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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), April 26, 1838

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

v C1 - lvlV- - " Tru to $k&K''K' charge--he A D. BRADFORD Editoh HINTED WEEKLY EVERY THURSDAY, BY THO. T. 3HAD70P.D, FOR D.1NL. BRADFORD. 'Publisher of the Laws of the U.Slates.j STOBLISIItNa OF7ICE, JIAIN ST. A FEW DOORS BE LOW BRENNAN'S INN. 'Printing Ofliccal the old Hind. Mill street. TEKMS OF THIS PAPER-- : For one sear in advance $2 50 31 not paid before the end ore raos ". 00 3 50 " within the year No paper will be discontinued until al arrearages are paid, unless at the option of the Editor. sent by mail tp the Editor, must be postpaid, orthey will nolbe takenouloft office. ffcT-Lett-ers AD VERTISING. square, or less, or 3 times, 51,50; t lee months $1; six months 7,50, twelve moius Longefnnes in propnrton. SIS. 1 1 a By Authority. COND SESSION OF THE TWENTY-FIFT- PASSED fi.ewith the officer n bond to the amount of doable the value of the properly so seized am' detained, with at least two sureties, to be ap proved by the judge of the circuit or district coin, wiin a condition that the property, when restored , shall not be used or employed by the owner or owners thereof, or by any person or persons with his or their privity, inenrryingon ...: n l!i: :.!.: miij ...III...... CApcuiiiuu ur upcin.iwiis wivuin lllllliuij the territory or dominions of any foreign nrince or State, or any colony, district, or people, conterminous with the United States, with whom the United States lire at peace; nnd thereupon the said officer shall restore such property to the owner or claimant thus giving bond: Provided, That such restoration shall not prevent seizure from being again made, in case there may exist fresh cause to apprehend a new violation of any of the provisions of this -- act. Section G. Jlnd be il further That enacted. evpry person apprehended and committed lor trial, for any offence against the act hereby amended, shall, when ndmi'ted to bail for his appearance, give such addiiional security asj thejudge admitting him to bail may require, nut to violate, nor to aid in violating, any of thej provisions of the act hereby amended. Section 7 Jlnd be it farther enacted, That whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that the provisions n( this act have been, or are likely to be viola- - ... . . i ten, ouences naie Deen,or are likely to be,1 commuted against me provisions ot the act hereby amended, within nny judicial district, it shall be lawful for him, in his discretion. t direct the jiidge,m.'irshal,nnd district attomey, r....U Al :.. ... !.... .. . u WlMllll uiaui.iiiuiiibi, uifliiciiu nituuil place .:,!: thedistrict, nnd for such time, ns he may designate, for the purpose of the mote speedy and convenient arrest and examination of persons charged with the violation of the act hereby umeuuru; iiuu ir snail oe tne uuty ol every such judge, or other officer, when any such re quisitions shail he recieved by him, to attend at the place nnd lor the tune therein designated. Section 8. Jlnd beit further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the President of the United States, such person as he may empower lor that purpose, to employ such part of the land or na val forces of the United States, or of the militia. or shall be necessary to prevent the violation, nd to enforce the due execution, of this net, and tne act nereDy amended. I AT THK CONGRESS. SE- of a noisy world; News from all nations, lumbering at his back.' LEXINGTON, THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1838. ..... LiWI Or THE UNITED STATES come,, the Herald Public No. 10.1 AN ACT supplemetary to an not entitled " An net in addition to the net for the puniihmenl of certain crimes nguinst the United States, and to repeal the nets therein mentioned," approved twentieth of April, eighteen hundred and eighteen. Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Stales" of America in Congress assembled, That the several collectors, naval officers, surveyor?, inspectors of customs, the marshals, and deputy marshals of the United States, and every other officer who may he sfction9. Jlnd be it further enacted. That specially empowered for the purpose by the this act shall continue in force for the period of President of United Stales, shall be, and they two years, and no lunger. are hereby respectively authorized and required James k. polk. to seize and detain any vessel or any anus or Speaker of the House of Representatives munitions of war which may be provided or Rll. M. JOHNSON. prepared for any military expedition or enterVice President of the United Slates, and us any prise against the territory or dominions jrrcsiacni oj me oenaie. foreign Prince or Stateor of any colony, district M. VAN BUREN, or people conterminous with the United Stales, ArrnoVED, March 10th, 1838. and with whom they are at peace, contrary