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Image 1 of The Adair County news., October 14, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

THE ABAJE COUNTY NEWS VOLUME 6 COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY FIGURES FROM TILE RECORD close of Taylors term there was ly fit the moot the public funds asa In his opening speech at Mun left an indebtedness of 1700000 loan supply to western states for the j M RUSSELL POSTMASTER fordville Col Belknap the Re ¬ in round numbers II T BARER DEPUTY POSTMASTER establishment irrigation systems of publican can ite for Governor t Office hours week days 700ia m to SyO p m doubtful value The whole arid lands BIG INVESTMENTS MADE made the statement that at the irrigation graft Is a plan to rob Peter r COURT DIRECTORY close of the administration of W The Republican platform de John and James to pay political debts O Bradley 1100000 was turned nounces the Democratic party be and party retainer fees to Paul the CitCUITCouarThtce sessions a year TMrd over to the Democratic Adminis ¬ cause it fetters enterprise ex ¬ western apOetleof paternalism as as Monday In January third Monday In May and tration Col Belknap was gross ¬ eludes capital and handicaps in¬ Taird Monday In September slsted boomerism reuitJu1gcW WJones ly in error in this statement and dustry in Kentucky Attorney NH WAaron Commonwealth Thou shalt not steal would answer the records of the Treasurers of-¬ SieriffF w Miller Like any other statement of al ¬ with a plain unimpeachable principle Circuit Clerk JB Oofley fice at Frankfort will disprove it leged facts contained in that the specious and Impudent demands manU Col Belknap forgot that W O platform COUNTY COURT First Monday In each this declaration is for ship subsidiesthe scheme tdx Judge T AMurrell Bradley was succeeded by W S shown by the records to be untrue County Attorney Jai Qi rnettJr Taylor and not by the Democrats A plain statement will refute the putting many millions of the peoples Olork T tt Salts money on the profit aide of the ledge He says at the close of Bradleys JljlcrJ1 P Conovcr of American ship owners who eve AssessorE W Burton term there was in the State Treas- ¬ During the four years of tho Re ¬ now do not know Surveyor R T McOaffree what to do with ury 110061497 But if this publican administration School SnptW D Jones under money was on hand at that time Gov Bradley there were organized heir profits from current business Coroner 0 M Russell Monday In that is the 1100000 it went under the corporation laws of the In fact we are of the candid bel1et 3mr OOUKT Begnlarcourt second month into the hands of the Republican State 822 corporations with an- that there coulcrcome only good to the JudgcT C Davidson officials under Taylor on January aggregateoapitaiof26526940 country by raising the issue ot moralAttorney Gordon Montgomry ity in government to a position of par 1 1900 and all except 86477187 and the organization tax paid into amountcyover Marshal Q T Flowers mere questions of com was spent by them Taylor was a the State Treasury therefor was merclallsm and sectional partisan isDIRECTORY Republican Governor until ousted 2652694 CHURCH During the first three by the decision of the General As ¬ years and six months of the Beck sues Nothing can put our political sembly Those who held office ham administration up to June discussions of next year upon that PRESBYTERIAN with him were likewise Republi- ¬ 80 1908 there were organized un ¬ high plane that to indict the whole reRev BuRiavittuSiBBST Sundays Services second and fourth can officials This vast sum der the corporation laws of the publican outfit for offenses against Atlanta which it is claimed that Bradley State 1792 corporations with an this great commandment Constitution had on hand when the Democrats night POST OED RECTOFe OFD ¬ I p 1each a r s exySabbath METHODIST ROT B M Metcalfe UcarsviLLB BtBHBT pastor Services tint Sunday in each month Sundayschool every Sabbath at 8 am Prayer mooting Thursday night BAPTIST Bev J P Scruggs First and third Sunday beach month S anday school every Sabbath 9 a m Prayer meeting Tuesday night GBBBH BBUBO BTBBBT pastor CHRISTIAN W K Azbill Pastor Service Second and Fourth Sundays every Sabin each month Sundayschool Wednesday bath a 330 am Prayer meeting night PiKaEld CAJIPBBLIBVILLB LODGES MASONIC No 98 Fand AMRegnlar meeting In their hall over bank on Fri daynlghton or before the tall moon In each COLUMBIA LODOB month W A Coffey W M W D Jones Secretary COLUMBIA OHAJTBB R A M No Friday night after fuD moonJ MUBBBLL meets 7 EP Secretary W WBHADSHAW YETINERY SURGEON aggregate authorized capital of took charge had dwindled to 99602795 and the organization What became of all tax paid into the treasury