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Page 814 of History of Henderson County, Kentucky : val

4HISTORY OF HENJDERSON COUNTY, KY. years since leaving five sons, Jackson. Hunt, William, Henry and George. He again married, Mrs. Helen rrafton his present wife. Colonel McClain has served as a Director in the Henderson Nashville Railroad Board, and was largely instrumental in the success of the enterprise. For several years he served as a Director of the Farmers' Bank, and, on the second day of August, 1862, was elected its President. He has served several terms as a member of the Public School Board, and has oftentimes been sought to take charge of trust funds, estates, c. He is an uncompromising Democrat and for many years has served as a member of the County Committee. He is a member of the Episcopal church. WILLIAM P. BEVERLY was born in King George County, Virginia, on the twenty-second day of August, 1818, and was educated at the Mitchell School, Fredericksburg. His father, William Beverley, was born in Caroline County, Virginia, in 1790, and married Sarah Ann Posey, youngest child of General Thomas Posey-a sketch of whom will be found on page 648 of this volumn. Mrs. Beverly was born in 1800, and died in 1851. William Beverley' immigrated to Hen- derson County in 1832, and settled upon one hundred and twenty acres of land, lying in the south end of the town, and now built up with business and dwelling houses. He died in Henderson in 1845. Our sub. ject's paternal grandfather was Colonel Robert Beverley, a distin- guished citizen, and influential planter of King George County, Vir- ginia. He married Mary Buckner, and they both died in that State. His maternal grandfather, General Posey, married Mary Alexander. William Beverly, father of our subject, was a soldier in the War of 1812. William P. Beverley married Miss Kate Posey McCombs, an adopted daughter of General Posey, who graduated from Mrs. Tevis' Female Academy, at Shelbyville. They have six children living, Camelia Buckner, Sarah Ann, Thomas, Hood, William Alexander and Lucie. Camelia B. married Robert D. Chambers, now deceased, and has one daughter, Miss Beulah. Sarah Ann married William L. Posey, and has five children, Thomas Henry, William Alexander, Lucie Sey- mour, Louisa McLean and Robert Gaines. Thomas is yet single, and has been, for a number of years, an accomplished painstaking, and pleasant Deputy Clerk in the County Clerk's office. William Alexan der is a hard working, money making farmer. Hood is an expert typo, having served several years at the case. He recentlv returned from a business venture in the far West, and has again settled in Henderson. Miss Lucie is a handsome, intelligent young lady and much beloxed by her friends. Mr. Beverley came to Henderson with 814

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