to the sixth section of the act passed on the twenMt. Sterling. April 16th. IS3s. tieth of April, eighteen hundred and eighteen, Dear Sir thank you ror your insertion of entitled "An act in addition to the act for the my pieces, i nave oeen imnuing Jiunithnient ofceituin crimes again! the United communication did not reach you, that mvlast there might States, and to repeal the acts therein mentionbe a mistake in its is ed," and retain possession of the same until ihe reasons lor rejection transmission:I willyou have or consider decision of the Piesideut be had thereon, or until mysell highly honored refusal, nnd obliged by .the same shall be released as liereinalter direc- writing to me in return to this I will your then ted. know my doom, is I will still enjoy your patroSection 2. Jlnd be it further enacted. That nage, a corner in your column', or is I am conthe several officeis mentioned in the foregoing signed to the "tomb of the Cupulets," "unhon-oresection shall be, and they are hereby respectiveand unsung." ly authorized and required to seize any vessels I beg you will not think me too importunate, or vehicles and all arms or munitions of war, we feel a natural interest in the production of about to pass the frontier of the United States our offspring. I confess I feel an impression foranyplace ivithiiiany foreignStuleor colony, the appearance of mine, I wish to give them in n conterminous with the United States, where in the world, there let them shift for the character of the vessel or vehicle, and the themelves, nfterwnrds, the world may reject. quantity of arms and mutiitions,or other circum- or kick them out again as it stances shall furni'h probable cause to believe sir, 1 am most respectlully yi.urs, izc. 1hat the said vessel or vehicle, arms, or muniTHE l.dJKCitACKER. tions of war are intended to be eoiplov ed by the owner or owners thereof, or any other person ON THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE. .or persons, with his or their piivity, in carrythe cry ing on any military expedition or operations Surrender, or die! was the watch-worThat rtishM o'er the murmuring wave; within the territory or dominions of any focigu or any colony, district, or peo- On wings of dismay fore'd onward its way, prince or State, Till it reach'd to the camp of the brave. ple conterminous with the United States, mid vwith whom tbe United States are at peace, and No, never! they cried, and they chesr'd in their pride, detain the same until the decision ol the PresWe the mandate of tyrants defy. ident be had lor the restoration of the same, or .until such lroperty shall be discharged by the We never shall yield, we may fall on the field, Yet ere we surrender we die. judgment of n court of competent jurisdiction: Prodded, That nothing in this act contained be or interfere with Ye ! the foe that invade, stay the so construed us to extend to, ' niauc, ,nny trade in arms or munitions of war, conducAnd gaze on your conquest (he slain: ted in vessels by sea with any port or place wlutsoever, or with any trade which might have Yet we that still live, their ransom will give, The redemption will not be in vnin: .been lawfully carried o.n before the passage of this act, under the law of nations and the pro- Once brothcis we were, that tie now vie tear, I nai doiiii Irom the dosoiii is riven : visions of the net heieby a mended . Section 3. Jlnd be it farther enacted, Thnt Independence we dare, on the altar we swear, A no tne oath is recorded in Heaven. lit shall be the duty of the officer making any seizure under this act to make application, with Exchang'd was the cry surrender or die! . . . due diligence, to the district judge ol the diIIM r .1 .l on me loe; neii atrusniug.on strict court of the United States within which Amidst liberty's cheersrusn'ti stnp'd banner apthe may bo made, for a warrant to jussuch seizure pears, tify the detention of Ihe property so seizs.l; And ..... .. ..... w. ..... u. ...... .u... .wit , x..... this trtt. ns tKt. Tlr(an f..1l lnu. warrant shall be granted only on oath or .which Hence! over the wave, is hu shout of the brave, affirmation, showing there is probable cause And in heaven is recorded the cry! to believe that tbe propel ty so seized is intendWar nnd havoc are done, peace and glory are ed to be used in a manner contrary to the proHOtl, visions of this uct; milif said judge shall refuse And freemen we live, nnd will die. to issue such wi.rrnut, or application therejor thallnotbe made by the officer making such' dlfft. l. i7r.fran Tl a nrltn lliu seizure within a reasonable time, nut exdeuce that I have been induced to come before ceeding ten days thereafter, the said prothe perty shall forthwith be restored to satis-fie- the punlic as a inymer mil seeing ine nama ol Hock cracker, affixed toil pierein your paper, owner. But is the said judge shall be under tha pro(who by the bve, mean wiiter,) I thought tn it the seizure wasju-tifieit