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Image 1 of The Hickman courier, April 24, 1908

Part of The Hickman courier

AUJ J L Y i THE LARGEST PAPER IN FULTON COUNTY AND THE OLDEST PAPER IN WESTERN KENTUCKY l UVWO MOW WlU ibawe P Bt el corr er to fiMl r Ing t lie VOLUME r ZMI Tam that Pulls the Commnctal Uigon up the Hill of yyN yyryy s UNTUOTHICKMANr HO PAPHB IN WOTTBKN TO UJIIT Scared by Night Riders Hickwan ftioktog Co a and uiinrsc wMeh has been en IIII the J C BuniWc Ask maiUfMMOt Of Chas Wtt i quit uus4nss In HlokM too urn Wore dood toet Friday received through uK Utttrs the Union CHjr postomos iia me dire throats of deotroc both ute and property II this lu fly did not quit rel A UM Of thOm pullmg OUt Of nUI 11 in last weeks Coorier ms tNiUdtags and other pro r t but 4iu d at 3000 won deco Samborg a little ishlng on Reetfoot Lake 12 Miles four of of this mused the owner ttstruetioa voiding which the company rjt to refute to rent it longer M purpose r letter received by the wan Hohment are mi of this aria but cssta sod for publication irawiofs of o fsM and other hlaxxipttoss wMoh were in At dryant rat i 1y II TWK UCflTh- W I 1I Dyron MI Last Tuesday a transfer was made conveying the right title and inter osis ot Jehn Slew in use Went Ton sasses Land Co to Oalnten Rankia of Trenton and of Walter Pleasant to R Z Taylor of Trenton Thk company was organ ud re costly having claims to a large part of the body of land covered by Ute waters of Reclfoot Lake There has always been more or lee coo tent loo over these ULloa The late organisation undertook to limit the nsnermen ht their pur matter wit The Asks men have in various I ant net feeling well 2Day insUneei rei sod to comply with the The Night Rider Oath thaws I hear It said This led tecompanys mandates thee teeeher that I love so true ge preoenee of AlI aM injunction by Ute company aaamit next Christmas will be wed tk the iehermen and the sale of the mighty God and those witnesses d e I seen her Sunday walking rpund with that new Doctor White thee Sun wuz setting In thee West and It wut almost Nlte ¬ J 9321 IB THE TEAR 1B99 HO l 1 Conventionsa Precinct It is ordered by the Republican State Central Committee ot Kentuc ¬ ky that the Republicans of the vari I ¬ x 1 havent l I t TF II if you Ups thet Weklon Benthol a prominent alldwelltodo farmer of the Coombs Ave miles springs neighborhood south of Hickman received a notice the latter part of the week signed NIGht Riders for him and one of his hands to leave that part of the country The letter was mailed at Union City and threatened whipping and death if the demands were net complied with in a certain time Mr Beathol iIs a good guises and can assign no roams for having rc shell sock a notice We are toW that he will pay no attention to this OUVE overlooked something you want and Lets Hitch bel precinctl I WarningI Sold Interest In Land 1 ous voting precincts of Fulton Coun ¬ ty shall meet in mass conventions on the 2nd day of May 1908 at the hour of I oclock p m at the poll ing places in their respective voting precincts for the purpose of electing a Republican Precinct Committeeman in each of such voting precincts for the ensuing four years Said mass convention shall for the purposes of said election be organized by being first called to order by the present the first precinct committeeman thing being the election of a temporary chairman and secretary of the mass convention after which the nomination and election of a i n order committeeman will i which when done will complete business of the convention and then It is fur ¬ it shall adjourn sine die ther ordered that if the regular pre ¬ duct chairman or any of the mem bers of the precinct committee are not present to call the meeting to order any Republican shall have the right to call the meeting to order and proceed with the business as heretofore set out