therefor 36477187 this money 1 It will not relieve was 99608 It is thus shown the Republican party from the that during three and one half charge of mismanagement or mis ¬ years of Democratic administra ¬ appropriation to show that Brad ¬ tion that 69075855 more of capley accumulated a million dollars ital found its way into tho State if his Republican successor squan- of Kentucky and invested lathe dered or misappropriated it In channels of trade than did under this transaction all Republicans the full term of four years while look alike It is no excuse that Bradley was Governor There Bradley paid Taylor Republi ¬ maining six months of the present cans must answer to the people of administration from July let to this Commonwealth for Taylor as December 81st of this year will well as Bradley They are respon ¬ unquestionably increase the sum sible alikt for the official acts ofIot capital invested in corporations in the State at least 10000000 bothYet according to Belknaps idea which will show largely over 100 of business as expounded in his 000000 of capital has been investMunfordville speech the present ed in Kentucky under the Beck administration with what Taylor ham administration against 26 received giving no credit and 000000 during Bradleys term estimating the revenue Mr The Belknap Hardwre Co cer-¬ Belknap arrives at the conclusion tainly thinks the State is all right that we have bought or govern- ¬ as it has increased its stock 1 ment at the rate of five million a year This is an amazing finan ¬ cial blunder for a business man to ° 500000i THOU SHALT NOT STEAL makeFor the Constitution sug¬ the first time in 18 years geated that the Democrats would do the State of Kentucky IB nowabI solutely out of debt and every well to keynote their campaign next cent of the debt which was piled year with the commandment Thou There seemed to us up in former years has been paid sbalt not steal the administration of GovI peculiar appropriateness about its Fistulo Pollevil splints spavin or iteration in the face of recent revelaany surgical work done at fair prices tions in the republican record in adThere are but three other States ministering the governmentI am fixed to take care of stockin the Union which enjoy the We are surprised and disappointed S I > OJRENSHAW same distinction as Kentucky in a measure to find our valued con- ¬ Hmllo from Columbia on Disappointment Nebraska New Jersey and West temporary the Washington Post in Virginia now being out of disagreement with the proposal The When Bradley came into office Post takes the broad grounds that of his first official acts was toI Thou shalt not steal II would be an issue 500000 of 4 per cent ten COWunconvincing and unconvcrtlng plank year bonds He realized fromI the platform because everybody belHOLESALE these bonds 589000 He caused Ieves in the principal and least of all GROCERS and COMMISSION the tax rate to be raised from 471 would the republicans contest it inMERCHANTS to 52c and it so remained durcdeed taking alarm already over the Louisville Kentucky ing the last three years of his ad ¬ results of their own investigations ministration j but at the begin- ¬ they are trying to head off the demoning of the Democratic adminis ¬ cratic attacks on republican mallets ¬ tration it dropped back to 4710Iances by proposing prosecution and a GRADY and so remained during 1900 andc 1901 The rate during 1902 and coogreas1ona1investigatlonBut says con- ¬ Some days ago Beokhamj c S c NAT =WITHC OTTER Ilr r A I S DENTIST SPECIAL Gold Pilling work firO F F Murrells 0I ScieutificShoeiugo y I am ready to do Blaok Smith ¬ ing of any kind from horse shoe ng to the repairing of the finest vehicles I will make a specialty of shoeing horses with diseased hoofs and guarantee satisfaction My shop is located back of livery Give Robertson ask Barbee me your work iiiJ k W COFFEY Wilinore Hotel W M WELMORE Gradyville THE RE debtc Prop Kentucky isno better place to stol at the aboved named hotel Good sample rooms and a firstrclabs table Rates very reasonable Feed stable attached 1903 was 50c cerning the cases at bar we still in slat that the commandment is an avail publican administration uDder ablejssue with the republican system Gov Bradley for three yearshad of politics far and away beyond the the highest rate of taxation everJ specific instances of mailbag fasteners known in Kentucky The differ ¬ and timeclock contract or any of the ence in the amount of the revenue cheap criminal grafts of pending pros It will thus be seen that the Re- ¬ produced under this high rate andI the rate which has prevailed un ¬ ecutlonsThou shalt not steal is a valid issder the present administration isI ue to make with the republican tariff 1000800 in round numbers To policy To make