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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 6, 1861

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

nn n FBATHEE COMIONWEALTH THE Will be published every Monday, Wed' uesday mid Friday, by A. G. HODGES & COMPANY, SMITH, & SIMPSON IK K3 AND DEALKR3 MANUFACTURE John-- L. James Simpson Attorneys Scott. and Counselors NOTICE. L.A.W MONROE. CLAY poet-pai- d SETTLEMENTS!! J. J. BTJTLEK'S XGELSI0R FLUID INKS. for LYSANDER Record, for Ledgers and Records, HOED, THE FRANKFORT, for Letter Press, Carmine, of brilliant hue. Copying, ATTORNEY AT LAW, KY. Law in the Court of Appeals, and Franklin Cirouit Court. Auy business confided to hitn shall be faithfully and promptly attended to. His office is on St. Clair street, near the Branch Bank of Kentucky, where he may generally be found. Frankfort, Jan. 12, 1859-t- f. PRACTICES COMMONWEALTH OFFICE JOB ROOMS a. w. Turn out that class of Printing in the highest style of the art, and at the FRANKFORT, y Jan. FOR SALE AT COMMONWEALTH OFFICE. vol. V. T. CHAMBERS. & CHAMBERS, OFFICE Wen Side Scott St. bet. Tliird Street. COVINGTON, KENTUCKY. February 22, SG0-- tf. $10 00 5 00 Price f. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. DEBATES OF THE CONVENTION, 3 00 I vol. Price GUIDE TO JUSTICES, CLERKS, SHERIFFS, &c, by Jou.v C. Herndo.v, 1 1858-t- FINNELL BOOKS. Price 6, 3. W. FINNELL. JIONROE & HARLAN'S DIGEST OF THE DECISIONS OF THE COURT OF APPEALS, vol. KY. on St. Clair street, next door south of the Branch Bank of Kentucky. Will practice law in copartnership in all the Courts holden in the city of Frankfort, and in the Circuit Courts of tho adjoining counties. LAW BOOKS AND BLANKS, 1 ( Explanation: These Iukscan be satisfactorily used to the last drop. Other domestic Inks in'a brief time grow too thick for use, and are fit only to be thrown away before hail" consumed.) CRADDOCK, jfkFFICE August 8, 1860. Price & ATTORNEYS AT LAW, VERY LOWEST PRICES. REVISED STATUTES OF KENTUCKY, CHAHLtS V. CRADDOCK. CBADDOCK. CRADDOCK CELEBRATED FOR 1st. Intense black color, (at first o( a greenish blue.) 3d. Easy How from the Pen. 3d. Permanency, (will never fade by exposure.) 4th, Economy. Fourth The Carmine muy 6c exposed to the action without injury. of the air Facts Confirming the above Qualities. 1st. Theso Mrriting Fluids are now in general use throughout the United States, with an increased demand. 2d. They have been analyzed by Dr. Chilton, the celebrated Chemist of New York City, and pronounced "equal in quality and durability to the best imported English Fluids." Manufactured by J. J. BUTLER, Agent, No. 39, Vine St. Cincinnati, O. fc. CRUTCHER are the Agents of the Manufacturer in Frankfort, aud will supply Retailers at manufacturer's wholesale prices with the addition of carriage Doc. 14, 1859 by. T. N. & D. W. LINDSEY, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, S 00 FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, THE GENERAL ACTS of Session 1855-- 8, 1 00 Pamuhlet form. Price Law in all the Courts hold in PRACTICES and the adjoining oounties. OfLOUGHBOROUGH'S DIGEST OF THE STATUTES fice on St. Clair street, four doors from the Bridge. 1 vol. Price 3 00 Jan. 3, lSo9-t- f. blaFks. BLANKS FOR COUNTY all kinds, Price ROBT. WARRANTS at Law, LEXINGTON, KY. JTST' OFFICE on Short street botween stone and Upper streets. 50 cts. por quire. JUSTICES' BLANKS ECUTIONS. J. Attorney and Counsellor COURT JUDGES of AND EX- May 23, Price 50 cts. per quire. CONSTABLE'S SALE NOTICES, REPLEVIN BONDS, Ac. Price 50 cts. per quire. SHERIFF'S REPLEVIN BONDS. Price 50 ots per quire. Lime- GIN AS A REMEDIAL AGEXT. lao9-t- f. stimulant, especially TUI3 delicious tonic of the Medical Profession for the use JOHN RODMAN, aud the Family, having superseded ho "Cordial," ATTORNEY AT LAW. "Gins," "Aromatic," now indorsed "Medicated," by all of the "Schnapps," etc., is t FRANKFORT, KY. prominent physicians, chemists, and connoisseurs, us possessing all of those intrinsic medicinal qualities (tonic and diuretic) which belong to nn OLD and PURE Gin. Put up in quart bottles and sold by all druggists, grocer.'