might not be esteemed presumption in me, to visions of this act, and issue his warrant accordthe antly, then the same shall be detained byPres- be guilty of the same Isin. il :l f . ... - I. i.... .v. nig is uui uic i. iijii jin uuurisu ii tin uucuiii- officer so seizing said property, until the i.niea i.ilh lliiila iiiiiiiuuii' (ilicu iniaa.., a till ident shall ordain it to be restored to the in... ,,iiii ,iii. ann.nli.i. or claimant, or until it shall be discharged tion which all authors anticipate, 1 miy at a in due course of law, on the petition of the more convenient time, give you something better . worth the reading. The irregularity of the claimant, as herinafter provided . :. :.. uur .. l .Sec. 4. Jlnd be it further enacted, That the metre, iiuupu, win uui icsauti ii . R. S. P. owner or claimant of any property seized under lion. nhis act may rile his petition in the circuit or .lis TO MISS J. 4rict court of the U. States in thedistrict Wheie uch seizure was made, setting forth the facts O maiden, with the dark bright eyes, shall suchcoort in the case; and thereupondispatch, nftercause-in- g Damask cheek and raven tresses; with all convenient To thee my heartin sorrow flies. notice to be given to the district due And its inmost thought confesses. and officer making such seizure, to decide upon the sail case, and order restoiation of the Thou art as a fair cloud hyjJ.:iy, propel ty, unless it shall appear that the seizure To guide my spirit in its slight was authotized by ihisnct;and the circuit and And a bright itartu point the way district courts shall haye jurisdiction, ami are When foitune frownsand sorrows blight. hereby vested with 'full power and authority, to all cases which may arise un- rfrtr nnd determine When first we met in days of yoie, My soul thy mystic charm confessM, der this uot; and all issues in fact arising under be decided by ajury in the manner now ,H shall Anil felt the thrill, which ne'er before provided by law. My brightest dreams ofjoy had blcss'd. Spption 5. Jlnd be it further enacted, That Oh, Torn day! Oh, for an hour! ..honPVRr the officer making any seizure under ithin thy lov'd embrace; this act shall have applied for ami obtained a To feel Ihe spell the magic pow'r, warrant for the detention of ihe property, or ' have filed a petition for its shall ' Of thy angelic grace. 'the claimant inr,.iinn. mid sailed to obtain it, and thenro- A lonely :ot in desert .wilds, seized shall have been in the nertv so J- And thou my boaid'to bless; of the officer for the term ol, three calender, I'd spurnfthe'hnll refinement builds"' ' from the dale of such seizure, it shall months For rural happiness. and may be lawful for tbe claimant or owner to d birth-p:ac- e . blood-reekin- L il !.: 1 T s L, pio-cee- at-or- " "" y " No, 17 Vol. 53 Star of my hopes! is in thy memory dwell, as is he had been accustomed to toil among sires quagmire on the top A thought of him who was thy votary of which her hat was U..U iuiBes. ne nan a shoclr of coarse black lying. In confirmation of this, it was sound greateit part of it unfinished and utilpritished Is time prevail not o'er the wizzaid spell, nair, that stood out from his head in alldirec great black man with an axe on his said a out of panimony . He even let up a carriage Which bound our hearts, and made thee dear shoulder jin the fullness of his vain glory; though he lions; and bore nn nxe upon his shouldei. was seen to me; He scowled for a moment at Tom with a pair carrying alate mat evening out or the swamp .nearly itarved the horses that drew it, and a bundle tied in a check aprjn, with the ungreaied wheels groaned and Look on this verse which in thy name I've of great red screeched on eyes, tan .ail ui sunjr iriumpna wreathed ma axei trees, would have thought you "What are you doing on my grounds?" said The most current and probable story, how- beard the souls jou the poor The htlmhle nflVirinr ns mv Gitalin l..ra. of debtors "he was the black man with a hoarsn a,,;. ever observes Torn In it my soul its secret name hath brealh'd, queeting. iJ "Vour grounds "'said Torn with n sneer; "no ious about the that of his Walker, grew so anxwise and property that late To the dear object of its wnrm desire. A Tom waxed old, however, he grew mure your grounds man mine; they belong to he set out at length to seek them both ut she theughtful. Itavinj secured good th.ngs Ue.'icoa Peahody." Indian sort. During a long summer's afternoon of this world, he began to feel the "Deacon Peahody bed From Washington's Irving's New Yoik. d," said the stran- he searched about the gloomy place, but no wise those of the next. He thought anxious about with regret on ger, "as I slitter myself he will be, is he. does was to be seen . He culled her name repeatedthe bargain he had made with his black fiiend , THE DEVIL, .iot look more to his own sins nnd less to his ly, hut she was no where to be heard. Tun and set his witi to work to cheat him