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Page 7 of History of Henderson County, Kentucky : val

INTRODUCTORY. How strange this is, and yet this generation has gone on and on for forty years with the same apparent unconcern. Valuable papers have been stored away in some secluded corner, where the light of day has not been permitted to peep in since the barrel or box was tightly closed. Rats and mice have nibbled away valuable matter, which, had it been assorted and compiled with a view to its material and interesting value, would have proved of invaluable interest to many now living, and truly interesting to all persons who love to revel with intelligent antiquarians in reminiscences of the forgotten past, Yes, many of these old papers, which should have been carefully pre- served, or better committed on pages, which would have forever pre- cluded the possibility of their destruction, have not only been ne- glected, but actually cast out to be scattered by the winds to the four quarters of the compass. The fiery flames have consumed pages, whose ashes have become a part of the dust of the earth; and, yet, if these ashes could speak, they could a tale unfold, whose telling would awaken in many a keen interest for a further research into history now blotted out forever. Old people who had a knowledge of incidents historical, and an education equal to the demand, have lived and died without even so much as leaving a line whereby their knowledge might be made per- petual by some one more impressed with their historical value. Whether this can be, and is yet to be, attributed to a lack of ipterest, want of inclination, or whether the information has failed to make a deserved impression, is not for the writer to say. These negligences and ignorances, or whatever they may be called, meet the historian at every turn of his work, and will have to be overcome as best they can. Our readers will certainly exercise as much leniency as we have patience in the long, tedious and difficult research, a history of which follows. 7

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