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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, April 12, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

'STumb. THE XXXIII.) N. T tJ 'K G iPftlL E 'A' :fL- t2, 1788. ETT E. t und s A y April 12, 1788. &vAxwwsnvKvvUvvvvvvuvw Printing-officin Main Street, where subscriptions(at iSfper Ann, Advertifi) LEXINGTON: Printed and Sold byoiwand Fielding Bradford, at this paper, are thankfully received,and Printing in its different branches 'done with Care and Expedition ' Advertifnlents of no more length than nents, &c. for breadth, are injerttd for 3. thefirjl time and is. each time aster and longer ones in proportion. e FOUR HOLLARS REWARD. the subscriber about Chtijlmafs STRAYED from mare, with a small blaze down her face, five years oli,fifteenhands high, anatural tr'ot, o ter, fbod before, a fbort tail. ALSO a bay Jlud old in June next, a large head, small white years en his nose, light made and long tail. Whoever secures Jaid creatures so that I get them again, fball receive the above reward, or two dollars for eh her. Lexington, April 1, 1788. JOHN PARKER colt-tw- NAP F Lat Ithe (OTANDS & subscribers plantation, three and a half miles below Lexing- ton near the town fork of Elk horn, and will cover mares at thirty fiiillings the season, which may be discharged in good wheat or rye at ?pr. bufhell, corn at 5 pr. barrel, or twenty millings paid by the first of Augult riext. The above articles to be paid at the subscribers plantation before the sirfl: day of January and not afterwards. Flimnap is rising sour years old, of a dark bay, five feet three inches high, he was got by old Flimnap out of a Tom Jones and Partner mare March i2, 1738. HENRY PAYNE. 33 CTSAYED from the head of Clarks run, Lincoln county about the full February last, a chestnut sorrel horse fourteen hands and a half high, blaze face and some saddle spots, one hind fqot whitej had on when--hwent away a large singing bell, the collar of which Was wraped twice round his neck. The taker up of said horse shall be intitled to a liberal reward, on bringing or sending him to the subscriber living near the Knob Lick 35 April, 7ki7S8 MfrllAEL RANDOLPH: from Moles Halls near Lexington, sorrel horse eight years old about fie feet high, branded on the near moulder thus HL, has a blaze in his face which corhes over his noflril, hits three white feet, shod before, paces and trots, he ig some what difficult to bridle by reason he will 'not suffer his ears tb be hand-'le- d, has never been docked; whosoever takes up'1 laid horse and will bring' or send him to me in Lincoln county, about five miles from the Cou'rt-hohfshall have sour Dollars reward. ft 35 HUGH LOGAN kJ October last one black bald face'd colt, two years old branded on the near buttock, hoy, he is some hurt in one of Ins hips, any person that will bring him' ' to me or to said ' Souths ftuli be well, regarded for their trouble. To tfogood people of Kentucky Gentlemen. and Cumberland it I think that my duty to inform you, tint about the time jeme famlies was barbarously murdered, by the names of M Nits, and Fords and others t tpthe number of twenty two, as I have been inform ed, Capt, William Martin tired his horse in Pow-el- s Mountain, came into the neighbourhood QTRAYED from the subscriber at mr. live in, and hired a horse of one of my neighbours to Richaid Mafterfons near Lexington ride to the Cherokee Nation ; the same time told about the tenth of January last a likely Capt. Lock Stubblefield, and at William Owen, two young black horse three years old next of my neighbours, that the above murder was done may, near fifteen hands high, branded by the Indians. Sometime about the firfl of the on the near buttock with a stirrup Iron present year, a report was current here, that a mini-be- r of people in Kentucky fujpelled- - theaid Martin nearly thus a large ttar in his sorehead and to have beenprejent, and aided thl Indians in snip inclining to orie side of his no'fe, thatViorrid crime, when heard of the said Jong tail, whoever takes up said horse replrt was in company with James Bunclr, Capt. or gives such information to the printer" Stubblefield, and William Owen, and a numbers of others, aid I ext,rejfed myjetf to he of opinionthat . so that he may be got again, ihall reCipt. Martin was innocent of the murder, when reward. ceive two dollars James Bunch replyed to me to prove that he was at HENRY LEE 3133 my house at the time he tired his mare sour 'day