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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 12, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

Tf?"" " ''! HTIiBlMlmj'hJM.lWWI mmnwaiiMitsaianaiM rvtr 'f Hi THE 'KENTUCKY GAZETTE NUMBER Y 7FEDNESDAT, April 12, 1707. sia.1 FOR SALE, 8000 Acres on the waters' and Flat creeks, near the Iron VorljS, entered and patented iu the name of William Davis. Also iooo acres on the north fork of Licking, in Mason eounty, half of Samuel Henry's 2000 acre survey. And , to-acres. Nelson county, on Amor's creek, of John Pemberton. in the name lands will be sold low for cam, or exchanged on advantageous terms for Military lands on Green river, or for good lands, conveniently situated in the Cumberland country. The purchaser will apply to the fubfcnber, liv jng in bott county. YVM. HENRY, Agent For said Bedfoid. August 3, I795j qf Slats m V W ' 3 BEAUTIFUL - FOR SALE, ATION OF A i- j J'B. fW yJi.u, snaaijoTiM - ot miL.r George-- Adam&, - -- 7 , - - SITU- - - -- I nt drf-tn- ber,Uv.nSonthepmifc.taFincoty. JOS tt 'yy PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT AND HORSE, FOK MAN On Main ftreet.nextdoor toDoftor Downing's, By WILLIAM ALLEN. informs the publately began to S praiftlfc PJiyfic, at Millerlburg and its neighboui hood and that he proposes to continue with zeal and attention, tr and on moderate terms. - Robert & Andrew Porter, 1 V 11- - wrt I e J? 1 1. !? 1 ns, WL AMOS EDWARDS'. Bourbon, March, 1797. tf ff LAST counts ornotes to Thomas Irwin or JohnS mitz, wno only tan give dilcharges. One months indulgence will be given. riCE, NO Sr Caftleman has been some time diflolved, by mutual consent, which was made known bv i jbrmer advertisement. All oerfons inifeliterl fn them, are earnestly retjuelted to make'nivment: of tlieir refpeftlve accmints to James M'Qoun, belore the joth of April rtext. Those who do not avail themselves of this notice, mav depend on having their accounts put into the- - hands of proper cmcersfor coUetlon,asno filrrtier indulgence can be given. AND ARE NOW OPENING In the Brick Jloufe lately occupied by Meffir D In' THIS STATE: acres OOO tlie.WaterS On Or 4 Rough creek, which empties into feJernto fubfcnber ton, or near Frankfort. ,' river. 4000 acre,' on Cumberland road, franklin county, March 2, 1797, '' near Pottinger';. (tation. k ' ' c " 1000 acres in the Kg benfl of GreeS river, ten miles aboje Barnett's stats- SeVCItty-fivRegard. Dallas 1 " " JA?ESM'COUN, FROM PHIt.4DEI.rHIA, give the above reward for a Hnfft one of the town m nC .cxtngton some time in Inly last. of the ifilmwi. mg description, viz. A bright about sour- teen hands high, eight qi nine afi old, very years lengthy, soma very rejnaikable vhite spots on his bieaft, netk and back, branded with D ofi the near uuttock As the time for bringing the horse to the public ftray-pehas elapftd, it IS kV, the person who has him in cudodv, will mnflr, Twtter & Scott, Lexing-Gree- n FOR SALE, LAN enty Dollars reward, fiat ltravcd trom THE FOLLOWING TRACTS OF The partnerfliip of M'Coim DOCTOR DUHAMEL, ,j,.j; .? proposals.-"-Th- the mouth thereof, where it empties into the Kentucky nver,and six miles siomFrankioit: the land is level and lies exceeding well for acres farming and meadow ; there is thirty-fiv- e cleared and under good fence, fevcrU very good cabbins, a good spring and a v Uuable mill leat, hkewife abundance of excellent timber oi dilfei-ea kinds, and the range equal to any in toe a good title will be given by the fnbfcri- - T ESPECTFULLT XV, lie, that he has ' S jy three hundred and thirty HAVE JUST IMPORTED BE rj.....,RENTED, ir on y, CONTAINING Elkhorn, sour miles ftom 796- - J. BRADFORD, A First qualitied Land. July 22, by Ajf.'X TS.