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Image 8 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), March 8, 1900

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

itriJJi me r J- 7 1 THE BEE ARLINGTON KY J 7 000 wmwwft THE SUNDAY SCHOOL tt4 I ST LESSON X FIRST QUARTER INTER NATIONAL SERIES MARCH 11 1iText IMemory of the Lesson Mark 11 112 Verger 012 Golden Text Mark II 1O Commentary Prepared by the Rev D M Stearns J ° 0 it fCopyright 1m entered Into And again lIe by r s t g Ic rt I r Steams Miners and Shippers of ¬ fir y s Js K j I t 4 r whole ¬ trust in Ills precious blood shed Tone for Us then we can appropriate Eph i 0 7 and Isa xliil 25 8 Jesus perceived in His spirit that they BO reasoned within themselves He knows all our thoughts and our words be fore they are spoken Ezek xl 5 Ps We can hide nothing from cxxxis 4 Him and the darkness and the light are all alike to Him It must have been a surprise to them to experience such extraordinary mind reading What a wonder that they did not perceive that Gcd was in their midst Why did they not say Here is one who reads our very This thoughts und who forgives sins must be our Messiah 9 Whether it is easier to say to the sick of the palsy Thy sins be forgiven thee or to say Arise and take up thy bed A physician might possibly and walk be used of God to give health to this mans body but no mortal man could blot out his sins The more difficult the forgiveness of sins had been accomplished in their presence and in their hearing and He who did the more difficult could easily do the other He who forgives Bins will surely give u perfect body to all His forgiven ones in due time for this body of humiliation shall be fashioned like unto His glorious body at Ills ap If He wills pearing Phil III 20 21 that any of His redeemed ones should continue a longer or shorter time in a frail weak suffering body it must be in the light of the kingdom and the glory the very best that Ills Infinite love and As for God His wisdom could plau way is perfect IPs xviii 30 10 11 That ye may know that the Son of Man hath power on earth to for ¬ give sins This was the main thing Ho sought to emphasize before them Their bodies were in health but their souls were sick and lIe longed to save them but they would not let Him The power of the Lord was present to heal them but they would not be healed To speak if possible more powerfully to them He said to the sick man Arise and take upthy bed and go thy way into thine house rtVe may imagine the palsied man so 10Soclngln the forgiveness of his sins that perhaps he almost forgot that he was palsied 12 We never saw it on this fashion pts they saw the sick man arise in health forth before them bed + t i ¬ I thrittMnrk trated by Christ NyoIMrlJl11 i>atrlilu ty of the Illus I ¬ vkl vluivard THE INTEllrrETATIOf i W llam 9ur Joloied Ciii3ers HIHI m uya of URWK pr All communication tainlriH to this column shoolrt nit Addiwoeo ic CEO ALEXANDER a rlio ion ke John Porter visited In Evansvllli last Sunday There will bo a grand entertain mont by tho members of the A M E ZIon Church Saturday night March 10 1900 at the colored Masonic Hull Admission Gc lunch lOc Refreshments of all kinds including ice cream Dont miss this grand entertainment The commit tee is composed of McsdamesCassio Williams Celia Dunlap and J E Todd V1 Hines George Miller Mr John Porter one of the oldest barbers of Madisonville died Fri ¬ day night at his homo and was burled Sunday He leaves a wife and two children and a host of friends to mourn his death Wm C Orton spent several days with friends in the city returning home Tuesday Miss E H Stockdalo of Louis ¬ ville is the guest of Mrs P A Cav ¬ TIlE APPLICATION I The explanation and application of this parable are easily made There Is nothing difficult to understand In the parable nor is It hard to apply it to ourselves The Jews were the chosen people of God lIe selected them from the other nations of the world and made them His pecullnrpcople He gave them great opportunities which brought with them great responsibilities They did not measure up to their opportuni ties They persecuted and even killed ¬ Gods prophets and when at last Ho even sent His Son to them they cruci ¬ fied Him and Gods judgment has rest ¬ ed