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Page 218 of The story of a regiment: a history of the campaigns, and associations in the field, of the Sixth regiment Ohio volunteer infantry.

218 THE STOEY OF A REGIMENT, was received from Mr. Charles R. Fosdick, of the Cincinnati Branch of the United States Sanitary Commission, offering the aid of that organization in the care of the sick. In his reply, Lieutenant-Colonel Anderson mentioned the fact that the regimental hospital contained only four patients. One of these, William Taaffe, of Company C, died on the 15th of March, from typhoid fever, being the first death in the regiment from disease since the preceding October. At the breaking up of Camp Wickliffe, the Sixth Ohio had sent a total of twenty-three men to convalescent barracks, at Nelson's Furnace, and when the army moved from Nashville toward West Tennessee, Dr. Stephens found but eight men in the whole regiment unable to march. On the 27th of February, Quartermaster Shoemaker was thrown from his horse, at which time he received a painful wround in the instep of the right foot, from the accidental discharge of his pistol. He obtained a leave of absence, and was unable to rejoin the command for more than two months. Lieutenant Peck discharged the duties of the quartermaster's department during five weeks of this interval, or until the 3d of April, at which date, being detailed as acting commissary of subsistence for the division, he was replaced by Lieutenant Morgan. Captain Russell was detailed to take command of the transport Autocrat, immediately upon the arrival of the division at Nashville, and was not relieved until the army was on the eve of setting out for Savanna. Dr. Ames had been left at Camp Wickliffe, in charge of the sick of the Fourth Division, among whom were Captains Tatem and Tinker and Lieutenant Boy-Ian. The latter resigned on the 15th of February. The resignation of Lieutenant Parker was accepted about the same time, but he remained on duty with the regiment until the

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