?, etc. A. M. BIXIXGER & CO., Sole Proprietors, (Established in 177S.) H. KINKEAD, J. No. 19 Broad street, X. T. Orders from a distance for any of the above X. BARNES & CO., No 13 Park For iale named Books or Blanks will be promptly attendATTORNEY k COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Row, New by D. York. ed to when accompanied by the Cash; and if deOur long experience and familiarity with tho GALLATIN, MO. sired to be forwarded by mail, the pottaye will be Druggists, and our superior prepaid upon the condition that it be refunded by PRACTICES in the Circuit and other Courts of requirements of enable us to furnish them busiwith the Circuit Courts of the ad ness lacilitie?, the person ordering the article to be sent by mail. choice Liquors for medicinal and family use. joining counties. nov23 wjirtwly. ar Office up stairs in the Gallatin Sun Office. CIRCUIT CLERK'S EXECUTIONS. Price 60 cts. por quire. BLANK CHECKS, on Branch Bank of Kentucky, at Frankfort, and Farmers Bank of Kentucky. Price 75 cts., perquire BLANK DEEDS. Price $1 per quires. in all the Courts held in in Oldham, Henry, Trimble and Office on St. Clair street, near Owen counties. Oct. 28, 1853. the Court House. PRACTICES BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. May 6, 1857-t- f. L. We are prepared to execute all kinds of HARLAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, JOHN Book, Pamphlet, and Job Work, la the neatest and beat style, on short notice, and as luw as any office ,will do similar work. LAWYER'S M. FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY. Office on St. Clair Street under the Bindery. BRIEFS Printed in the very beat and neatest manner, and MEDICAL CARD. BLANKS. Q. KEENON, DR. J.permanently Frankfort, on moderate terms. located in HAVING his professional services to the citizens of the town and vicinity. ;5S3T"Ofliee on Main street, in Mansion House, 2nd door from corner. Aug. 29, 1860-t- f. Sheriffs, and all other kinds of Blanks, printed on short notice and moderate terms. Clerks, FEANKLIN Type and Stereotype Foundry, 168 Vine DENTAL SURGERY, BY E. G. HAMBLETON, Street, between 4th & 5th,J Printing Presses, Cases, Galleys, kc, STEREOTYPING JOHN P. MORTON & CO., (successor to morton a oeiswold,) Of all kinds; Books, Music, Patent Medioine Directions, Jobs, Wood Cuts, 4c, Ac, Brand and Pattern Lettere of Various Styles. E. ALLISON Superintendent . HARDIN'S GALLERY OF ART, Corner St. Clair and Main Streets, (Entrance on St. Clair, opposite the Maneion Bouts, XI. Frankfort, Kentucky. opened a Gallery, the undersigned HAVING informs the citizens of Frankfort und vicinity, that he is preparod to take piotore in the best style. Having a superior Camera, he thinks ho can please thoso who may favor bim with their patronage. AMBROTYPES, MELAINEOTYPES, PHOTO- Rooms under Commonwealth Office. tFyou 8, 1S60. 8HOP, want your Hair Trimmed, Face Shaved, Head Shampooned, go to II . SAMUEL'S BARBER SHOP. Feb. 8, 1860. FRESH OYSTERS' T'lJTE will keep during the season Maltby's Col-- f and hall f ebrated Pearl Oysters, by the can TODD. GRAY &. an. 1860-6- m. September 18, COVE MILL FOR SALE. ROT AND COLD BATHS Feb. SAMUEL, CITY BARBER, FRANKFORT, GRAPHS, AC, of sizes and in cases to suit the tastel of all, taken in the highest style of the art, and on moderate terras. fSSy He invites those who wish to get their likenesses taken, to call and see speoimens of hi work. Satisfaction will be given or no charge W. H. H. HARDIN. made. copy. A;.ril 13, T ' Bookeellert, Stationert, Binders, and Book and Job Printers, Main Street, Louisoille, Ky., on hand a complete HAVE constantlyMedical, Theological, Classi-;a- l, of Law, School, and Miscellaneous Books, at low pri-:e- s. Paper of every description, quality, and price. SfCollegos, Schools, and Private Libraries supplied at a small advance on cost, VilioUsale or Retail. July 13, 18e0-b- y. ELEC TR 0 TYPING 0 be had, day and night, at SAMUEL'S BARBER, most reasonable terms. He will also keep the very best of all kinds of Wine which he will sell by the bottle or by the dozen bottles. He will nlso supply those who may wish to pur chase at wholesale, every article manufactured by him, on as reasonable terms as the same article of like quality can be purchased at Louisville or Cin M. Material of tvery Dctjcriptien. 