-ho- ve t- X'' VOLUME FOR SALE, gSPECTFULLY informs Ills SfJi HuNbRtD motisAUb' acres 6 Court House, JL friends and the public in ge- and LOT, the mod convenient VALUABLE LAND, nerdl, that he has opened Taven, in any in said Town for; a Fublic House, ITUATED in the Counties of with Stables &c. foronejeai, or a longer time. thatcomnlodlous house on Mam itreet Fiaitklin, Clarke, Bourbon, Ma- For terms apply to Benjamin Holladay, living the thiid door below Cross flreet ; near Milfurd. SAMUEL ESTILL. where those who please to savor himvfon, Mudifnh, Lincoln, Haidin and Nov. 7. cA with their cu(lo:n. fliall meet with ev- - tG'scene. i he taxes mall be paid, and easier lnctunbi diicharged at thesjt 'y ery polfible attention. iiinej anri 111 lllfmnniiprnrpicvidoil by IVanted Immediately', law. 4 N Honell, IndurtnouS OVER- For Sale, The fubferiber, who will hereaftet' SEER, who underllands the maSix fHotrsAKD ACRES dp LAND fefide in this .town, is authuriied to nagement of negroes. Also an APfor maj. John Mofbv, dec. and PRENTICE to the Tanning business. ENTEUED in the name ofLittleberry Mof-b- dilpofc of the above mentioned pio heir at law of said John Molby ; lving on perry bya power of actomey, recorLEWIS CAST LEMAN. main Licking, being part of ten thonfand acres, ded in the office vfthe court ot ap- utijimiinguconenuncieapoies aDove tue moutnv peajs. is ne mean.-- co practice law lit A NEW STORE. the rf"erek;hatrns sour""'J1 Lickingthe nlouth the adjacent comts, persons defnintf below side, l0 purchase thedilfeient tracls, will v,rt- m- r a WAVS! tuft- rprpiveri intn mV carsi. T . U.vW..6, B.m . .uu jj "'ll ,i, Vila' an ODPortunitV of tontrartlnn' A. Ill III- - Llltl UUUll'j iaVk.ll u.v.UliWw" iv; j. .!..iJ miiivbvuui; tv Wi.n u. uiw l t. II n lirn wui by nir. William Kelly in Bouibon, a janu, as lie purcnaier whidc aupoieato ma& lliriltll m any ui muic ilaces. the neceft'ary enquiries previous to his making Charles IF. Bird. large and general ailo'rtment of Dry any title is supposed by those Goods, Haid ware, Groceries and Who have carefully examined it to be unquesti; which lam authori-fe- d onable Upon paying part of the purchase moPueerl's Ware G, TROTTER, and SCOTT, to sell upon the low est terms for ney, a reasonable credit will be given for the Cafti, well clsaned Hemp, Wheat, balance, HAVE JUST RECEIVED, James BrovjUiAtto. in fait A N D N O W F O R S A L E, Rje, Tobacco, raw Hides, Furs, full For Liltleberry Mojly , juu. At their Store direcTly opp0rue the pioof Whifltey, Salt, iugar, and good Lexington, JP June 5, 1796 Flour iri ban els ; lor which said artimarket house, a large and neat 15. I will alio dispose of any other Lands N. ASSOR 1'AI KlM'P cles of produce, a generous price will in Kentucky claimed byfaid Moiby. M r u j m imw . be given. have also Iron and Nails Well Anted to all which ther lest in my hand, to be sold for Cain. win ieii on the most reducqd terms, ALL PLRbONS or CASH A sew good Horses under seven years T NDEETED to the late partnerihip of IRw! tf JL & BR.YSON. are reauefted to oavtheira Bl old, will be wanted, fl TO ., r in the sown 4t Ti- - felhwinr Traits of LAND, tie proper, tj of Capl'.Thotnas Bedford, (to wit.) fr. . V Mam Jireet i ibhere Su('fcfitions, at TiOrnty-On- e Shillings Per Annum, are thankfully received, and Printing, in genet al executed jn a neat and tarred manner. LEXINGTO N :Printcaon We&nesdays and Saturdays Advertisement s, Articles oj Intelligence, Ljj'ayt, t ' e JOHN CASTLEMAN. 