it does not inyolve this sum should be added 539000 I wholesale attack upon a protective proceeds of State bonds sold policy wisely adjusted to conserve the These sums amounting to 1500 astral interests of American manu ¬ 800 in round numbers represents factures labor and commerce It does go however to the very root jtf the system of bounties embodied in the that received by the Democrats Dlagley bill and reaped by UBcouata for a like period What became ble millions to those who have no val ¬ of this vast sum It was more id claim or honest right to overcharge than enough to have paid off all and thereby rob the American people the debts which Itwaa clamed at large that the State owed when Bradley Thou shalt sot steal is a proper assumed office and al oto have principal to oppose to the repubUar left the State free of debt But systeaof national finance under which instead of this we find that the the money powers of the coHHtiy are State owed more khan a million given power to either commed or and a halt dollars and the close coerce the public treaaury to s fve the of Taylors term and had nothing purposes of the pOMymoBftrs and withwhich to pay it Again we speculators of Wall strg t If the ad ask What became of this vast imp YMtaffM ttins gtyeM to that crowd Is received by the Republican ad not robbery of the peoples rights and ministration in excess of the ordi ¬ revenue Instead of the I nary State being free IIOHI debtattk e Taos shalt BetttMl weM1JCIXIC RepuQfican A child of James Gregory of Bath county died from eating opium and camphor pills which it found on a chair beside its stele mother The Cincinnati Southern railroad is building an immense lake at Williams town It will rpquire the work of 76 men and four mounths to complete the job Elijah Bolin confined In jail at lack son for the killing of Boyd Grlfftb took morphine from the effect of which he died It is said the morphine was furnished him by his brother ¬ andh chargea GENERAL NF1VS Bussellvllle Is to have sew opera house handsome The county jail at Bardwell Ky was blown open three prisoners escapi married in Pulaski county last week It was the fifth adventure for the groom and the second for the bride Tilton Daniels a private in the Maysvllle State Guards refused to ac- ¬ company his command to Wear Point Cash Ball in attempting to arrest him was shot through the arm which had to be amputated The Security Warehouse Company of New York has arralnged to lend 910000000 to the Kentucky Burley To- ¬ bacco Growers Association with which to buy this first years crop from the growers It accepted the noney will be placed to the credit of the Growers Association to be checked on as crops are bought The Association Is light ¬ ing the tobacCotruSt TKfll VOTE DEMOCRATIC IngNathan Webster the oldest man in Eastern Kentucky is dead at Vance Numerous reasons can be given why voters should not cast their ballot for Col Belknap in the coming election Thecomparison of the administration of Gov Backham with the administration of his two predecessors W S Taylor and W 0 Bradley show plain ly why the people of the State should prefer Democratic rule rather than government by the republicans Among the reasons why citizens should vote against Col Belknap and the republican ticket are the follow ¬ ing KentecKy stolen from Bryan In 1896 Bradleys administration extrava ¬ gant and corrupt with scandals in pub burgJohn William Lell a wealthy citizen of Lexington dropped dead in New YorkThe Oregon Short Line Railway will expend a million dollars on terminal facilities at Salt Lake City One person was burned to death and Inbred in a fire which dastrayed a private sanitarium at Kansas City Mo On account of yellow fever Judge Burns at Laredo Texas hasordered the release of all Federal prisoners in jail there The court of appeals will hear the argument in the Jim Howard case No ¬ vember 24 The birthplace of Charles Dickens at Portsmouth England was sold at auction for 5625 and I was bought In by the mayor of the city Geo W Garwood a wealthy coal broker of Pi ttaburg Pa r 65 years old r shot and killed Hilda Vogel aged 22 and then killed himself Alonzo Cawood was sent to the pen tentiary for two years at Booneville Owsley county for killing his cousin J L Bose COMRADE as a comrade by two masked highwaymen City Tax Asses sor John G Arthur of Omaha was al ¬ lowed to retain his money after being held up in frout of bis home early Mon ¬ morning Arthur had worked at his office in the City Hall until midnight and was returning to his home with tax books and blanks under his arm In front BOB51TT LEBAnON f1 Y > > k- r< 7r above dispatch Is generally 0 printed in the dally press of Sunday W S Taylor is a fugitive from justice lNewly and neatly furnished indicted in