1859-l- y. Confectioner, THIS NEWS, BOOK AND JOB TYPE. December 30, Ketail just received and opened, at his on St. Clair Street, Frankfort, Kentucky, where he will manufacture and keep on hand all varieties of Fine Cakes, Preserved Fruits, Pies, Candies, Candy Toys in short, everything that properly belongs to a first class Confectionery Establishment, lie pledges himself that every article manufactured by him shall be of the very best quality. Families can be furnished, either for weddings or parties, with every article suitable for such occasions, upon the shortest! notice and upon the HAS HIS MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEAI.KRS IK In all its Branches. WEITZEL, aud operations on the Teeth will be directed cinnati. He asks a fair trial, and he feels assured that he a scientific knowledge, both of Surgery ' aud Medicine, this being the only safe guide to can and will render universal satisfaction. Frankfort, Ice. 2S, 1850. uniform success. From this ho is enabled to operate with far less pain to the patient void of LOOK AT danger. All work warranted; the workmanship will show for itself. Calls will be thankfully received. Office at his residence on Main street. M A.M'FACTl'RKR OF A.B DEALER IX ki'Franort, May 27, 1853. CINCINNATI, OHIO, Like and Printing M. D. Wholesale I miles North of Frankfor, on ClITUATED the Oweuton turnpike road. For particulars R. C. STEELE. apply to Frankfort Ky. Augu!t8 tf n X,. CHOICE ij All Kinds of Boots and Shoes-g- Sti For ladies and gentlemen. He will sell on moderate terms, aud warrant the work to be good. He has also made nn arrangement with a competent workman to REPAIR OR MAKE all kinds Of Fxlt Work, Such as CAPES, TIPPETS, GLOVES, Ac. jan" JOSEPH JEKER. 7ALL PAPER AND POCKET CUTLERY. New supplies just received. Octl twtf. b. C. BULL. Bookseller. Christmas! hisky Tne proprietors and manufacturers of HOSknown,) has furn TETTER'S CELEBRATED STOMACH ished the community can appeal with perfect confidence to a stiinuiaut Pure, physicians and citizens generally of the United Healthful and Invig States, because the article has attained a repuorating, at the same tation heretofore unknown. A few facts upon tune a mud, delicNew and Elegantly Illustrated this point will speak more powerfully than ious beverage. It is volumes of bare assertion or blazoning puffery. calculated to do away with tho vile drugged Rtuff The consumption of Hosteller's Stomach fitthat js palmed off on tho community, and which ters for the last year amounted to over a is injurious to body and mind. In addition to the from its manifest steady certificates beneath, he has received a Diploma bottles, and For Christmas and the Holidays, for sale by in times pnst, it is evident that during from the State Agricultural Society, and additional increase the coming year the consumption will rcacli testiur ny from Dr. Jackson, of Boston, who tes tilies under oath to its absolute purity. near one million bottles. This immense amount & could never have been sold but for the rare CERTIFICATES. tnedicituil properties coutained in the preparaPhiladelphia, Sept. 9th, 1858." tion, and tuo sanction of the most prominent carefully tested the sample of Chesnut HOGARTH'S We WORKS: physicians in thoso sections of the couniry Grove have Whisky which you sent us, and find that it where the article is best known, who not only In a series of one hundred and fifty engravings, contains none of the Poisonous Substances known recommend ti;e Bitter to their patients, but as Fusil Oil, which is the characteristic and in- with descriptions and a arc ready al all times to give testimonials to its jurious ingredient of the whiskvs in general ue. tendency. By Ret. Johncomment on their moral Truster. 