out nt neighbor's. Look yonder, nnd seehow Deacon bittern alone responded to his voice, as she slew conditions. He became therefor-- , nil AKDTOIUVAIKER. nfn Peahody is faring " A sew miles from Boston, in Massachusetts, g screaming by, or the croaked most Tom looked in the direction that the stran- dolefully from a neighboring pool. At length den, a violent church goer. He prayed loudly there is a deep inlet winding several miles into and strenuously, as is heaven were to be taken the interior of the country from Charles Bay, ger pointed, nnd beheld one of the greatest trees, it is said in Ihe brown hour of twilight, when by force of lungs. Indeed, one might ami terminated into a thickly wooded swamp, fair and flourishing without, hut rotten at the the owls began to hoot and the bats becan to tell when he had tinned most during thealways week core, nnd siw that it had been nearly hewn slit about, his attention was ati'.'acted by the by the clamor or morass. On one side of this inlet is a beauof his Sundav devotion. Th tiful dark grove; on the opposite side the land through , B. that the first high wind was liki-lclamour of carrion crows that were hovering quiet christian who had been modestly and to blow it down. On the back of the tree wni about a cypres tree. He looked and" beheld a IteadfattlV travelling rises abruptly from the water's..!-- , tntmi Zinnwnrrf- - a.. in n clirok ti.r..i, ant hau'U&jn wjtbefreprocli,l,-r.irridge, oil which grew a sew scJUlered o.iks of scored the numo of Doacbu Fcahndr. I1enir buii-ll- a themselves so sudj looked around nod siw most of the tall trees the branches of the tree; with a great vui.tura denly outstripped in their career great and iiiimenjn size. it. was 'under one of marked with the by the new name these gigantic trees, according to old stories, colony, and all more of some great men of the perched hard by, as is keeping watch upon it. .made convert! Tom was as rigid in religious, or lesi scored by the axe. aicicniMni wiuijoy, lorne recognized his wire's ias in moner matters: . that Kidd, Ihe pirate, hitd hid his treasure. - a .... ..!... , I he pron, and supposed it to contain tho household .nd cenmrer of his Neighbors, aud ei.kft.atiia The inlet allowed a f icilit to i."in the money which oie on which he had been se ited. and teemed to tad evidently been just hewn down, bore valuables. thitfk every sin entered up to their account, in a boat secretly and at ni?ht to the verv soot the name of Cro rninshield. and he recollected 'Let ns get hold of the nronertv." said hi, it credit on hisown sideof of (he hill. The elevation of the place perrich man of that name, who made a exullingly to himself, "and we will endeavor to even talted of the expediency the page. He of reviving the mitted a jood lookout to be kept that no one a mighty vulgar display ns wealth, chich it was whisper- do, without the woman." persecution of quakers and was at hand, while the trees formed good landin a ed he had acquired by buccaneering. As he scrambled up the tree, the vulture word his zeal became ai notorious as marks by which the place might easily be biirichri. spread its wide wings, nnd sailed off screaming "He's iust teudv for hnrninp'l, aniil Still in ipiteof nil this itrenuous attention in sound again. The old stories add, moreover, ngiowl of triumph. "You tee Iain into the deep shadow of the sorest. Tom seiz. forms, Tom had a lurking dread thnt the devil that the Devil presided at the hiding of the man with likely torave a good stock of firewood for the ed the check apron, but, wolul sight! sound aster all, would have his due. That he might money, and toolc it under his guardianship; nothing but n heart and liter tied up in it. not be taken unaware-- ; therefore, it is said,' but this it is well known, he always does with winter." Such according to the most authenticated "But wint right had you to cut down Dea alwayi carried a small bible in hiooat pocket. buried tieasure, particularly when it has been story, was all that was to be sound of Tom's He had also a great folio bible in Ids counting-hom- e can Peabsdy's timber," said Tom. uc tins as it may,. Kidd never re. wise. She had probably n (tempter! to deal with "The ri;ht of pnof claim," said the other. desk, and would frequently be sound turned to recover his wealth; being shortly asfemale scold is gen-- t reading it when people culled on business: nn ter seized at Boston, sent out to England, and "Thi wtodland belonged to me before one of her husband ; but though a for the devil, ytt in uch occasions he would lay his green spectacles rally considered a match your white laceu race put root u,mn tne son." there hanged as a pirate. bt so this instance, she appears to have had the worst on tbe book to raaik the place, whilst he turned "And pray, who are you, is I About the year 1727, just at the time when of it. She must have died game, however. round to drive some usurious bargain. earthquakes were