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Image 32 of Lexington Herald-Leader, June 12, 2012

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4 Denise Bailey Adams Lisa Adkins Karen Anderson E. Joy Arnold Steve Austin Angela Baldridge Robbie Barber Teresa Barton Cathy Boone Ron Borkowski Lauren Greathouse Burlile Ed Burtner Maria F. Bush Bonnie Cable Nancy Calix Sandy Noble Cannon David Charles Opal Clark Beverly Clemons Carmen Combs Jack Conner John Cooper Kip Cornett David Cozart Judy Crowe Marilyn Daniel Terry Davidson Kenny Davis Luther Deaton ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT TO THE LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER W Erin Michelle Howard Andrea James Mark Johnson Carol Jones Steve Kay Kris Kimel David Kitchen Debroah Knittel Jodie Koch Greg Lakes Bud Lane Cay Lane Gina Lang Bill Lear Kent S. Lewis Pierce Lyons hen you think of someone who gets things done — in your neighborhood, in your place of worship, in your community — who comes to mind? We all know these people. We rely on them. We lean on them. Though they may not have all the answers, they generally know where to turn to get them, and what to do next. These are the Community Connectors who turn ideas into action, many times without any recognition or thanks. Now, imagine if we could identify all these community connectors, recognize them for their amazing contributions and see what things they could Linda Gorton Jim Gray Dean C. Hammond Jr. Lyle Hanna Tom Harris Debra A. Hensley Christy Hiler Lynn Hisle Mike Hockensmith Liza Holland Janet Holloway Phil Holoubek Grant Horner Jim Host Lori Houlihan JUNE 12, 2012 Tracy Pearce Rebecca Mullins Peck P.G. Peeples Van Meter Pettit Graham Pohl Becky Priest Brian Privett Ryan Quarles Bob Quick, CCE Ginny Ramsey Joellen Reed John Rennels Pam Rice Harry Richart Rona Roberts Warren Rogers JUNE 12, 2012 Dan Roller Robert Ryan Ben Self Paulina Shackleford Stu Silberman Austin Simms Mike Sparks David Sperow Alan Stein Nancy Stone Kim Sweazy Harold Tate Fran Taylor Isabel Gereda Taylor Pam Thomas Randy Thomas accomplish together. That’s the goal of the Bluegrass Community Connector project. The project has identified 144 key connectors across Central Kentucky, based on analysis of nominations from the public. More than 5,000 nominations of individuals came from all economic sectors and walks of life during a five-month period. These connectors are being connected with each other, which should naturally increase communication and cooperation across city limits and county lines. It is likely they may have colleagues in common, but may have not met each other personally or collaborated together. Experience shows that by coming together, their connection will produce an exponential “lift” in civic engagement based on the new ideas they may develop together. United Way of the Bluegrass does not generate projects for them; its facilitator role is only to provide the opportunity for them to meet. United Way stands apart from Lee Todd Tanya Torp Darby Turner Tim Turner Rev. Dr. Keith Tyler Gabe Uebel Brian Walton Theodore Ware Jr. Therese Warrick Harry Richart ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT TO THE LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER Kevin Weaver Dudley Webb Woodford Webb Jon Weece Dan Wills Anthony Wright Lu Young Jacqueline Zeller 5 Anonymous any political bias or agenda. It is undertaking this project because all too often, these connectors work in isolated pockets of trust. By bringing these community leaders together, a greater community fabric can and will be created from which everyone benefits. Previous connectors have expressed that it is a great comfort to know there are others like them “out there” they can turn to for ideas, resources and collaboration. Dr. Karen Stephenson, a cultural anthropologist who has taught in the design and management schools of Harvard and UCLA, has been a major contributor to the project. She has applied this work to the cities of Louisville, Ky., Philadelphia, Portland, Ore. and Tucson, Ariz. Central Kentucky is the fifth community in the nation to take part in a Community Connector project. Please thank those recognized below for their exceptional community work. Bluegrass Community Connectors Jessica Dodgen Diana Wells Doggett Richard Eads Jim Embry Bill Farmer James Ferrell Tommy Floyd Eric Geary Marion Gibson Lisa Gilliam Emanuel Gilpin Sherry Maddock Bruce T. Manley Tom Martin Ronda May Jay McChord Everett McCorvey Kim Menke Griffin VanMeter David Montgomery Dianna Moore Robbie Morgan Aaron Mosley Knox Van Nagell Laura Nagle Jim Newberry LaFleesha Patton 5

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