2 vols., 4to., ellicacy iu c.ises of stomachic derangements BOOTH, GARRET & CAMAC, splendidly bound. $35. and tho diseases resulting therefrom. Analytical Chemut. This is not a temporary pcpulsrity, obtained New York, Sept. 3, 185S. by extraordinary efforts in the way of trumI have analyzed a sample of Chesnut Grove DARLEY'S MARGARET: peting the qualities cf the Bitters, but a solid Whisky, received from Mr. Charles Wharton, Jr., Compositions in outline, from Judd's Margaret. estimation of on invaluable medicine, which ii of Philadelphia, and having carefully tested it, I ly Felix C. Jjarley. I large folio vol. j26. am pleased to state that it is entirely free from destined to bo an enduring as time itself. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters have proved poisonous or deleterious substances. It is an una Godsend to regions where fever and ague usually pure and fine flavored quality of whisky. DRESDEN GALLERY: JAS. K. CHILTON, Analytical Chemist. aud various other bilious complaints have 4to., finely illustrated. $58. To be Boston, March 7, 1859. counted their victims by hundreds. I have made a chemical analysis of commercial abla to state confidently that the "Bitters'' are a certain cure for the Dyspepsia and like samples of Chesnut Grove Whisky, which proves BULWER'S NOVELS: to be free from the keavy Fusil Oils, and perfectdiseases, is to the proprietors n tource of unBeautiful edition. $28. unadulterated. The fine flavor of alloyed pleasure. It removes all morbid matter ly pure and is derived from the Grain used in from the stomnch, purifies the blood, and this Whisky manufacturing it. Respectfully, PORTRAIT GALLERY imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system, A. A. HAYS, M. D., State Attaver, giving it that tone at J energy indispensable Of Female Lovlinese, Heroism, and Influxes. No. 16, Boylston Street. for the restoration of lKulth. it Operates upon For Sale by C. WHARTON, Jr., the stomach, liver, and other digestive orjrans, Sole Principal Agent, WAVERLY NOVELS. mildly but powerfully, find soon re'toves them Kb. 110 Walnut $treet FUiladelphia. to acoudition essential to the healthy discharge nov23 Wittw-lraof the functions of nature. IRVING'S WORKS. Elderly persons may use the Bitters daily a NEW ALBANY AND SALEM per directions on the bottle, and they will find MADONNAS OF RAPHAEL 4to. in it a stimulant peculiarly adapted tc comfort declining years, as it is pleasant to the palate, invigorating to the bowels, excellent as a tonic, WOMEN OF THE SOUTH. tyfcpr- and rejuvenating generally. Vi e have the evidence of thousands of aged men and women Short Line Eouta to the North & West. LOVES OF THE POETS. who have experienced the benefit of using this while suffering from stomach depreparation Through to Chicago in 15 Houus. CENTRE TABLE. rangements and general debility ; acting under Through to St. Louis lit 14 roues. tiie advice of physiciaus, they have abandoned TllEOUOH TO C'AIKO IK 211 H0UE3. all deleterious drugs and fairly tested the 4 to. merits of this article. A few words to the Connections mado with all Western Roads for any GRAY'S ELEGY part of1 gentler sex. There are certain periods when their cari3 are so harassing that many of them ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, IOWA, FABLES OF LAFONTAINE. sink under the trial. The relation of mother MISSOURI, KANSAS, ic, Ao. and child is so absorbingly tender, that the mother, especially if she be young, is apt to Fare as Low as by auy other Railroad or Three Gems in one Setting. Steam Bout Uoute. forget her own health in her extreme anxiety for her infant. Should the period of maternity HEROINES OF SHAKSPEARE. Freight destined for places in any of the above arrivo during the summer season, the wear of States forwarded with despatch and at low rates. body and mind is generally aggravated. Here, POETS AND POETRY OF AMERICA. Mark care E. 0. Norton, Louisville. then, is a necessity for a stimulant to recupe??For through tickets and rates of freight aprate the energies of the system, and enable the ply at "SHOUT LINE," Railroad office 555, Main PROMISES OF JESUS. mother to bear up under her exhausting trials street, Louisville, Ky. and responsibilities. Nursing mothers geneBIBLES, HYMN BOOKS, PRAYER E. 0. NORTON, Agent, Aug. 31, lS57-t- f. rally prefer the Bitters to all other invigora ANNUALS, ALBUMS, tors that receive the endorsement of physiLouisville and Frankfort nnd Lexington BOOKS, cians, because it is agreeablo to the taste as anil Frankfort liailroud. JUVENILES, tc, STANDARD well as certain to give a permanent increase Elis33 CSiiS.