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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 22, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

c 1 I C I w J I 4 l t r < c I 4 I f I t4ftt iC t ROAD ORDER Action of the Fiscal Court at the Term Just Closed > t SI that for the cents on the 100 worthof taxable property of the coun- ¬ ty as assessed and equalized for state purposes be levied for road and bridge 1 purposes and that the same shall dur¬ ing the year 1908 be collected in the same manner by the same officers and under the same obligations and condi ¬ tions as the other county levy is collected And the Toad and bridge tax so collected from each respective magister- ¬ ial district shall be kept by the tax collector as a distinct and separate fund TO the credit of said district and shall be paid out by him only upon an order given and signed by the Road Supervisor and approved by the County Judge bythe The MR that I p ItFM i bait COLUMBIA months old at the time of her death All that medical skill and loving friends could do was done but no human effort could save her life She died as she had liveda pure noble Christian and the world is loser The bereaved husband and three little children have the sympathy of all who know this great loss IOrdered by the25Court year i A XI VOLUME 1908 i County Road Supervisor shall superintend the construction and work ¬ ing of the roads in each magisteria district and shall make all contracts relative to the same and shall inspect and approve the work done under such contracts when completed before an order is drawn for the paymentof same But the Supervisor shall in each Magis terial District consult the magistrate thereof as to what roads in such Dis trict shall be worked by contract or paid labor and as to what particular pats of said roads are to be so worked and the character of said work and in the Supervisor and said Magistrate shall disagree as to what roads or parts of roads are to be worked by contractor paid down labor on the character of said work they shall call in the County Judge and he shall have the deciding vote in designating the places to be so workedand manner of same And pro vided that wherein a Magisterial Dis there is more roads and pal ts of ac hich eed spec l attention 1J1a n can be repaired and made substan tial with the funds due that district then the Supervisor and Magistrate and county Judge if he be called in shall expend the money due said district on that road or part of road whee it is needed the worst where it will accomo date the igost e rqfciland ftnef e the citizens win contribute the most by subscription to assist said work Andj theSuperv sor in giving orders for the paying out of the road fund to the per ¬ sons entitled thereto shall make such orders payable out of the fund of the Magisterial District in which the work is done for which such order is given It is the intention of the court and of this order that the Supervisor in con¬ structing and working roads by con- ¬ tract or by paid labor shall only work the bad places and such places and Toads as are very hard to keep in repair because of the great amount of travel over same and that the places so 4worked shall be grades and covered wite metal of some kind and made as consider V near permanent as possible ing the amount of funds to the credit of such district And that such road or parts of road as are good or indifferent shall be worked by the overseers and hands as heretofore And it is further ordered that the Supervisor will make his report to this court at each October term showing the amounts expended by him in each Magisterial District to- ¬ gether with names of persons to whom paid and for what purposes and that the County Judge shall have such re¬ port published in one issue of the Coun- ¬ ty paper that will publish same the In cases where a county Cheapest road is the boundry between two Mag ¬ isterial districts the Magistrates in said districts shall get together and agree on a division of said road as to what part is to be worked by each district and in case they can not agree on a division the Supervisor shall have the deciding voite in making stfch division Iease 4trict Iir GEO C AVRITT I 1 OF AN ESTIMABTE LADY On the 5th of this month Mrs Harvey Tucker of near Knifley passed over the river of death the cause of her death She Was yet in her being pneumonia young days being only 21 years of age Up to that date she had enjoyed good health and was a devoted Christian being a member of