1600 acres near Severn's valley, on RUNAWAY from tie fubferiber, the tentfl hit, a likely Negro Fellow the waters of Salt river. named Ilhniael, about tjventy-'fi'years of age, John & Samuel Voulethwait, next door J2 A LL persons indebted to the late William ?ooc? acres in Shelby county, join five feet nine or ten inches jughy flout, well 5 Mr.. Stewart's Printing Office, Jfx Tandy, are hereby called on foi payment ing Leatheman s lettlement, inane,- ins upper lore teeth a: Uttle wide, it is w? lare and general Jjjortmentipf-DRandihole havmg any Claims, aie aenreci to ex400 acres on main hlkhorn, six miles supposed that he is detained by (he mitigation I CHINA, GOODS, hibit them without delay, properlv authenticat ola certain Mrs. Mary Netherland, ot fames I GLASS. .from Fiankfort, 4J acres cleared. fJRnr.F.RIRS. ' EXECUTORS. ed, to the 01 nei anoasces tne laid Mjry Netherkmd, DELI and QUEENS IRONMONGERY, Favette, March ZI, I797 AISO, was formerly the wise of John Hctierland of I WARE, SADDLERY, 200 acres' ofan Illinois grant, opjo Virginia. Also, s Negro Fellow, named1 bob, I And NAILS of all fiz- the fublic, that a furvcj is to BOOKS, (who wai violently taken from me by 4 cerTHIS anoninform .1 Mllitury wjrrant, :n the name lite the talis ot Ohio. STATIONARY, And a laige body qf Land in the tain Martin Hawjdns,) about forty y2rs of the North Jork of Goose creek Which they will felt at a low price for tf Jff),n Cook, age, with a blemifli in one of his eyes, about biff bend ol fennellee rier. bruncb ef HirroPs trcek, con!.uti fiye feet eight or Calh or Country Produce futtable for the aadtbeSo-ahis "" i""1.' AM'"i Ins wrll lnloruVithole who incline' walking, occasionednine inches high, limps in Al. ,.,,. by a hurt in bis hips. JVcw Orleati Market. jy:: V"f acr"' J"."" j j Mtp purchase, that I have larely-retu- i n- fo, (runaway,) the fourteenth inft. 3 Negro FelLexington, Feb. the Rule tf Virtinta, .f , ftent ed from exploring molt of the above low, named about forty years of I to the said lohn Cook ; and at the Cud land, 11 about Snentioned lands, particulaily that on five feet nine FIull,ten inches high, well set, age or ancl . to be Urgclj irnprovea, werrco'i require an pcrjOfit sear a Tenneiree and find it to be a body has an ls.rgesore, on one of his legs, otcafioned havtnr am clum to the fasd lind, tcr make them by which not yet of soil, timber, water and range, fupc- above old negroes, Iisexpea, cured. The knout!, that we mat not he tnjateJbj impronrjtb said will pass as.the K. DEVENPORT, SAMVEL fEtlltELL. I have ever seen. toe rior to any i'he property of the said Mrs Mary Netherland, ' AAAON FONTAINE. , VTAKES this method of informing the aboe mentioned tradl on Elkhorrt, and notwithftantnng againlfc 6v will be either sold or rented. For John Netherland, it is hoped, no person ot of Lexineton and its environs, that he in- - March 9, 1797- will be lo uncharitable as to condemn lends opening a SCHOOL at Mr. J. Bradford's, terms apply to- the fubferiber in LexFOR SAiLh, "" imTnday the 24m lnitant, wnererne incenus to full investigation Of the ciitum- hira? until March 11. - . r t W'rf ilT-te- 1 .J i DA-NCING- - innab-!t?!ta- clia-raft- er, , ington. ,. teach Dancing, in all its brandies, on the most Acres of Military Landr improved plan. He will introduce a variety of Heels which hae never been taught in schools. T YING m the county ot Clarke, a lie hopes tome j By bis experience and attention, mail encourage E j bout twelve miles from Lexin 'U rit the approbation of those who . lol,,irv n .. .V.& .uw.i, frn IOI1 UIl LUC mnntr ,w llltllll his undertaking. itnence 10 v.iurivc :OMl L jiuiiic, ujum Lexington, March ir tf iiani-uevwecu linn ana tpe lara Mary can Ije heard all persons will be1 particularly eautiou Feb. 2". from purchafmg ot hiring said nccroes from sad Mary, or other Perfqns, and alio, the laid Ma ry is legally oiveued ot all power cf mak hire Take Notice life of any property behiaging to the said John , -. v . .!.