-:vt- 3 LITERATURE, in eonsidcrallt variety. of bodily strength. All those persons, to whom we Lave panicu KEENON CRUTCHER'S Store is on Main larly referred above, to wit: sufferers from ON and after Monday, Dec. 3,1860, trains will street, next door to the Big Eayle. Come and leave Frankfort as follows: fever and ague, caused by malaria, diarrhoea, see. dec21 Trains going West at 7:55, a. It., and 3:13, p. u. dysentery, indigestion, loss of appetite, und Trains going East at 9:20, a. m., and 5:25 p. u. all diseases or derangements jjf the stomach, JOHN W. VOORHIS, The Morning Train West makes connection for superannuated invalids, persons of sedentary Chicago, leaving Jeffereonville at 2:50, p. u. occupation, and nursing mothers, will consult The Afternoon Train makes connoction via their own physical welfare by giving to HoNew Albany, and Ohio and Mississippi SOUTH SIDE MAIN STREET, stetter's Celebrated Stomach Bitters a trial. roads for the West and South. Vi'e caution the public against CAUTION. The Nashville Trains leave Louisville at 7:45,a. Opposite Gray Jt Todd's Grocery Store, m.; and 7:00 P. M. making close connections for using any of the many imitations or counterfeits, but ask for Hostetteii's Celebhatku the South. FRANKFORT. KY., SAMUEL GILL, Superintendent. Stomach Bittehs, and see that each bottle has HAS just received his largo and extensive stook of jEtTYeoman copy. Dec. 3, 1800-t- f. the words "Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters" FALL AND WINTER GOODS, blown on the side of the bottle, and stamped Consisting of Clothe, Caattimerei, and Veutinye, of on the metallic cap covering the cork, anu the best quality, aud of the last styles and patobserve that our autograph signature is on the Iain Street, Fraukfort, Ky. terns, lie also has on hand a large assortment of label. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, a- - Prepared and sold by HOSTETTEH & JAKES R. WATSON, Proprietor. And everything necessary for furnishing agentle-man'- s SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold by all entire wardrobe. druggists, grocers, and dealers generally taken this well known house for a 2tT All throughout the United States, South AmeHAVING years, and thoroughly refitted it in in as good work warranted to be as well done, and style, as at any other establishment in rica, and Germany. every department, I am now prepared to receive the Western country. and accommodate, in superior tylt, all who may JISS No New Store! New Goods!! favor me with a call. The undivided and cease- Frankfort, Oct. 5, Fit no Sale.-S1800-t- f. less attention of mvself and assistants will bo as siduously directed to tho comfort and pleasure of those who moy honor the house witn tueir patron LESLIE COMBS. age. If neat and clean beds, yenteel room, a sump Ciuclnuutl nnd Kentucky IUvr Of the Firm of R. Waltrr k Lro., Baltimore, gjKsaw-.riatuou table, and polite and attentive tervanU, will re Packet. am determined to deserve it. uit ejcpreetly for the trade. GEO. STIVERS, AS opened the store at the corner of Main and ceive patronage, I The Par will be supplied at all times with the Master. Leaves Cincinnati on Mondays at 4 P. St. Clair sts., for tho tale of u., for Frankfort and Munday's Landing, and for choicest liquors, cigars, and tobacco. Heady-Mad- e Woodford and Cogar's Landings on Thursdays, at JAMES R. WATSON. 