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Image 13 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 32 (1969-1970)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I- THE TEACHING FUNCTION the University and Educational Archives, the Univer- Out of the undergraduate colleges and the graduate sity Placement Service, The University Press of Ken- schools of America come the greater portion of the iuCl’» eventually oben dud df-`€€s· seek solutions to the acute problems of society whether sible tv ills Pduiesi l70Y in ilu? land. who md? they are economic, technological, social, cultural, or Come dud T€€‘€iV€ du educaiiuu PT¢i¢‘liC¢il dud suil· mOm]_ able for any business or profession in life. I want to chea en this whole matter o education so E" THE EXTENDED SERVICES FUNCTION that, unller the broad and expansiie influences of In the main, the University is characterized by a our republican institutions, and our advancing concern for the life about it and by a zeal for service civilization, it may run free, as our great rivers, to the people whom it represents and who lend it sup- and bless the coming millions. port. The state university has found that it cannot have ~Hithe,tc’ cn,. Colleges and universities have the desired impact on society unless its teaching is been accessible Only to the few, snch are the extended beyond the campus classroom, unless its re- expenses attending them. We therefore `vant a search is in some measure translated into economic and university with all the cclleaes attached, giving sucisl iuiPi0V€Tu€uisi and ui'il€ss iis l€3d€IslIIP and education of the highest order to all classes. \Ve example elevate the cultural and moral tone of the want anible gtcnnds and buildings and libraries, nearer and farther communities in which it has its and abbaiatnsi and inasenins and endotvrnentsy s€iiiu€· and prize funds, and professors of great heads and 4. THE LIBRARY FUNCTION hearts, men of faith and energy. Indeed we want Without an adequate library collection, a university evetythihg Whieh will Ihiihe this ihstitiitieh eVeht' would find it impossible to perform its teaching and iieiiy ¢q¤¤i to hhy Oh this ehhtihehii Why Sheiiiii research functions properly. But over and above these we het have them? i thihh We e‘ih· requirements, the preservation of books and other ma- Bcwmaiys statement was made the year thc Uni_ ieriais is 3 vital f¤¤¤ii¤¤ <>i S<>¢i€iv- versity of Kentucky was estabirshea. Today the institu- tion is among the ninety-three state universities and i Division/S Bureaus lalrgldtgganttjlpglttltinons in America which are the fulfill- In contributing to the welfare of the state through The school was started as part of Kentucky Univer- research, experimentation, and public service, all de- sity under a cooperative plan authorized by the legisla- partments make important contributions. In addition, ture. In 1878, when the people of Kentucky decided I certain divisions and bureaus have been established to establish a state institution of higher learning, the i specifically for these purposes. Included in this group Agricultural and Mechanical College was separated i are the Experiment Station and the Extension Division from Kentucky University and re-established on land i of the College of Agriculture, the Ofiice of Develop- given by Lexington and Fayette County. To provide S ment Service and Business Research, the Bureau of a separate campus for the new institution, the city of Government Research, the Bureau of School Service, Lexington had donated its SO-acre fairground and park ll

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