Given under our hands as Chair ¬ man and Secretary of the Republi ¬ dan County Committee of Fulton County Ky this the 13th day of April 1908 BEADLES Chairman for next he kissed her on thee Mouth A T CHURCH Secretary and hugged her offul Uto I guess the mutt have liked It though Notice Doawi the didnt fltel I told ml mother and the tailed I have sold my grocery business and said They have It bad to C B Wright my brother and I wonder what It Is they have would be pleased to have those in that makes them feel so gladr debted to me call and pay their ac I hate 2 think of losing her countsat once E P Vmght 4S3p tIT harmony with the text of the letter Inter eels which took plane this week tJ JoH qty Commercial Outside indications together with In a set skssll tM < mwtaess II the of last week is proof tholr example ORuteof Might Riders hmdmg Hick that those Rides mesa mutaeos The Hickman Packing Co last man and is begtontag to look like a on somebodys year paid out over 21000 In ticks white elephant I and the loot of the butineehy ina ynet that snob to the tows tJtUlE baa nxtrimi promptly ifyeu w xrtntt9ri IllW9itfi 1908wBOL6 1 W lU k HCXftUN KM lHI lien MNM1 FULTON COUNTY KENTUCKY FRIDAY APRIL 24 lU mrani b Mflptlon Old Man Your Wagon Groin the Axles of aa OUOT 2VDllf Spinkin Good Titm The Courier has a Succmt 5 t eURIER THE HIeKMAN H A BLUE ¬ seen there step beside thee Brook when no one wusnt near and then I seen him sneeze her hand without a sine of foarl I It makes me awl oatt down there alnt a single girl know been in here to see our Hart Schaffner Marx suits Grand Jurors For May as nile as my Miss Brown spose mite as well give up Following is a list of Grand Jurors fer what seen last Nile Theres no clothes for men so popular as these and seen them plain as Day for the May term of the Fulton Cir alnt thee ma gist malkes It plane didnt think so nice a girl cuit Court 2 cut out Doctor Whltel wood carry on that wayl makers imitate them andotheri j W S Seat J E Hall soUiMuy promise be dealers sell the imitation but come a member ofand swear to If I Standard Oil Gets it in Neck L J Slanfleld this order 0 C Henry of the Supreme By the judgment order Spradlin W in they lack the style that Hart should betray Ibiswriting in may way delivered Tennessee Neil an opinion N BH Morris or cause to Court of by signs acts or last week fy Justice be revealed the secrets of this orderLP Schaffner Marx get into them s I shall have to submit to the penalty ONeal V B Ei1lsonto Joe Ferguson R N Phlppc and for the most part they lac I will obey all orders which may be A O Myatt given me and IWill go at any timeI E C Rice the allwoolquality they may call upon me unless I or Mayfield J W Gifford my family are sick M I C Chambers M I bridger i I I I I ¬ I I I c ¬ II deathk I Suits ft50 to 2500 Posted in Hickman I I Will Beshear L E Thomas W H Guyn The Courier line of 1909 calendar samples that will be shown We have no in Hickman this year traveling talesmans expenses to pay and can furnish you these goods at a less price than out of town firms Dont buy until you have seen our line You advocate home trade and have an opportunity to practice what you preach Mr Business Man XOTW In our medium priced lines To Hifros of Hlokman You arc expected to Be abKnt May the and eepsly would like to show you three lit 1903there will be Something Lof do few or We areWe Mean Illinois keg lots of suits at 1000 1250 the 800 mounted Well armed Pre Warning 1500 Nowhere else in Hick No Importance is attached to this notice by the more conservative citi It doubtless all ¬ lens of the town man can you find such an as both and sot a goodisuse of bosh However if the night riders want to sortment at these popular prices help us get rid of Ute negro loafers some s will have the swellest Wee Ha C C Smith C A Bondurant I The following worded notice writ ¬ ten with pen and ink was