nrevalent in Mow Rnvlunrf. bold?" slid Tom. Some lay that Tom grew a little "Oh! ; go by vaiious name. I am the Wild fron. the part that remained uncoi.quered. Inand shook many tall sinners down upon their n in hit old days and thnt fancying his end apdeed it is said Tom noticed many print! of knees, there lived near this place a meagre, Humsimn, in some countries the Black Mifeetd-eol- v stamped about the tret, several proaching, he had his horse new ihod, saddled ner, in o hers. In this ntighborhond I um known miserly fellow of Ihe name of Tom Walker. bridled, and buried with his feetunnrrmnst- tie had a wise us miserly as himself. They by the rume of the Black Woodsman. I am he hands lull us hair, that looked at is they bad and were so miserly that they even conspired to to whom the red men devoted this spot, and been plucked from the coarse black shock of became he suppo.ed that at the last day that cheat each other. Whateter the woman could nowani then prostrated u white man by way the woodsman, l m knew his wise s pto.yesi the world would be turned upside down; in lay hands on she hid away; a hen could not of sweel smelling sacrifice. Since the red men by experience. lie shrugged his shoulders ai which case he should find his horse standing cackle but she was on the alert to secure the have been exterminated by ou white savages, he looked nt the syns of a fierce clapper claw- ready for mounting, aid he was determined, at I iimus: in) self by presiding over the persecuing, "Egad!" says be to himself, "Old Scratch the worst, to give hfi oil! frifnd a hard race. new laid egg. Her husband was continually This however, is probably a msrt? old wires sausi nave nan i tougn lime oi u." prying nbout to detect her secret hoards, and tion o' Quakers and Anabiptists; I am the s Tom consnledbimself for the loss of his wise, ble. Is he really did take such a precaution, and many and fierce were the conflicts that took great patron anil prompter of sir he was little of u'philosopher. He even sell it was totally supersluous: at least so srf)s the of the SMeni Witches " place about what ought to have been common the " I'le upshot of nil which is, that is I mistake something like gratitude towards the black authentic old legend which closes his story in property. They lived in n forlorn looting said Tom, sturdily, "you are he commonwoodsman, who he considered had half done the following manner. not," house, that stood alone and had an air of starhim a kiminess. tie sought therefore, to cultiOn one hot afternoon in the dog davs. iust a s vation. A sew straggling savin trees, emblems ly called Old Scratch. " 1 be same, at your service!" replied the vate a further acquaintance with him, but for a tenible black thunder gust was coming up, of sterility, grew near it. No smoke ever sometime without success; Ihe old black leg? Tom satin his counting house in his white linen curled from its chimney, no travellerever'stop-pe- d black man, with ahull civil nod. Such was the opening of this interview, uc- - played shy, ror whatever people may think, he cap and Indian ilk morning gown. He win at its dour. A miserable horse, whose libs were as articulate as the bars of a gridiron, corditu; to the old story, though it has almost is not always to be had on calling fori he on thepoint of foreclosing a mortgage, by which stalked about a field where a thin carpet of too laminar an air to be credited. One would knows h'jw to piny his card when pretty suit of he wouid complete the ruin of an iinluckv Ian I think that to meet with such a singular personspeculator for whnm he had prnfetsrd great nisgame. moss scarcely covering the rugged beds of pudr.:.nj.L:. Tn. ....... Kin-- , i juuucr iii gr u nun :nki.. At length, it is said, when delay had whetii iviiuaiiip, ding stone, tantalized and baulked his hunger; age in this wild, lonely place, would have sha i j.b ui nny man's nerves; but Tom was a hard ted Tom's eagerness to the quick, and prepared to grant a sew months indulgence. Tom had and sometimes he would lean his hend over the ken minded fellow not easily daunted, and had him to agree to any thing ruthar than not gain got testy and irritated, and refuted anuller fence, look piteously at the passer by, and seemthe promised treasure, he met the black man day. veel so Inn; with a termagaut wise tnuthe did ed to petition deliverance from the Und of famone evening in his usual woodman's dreis, with "My family will ce ruined and brought upon ine. The house nnd its inmates had altogethi r not sear the devil. bis axe nbad name. Tom's wise was a tall termagant, It is said thatafter this commencement, they edge on Ins shoulder, sauntering nloni; Ihe the parish," said ihe land jobber. of the swnmp, nnd humming a tune. He "Charity begins at home," replied Tom. "I fierce of temper, loud of tongue and strong ol had a Ion? and earnest corners ition together, arm. Her voice was often heard in wordy ar' .is I um returned homeward. I