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Page 5 of History of Henderson County, Kentucky : val

PREFACE. have done all, and more, too, than I ought to have done, and yet failed. The work is now done, and I have endeavored to execute my task with candor and fidelity, avoiding all false coloring and exaggeration. In preparing this work, that course best adapted to suit the age, has been pursued. The style of the work is not labored, but brief, plain and simple, as the purpose in writing it required. I hope it is neither barbarous nor ungrammatical, for, though I make no claim to elegance, I have endeavored to be correct, concise and intelligible. It has been my endeavor to present the series of events in a clear and artless form, rejecting whatever was deemed irrelevant, and dwelling chiefly upon those features most important. Considering the long period embraced, the multiplied number of characters and events delineated, the extent of the field covered, the preservation of historical unity has been no easy task. If any deficiences are found, they ought to be referred rather to the judgment than a willingness to spare myself the care and tedium requisite to avoid them. That ill-fed and wounded vanity, small envy, jealousy and self- inflated opinion may instigate hostility to the work, I expect, but to the people of Henderson and Henderson County, the work is submitted with a profound deference, and in the hope that it may meet with that indulgence accorded works whose destiny has been regarded with far less solicitude. In spite of all my efforts to the contrary, some typographical errors remain in the copy, but they are so obvious that anyone can correct them. I have gratefully to acknowledge the assistance of a number persons; particularly, I must mention Colonel E. W. Worsham, Dr. P. Thompson, Robert A. Holloway, Walter S. Alves, Charles T. Starling, Thos. E. Ward, Larkin White, E. L. Starling, Jr., Ben Harrison, Hon. P. B. Matthews, Dr. H. H. Farmer, Thomas Soaper, John T. Ruby, Jacob F. Mayer, Geo. H. Steele, L. F. Wise, W. S. and C. H. Johnson, Geo. W. Smith, S. A. Young and Hawkins Hart. Respectfully, E. L. STARLING.

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