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Page 333 of Romance of Billy-goat Hill / by Alice Hegan Rice ... ; with illustrations by George Wright.

A ROMANCE OF BILLY-GOAT HILL his hair with an inky finger. " I - I think the clock is a little fast." Then as Connie laughed, he jerked up the top of his desk and disappeared behind it. " Stuffy old place! " said Connie, wandering about the room. " If Mr. Gooch was n't so stingy he 'd have it cleaned up." " I would n't call a man stingy who had given a library to the laxv school," Hattie objected. " Yes, and he 's spent the rest of his life saving every penny to pay himself back for it. He has eaten fifty-two suppers a year at our house for ten years, that 's five hundred and twenty suppers, and he 's never even treated us to a chocolate sundae! " " I don't think it 's stingy to be economical," Hat- tie said with her most superior air. Noah, who was facing the open door, suddenly began making strange gestures, and violent appeals for silence, but the girls were off on an old argument and did not see him. " Besides," Connie was saying conclusively, " he cheats at cards; you know he does." " Only at solitaire. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't cheat himself if he wants to. He's all right, even if he is queer, and I think you ought to be ashamed of yourself to talk about him the way you do! " "How do you do, Harriet" said 'Mr. Gooch dryly, entering from the outer room and not 21 333

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