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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Image 33 of University of Kentucky vs. Belmont College, January 18, 1988.

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Image 33 of University of Kentucky vs. Belmont College, January 18, 1988

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Programs (Women)

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? hSevelhleeh veuhe wemih have eemplereel 1987. Assistant basketball coach illmfm ,1/mhollc t eir p aying careers at t e University of - - Kentucky since 1980. In December, 1987. at the Umvcl-Slty Of LOulSVlu` BS m Agricultural EmS 15 of those will have received their college fb;;;i{{({z Qlpliittq 1981 Employed by General Tel` degrees. and all are on the road to success. BS in Educatitm 1984 Field pltOl'l of KlltLlCl(y lll LXlI1g Pride, tradition, commitment to excellence _ . . l [OIL and learning to be the best This is what ASS$)C{at for FHO_WSh1p _Of Lady Kat basketball is all about! Cl"lI1SIl31'l A[lll[S lll LX1I'tg[OH. (lma/mth 1liiwcrAn _ t . _ BS in Medical Technology, ~ yy. .1` jh . . ew -`~ te * 1982. Supervisor of hematology - if _ M_,._ division of reference laboratory ~ L V ? _~tv T in Portland, Oregon. x Q , ` Q_ . W @0/lIl0 c/Dlrmtin ee if r" xr l . Tl - 1 Owns and operates sporting T EK V . _ ji - . ` air goods Store m Lcxmgtqn AISO Lisa Collins, 1984 team captain, works at 26, c referees basketball at high school Clark Equipment an Lexington. . di it and college levels. Jody jtsimgp _ if 4 , c{{m slliffm BS in Biology, 1985. Assistant {V, ij L Completing degree in Social coach at the University of Ala- ' Work. Will graduate in Decem- bama at Birmingham. em .. V -. bgyi ]987_ t _ i O 0 1985 graduate and Academic AIISEC per- Dm/K `Th/Mm`) _ _ former Jody Ftunge is assistant coach at U\/{1.t.*1i _,lil(l!1(l0y BA Ul COl'I'llHL11l1CH[lOflS. Ad- i Alabama`B"m'"gham BS in Public Relations, 1987. missions Coordinator for Lake- V Q gym (gntipm Sales representative for AAA. view Rehabilitation Hospital in BS iii Ofticc Administration Blue Grass Automobile Club in Ehzabethtown. 1985. Works in engineering de- LXlllgl9 Q/Moira SMF partment of Clark Equipment in gym; ,1/nmm Currently playing professional LXigt0H. BS in Sociology, 1984. State basketball in Italy. Also does JL{t,.i,(I onAatl{ on-premise wine representative sports broadcasting. BS in Education, 1982. Teach- lm 9Y9WF9Ymall I-lV$ lll Jlwfnmo ?lltn.wn es at Assumption High School in L9ulSVlll Completing degree in Social Louisville. Married to Dr. Steve __ _ __ Work. Will graduate in Decem- Shockey and has two children. _ t { T. __ ber, 1987. gag/in Qogllw A it _~ zlhn fllvcr Bachelor of General Studies, ` BA in Telecommunications. 1- 1985. Recreational therapist for V `hi i :V ` 1983. Head basketball coach at A state prison system. Lives in V .,.._ { Centre College in Danville. Ky. . . LOu1SV1H` __; 34} _-i \" ,lmr{mm~ J-lF(lQnulAwr:.trtn Klnntlwmw i. 90/idg iynrtdi/ig A ` _ i t V sll l l (Began in 1983) Completing degree in commun- The "Tehh The etthe fegmh-qehked Leer 1984Donna Martin, gtnna 1. , , _ _ Kats squad of 1983-Valerie Still, Patty Jo d R _ ICQUOHS. gl8.dual; ln DCI]'l Hedges and Lea Wi$g_arg Cgminuing [O JO y uI}g Lcntcr bei., 1987i find great success in basketball. Valerie plays 1985-Shelly Miller, forward i_ prohball and is sportscaster in ltaly, PJ is i Diane btephgns, guard Wil Je Wedges ZZZ'SZZtiZiZZhnZtaBhZOL$ZZZSEEl$$iE;Z 1986-Laurie Hudgehe tetvard it BS in Physical Education, an Danville. Shelly Miller, lhrward l. ai

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