiHl rtjSnL money tore at Cull on us for a pert OLllhlli1iy CEIitEII MATS G H Ounce hdI 1 EBNEK I = = == II Mr33est PHOT Ready To Am Bridw St and Country Produce 43 Bridge St South Side No 510 Second St South Sido KY FRANKFORT Now Phone 517 Old Phone 003 junolSiiin June 15Oni ra 1 nrwarvralt Both Phones 17 Al us 100 In Advance dv r I tl 1 irr 4r i I K- l t 1 0 Jl rj rLl c r o p i t1j- ik jIff r i t I-1 J r J I

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