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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

September 22, 1916 The Executive Board of the University of Aentucky met in call session at 12 o'clock with Chairman Nichols, Messrs. Stoll. Johnston, and Terrell present, Mr. Mcaee coming into the meeting later and M4r. Stoll retiring at 2:15 o~clobk. The minutes of the former meeting were read and approved. By reason of the fact that the diplomas issued to the "lass of 1916 carried for the name of the Institution the Liegbnd 'State Universityti instead of the legal mame of 5Univeraity of entucky". M5hr. Stoll moved that new diplomas properly signed and carrying this correction be issued to all 1916 graduates and honorary degrees in exchange for the original diplomas. Seconded by gr. Johnston, the motion carried unanimously. President darker and the Registrar were authorized to effect the change. Mr. Stoll moved, Mr. Terrell seconding that President Barker be aulthorized to rent a box in the Seeurlty Trust Co. of exington for the purpose of taking cAre of all bonds 61- officials of the University of whom bonds are required and that the resident be accordingly instructed to place said bonds therein at once. Messrs. Stoll, Terrell, Johnston and Nichola voting aye. On motion of "i r. Stoll, the 2oard, by u#Animou& vote authorized the correction of former minutes to show that the office of comptroller of the University be abolished. 5he following report by Mary B. Sweeney, ein of the College of Home Economics, was submittbd and ordered incorpor- ated: Executive Committee, University of Kentucky, Gentl emen: Because of the unforeseen increase in the cooking classes of the College of Hnome Economics from thirty-seven in 1915 to seventy-one in 1916, and an increase of from four to seven laboratory classes in this subject, it ts necessary for this college to ask that $300.00 be added to the budget to provide the proper laboratory 4gquipment and teaching instruction for t so regi stering. 5he present equipment consists of one cooking labora- tory with twelve desks. The laboratory formerly used for physiological chemistry can be economically converted into a cooking laboratory and the physiological laboratory class which has a smaller matriculation transferred to adeouate accommo- dations in the basement. The $300.00 appropriated would be snent as follows- Plumbing: Transferring sink from 3rd -:loor basement and

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