the Methodist was a daughter of Mr chur John Arnold and 4 years ago she was united in marriage to Mr Harvey Tucker and to them three children were Jjorn the youngest being about two hShe dtf > s 5 f the first prize Very truly McFarland Editor News It affords me great pleasure to ex ¬ tend to you my thanks for your liberal ¬ ity shown in the close of The News Merit Contest From begining to the close no one doubted but it would be fair ¬ ly conducted by you and no one now has a doubt The giving of two axtra prem- ¬ iums when not obligated is evidence of your liberality and fairness that the contestants could not doubt and could not fail to appreciate To the many friends who voted for me and to the many who interested themselves in my welfare I sincerely desire to thankaud while I received the second premium a beautiful watch I will keep it in re jnemberance of my many friends and The News who gave it Mollie Caldwell Portland Ky Last Jjunday afternoon at 2 oclock fjratson and Miss Dellia fs Feese were happily married at Watson Rev JohnRiceofficiatmg The groom is an industrious young man popular in the neighborhood where he was reared and his mumerous friends are glad that he has taken this very honor ¬ able step The bride is a daughter of Mr Mr and Mrs G R Feese who live in the Green river section and was a special favorite with all the young people The News joins their many friends in extending its best wishes to this very deserving and respectable couple r NOT APPREHENDED Loxie R Dunbar who was about 19 years old and who was fatally stabbed near Sunshine Russell county by Henry McGowan died last week Mc ¬ Gowan made his escape leaving no trace of his whereabouts The dead boy is a son of a former sheriff of Rus ¬ sell county who is doing everything in his power to apprehend the slayer of his son The killing was wholly un ¬ necessary the sentiment of the county being against McGowan I In another column we publish the road order or rather the road law as passed by the Fiscal Court at its last meetingWhile we do not believe it as good as the proposition outlined a year ago yet it hals the main features of improvement and is a step that leads to better roads if its provisions are faithfully and honestly administer- ¬ ed This measure is truly and wholely the product of the Court and we have heard it said ttiat it should be called the Jeffries Law since Squire Jeffries in ¬ troduced it one year ago At any rate we trust that every man in Adair coun ¬ ty will read and understand its provis ions pass on its merits honestly and aid in its appreciation to the ends NUMBER THE M Mr Sam Feese who was returning from Campbellsville last Saturday with a loaded wagon met with a very serious accident on the Green River hill He was walking along side the wagon the lines dropping to the ground In attempting to pick them up his left foot was caught by the forewheel of the wagon almost severing three of hIs tbes DrCrtwright dressed the mangled foot but it will be several weeks before JVIr Feese will have its Mr James Shirley has not been well for several weeks and will not be able fllll USe < 1i 4S l 2 I t f > Mr R M Cheek a gentleman who was well known here died at his late home Henderson Tenn Friday of last week The deceased was a native of Cumberland county and was an excel ¬ lent Christian gentleman The surviv- ¬ ing widow was Miss Bettie Patteson whoresided in Columbia at the time of her marriage She has many relatives and friends here who extend to her and her only child a daughter their deep ¬ est sympathy goodIt ¬ Tc ¬ ¬ family horse Price 175 Apply to H P Willis Joppa or R L Durham The Cost of paint is small its the putting it on that counts Use Green Seal and dont paint so oftenW Fr Sons Jeffries Iam a gentnofor the magic safety oil offensive odors a safe sweet burning family lamp oilgiveit a trial 242t M Cravens Mrs 0 S D unbar also makes somoij Shej pretensions as a lemon grower exhibited one at this office Saturday weighing one and one half pounds measuring 14 inches in circumference Next Rev J C Cool was greeted by a large congregation last Sunday evening and an interesting discourse was deliv ¬ Why Will You Die was his ered theme and in a touching and loving manner he urged his hearers to put on the whole armor of God Rev J R Crawford of Burkesville was in Columbia last Thursday night on his returned from Presbytery held at Greensburg At the request of our people he filled the pulpit at the Pres ¬ byterian church delivering an enter- ¬ taining discoures The