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Image 6 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), March 8, 1900

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

r > I r J T ij rtlntt1L t t1IJ t TH > THE BEE EARLIIS1GTCJN i IIGHTYMINERSSHUT I Mr C BATES EXPEDITION OTHEflWlSiu UNNOTICED GENERAL STATE NEVSI LOCAL NEWS t ¬ cuntostoflicos homa frightful Accident at the Red Ash Two men died at the St Louis city Manila March 5 445 p ¬ hospital from blood poisoning due to Bates expedition to southern Luzon Mines Near Thurmond received during the recent consisting of the Fortieth and Forty frost bites blizzard West Virginia fifth regiments a total of 2300 men ¬ A C Thornton aged 70 one of Des has occupied Nueva Caceres province Moines countys best known of South Camnrlnes Dnet province of la pioneers was killed Monday ut Bur North Cnmarincs and the neighboring RESULT OF AH EXPLOSION OF MINE GAS lington by a trolley car smaller towns The enemy restated ut W T Ulaney aged 8Q years and for one point and two Americans were a decade n resident of Christian coun killed including Lieut John B Guile After Twolvo Hoar of Ke ouo Work Ui Ill Is dead He leaves a large farn her of the Fortieth regimentwords of Fifty Bodies Uad IJean Takeni On February 20 the expedition ar s ilyIda 111011 Out Onlr Three of tho Ucnlsh of St Louis saturated rived at San Miguel bay landed and card Alive nod They Are Not Expected her clothing with oil and set fire to it In three columns immediately pushed toLl Before the flames could be cxtln inland converging upon Nueva Cu ¬ Fire Creel W Vu March SThe guishctl slit was severely and ll1lJhaI ceres and attempting to control the fatally enemys routes of retreat most disastrous mine explosion cverI John Wcstcrveltf lilh wile and six At Llbmanan north of Nueva Ca new home Frankfort known in the New lllvcr district OCr Hon Walter Evans has been of his work He reports county yearold laughter were burned ceres the enemy was concealed in n the present residence of curred at the nell Ash mine shortly death in a the which destroyed their rice field anti resisted a battalion of progressing nicely in Hopkins named chairman of the Reception family after tbe miners went to work early home at diallings Bluff Va Committee for tho Tribunal Con ¬ the Fortieth regiment which engaged Atthouglm time most Time Tuesday morning Ancient Order of United claw of Knights Templars at Louis ¬ Chris llicharcls Jr 15 years old son them at close quarters with bayonets Had Heard Em Before heroic work of the rescuing party hnd of a wealthy farmer of Montgomery After 40 minutes Workmen of Hopkins Lodge arov ihlo in 1001 Major H Leathers the enemy preparing to have a big picnic and Cbeen going on Inceasantlyalldayit was county Ill accidentally shot himself fled and Libmanan was occupied of Committee on Parado Frankfort Ky March c elebration at Lakeside Park on thetu tu Review and Capt H B Grant The Americans buried 64 of the ene impossible Tuesday night to estimate with a rifle while out hunting mind ¬ Gus Coulters let 4th of July They Inwo engaged the my whose total loss in killed and of Auditor the full extent of the loss of life andcdied instantly of Committee on CompotI ¬ Skuyler Greer a single man aged wounded is estimated nt 140 ters warning all county officials Park for that occasion and will lay Chairman propertyThe tive Drill From Libmnnan the expedition pro to report to him reached Jo Rus ¬ their lines for a most successful Ash mine is n largcu drift about 3Q years committed suicide at Viola Allon in Tho Christian is by shooting himself ceeded to Neuvn Cacercs the gunboat explosion occurred scar the Qrayville Ill and the of t Macauloys theater In Louisville entrance which was thus closed by through the head lie was In the last Paraguay arriving ten mlnut ahead sell a jury commissioner Today the letter clone R M Salmon General Managor this week of the troops The town was found Adah the falling slate entombing a large stages of consumption The Americans back to Mr Coulter with au ex ¬ of the Crabtrco Coal Mining Co is Noah McGinnis was sentenced by practically deserted number of miners Muqh pain anti uneasiness is The scene of the disaster ia between Judge Graves at Butler Mo toue daily scouting in the vicinity report drawing of a donkey just preparing to put an Acetylino gas caused by piles sparing neither ago place and Thurmond on the South hanged on Wednesday April 25 for that the enemy have retreated into the cellent this ¬ his fablers Buckeye mountains under the signature and beneath plant to lightat big store and of- not sox cures tho most obstinate branch of the Chesapeako i Ohio rail the murder of Fred Ilorchenger Ointment fice building The Dallas Tex Pastors associa The insurgents around