upon the Jews ever since Jerusa lem was destroyed and the gospel was The rejected sent to the gentiles t Christ was offered to the whole world fa Mark sad that tho people glorified This includes us Christ is now before God Matthew adds Who had given us for our acceptance or rejection us such power unto men Ix 8 So while He was once before tho Jews What one wag healed in body and soul and at will we do with Him How the fate his friends had great joy of the Jews should warn us against rejleast he expectation of the be and the confident spared not His lieving four was fully realized these ecting Christ If God rejected His tcous doctors and prob¬ own people when they blind self ably manydtberswent away simply won Son much less will He spare us who arc not of the chosen family of Israel dering ¬ ¬ 120000 JNO G MORTON BANKER The advantages of a bank account are numerous It Is not lo business men we are talklnKlbo know alt about men wage earners to Itbut women ThereVMfitjr tits and to good one Theres CODTOD bank Is a anaughThe tho money always ready lenee FOR IT AND SAVE MONEY mm but by nature allius ami strangers 10 the covenants of promise To reject Christ IB to stand In tho light of our own best Interests to dog stroy all hope of the eternal salvation of our souls It Is to turn our backs upon our best friend anti to trample underfoot the gross of Calvaryyeaeven the Son of God Himself Are we Dare we do It prepared to do that remembering that we will answer to God for It in the day of judgment TimE PP YEn MEETING Make this meeting evangelistic In character Give an opportunity to any who may be present who have not done so to accept Christ Make a spe ¬ cial effort to get the associate members to accept Christ and to confess Him publicly before the world Bible Readings Sam vIII 17 Ps 11 112 cxvill 22 Isa 1111 13 Math 11 118 xxvii 1C20 Mark v 117 Luko Iv 1031 xvlli 24 25 Heb II 13 x Surplus F > n4- In COMMENCED BUSINESS IN 1867 the Crushed Coke will do the same workas s one ton of the best Anthracite Coal The owner of the vineyard Is God 28 20 xll 25 Rev xxl 17 The vineyard is the Jewish church the Church Directory The haslmndiinm the Jewish uujlon Eorvauts sent are the prophets wlumi M E CHUBOII C Wilson God sent at different times to the pastor Services first and third Sun ¬ JPVB whom they persecuted abused days at and at 780 p m even killed The only well beloved Prayer meetlngWednesday evening Son la the Lord Jesus Christ the only Sundayschool at 080 Sou of God whom the Jews rejected CHRISTIAN CIIUROH I H Tool and crucified on the cross of Calvary pastor Services second and fourth The judgment pronouuced Is the judg Sundays at 11 a m and 780 p m ment that God has and will continue to Sundayschool at 080 Prayer meet ¬ Lrjujj upon the Jewish people for their ing Wednesday evenings at 780 rejection of Christ lI E Ciiunoir SOUTH R SL aJ I raid SBOOO i tP11iLE thesoetas iii EASTMAN KODAK CO ¬ 10 IB 500 to 3500 Kodaks Capital Stack this parable a tvrtuiii than plnuted a vinyyard let It out to husbandmen aura went Into a far country till Incident of comtaou owiir ivniU At proper tunes ho win his servants to the husbandmen for the fruit of the vineyard But they sLawe tully ttatud them beating them woumlhiK tluiu and even lllityu sjuio At last he soot Ills only sou thinking tLcv would reverence him but Instead Tills is the heir oowie let Ihiv11111 us kill hint And they tool him and kilhil lilm und cast him out of the od ImslwndiiKii ¬ ° sr Ul tile topic rtjevuug Christ ¬ a Rejecting TILE I ¬ ± < w 1 ¬ e Kodak use our lightproof film which weigh but ounces where plates welSh Seven pounds and can be loaded In daylight styles use either plates or films AH BRUSHED eOKK FOR BHSE BURNERS BND FURfflGES Why buy Highpriced Anthracite Coal when you can get ST BERN One ARD CRUSHED COKE for a much less price btaias + turn a MARKET Your DEALER KeyzI cartrldaesI slidesJust CDAL I dark bothersome and For all uses from Earlington Diamond and St Charles Mines Only Vibrating Screens and Picking Tables used THE BEST SELECTED COAL IN THE I 1 heavy fragile glass plates cago Ill ND3 l ulnberi plateholdersI some or ASK o- I1IITD8 do away with 401 Fisher Building Chi- ¬ it9nof e wr1tn IAttl naeKodaks BRO Memphis Tennessee HESSER MILTON Rialto