hired man of this office had the pleasure of dinning with Mr E W An Reed and family last Sunday elegant repast was served and as to whether he enjoyed it or not the answer IS referred to Edgar Reed who sat next to him 5 5 3 ¬ large quantity of hice III have atimothyand clover mixed tim and at cents per 100 pounds at Edith Call on R Ro Moss Columbia or J H San ¬ ders Pellyton J M Campbell PREACHING 5 W HC Sandidge Edmonton W S Dudgeon Hutchison school house J F Roach Pink Ridge Z T Williams Columbia H T Jessee Independence 5 J fl iWE tt tP f J I J I i 5 Z f < J f t0f7f < r ff L 5 < l ry rt i b- C Cook GraclyvH1eJ Pierce Clear Fork BF Vails Mt Vernpn C M Dcener Liberty r r > t f M > i A Ri Kasey Tabor < Wade Olear Spfeng J AC JoKnston Pleasant Rridge TJ r ii- v < f Jljfi Walbert Harrods Fork v j i l < l + 1 W L 5 c d I 4 5 1 NEXT SUNDAY 1 I c H t 5 xS gocclnd I rV BAILED HAY FOR SALES l > f have been indefinitely postponed May The evangelist who was to assist in the meeting is sick 5 McQuarYJW in The series of meetings announced this paper two weeks ago to begin at the Baptist Church the first Sunday in yearS UL years old Greensburg < WJ SALFA desirable FOR 11 r LT t The LindseyWilson and Ozark Clubs met at this place last Saturday after¬ noon Result II to 9in favor of the former S 4 3 atjthe ¬ ¬ k4W5t r Miss Nell Miller has been with her Born to the wife of Phil Sherrill on parents for a week at Crocus She is the 18th a daughter at school again having returned with her brother who spent Sunday at home The Columbia Brass Band will fur ¬ nish the music for Field Day exercises Miss Mary Williams accompanied her Saturday week brother Cyrus to Montpelier on his way from Glasgow where he has been The Best friend the Green Seal Paint visiting his uncle has is the man who pays the billWMaster John D Lowe Jr met his F Jeffries Sons father in Campbellsville Thursday Come to Columbia Saturday week The younger girls were busy the past week in making favors and preparing for an Easter Hunt Each girl invited a guest and the party gathered on the Eld F J Barger will preach at school grounds at 2 oclock Saturday af¬ Disappontment SchoolHouse the first ternoon each one carrying a little bas ¬ Sunday afternoon in May ket of colored eggs While the eggs were being hidden in the yard Miss Reed Green Seal Paint soon proves its entertained them with a story Miss superiority over the just as Mary Lowe received the prize for findkindW F Jeffries Sons ing more eggs than the others The winners in the egg races at the There was base ball practice on the ink last Friday night were Mrs J diamond Saturday afternoon Barbee and Mr Will Young A new set of pictures was displayed last week and a period given Friday The ladies of the Methodist churchy morning in which they were discussed will have an ice cream supper tonight As they were pointed out to the pupils Tuesday at the Columbia Hotel from the wall it was required of them to give the names and the artist and Anyone desiring hair braided or schools of painting There were nine puffs made call on Mrs J Z Pickett papers correct and among these Miss Columbia Ky 243t mentionedA 5 at Saturday week will be Field Day the Lindsey Wilson to resume his studies Mr Harvy Holt of Jamestown was in Columbia last Saturday and in con¬ versation with a News man stated that he had the mail contract from Campbells ville to Columbia from Columbia to Jamestown from Jamestown to Dun ville being somewhat over 80 miles Todd Miss Miller and Miss Lowe were Mr Holt will put on two good hacks be- given the highest marks tween Columbia and Campbellsville and Miss Conover was ill Friday Jamestown In other words he stated FROM THE MUSICAL DEPARTMENT that he would be in position to give the Editor News It is certainly a pleasure and also a best accommodations between the The Beethoven Club a nd number of friends were entertained in a most pride I take in expressing to you my places charming manner last Friday evening most grateful thanks for the handsome Miss Mattie Sinclair entertained by Misses Holladay and Rosenfield at ring received as the winner of the third about twenty little boys and girls last the home of Mr and Mrs J W Wal ¬ prize in your Merit Contest I appre ¬ Sunday forenoon an egg hunt being ker Contests of various subjects were ciate the gift more highly than I can the principal feature It afforded a a feature of the evening that gave find words to express and SQ long as I live I will wear it in rememberance great deal of amusement for older much