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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 09 no. 2 July, 1933

Part of Mountain Life and Work

VOLUME IX .JULY, 1933 NUMBER 11 CONFERENCE NUMBER Proceedings of the Twenty-first Annual Conference of Southern Mountain Workers, printed in the order of the program. Our Common Task Helen H. Din;rnan Economic Conditions and Tendencies in the Southern Appalachians as Indicated by the Cooperative Survey The Work of Private Schools in the Mountains I. C. Gray 7 Fannie W. Dunn 7 3 Extent and Nature of Public Education in the Mountains The Churches of the Highlanders Missionary Program in the Highlands From the Mountain Worker's Point of View Economic Conditions Education Religion Walter H. GatrmniL: EliNahetlr K. Hoolzer Hermann N. Morse 20 25 3 (1 Olive D. Camyhell William jesse Baird Edwin E. White Published Quarterly at Berea College, Berea, Ky., in the interest of fellowship and mutual understanding between the Appalachian Mountains and the rest of the nation

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