Building St Louis Mo T W BRIDGMAN Room THE FAMOUS nJ anthfntlcI t lad cos rarr > os ansville Ind J I In o AWU- HUNT R G ROUSE Mana ¬ ger Palmer House Broad ¬ way Paducah Ky OAPT T L LEE Manager Corner Main and Auction Streets Memphis Tenn A S FORD Manager 827 Upper Second Street Ev- not even get near the door may perhaps be Imagined but perhaps not for they were men of great determination Many would have been utterly discouraged but not so they Soon they are on the roof and have broken it up and have lowered the sick man on his couch into the midst In Luke iv tbefore Jesus Luke v 10 117 it is written that Pharisees and doc tars of the law were present from Ju ¬ daea and Galilee and the power of the Lord was present tc heal them They did not know that they needed healing they did not cOmo to bo healed but God had planned that they should see something of His power to heal The faith 5 Jesus saw their faith of these four interested and pleased Him That the sick man had faith also we are inot told In Math viii 10 it was the faith of tho centurion that brought health his servant In Math xv 28 it was faith of the woman that brought to her daughter It was the faith Bahab that saved her kifldred ConS lder what you may bring to others by faith in God Faith is just believing what God says taking Him at His word fully persuaded that lie will do what He says 0 7 Who can forgive sins but God only Thus these self righteous scribes reasoned in their hearts not knowing that the God who forgives sins was really fin their midst the same one concerning i whom the nation will one day say Lo this is our God We have waited for WWWiWWW Him and He will save us Isa xxv 9 The only one who could forgive their sins and without whom their sins never CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR could be forgiven yet they knew Him not It is not by reasoning that we oaiarclj the redemption that i + in Christ Topic For Week DcrlimJnDoyle I 11 Comment by Kcv by receiving Him putting our Jesus but not smalloralled n nwn WholesaleAgents OAPT could Do Websters Dlcllonarlef All ntirMinrwnU of WebslereIntematlonel iirjr In tha Tn riOIl ilzrt bear our trademark the front cover ni ihovm In the cuts Street Nashville Tenn I sad squaqdering ¬ sums when you have a large sum in your pocke- KENTUCKY tA1ADISONVILLE W A NisnuT President nr YAlinlLLCashier HOPKINS COUNTY visiting Mrs Fanny Roles returned home Sunday BANK Miss Lonio Petty of HouTn Is vis iting friends horo this wook Rev Johnson spent a tote MADKSONVILLK Ky days with his brothorWIUIam iolui ¬ son this week Csptal Stock Mrs Mattio Rasco wont toEnrllng ton this weak Trnnsfiots u general bunking busi ¬ Arthur Boddy was in tho city this ness and Invites tho account ot tho ¬ JlI 50000 citizens of Hopkins and adjoining counties Has tho finest und most secure Mngglo Hall Lucy Greet vault in this section Kentucky Lola Townsol Lily Wing and Lou Emma Watson went toMndisonvIlIo weekMrs IEXPERIENCE SaturdayMiss Johnson aud little Toy Johnson visited Mrs Patterson last week Mrs Mattie Green went to Madi Rojivlllo Saturday- B F Sharbor went to Madison villo Saturday Mr Dlcksoh wife and children returned from Hopklnsvillo Satur ¬ TRADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHT Ac sending a sketch and description may anfnvent3on tctl Oldest agency for secnrInRargot IIlunn Ie CO Patents takon jxclal notice without cliargo In tbo tlon lint free dayL Johnson is slowly improving There will be a grand rally at the Forest Baptist church April 15th I Grace is visiting his son this on oontldentlal Scientific JJm A handsomely weekly Illustrated journal ritattt Ijireost cir¬ Terms 13 n nowadealenIVIUNN exercises of Wash ¬ week Branch Offlce 6 16 V tit ington and Lincolns birthday at tho ST CHARLES Wheat pastor Services first and Public school wore very Interesting 7 00delred Sunday night Sunday school at 030 drawing committee was composed of Suppose we all get en Uoo the beam out of Prayer meeting Monday evenings at Willie Hargroves Euwoll SImms donor to this dajnt A our own eyes then we can see clear ¬ volume B 780 oclock CATHOLIC CHUROII Rov A M Mary Hort Myrtle Hayes Eliza ly to get the motho out of our broth- ¬ The Book of thoFieLD a Coenon pastor First Mass Sunday Amos Myrtle Hart Llllio