enjoyment to those present To ¬ persons who were on lookers A premi- ward the close of the evening a delight ¬ the very pleasant and most satisfactory contest I also desire to express my um was offered to the one who found ful salid course was served gratitude to the many friends who stood the largest number of eggs and the Last Thursday afternoon the Beethovby me in the fight for honor which re ¬ prize went tq Master Gorgon English en Club met and engaged in a most suIted in good to all the contestants Agoose egg as given to the one who unique musical puzzle which was thor ¬ and also for our fpyorite paper The found the fewest number Master Mell oughly enjoyed by all present The Sinclair being the winner Adair County News game of musicians was also a feature r Very Truly Bennett Wilson are ncw prepared of the hour Pearl Breeding to keep fresh jineats through the Sum ¬ Mr Ralph Hurt is in Louisville with mer it matters not how hot the weath- ¬ his mother this week oh a > pleasure er They have just put in a large trip Editor News I desire to express my thanks to the refregorator and have made other The Chorus Class will have its weekly many friends who cast their votes for necessary improvements in their meat rehearsal Wednesday afternoon at Screens have been put up me in the recent Contest in the News shop Especially do I appreciate the gift as making it impossible for flies to get to 3 oclock the votes came unsolisited and as a the meat A nicer meat market can Mr Ohlenmachers Recital has been not be found sort of free will offering announced for the evening of May 21st Very Respct Admission will be charged and tickets Mr Ray Flowers one of Columbias sold for this Recital by the class Nina Marcum best young men has accepted a posi- ¬ Pupils Recitals will be given the tion in the store of Mr W L Walker NOTICE and has entered upon the discharge of evenings of May 18th and 20th Each his duties Mr Flowers was reared in pupil will have the privilege of giving The time has nQw come when the pub ¬ the Bliss neighborhood where he is their friends tickets for the asking No lic health must be looked after and all quite popular besides he has many one will be admitted without a ticket things removed from our town that friends throughout the county He will Examinations will be given Wednes ¬ have a tendency to spread disease It be pleased to see his friends affhis place day April 29th in harmony All class ¬ has been proven beyond a doubt that of business es will be examined on that day mosquitos spread malaria and if you Each member of the Beethoven Club will prevent their spread after a little Mr RB Logan sold to E G Shaw while you can stop the spread of mala- ¬ the farm on Pettisfork known as the is urged to be present Thursday after ¬ ria You can do this by keeping all rainI Turner farm for 1500 This farm con ¬ noon as this is to be the last regular barrels covered or have a little tains about 50 or 60 acres and is a desir meeting Quite an interesting program poured into them If you will do thisI able home Mr Logan had improved has been arranged you will stop the hatching of wiggle it considerable since he become owner The Musical Quotations for the past tailsmosquitos make wiggletails and a little more than a year ago but he week were on Liszt and Mac Dowell wiggle tails make mosquitos Stop one got well paid for his improvments sand- and were among the best given this and you will stop the other Then again Mr Shawgot a bargain every place where meat is handled and Miss Jones has begun her work again sold must be sceened The flies must Mr Neat Drummer Tom not be allowed to crawl over the fresh removed from Garlin to Columbia a after an intermission of a few lessons meat Flies spread disease and espec fewdays ago and occupies the cottage Miss Rosa Conover was at home the ially typhoid fever So far as possible near the Fair Grounds This is ai past week every case of typhoid fever must be desirable location and we are glad to treated in screened room The people have Mr Neat and his estimable wife PAID LIST in the town cannot be too particular join in the welfare of Columbia Thefollowing subscribers have paid We have made a record as the health- ¬ since last issue iest town in the United States Let us Miss Mattie E Roberts daughter of J E Burton Frank Burton EM keep up that record If every one will Mr and Mrs Tilford Roberts of Tar ¬ Burton J A Breeding I C Breeding standup and assist the Board of Health ter this county was married at Spring ¬ Tucker Wood