he black man affected to receive Tom's advance 'vith great must take care of myself in thee h ml times "' indifference, made brief replies, and went on told him of great sums of money, which had J' You have made so much money oul ol me," fare with her husband, and his face showed aid the speculator. signs that their conflicts weie not confined to been buried by Kidd, the pirate, under the oak humming his tune. Uy degrcei, however, Tom brought him to Tom lost his patience and h:s pietv "the words. No one ventured, however to infeif re trees of the high ridge, nut far from the morals. between them; the lonely wayfarer shrunk Ml these were under his command, and protec business, and Ihey began to haggle about the devil take me," said he, "is I have made a far ted by his power, so that none could find them terms on which the former was to have the pi- ming." within himself at the horrid clappers clawing; Just then there were three loud knocksntthe eyed the den ol discord nskane, and hurried but such as propitiated his favur. 'these, he rate's treasure. There was one condition which itreet door. He stepped out to see who was offered to place within Tom Walker' reach, need not be mentioned, being generally under on his way rejoicing, is a bachelor, in hi. cell stood in all cases where the Devil gi ants favoii; mere. a. oiacic man was holding a black having conceived an especial kindness for him; becy. One day that Tom Walker had been to a hut they were to be had only on certain condi- but there were others, about which, though of horse which neighed and stamped with impaless importance, he was inflexibly obstinate. tience. iliilant part of the neighborhood, he took what tions. What these coudi'ions were, may be He insisted that the money, sound through hit "Tom veu are come fur." said iln. Murtr f. he considered n short cut homewards through easily surmised, though Tom never disclosed means, should be employed in his services. He low, gruffly. He had lest his little bible at the the swamp Like most short cuts, it was an them puhliciy. 1 hey mu-- t nave been very ptopnsed, therefore, that Tom should employ bottom of hit coat pockei, nnd his big bible on route. The swamp was thickly bard, for eo required time to think of them, and traffic; tl at is to say, thut he the desk buried under themnrtini.a h ,.n grown with great gloomy pines and hemlocks, he wns not a man to stick at trifle?, ivheie mo it in the hlackslave ship. This, however, Tom about to foreclose; never was a sinner taken vvnen ne nan leaciieu the should fitouta some of them ninety feet high, which made it ney was in viev. resolutely refused ; he was bad enough in all inore unawares. Tne black man him dark at noon-daand a retreat for all the owls edge of the swamp, the stianger paused. but the Devil himself could not like n child astride the horse and away they conscience, in the neighborhood. It was full of pits and What proof have I that all you have been tempt him to turn . golloped in the midtt ofa thunder slorm The quagmires, partly covered with weeds and telling me istiue?"said Tom. Finding Tom so squeamish on this point, he clerkt pns mosses; where the green surface often betiay-e- d "There's my signature," said (heblack man, did not insist upon it, bufpropoied instead that stared ttuck their from behind their eart and aster him the windows. Away the traveller into a gulf of black smothering pressing his signature on Tom's sorehead. So should mud, there were also dark and stagnant pools, saying, he turned off among IhicKets of the ho anxiousturn usurer the Devil beingextreme-l- went Jom Walker dashing down tha streett; for the increase of usureis, looking his white cap bobbing up and down ; his morn, the abodes of the tadpole, the ani the swamp, and seemed ns Tom said, to go down. as his peculiar people. n fluttering in the wind, nnd hit tti...t water snake, and where trunks of pines and down into the earth, until nothing but his head upon them no objections were made, for was To it striking sire out of the pavement at every hemlockslay hnlfdrowned, half rotten, looking and shoulders could be seen, nnd so on, until just to this, taste. Tom's uuuiiu. ir nen me cierKS turned to look ror ths like alligators sleeping in the mire . he totally disappeared. you wish," said Tom black man he had disappeared. "I'll uo it Tom had long been picking his way carefulWhen Join reached home he sound the black Walker. Tom Walker never returned to foreclose the ly through this treacherous sorest; stepping print of a singer, burnt, ns it were into his sore "You shall lend money at two per cent, a mortgage. A countryman who livid on the from turf to tii'f of rushes and roots which afhead which nothing could obliterate. month." borders of the twamp, reported that in the forded precarious footholds among deep sloughs The first news his wise hud to tell him, was "fcgad, I'll charge sour I" replied Tom Walk height of the thunderstorm hehid herd