Fitzpat- ers eyes A hint to the wise Is suf- ¬ scbscrlp Fyiiiustratcdby I certificate of Book con morning at 7 oclock Second Mass rick All the grades did well es- ¬ ficient tlon to fund of the l talns a selection of 080 oclock Afternoon service at pecially the First and Second Rev John Martin filled his regular 280 every Sunday wo r appointment hero at the But for the noble and Is ready for del GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH = E MORTONS GAP contribution of the worlds greatest artlsts ZIon Church His subject was William Guilders pastor Services this book conld not have been manufactured Mrs Dora Grace of this place every third Sunday at 11 oclock a The Fund created is dl for less than f Christ the Son of God vlded equally between the family of the late m and at 780 p in died February and was buried the Eugene Field and the Fund for the building Y P S C E Prayor meeting 27th The funeral was conducted of the of a Subscribe for TIrE BE f per poet monument to the Address of cjilldbood every Sunday evening at by Revs J C Morton and M Dick year Eugene Field Monument Souvenir Fund son 180 Monroe St Chicago Indictments at Hopkinsville Roy Dickson lllled his regular ap ¬ ee at t Alsosend Book Stores If you also wish to Hopkinsville Ky March GOft- pointment at the Baptist postage enclose too Mention I r isenfee it AS 0 KIItle tn mosti A1 t noj JOB WORK tas church t Indictments returned fourteen ore for Sunday and Sunday night by tho grand Will receive prompt atten Robinson who slew felony Tony Rasco of Earlington visited tion at this office his brother Prof George Robinson his brother Willis Rasco Sunday Estimates November was Indicted for lust Are furnished upon application willful murder Miss Myrt Slatoti who has been he fortytwo Tux BBC as adv Is Inserted our contribution I nsubscribor to THE BEES Yottshouldbttti r iyFt a t f y- r sp a 1 fyi Ir r 1 i aa C Merriam CoX utillsucr0 Springfield MaasoJ CAUTION Louisville Ky JAMES K LOVE Mann ¬ ger 201 North Cherry 1to l IIndonftman educator Specimen paget tent On application to H NEVBOLDJManager ¬ t InvaluableIn the houMhold and to Earlington Kentucky a 342 Whatitheir I Commended 8nPftlnllnclenlQ Branch Offices ¬ t oftlietTBnoTtJTlnUtu PnConn sit the Ii prrtn Conruapdotnear the Bchoolbookt 11 i him homo again for they fully ex the house was full and that they Court Standard COAL AND COKE General Office Jesus should see their sick friend and heal him They had no thought of car r J Rlmottwiujoutnumbtr house 2 He preached the word unto them A house full of people and crowds at the door and He preached the gospel of tho kingdom as Ue had done all through Gal lice Ho had but one great topic the good news of the grace and the glory of God revealing the lathers purposes and telling of the Fathers great gift even Himself in whom all the graccand glory were made sure to each one receiving jHim and they might have remembered that It was written The Lord will give grace und glory Ps lxxxiv 11 Thecommand still holds Preach the word II Tim iv 2 3 4 Four men come carrying on a bed a fifth who was sick with palsy We are not told what distance they came but they came with a determination that C Unatirttlfftil ft Hupremo It ¬ I Successor qf the The One Great Standard Authority Po writes lIon n J Ilrewrr J iiitlca U IyIee t Dictionary BERNARD COAL COMPANY INOORP0RATED Caper 1 According to naum after some days some harmonics Mark i 30 describes Hisfirst general circuit of Galilee which Math Iv 23 states more fully in these words And Jesus went about all Gall teaching In their synagogues and tho gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all Imanner of disease among the people Between verses 30 and 40 of chapter i these harmonics tell us that there comes in the sermon on the mount and the draft of fishes of Luke v 111 then the heal ing of the leper of Mark i 4045 after which Mark tells us that because of the healed lepers blazing the matter abroad Jesus could not enter the city but was without in desert places Luke says that He withdrew Himself into the wilderness and prayed Luke v10 Our lesson be gins with His return to Capernaum and its being noised that lIe was in the I Websters International p f4 r r

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