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Image 2 of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.), December 27, 1908

Part of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.)

BLUEGRASS BLADE 2 II I 1of Thaddeus Burr Wakeman AMERICAS GREATEST LAWYER PHILOSOPHER AND STUDENT WRITER When some future historian shall compile the names of whose those who have contributed to our nations greatnes heroic and brilliant efforts have borne illustrious fuitwho have dowered the world with a bright and cheerful philosophy if truthfully compiled among them will appear the name of the subject of this sketch For half a century he has labored man- ¬ fully in Freedoms cause with never a selfish thought or act = Thaddeus Burr Wnkcnmn was born at Greenfield Hill Fair field county Connecticut on the 23rd day of December 1834 He and has at this writing just entered upon his 75th year came of the early pioneer stock of New England His parents His played a prominent part in the history of that section father was a farmer of good education and his mother was noted for her strength of mind and practical rather than theoretical piety At the age of six years family misfortunes took him away from the place of his birth to North Woods IIcrkinuT county New York where a lumber and sawmill operated bIIn elder A few years later he was brother furnished them with support in New York City and began the first practical work of earning something as an office boy to a then prominent lawyer Horace HoldenEarly influences had been towards piety and young Wake man in the course of time became a model Sunday School Taking preparatory in the Presbyterian church scholar courses at schools in Delaware county New York and at New he entered the Sophomore Class at Princeton Utrecht L College from which he graduated with exceeding high honor in During his collegiate studies he 184 nt the age of 20 years was held up as giving examples in refutation of David Humes arguments and although commended for his efforts he had an intuitive feeling that after all Hume had not been answered and this led him into a closer investigation lie next took courses in Chemistry and Botany under Dr John Torrcy and Upon graduation his religions faith wavered doubt increased he was awarded the privilege of delivering the Ethical oration of his class because of his proficiency in logic metaphysics and He had selected as a subject the socalled Christian evidences The Necessity ofit Faithnlld lie attracted widespread attention and it was firmly expected that he would enter the r ministryNow came his breaking away from the faith Instead of entering the Seminary to the surprise and grief of his fancily and religious friends he declared that he could no longer believe nfHtllI fathers had done and therefore could not consistently He now sought a and honestly become a Christian minister professorship For this he studied ill Europe but he lacked the financial means and returning to America ho entered the He compiled a law digest for legal profession from necessity which his practical and technical mind wits well fitted In May 18iin Air Wakeman married the sister of one of He began housekeeping on East IKifh St his college mates New York City One son and two daughters canto of the union 1 II brother Abram with Horace Greeley Thurlow Weed William During the war he went with General II Seward and others Disliking the Republican policies after Banks to Louisiana thoft war he followed Greeley into a liberal Republicanism became in reality an Independent and acted with the Liberal Labor and Reform elements of the State At different times though without expecting an election he was nominated by one or the other party for Attorney General Secretary of State and Judge of tho Supreme Court Closely identified as he was now with the Freethought move ¬ ment in America he became a member of the Manhattan Liberal Club of New York afterwards becoming its President and hold ¬ ing that position until he declined reelection Later on he was elected resident of the National Liberal League afterwards becoming the Secular Union and was for man years the moving guiding and leading spirit at its annual conventions His philosophy may be designated as purely constructive He is a builder of the Positivist school Versed in science and art he accepted the position of President in letters and philosophy of the Liberal University of Oregon located at Silverton in tho Here he held the chair of Liberal Philosophy fall of 1890 until for lack of financial support and discovering that tho University could not be maintained in Oregon added to which was the failing health of both Mr and Mrs Wakeman they with many disappointments and regrets left the far West and at Coscob Conn which had returned to Toussaint Farm been reserved as a home place for them in their old ago Here on the 17th day of November 1504 Mrs Wakeman the faithful wife and mother died loved and honored by all who knew Tier Prof Wakemaii who was expected to close lifos career before the partner in his domestic bliss took to the open life and bright sunshine with the joyful result that he now enjoys substantial recovery both in mind and body and is capable of doing as much work as he ever did on the farm and with his pen as his scholarly article in this issue of the Blade will attest What the life of Prof Wnkcman was and is the Liberal The useful and practical people of America can never forget specimen he has given thereof in this paper will speak more eloquently in his behalf than anything we could write say or do Devoted as a student earnest and sincere as n teacher practical in his methods the Blade cherishes a fond hope that it may bo able to secure his services for a fair compensation as an instructor in philosophy logic sociology and the classics under Such educational the auspices of the Correspondence School facilities should not bu allowed to remain dormant and we shall have more to say on this subject in a subsequent issue Limited space prevents us from doing full justice to the Prof Wakeman is deserving of a snore subject here discussed extended notice but we express a profound hope that he may ho spared for many years to conic and that Liberalism in Amer ¬ icu may profit further by his educational work b I

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