Evans Wm the thing is done Do not wait to be field Ill on the 16th inst to MrMur Butler Sophia Heizef Dr C S told to clean up your premises ray Pennell a popular young gentle- ¬ Taylor Health officer man Their home will be at Rose Hill farm near Springfield Chewning J C Gibbons WM Vance The Durham Produce Company is dO- I Tom Lester Eli Bailey B H Gilpin ing an extensive business in each of Myers Conover have purchase da Philpot C W Strange T L their houses Lebanon Campbellsville 100horse power engine which they will Fleet Higgenbottoirt S L Murrell Leslie Greensburg and Columbia The busi ¬ use in operating the electric light plant Bottoms W FRoweJLMcLesnness has rapidly grown from the start It will be shipped from Cincinnati J S Dunbar M L Elder Ellen Blair and in order to make their trade still and upon its arrival the plant will close S L Fisher more satisfactory it is the intention of for a few nights as it will take several the Company to open a Commission days to place the engine FOR SALE > House at an early day in the East either at NwYork or Boston 10x16 slide Last Single Comb Brown Leghorn eggs One week was a banner week in business 75 cts for 16 Barred Plynouth Rock v a lU fI5 dfI ti1ne rig ht lIan d This The Company shipped five carloads of eggs 100 for 16 Buff Orpingtons eggs n firstciass order but was if produce the farmers realizing 12000 200 for 16 soften out on account of being too small Gallon or address for their stuff Mrs Lucien Durham for our light plant It wiirbesold at W R Myres a bargain Miami Ky The Cane Valley High School baseColumbia Ky 244t ball team def fated the Camp el ville The High Duality and durability of aggrigatian last Saturday afternoon j Green Seal p intis admitted even by y Be at the rink Friday night Funor l > every body the score standing 22 Sons W F Jeffries competitors N t 24 Born to the wife of G A McGaha on the 18th a boy F HIGH SCHOOL NOTES ¬ Mr L V Hall is now manufacturing forced concrete brick on his premises in Columbia and is in a position to sup ply the local demand with the best and prettiest brick ever seen in this part of the country Nothing in the form of Brickfhas never been made in this sec ¬ tion that will compare with the class Mr Hall is now offering to the people Bemg niade of sand and cement they are as durable as the rock of Gibraltar The finish as smooth as pressed brick can have and any color desired can be secured This is an industry long needed in Columbia and We trust that Mr Hall will receive a liberal patronage If you need brick call and see him I f 22 1908 APRIL WEDNESDAY t A sought ennie EASTER SERVICES 7 7 were exceedingly liberal far beyond my expectation and so long as I live I will ever keep in memory all those who so cheerfully assisted me in winning Mrs A E Cross of Denison Texas died at her home last Sunday evening She was a victim of consumption was a native of this county She leaves a husband and two children to mourn their loss She was a daughter of Mrs Lizzie Thomas of Milltown Ky ¬ 1EATII Editor News I take pleasure in extending to you my grateful thanks for the liberality you manifested at theclose of The News Merit Contest 1 also desire to extend my heartfelt thanks to the many friends at home and in distant and large circle of relatives who interestedI themselves for me Many of them DIED IN TEXAS MARRIED AT WATSON KENTUCKY < The Intelligence of the death of Mr Geo C Avritt was received at this place last Saturday morning The end came at the home of his brother near Bradfordsville last Thursday night Many years ago the deceased was a citizens of Columbia and a practicing attormey with bright prospects in view He possessed a genial disposi ¬ tion and had many friends throughout Adair county The news of his death brought sorrow to all his old friends His remains were interred at Lebanon ¬ COUNTY CARDS DEAD The exercises at the Methodist Church last Sunday forenoon in commemora ¬ tion of the risen Savior drew a large audience The pulpit had been appropriately decorated for the solemn and impresive services and the sermon de ¬ livered by the pastor Rev A R Ka sey was sublime the points presented told in a most touching manner The music was appropriate and rendered most admirably by the choir The solo rendered by Miss Hattie May Penland assisted by Mrs C M Russell organ- ¬ ist and Mr Elem Harris violinist was beautiful and the rendition has been highly praised by many who were in the congregation ADAIR uint r I I

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