-- .! "j j r .1 i ,(n(,r.,n 1 am iniormeai a certain it cicnanu, ana mrtner, any property in wy F.t.Vi.z.fts V mr. Geoige Adams, hatter of PVel,1( Ponging to tne laid John Nether lahdlam'ready to defiver to said Mrs. Nether- the town of Lexington, land, on her legal application, agreeable totlxjir difFei ent court houses n hats to the mutual leparation. I he above reward, will this Hate, and sold them as my 111 ami' be given, far the the three regroesdehvered facluiing therefore this is to notify to me on Hickman creek, Fayette County, or the public, that 1 intend hereafter 10 lodged in any jail in the slate, or twenty-fiv- e putmyname in each of my hats to dollars ?achy.and all .reasonable charges, paid by B. NETHERLAND. prevent the character of my fliop beAgent for JOHN NETHERLAND. ing injured by any fnch person. As March 16, 1797- tf BENj. 400 , nil FOR Thetrattor SAI.17. LAND on Whicn about two I now live, lying Georgetown miles from Lex- road, containing near the ington, hundred acres; it is well watered and tim- acr'es deared-t- he title indif about putable. For temis- apply to the fubfciiber who now resides ia the premises- - tf francis dill. - MaTch24- . ins tht land ot h " KVi t 1 ". VTI This land lies we 11, IS. all Of the firltl f InlirnlltlUlfl tifla ee(i Df general warranty will begiv en- ny person inclined to see it will eratified by jnr. Taylor. Ihetenns--two be o may be known by applying to mr. Jo- fepll Colby in Lexington or to Capt, Richard 1 errell on Beargrafs. . hL..nW i:. Aaron b otttaine. JefTerfon, March y, 1797. c tf ,viy I COX, S. 1 intend moing fhorrly to Georgetown, the ticket that will be in each hat.will certify that they were made I loca- - in that place, - Williaiii Worley ot persons for whom hasobtained by way J TOHN LOVl'REY. tf of deception, an obligation of mine ted landy are desired to come forward and pay for Fifty Pounds, to be paid in a horse off their refpectWe balances, in older for a di- Wanted, in May 1798. 1 hereby forewarn all vision, otherwise I (hall petition the different s, w persons from taking an alignment otiouni.ui a m,u,-- i, for f"- 'K Young Man, as an .a's- demands agamlt me land, are dedred laid obligation, as I am determinedly Iam wad to dlfchaie fiAant in a store, about the age of fifteen years, lpellM by law, fhf fnme. jiot to pay it until who can come well recommended,and can write HENRY G0LL1AN I have for file twelve thonfand acr,c;.pfjand, a fair hand. Apply to the Printer hereof. on Little Kentucky, and Floyd's Fork, beMarch 30, 1797 WHEREAS frf Private Entertainment FOR MAN & HORSE, the fubferiber in trie house lately BY by Mr. Haiden Edwards in Frankfort, tween eighteen and thirty miles from the Falls rinin. of a rood quality, and lies level, which" t will sell on rcafonable terms for caOr or ne- -J eroes, and make a general warranty deed. R NETHEKIiSWD. tf March 16, 1797- W: -- and formerly bv Daniel Gano. RICHARD. M. GANO. April 4i 3T Blank Deeds 'for Jale. ? Immediately, W-anu- fcrrREE m E wA :.:;',', '. Buimcorf" .. -- or sour good Journeymen BreeeSes Ifirnivmn ,cWao,!l'l rmnr 6- -t --- '- Kfrtn ; uV.-vV- X XJUl. JCiVXVJlJ JiAl f3t- Lexington, April (lASKwUlbe'giveAforgoodWHISKEV. V X . w NOTICE, of oW attorney, will attend m. With1 aiettlement of John Bowman's ". the commiflioners appomted bv the coirt Shelby, on the twenty-nint- h da .Aprrf flext, of at. dw?rd aft Worthmgton's, affignees" of Thrns Brian, orr Fox run, adjoinirtg Miller's l&tejtlicn and there to take the depositions of witnefies, and perpetuate their teitimony rerpeelirgfaid(ettTeni;iit, and do such other aijts as may be agieeatflj to law. JOHN nOlPMAN. EDicAtiD worthjngton: .March lf 179?' 3ta Totpn lw slip fiihrrrihpt- - rn- - I J at BoonfboTough,bayIforjeCo?V tsvo jears eld last spring, ore hind faotAvJiiK, no brand .,.i-,-,:fi,j -:- -- Ai "WlillrM OREAZ January 17, I797 " J

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