before the murder was done, and at the time he hit red Meradays horse. Capt. Stubblefield immediateto hereby forewarn all persons from pur- - . ly replyed him Bunch and said, at the very time Mar-tai- n told ofthemurder of chasing a bond executed by John and jaid he would swear it the Fords and MNits Owen told bunch hi Tebbs deceased to M.atthew Walker for would J"wear the same; on' which Bunch remained silent. These things mufi be mifterious, and actwo hundred acres of land, to b6 part knowledged to befo by the candid, why fboutdCapti said Tebbs's preemption as the said the Martin apply for evidence to acquit himself, before 'Walker has sailed to comply with his enhe was acetified, the tiring of his mare fio bad thai gagements to faidTebbs, in consequence he was obliged to Have her in 12 or 15 miles' tof which he obtained said bond. 4 from the place he fiet out from. Hadhefet out from WILLOUGHBY TIBBS Heir& 3032. the Valley ft ion which is the place he said he had it is not very probable that Capt. Martin could till - "O QCapt. Stubblefield and Owen of the murder sour nays before it was commited, the names of the persons murdered at the place &c, is hard to make the judicious part of the world Capt. TS hereby given, that a company will Martin be innocent, the believe ofShouldcountry people this meet at the Crab-orchaon Sunday would be glad his innocency could appear, but is the 4th. day of may to go through the guilty, it is Jbamefull to pass over fiuch crimes unnoticed, it is therefore but just that a proper enwilderness,-anto see dut1 on- - the s;h. be had into the matter. which time most of the Delegates to the quiry I am Gentlemenyour obedient Servant gate convention, will go March 2 5, 1783. WILLIAM COCKE, 31 33 ' WILLIAM HOY I I of - NOTICE rd d 'at JEFT TRAYFD or stolen in jamary last e, TRAYED from .Crfpt. John Souths in TEN DOLLARS REWARD in the wilderness at Raccoon creek about the 14th of Djcember a dark bay mare five years old j 786 this spring, about sour feet eight or nine Inches high, trots naturaly, has good, life branded on the near side of the Jaw thus I, as she probably might 'be brought into said Kentucky any person securing mare and delivering her to John Moore liv- -. ing at L.0I. iioraham Bowrriahsltation, of is sound on the south side of Kentucky she may be delivered to Robert Allen; living on the hanging fprk of dicks river. 33 SAMUEL MOORE JUST OPENED AND NOW SELLING BY' TE GARDEN 'ana CULLOUGH At their fibre in Lexington doors below the ly kept. Court-hous- 'on main fireet, threb' where Mr. Clarke late- Chmblet, Diirarits Moreens, Walloons, Jeans, Corduroys, Plufli, Chintz; Callico, and ftampt Muslin, Silk, cotton, linnen arid kcriting Handkerchelfsi Black and white Gauze. Apron Lawn, striped arid Irifli Linnen, Worftcd, thread and cotton Stockings, Testaments, Spelling Books, Writing Paper Watt's Psalms and Hymns. Large and small Looking Glafies, An alibi tment of Queens ware Decdnters and Cruets, Tin cups and Tea canificrsj Tabic and Tea fpbons; Fufh'ans, half-thick- s, ; Curb and Snaffle Bridle bitts, fleel SpurrS4 Whipsaw files, Table Hinges, iod. Nails, Sadlcrs Tacks Buckles and Bodes, Shoe and knee Buckles, Pen and Cutteau Knives, Ivory & horri Combs, mens & womes Crooked ditto. Chocolate Mufcovado Sugar, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cinnamon arid Ginger, Indigo, Fig blue, Coperas, Brimstone and Rosin Drop-ihot- t and a good Afibrtment of Cartings; -- "35581 -- ggff ess- - E3$ I , FIFTY THOUSAND A CRES of valuable land situated on the following viz. twenty, five Thoufartd acres on the waters of Gjmberland river within the Bouhdsre-ferve- d for the continental Officers and Soldiers of this ftatei and twenty five. Thousand acres lying ori the waters of duck, Elk and Tennefee rivers, and other navigable 'water courses falling into the Ohio and Miflifippi rivers. The subscriber thinks it linriecefTary with regard to its Situation, Soil;& Timber; to be very particular in his defcriptiort as he imrnagins the purchaser would previous to any contract be desirous of seeing the land. Indisputable titles will be made the ptirchafers, and eight years credit will be given from the" time making the titles, n.p Interest will here quested for the firfl sour year's. Any person inclinable , to 'purchafs may know the terms and be fhewn the land by spdlying to ELIJAH ROBERTSON, JSalhvillc January. 21, 1788 b;o, water-cours- es fe-ve- ral

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