Kentucky as an accessory botore the fact to the assassination of Trade cf Adair and adjoining counties Governor Wlllian Goebel He fled the spaottelly solicited State to escape trial and yet John W Yejkes representing the National Re- ¬ OT publican party and W G Hunter the true republican campaign manager have an Excellent MAD in Kentucky follow this indicted as¬ STONE which has been tried sassin to his retreat In Indiana and in about one hundred cases seek his advice as to political matter of hydrophobia and snake Is there any doubt as to who the real bites with good results I leader of Kentucky Republicans is aa cite oa to many of the irVrite ise If Belknap is elected Governor of On me CA3IP KNOX KY Kentucky Tayler will be promptly pardoned will return to the State whose fair name he has blackened and disgraced and will again walk the End ola hitter Figli streets of Frankfort the acknowlTwo physicians had a loot stubborn edged Republican leader light with an absess on my right lung ADAm CIRCUIT COURT writes J F Hughes ofDu Pont Ga Central Ky Asylum Puffs T and gave me up Eveybody thought my time had come As a last resort I I will on Monday Nov2 1003 at tried Dr Kings New Discovery for the courthouse door in Columbia Ky Consumption The benefit I recleved sell on a credit of six months three was striking and I was on my feet In a tracts of land which are described in few days Now Ive entirely gained the Judgment rendered in this action my health It conquers all Coughs at the Sept term 1903 of the above Colds and Throat and Lung troubles court L B Hurt Garnett Garnett Master Comr Guaranteeded by all druggist Price Attorneys 50c and 8100 Trial bottles accommodaUIWIfor BOSTON E VVVVV d d I T orci JA ULWO HTH no NoticeMichael freeV ADAm CIRCUIT COURT Lucy Burton Puffs e NoticeWilliam I + CI M WISEMAN SON + will on Monday November 2 1903 house door in Columbia Ky sell at public auction on a credit of six months six tracts of land which are described in the Judgment render ed in this action at the Sept term 1903 of this conrt L B Hurt Garnett Garnett Master Comr Attorneys at the court JEWELERS and OPTICIANS ADAIR CIRCUIT COURT 0 Dealers In Diamonds and Precious Stones Geo W Petree Pill vs Notice Della HardensAdmr Deft Special I will on Monday November21903 all orders attention given to work and of goods in our line 132 West institutionsThe military in Louisville sell at public auction at the court Market between 1st and 2nd house door In Columbia Ky an un ¬ Opoilte Music Hall and of thin ballots in the mountains divided oneseventh interest in a tract the purpose of both being the defeat of 150 acres of land For more partic LOUIS VltiLE KENTUCKY of the popular will and the debauching ular description of same reference Is made tojthe Judgment rendered In this of the ballot box action at the September term 1903 BIG FOUR ROUTE The calling out of the military under Garnett Garnett L B Hurt Bradley to overawe the Legislature Attorneys Master Comr Summer Tourist Line and prevent the election of a United ADAIR CIRCIUT COURT States Senator and by Taylor to deMOUNTAINS LAKES stroy the Legislature and prevent the Geo A Atkins c Plus vs Notice FOREST AND SHORE election of a Governor W Lisle Atkins c Dells NEW YORK AND BOSTON I will on Monday November 2 1903 The dispersal of the Legislature at at house Columbia The Travelers Favorite the point of the bayonet and its chas Kythe courtpublic door In on a credit sell at auction ing through the streets of the State of six months an undivided LIDO onesixtn capital by an armrd soldiery interest in 142 acres of land For a Chicago Pullman Sleeping Cars The defiance of the courts by Taylor more particular description reference Strictly Modern and his overthrow of the great writ is made to the Judgment rendered in this action at the September term corpus of habeas 1903 L B Hurt Indianapolis Peoria and al Master Comr The thousands of desperadoes car- Garnett 8e Garnett points in Indiana and Michigan Attorneys ried to 1tankfort in the disguise of Unequaled Dining Car Service ADAm CIRCUIT COURT Modern Equipment Fast Sched- ¬ soldiersThe and plots of assassinat- N M Tutt Puff ules Write for Summer Tourist Ing the Supreme Court and the flight book Ebelee of that tribunal from Frankfort to es- ¬ WARREN J LYNCH W P DEPPE cape death Genl Pass Ticket Agt Asst OP T A The conspiracy to kill enough mem Ebelee Bradshaw Deft- J CINCINNATI OHIO I will on Monday November 2 1903 SJ GATES General AgentLouisville bers of the Legislature to give theRe at the court house door in Columbia Ky publicans a majority Ky sell at public auction on a credit The bloody assassination of Govenor of six months 32 acres of land which Goebel The pardon of the accused is described with Judgment rendered