n rreat or pacing carefully like a cat, along the the sudden death of Abner Crowninihield the er. clattering of hoofi and howling along the road, prostrate trunks of trees; startled now and rich bnccpneer. It was nnuounced in the pa"You shall extort bonds, foreclose roetga-gee- nnd that when he run to the window he just then by the sudden screaming of the bittern, or pers with the usual flourish, that "a great man -- " b inkruptcy, drive the merchants to caught eight of a figure, and such at I have des the quacking of a wild duck, rising on the winir had fallen in Israel." "I'll drive mm to me u -- ," cnea ion cribed, on a horse that galloped like .mad across from a solitary pool. At length he arrived at Tom recollected the tree which his black Walker, eagerly, the fields, brer the hills and down into the black a piece ol hrm ground, which ran out like a friend had just hewn down, nnd which wasjust "Vouatethe usurer for my money!" laid hemlock swamp towards the old peninsula into the deep bosom of the swamp. ready for burning. "Let the freebooter roast,1' the black iegs, with delight, "When do you and that shortly aster a thunderbolt Indian sort: sell in that It had been pne of the strong holds ol the In- said Tom, who cures!" He now felt convicted want the rhino." direction which cemed to set the whole sorest dians during their wars with the first colonists. that all he heard and seen was no illusion. "This very night." in a blaze. Here they had thrown up a kind of sort which He wns not prone to let his wise into confi "Done!" said the Devil. The good people of Boston shook their heads they hud looked upon as almost impregnable, ns this was an uneasy secret, he "Done!" said Tom Walker. and shrugged their shoulders, but had been so and had used as a place of refuge for their dence; but So they shook hands, and struck a bargain. much accustomed to witches and goblins and her avarice it with her. squaws and children. Nothing remained ol willingly shared ut the mention All hidden gold A sew days time u Tom Walker seated bewas awukened of trickt of the devil in all kind of shapes from tha the Indian sort but a sew embankments, grafirst settlement of the rolony, that they were not and she urged her husband to comply with the hind his desk in a counting house in Boston. dually sinking to the level of the surrounding hlack man's terms, and secure what would His lepiitnlion for a ready moneyed man, much horror struck as might have been exearth, and already overgrown in part by oaks make them wealthy for life. However Tom who would lend money for a good consideration, to pected. were and other sorest trees; the foliage of which might have felt himselfdisposed to sell himself soon spread abroada Every body remember charge of Trusteeseffects. appointed to take There was nothing, Toin'i formed a contrast to the dark pines and hemto tho devil, he was determined not to do so to the days or Gov. Belcher, when money wti however, to administer upon. On searching locks of the swamp The his coffers all his bonds and mortgages were oblige hs wise; so he flitly refused out of the scarce. It was a time of proper credit. It was late on the dusk of the evening that mero spirit of contradiction. Many and bitter country had been dtluged with government sound reduced to cinders. In place gold and Tom Walkei reached the sort, and he paused were the qua'rels they hiri nn the subject, hut bills: the famous Lund Bank had been establish silver his iron chest wai filled withof chips and for a while to rest himself. Any one but he the more she talked the more resolute was Turn ed ! There hud been a rage for speculating; the shavings; two skeletons lay in the stable inwould have felt unwilling to linger in this lonenot to be damned lo please her. At length she people had run mad with ichemes for new set- stead of his half starved horse, and the very ly melancholy place, for the common people determined to drive the bnrgainnn her own ac tlements; for building cities in the wildeinesi, next day hit great house took sire and burnt to had a bad opinion of it from the stories handed count, and is she succeeded to keep all the gain land johbeis with maps of grants, nnd towntbe ground. down from the Indian wars, when it was assert- lohersdf. ships, nn Eldeindos, lying nobody knows Such wai the end of Tom Walker and hit ed that the Indians held incantations here, nnd Being of the same fearless temper as her hus which every body was ready to pur- ill gotten wealth. Let all griping money browhere, but made sacrifices to the evil spirit. Tom Walker, band, she set off for the old Indian sort, towards chase. In a word, the great speculating sever ken lay this ttory to neart. Tha truth it not however, was not a man to be troubled with the close of a summer's day. she was many which breaks out now and then in the country, to be doubted. The very hole under the onlc any sears of the kind . hours absent. When she came bick she was re- had raged to an alarming degree, and every trees, from whence he du Kidd's money ii to Ho reposed himself for some time on the served nnd sullen in her replies. She spoke body was dreaming of mikin; sudden fortunes be teen tothiiday; and tbe neighboring swamp trunk of a fallen hemlock, listening to the bod- something of a black man whom she had met oul of nothing. As uual the sever had tubs.