4 T. is. Frankfort, May 9, 1860. Returning, leaves Frankfort Wednesdays and GENT'S F URN I SHIN 3 GOODS. THIRD VOLUME Sundays, at 8 o'clock, a. vi. TTft hi. a fn?r rPfrivPil h ut.wlf for it ml Win yifFor freight or passage apply on board or to ter, and invites all persona wishing to buy anything John R. Graham, agent, Frankfort. novl9 tf. BIT-TEil- GIFT .BOOKS, lialf-aiilli- KEENON CRUTCHER. RAILROAD. JLftL ' f33i Merchant Tailor, CAITVL HOTEL, Sj MR. JOHN WALTER, H rjKSS Clothing, in his line to call and examine his stock before purchasing elsewhere, as he intends to keep the finest nnd mnsit fnchinnnhlp rrnoiis in r!i ('irv- whiph ho guarantees to sell at Eastern retail prices. Re- U t. . Ci 1 ATIV 11.' T T f T St. Clair sts., Frankfort, Ky. tf. E. B. GETZ, Salesman. N. E. cor. Main & MOSELEY 'S TUBULAR THANKFUL has removed his THE undersignedClair street to tho store room from St. next door to Mrs. Reading's, on Broadway, where he will continue to manufacture and keep for pale for - (The Purest Medici nal Agent ever WROUGHT IRON CONFECTIONERIES, New Boot and Shoe Store. Ho! CHKSXUT GROVE "VV St. Clair Street, Frankfort, Ky., p3l NO.. 102The enterprising propietor ol , PIERSON, At the old stand of T. P. Pierton.) for the very liberal patronage I since the above establishment was opened, 1 have to Bay that no exertion ou my part shall be wanting to supply the increasing demand for Cakes, Candies, Pyramids, Ico Cream, ie., on the shortest notice and most reasonable terms. am also agent for Clark's Revolving Looper Sewing Machines one of the best and cheapest machines now in use. Price $39; Hem- uiei eAira. ffiSflCE! Ice I Ick! The greatest accommodation yet can be had at'my Confectionery at any time from 5 o'clock, a. m., until W o'clock, v. m. M. L. PIEItSON. March 21, 1800. 1861. n at Law. LOUISVILLE, 6. HOSTETTER'S SCOTT, & FRANKFORT, KY. The. same Oflice adjoining Yeoman Iimldina AND LADIES FURS, At FOUR DOLLARS PER ANNUM, payable heretofore occupied by John L. Scott. in advanod. JAMES SIMPSON AND JOHN L. 429 Main Street, between Fourth and Fifth, JUDGE will horeafter practice law in partnerWekkly Commonwealth, a largo mamThe ICY. ship in the Court of Appeals and Federal Court at moth sheet, is published every Tuesday morning at Oot. Frankfort. Judgo Simpson would respectfully U UULLAKb flSK i. in auvaueo. 01, refer to all persons who have known him, either Our terms for advertising, either in the at the Bar or as Circuit Judge in early life, or or Weeklv Commonwealth, will be as lib- more recently as Judge of the Court of Appeals of ..ui:i,..i ; hA eriiii as in any oi tne newspaper pwu"" JAHKS B. CUV. THOS. B. MONKOK, Jit. Kentucky. John L. would refer to the perwest. sons heretofore referred to by him in his published pS" All letters upon business should be & card. to insure attention. All business in tho Court of Appeals and FedITWILL practice law in the United States, Cir- - eral Court entrusted to this firm will receive faithT cuit and District Courts held at Frankfort, and the Court of Appeals of Kentucky. Busi- ful and prompt attention. 5fif Mr. Scott resides in Frankfort, and may bo ness confided to them will receive prompt attenfound at all times at bis office adjoining tho Yeotion. jan4 witwly. Address Thos. B. Monroe, Secretary of Stato, man Printing Office. Frankfort, or Clay & Monroe, office Short street, Lexington. THOS. B. MOXROE, JR., Everybody wants to make out their bills, and everybody can save a vast amount of labor by Has been engaged to attend to the unfinished professional business of the late Hon. Ben. Monroe, having nicely Communications addressed to him at Frankfort will receive prompt attention. Mercantile, general purposes, April 9, 2 vols. FEBRUARY FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, VOL. 10. AND CORRUGATED IRON ROOFS. (AltCHTD AND FLAT.) KE cheap as wood, and our manufactory Corru is capable of supplv aud demand. gated Iron Sheets constantly on hand of all sizes, full instruc painted and ready for shipment, with tions tor applying tnem. T(3r Leave orders at "o. 60 West Third Street, MOSELEY & CO. Cincinnati. April 2, 1860-b- y. Sale of Ready-mad- Clothing e FURNISHING GOODS AT AUCTION. 