found = sailed to a telephone pole in Hick ¬ matt Sunday morning au ¬ s 1 1 1 1 Now that the price of meat is going up again we ought to be thankful for the prospects of an abundant blackberry crop who hang around the depot and of the negro dives they have our If you give us a chance we willshow you some clothes that are really worthwhile such 1 clothes as will be a credit to yo and to us large line in plain and oicy shirts and Drawers ood quality ena end at25cM- drill balbriggan shirts and natnsoek irawers plain and fancy It SHIRTS other Hlokman store such Youll varieties in stock or values given The newest spring models In Knicker ¬ booker or straight pants styles t In all the stylish shades and materials SMITH A very attractive and de- ¬ pendable line in neat and coat and plain fancies attached and detach ¬ styles able ouffs 50c 100 150 A full line with soft col ¬ Prices J1fAAfftteJtttr Our Opinion illinMr that Mlnne lea lottM cute la ure III nfllM tlaum end Shut U UnUrrh Itall Most of the anonymous letters and OkktArrh OHroi tbvuuly prUH enrv saw notices which art brine received In kHawn le Ute Himlhttl trott rHUy Untnrrtt twlmi fOMHItutloiml dltue rryulrrb n written this part of the county are OH Co Is ousted from WMMtltuttonAl trrslmnt lUIIV OnUtrrb the Standard UHT H luklmr Intvrnnlty MMNM dlirctly some individuals who have some by State of Tennessee for the acts HtMNi Ult Mood nitd nutoui urfacvtuf the the grudge at the party warned and are of the company at Oalfotia Tenn Kft m tkerelw dextreylnir the fnuittUlltMi tit the dlwse cad Hlvlua the pntltxit In restraining trade itnuicth a bwlklinn up the oHtltutte in 8Ir IU work Such as warning the negroes to sad iut tlNB nnlure M mo h Ultb IH lt Tke proprietor huve leave according to our way of think ¬ Accident r ra live power that thy offer UM llHWl Serious lag I s all tommyrot and there i s little or no danger of such threats A son of J W Matthews Wll H J till KN KY A Vo Toledo U 710 Held au rlnilflCl The con ¬ limn had his ankle slashed very load being put into execution Take null Pamily rHi turroetpntlen He was riding a self servative lawAbiding citisens will ly last week The man who posts dumping rake when the machine trip not tolerate it President Roosevelt says the ftve such notices is laying the foundati pod and caught his heel greatest men living in this country of future trouble for himself aJMI While the injury is very serious Wm Jennings Bryan Grover Clev will And to his sorrow that the law It is thought that he will not suffer land James T Hill Andrew Car- ¬ I I These is vory merciless when once he is any serious consequences as a result negie and John Mitchell Graves and Calls within its tolls are the ftve men he has invited to way counties arc making it very un A Sure Thing attend the great Conference to pleasant for those who participated He SIc J W Crawford in the business in those counties and the bogus night ride r sell you any grade piano or our advice to of Pulls county it to quit whil e you want right here in Hkkman and guarantee a lower price than you can and before it is too l ate you can pet elsewhere on same Rev Heathbeth of Hopklnsvllle He handles will begin a protracted meeting at of instrument homemade quality FOR SALE of pianos IMt Hermon the first Sunday in sorghum sealed at evaporator j also twenty different makes can please yesesaltb quality S Patton and nice country AugustThe price and terms 453p son Courier and the weekly Com ¬ for S125 Try the Couriers Want Column I 5c Thealoriura every nlchtSc mercialAppeal one year > > rurr8ea1 ¬ find In no 50c SIOO 1 BOYS SUITS A In Ridersu i Copyright 1907 by Hart Schuflhcr f3 Marx UNDERWEAR SI00 Reward consent 150 to 750 100 and SLS0 lars at AMBERQ bei 1lllwUh Congressy IaNd lardC I 1 DI D I i i I s f 47- sb inc ai i t tT r7 10 = i t + K YJ

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