-de- and old Indian tort is olen haunted in stormy ing cry of the in a morning and delving with his about twilight, hewing ntthe root ofa tall tiee. the dream hail gone off, and the imaginary nightt by a figure on walking staff into the mound of black mould at lie was sulky, however, and would not come to fortunes with it, the patents were lest in doleful gown and white c?p, which it doubtless the whole country resounded with troubled tpirit of h usurer. In fact the story soilunconcious-ly- , terms; she determined to go again with a pro his feet. As he turned up the plight; and Ihe into n proverb, and is the his staff struck against some thing hard. has resolved pitiatory offering, but, what it was she forbore the cry of "hard times." He raked it out of the vegetable mould, and to say. At thisnronitious time of nublic distress, old origin of tlat popular saying, prevalent . lo! a cloven scull with nn Indian tomahawk The next evening she sat out ngain for the Tom Walker set up ai a usurer in Boston. His throughout New England of "The Devil and buried deep in it, lay bifore him. The rust on swamp, with her apron heavily laden, lorn door was soon thronged by customers. The Tom Wyiker." needy and the adventurous the gamoiinj; spethe weapon showed the time that had elapsed waited and waited for her, but in vain; culator the dreaming land jobber the thrift- came, but she did not make her appear since thisdeath blow had been given. It was Worth Tbtins It is said, on the authoiity hless tradesman the merchant with cracked of j paper read before the Entomological Society a dreary memento of the fierce struggle that ance: morning, noon, and night returned, but y in ihoit, every one driven to raise Innow grew uneasy credit still she dnl not come is London, that a net of sine black thread, with had taken place in this fast foothold of the lorn by desperate means and desperate circum- the meihes nn inch square, placed against an. for her safety ; especially ns he sound she had dian warriors. open window will effectually exclude flies, ow "Humph," said Tom Walker, as he gave the carried off ill her anion the silver teapot and stances, hurried to Tom Walker. Thus, Tom was the universal fiiend of die ing In an optical illusion produced try the net spoons and every prohable article of value. skull a kick to shake the dirt Irom it. Another night elapsed , another morning came, needy, and he acted like a " fiiend in ned," in' the eyes of the insect. Is this be true, "Let that skull alone," said a gruff voice. rtST and and watchful nurses may find it a Tom listed up his eyes and beheld a great hut no wile, in a worn sue was never nearu f hn lo ti, IV tlfa fttiaail afir.fd black man, seated directly opposite him on the ofanv more. What was her real sate, nobody good sccurit. In proportion to the distress of uscovery oi mucn importance. consequence of so many pretending to the applicant was the hardness ol ! .icuus. stump of a tree, lie was exceedingly surpris- knows in gra hnnda nnd mortgages ed, having neither scf ii nor heard any appioach know. It is one of those facts that have become liu Oats. It is noted in the l;tshiirtrh Advo closer; cate as a singular more perplexed on ohserving, ns confounded by a variety of histurians. Some dually squeezed his customers cter and and he was fact, that the price of oats in. well as the gathering gloom would permit, that nsserteil that she Iqst her way among the mazes and sent them at lengtn away t""6 "" ine ouies on uic where none power his door. the stranger was neither n negro nur Indian. , of the.swamp and sunk into some pit or it to much more used, it 34 cents only a bushin ihii tnif li mode money and became a el, but in tb iwOteiior 56 cents. more uncharitable, hinted that she had It is true he was dre"ed in a rude half Indian cocked arb, and had n red belt or sash swathed rounH eloped with the household booty and made off rich anil mighty man , and exalted his usual, a Tbtre it y,et in the State of Illinois 13,714,963 his body, but his face was neither black nor copto some disferent'nrovinco: while others assert !, unnn r.hnn'e. He built himself, as of ubjqM poblio land i per color, but dingy and begrimed with soot, that the temple rhad decoyed her into a dismal) vast bouse, out of ostentation; bot lest tht (. .,). bull-fro- -. hmi .!. -- ;. a llihtlr y crack-brain-- clo-.c- Slave-dealer- I. l:. 1 whi-ke- slave-dealer- y bull-fro- s, I d, horse-bac- tree-toa- lf mid-nis- -- nio-i.e- ta-noari- slough-other- tri d

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