1IIE undersigned will commence, on Saturday, under the November 3d, at his store-roo- Commonwealth office, to sell his large and splendid assortment of Clothing and Furnishing Goods at Auction, without reserve. Xhe sale will bo continued from dav to day until the entire stock is disposed of. He will also sell at privato sale, to those wishing to purchaso, at cost or auction Auction every Monday, Friday, and Satprices. urday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Jos. Taylor, Auct r. S. L1LKK, Prop'r. nov2 witwtf. THE KENTUCKY FARMER. ONLT ONE DOLLAR NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE!!! Skcond Volume of the "Kentucky closed with the month of June, and the Volume commenced in July last. We promTnird ised two years ago to try and give to tho Agriculturalists and Stock Raisers of Kentucky a paper worthy of their patronage. We put the Have question now to every one of its patrons: Have we given you a we redeemed that pledge? fair equivalent for THE DOLLAR, which was paid for the Kentucky Farmer? If so, lot every one of our present subscribers renew their own subscriptions, and send us one or more additional names for tho THIRD VOLUME. Tho receipts for tho First Volume about paid We promised the expenses of its publication. our patrons that we would published One Volume we obtained a sutlicient amount to pay whether its expenses or not. We redeemed that pledge. The subscription list increased for the Second Volume, but is nothing like so large as it should be. Shall we have the kind and continued support of its present patrons, together with their If so, we promaid in extending its circulation? ise to o everything in our power to make the paper worthy of a generous Kentucky public. The "Kentucky Farmer" will still be published monthy, in its present form of sixteen large quarto pages, for ONE DOLLAR per annum, payAs the small amount able invariably in advance. charged for the paper will not justify tho trouble and expense of collecting subscriptions, no paper will be forwarded unless paid for in advance. Subscriptions can be forwarded to us by mail at our risk. Letters addressed to us need not be registered. Address A. G. HODGES ic CO., Frankfort, Ky. Aug. 1S60. THE j"" Fruits, Nuts. &a., for Christmas and New Year. 1RAY 4 TODD have now on hand the Confectionaries, JT largest assortment of Cakes, Candies. Fruits, Nuts, (tc, Ever before offered in this market, which they will LARGE GOLD BRACELET, with the own- dispose of Cheap. Every one desiring anything er's name engraved on it. The finder will in their line for Christmas and NewasYear, will they are eall, be liberally rewarded upon leaving it at this of- make money by giving them dec21 determined to sell- fice, deel? tf. A For Sale. PER ANNUM!! a New Carriage, and Jacks and Jennets. A Negro Woman, I WISH to sell at private sale a valuable NEGRO WOMAN, about 3H or 89 years old-so- und and healthy; a fine NEW CARRIAGE, which was made in Salem, Ohio, and has never been used ; FOUR JACKS, one 4 years old next spring, and the others voonger; and FIFTEEN JENNETS, of different"ages. bargains will be given. L. W. MACEY. nov30 witwtf. FINE FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING! J. C. MANDEVILLE & CO. now receiving a fine stock of Gentlemen's ARE made in the very latest Fall styles. Also, a fine assortment of Furnishing Goods, made J. C. MANDEVILLE & CO. expressly for ,Yu. 227 Alain, alove Third Street. N. B. Large size Garments of all styles. ly. September 19, STRAYED OR STOLEN. About the 6th instant, a light BAY hands HORSE, shod all round, 15 high, a star in his forehead and snip on the uose ; one hind foot white ; 8 or 9 years old. He may have light harness marks, as he works in my carriiige. tV- -; ftyK ONK HUNDRED HOLLARS REAVAKD Will be paid upon conviction of the thief and return of the horse, if stolen : or a generous reward if ho should have strayed. A. V. JJLDLSV. Frankfort, dccl2 tf. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. "VTOTICE is hereby given that we will rigidly inforce the law against all persons who tres pass on our lands by passing through the same, leaving down our fences, pillaging our crops and fruit, outting trees or hunting and fishing on our K. GlLLISflli, farms. EMILY SCEARCE, THOS. S. PAGE. Franklin county, August 13, 1860. il

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