CJIEAP LANDS in this action at the September term assassins of Goebel by Taylor For Hoiueseekors and 1903 of this court LBHurtj The flight of Taylor and Finley to Rollin Colonies Hurt Master Comr Indiana after their indictment for the Attorney assassination of Governor Goebel The country along the Cotton Belt TURNED HIS COAT Route in Southeast Missouri ArkanThe long light made by Powers and story of the gov- ¬ sas Northwest Louisiana and Texas Howard the Just consequen¬ A writer tells this A gentle ¬ offers the greatest opportunities for ces ot the crime for which they have ernor of a British colony Mild climate good man was serving as a private in a Homeseekers been indicted and twice convicted water cheap building material abund volunteer corps in another colony a fight made possible only by the vol ¬ ance of fuel and soil that will often untary flnaclal contributions of Re Being a man of good social position he in a single season yield enough to pay bad dined with the governor when for the ground Land can be bought publicans all over the State private uniform he as cheap as 3250 an acre prairie land one day being was tasen by one of the officers of nls at 84 and 85 per acre up bottom land TAYLOR STILL THE LEADER at 5 and 86 per acre up Improved or Indianapolis lad Oct 3Father regiment to luncheon in a tent in partly cleared laud at 310 and 315 per investigation of the recent conference which the governor happened to be acre up Sonce fine propositions for which Commissioner Internal Rev ¬ whereupon the latter remarked in a coloniestracts of 2000 to 8000 acres 84 to 310 per acrebig money Inthls enue Yerkes came from Washington loud volceto the officer In question at for a good organizer Fruit and truck to attend has revealed some interest that be could not sit down to table lands In the famous peach and tomato lug facts It developed to day that and in privates uniform When In belt of Fact Texas at Sll to 20 per Dr W Godfrey Hunter of Kentucky consequence the man was about to acre up Write us for Information and two other prominent Kentuckians retire the governor said it was not the about cheap rates excursion dates al so literature descriptive of this from thatatatewhOe names conld man he objcctad to but the dress and country and let us help youfind> a suggested that he should either change not be learned were here also W So home that will cost you no more than turn it inside out Being much the rent you pay every year Taylor joined the crowd by appoint itor 1 meat sad all of them called on Sena ¬ in want of his luncheon the man swal- ¬ E W LABEAUW G A The meeting was lowed the insult and turned his coat tor Fairbanks Cotton Belt Rout I inside out prearraiBged z toe ¬ II NEWS Insurance rates oa bonded whisky iuKentucky has been reduced 50 percent James Brouner a druggist of Coy legion committed suicide by ahootlig himself through the heart John Adams and Thomrs Marsh were burned to death as the result of an explosion of gas at am oil well IB Wayae greator ¬ countyCaptW L Hurst of Braathttt t county sold to W B Johnson of Wheeling W VaraU the standing P4r trees oa 3500 acres for 161600 Mr Taylor was seen just after he William Poesy a joag fusser of hadaocoapuledHnaterandtheotlierKentucky Heedersoa county slot and killed et his mother r Depot Hedeatod lobwJag anything himself In the atxmt Mr YKkea visit hue art wu and stater wklte U ftrarily teaa et pre < 51 > f < t i < t R- e 4 J c- StiLoaiskio Perhaps few people know that there Japan continues to havtra Bulgarian Is one place in the world where the sun sets twice dally This place is feeling toward Russia which contains V said to be at Leek in Staffordshire a plentiful admixture oOthe better Xsglaad tot liar J > l = sit i 7J j < t- fl iI < valorti II 1 YIL < + o y- 1 VBI unionSTATE < KY Railroad Street Within Fifty Yards of the Depot lineThe + jifS HOTEL fNotlcelase of his residence two highwaymen stepped tram behind trees Both wore half masks and shoved revolvers against Arthurs cheek Up with your hands was the command and get em up quick Dont BhootH pleaded the Assessor UI cant move my arms unless I drop the tax books0 II Are you the Tax Assessor ques ¬ tioned one of the highwaymen Put down the books and show us1I Arthur did as he was directed The pair looked at the books and one of Come on Harry and let them said im alone Hes a bigger robber than either of us He ought to have a card in the tarlaalelogyotloot noncommittal as to their inquiries The possibility that some question of the extradition of Taylor was under discussion is very remote Inquiry at the governors office to day failed to develop any information along that ¬ Recognized d NUMBER 48 ¬ ¬ NET A raJ OCTOBER 14 1903 S a 1

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