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Page 840 of History of Henderson County, Kentucky : val

ADJUTISEMENtS. (G10. A. DELVIN. ROBT. A HOLLOWAY. Delvin Holloway, 2AGHINISIPS, BLAGqSMITHS AND M1DOULDEIS. -Manufacturers and Dealers In all kinds of- Machinery, Blacksmithing, gtesa Pipe Brass and Iron FittingsWrought Iron Fencing, And Iron and Brass Castings of Every Kind. Having established a permanent Factory at Henderson, we are prepared to furnish THE COMBINATION o FENCE! To Farmers and others:-The Fence is composed of six, eight and ten annealed steel and galvanized wire, with forty pickets per rod, at prices from forty to seventy-five cents per rod, saving the farmers more than 200 per mile It is cheap, strong, durable, pig tight, horse high and bull strong, easily put up, easily removed, suitable for fields, roads, stock lots, orchards. hay stacks, town lots. and well adapted to bottom lands. Will resist a strain of ioooo pounds per rod. Thousands of miles of this Fence have been sold in Mis- souri, Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois. Our Fancy Fence cannot be surpassed for strength and beauty. It is now being used everywhere. Come and see us. Of:Mce awed 7a1ctors: Cor. Elm R. R. Sts. HENDERSON, KY 840

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