Legaspi and the picture were the words way and every assistance possible was ases Price 60 cts in bottle tubes lbay province of South Cam rlntS rendered by the railway company and tion composed exclusively of Jrotes heard em Judge J F Dempsey and wife and 7 5 cts nt St Bernard Drug Store Dear tant ministers has arranged to take a are Imrmssing the Americans nightly by the djolniiiij mining towns H H Holeman and family of Mad religious census of Dallas and its sub Foreigners doing bnlincss at Lei apf before Notice Relief 1nrtlci Soon Arrived isonville are at Now Symrna Fin are living on ships in the harbor or in urbs on April 18 Relief parties from great distances Hopkins Circuit Court spend some weeks Monday morn ¬ Before Judge Allen of the district the American barracks State Transvaal arrived as soon as possible Torian Harbour Hat Co ot al jardlner of Hop Mrs Denver Col Mrs Frances M Mine Inspector Pinckney with a corpIcourt at Vt Cooperative Mining d It is not generally known that kinsville T W her two daughtersM ¬ null of exports and many workmen was Wolcott was granted an absolute di- DR BORNES INFLUENZA CURE of the dininomlproducing Co otal Defendants O Wo Mr Holoman and on the ground during the day render- vorce from Senator Edward Kimjl By Virtue of Docroo rendered in No A French IMijnlclau Given the World South Africa is not confined to cott on the ground of desertion ing all assistance possible and devot says Chambers Journal with the imis cause by tho Honorable Hop- ¬ borly the Ilctieflt of Careful nnd Sue ing his attention more toward rellllI defense was made ceiMfal Experiment The United States Consul at Pro Adelbert Hay United States consul kins Circuit Court at its last Fobru ¬ Earlington Prospects thus to an official investigation as to at Pretoria intimates thnt he is liar ¬ toria recently reported that the out ¬ The prospects for growth of busi- ¬ ary Terns 1000 this Notice Is pub ¬ the cause of the disaster having put of diamonds in tho Pretoria dis ¬ 1 Fred Ipifinger of Staunton Va ing no trouble whatever in the full ex- ¬ London March ness and increase of added citizen- ¬ lished to give warning to all persons ercise of his functions and is on an ex nearly recovered from its usual epl trict during the year 1898 was valued the principal ovyner of the minesI to Earliugton is bettor than is having claims of any description ilemfc of lifiIenz Landon receives at nearly 9000 tho largest stone ship spared no effort in the work of rescueI cellent footing with Hoer officials now known to public generally against the estate ot tho Coopora ¬ Russia is preparing ascheme for the from Paris a safe cure for the com found having a weight of thirty and relief nnd his manager Ferdinand Thorn is n move known to a four but tlvo Mining Manufacturing Com ¬ conversion of the entire petroleum in- ¬ plaint The discoverer is Dr Borne Howell had all the men available eight carats Although tho industry not yet ready to bennnouncodwhlch pang defendant horsing to file their work trying to clear away the debrisIdustry of the Caucasus into a govern ¬ deputy for Doubs who cured M Wal has not developed with any astoniment monopoly in order to forestall deokKousscan in three days and was will largely increase the number of claims with mo as Receiver of said and rescue the ontombed men shing rapidity It must bo remem ¬ Earlingtons good industrious ctrl ¬ Courtin tho said cause duly proven Oil Co and British rivals also successful with Pcrsident Loubet As Thurmond is only three mils the Standard II A Stephenson n traveling repre ¬ M Deschanel and several of his bered that the first stone was die eons Null particulars will bo given and purged on or before tho 1st tiny from the scene of the disaster there covered at Roitfontoin only in Aug ¬ by TUB BEE in duo time of MayA D 1000 under penalty of some few in the mine who lived sentative of a St Louis paper was shot brother deputies were and very seriously injured in the roTr Uornes remedy is as follows Aa ust 1807 The value per carat of the having tho sumo barred for failure at that place but for the most part the Robbed the Grave so to do Given under my hand as victims resided here and the calamity tunda of the Peabody hotel at Men soon as one feels the influenza one Pretoria stones is 16 shillings will reach almost every little house In phis Tenn as the result of a quarrel should have the two following pre against 20 shillings of those found at A startling incident of which Mr said Receiver on this tho sixth day with M F Embree scriptions made up Firstly chlorO- Kimberly nnd 84 shillings per carat John Oliver of Philadelphia was of March A D the mining townWilliam J Ur l1 lIfter a nine woeks form water 2 ounces water 2 ounces 1000J Refused to Ent or Go Homo from Jagersfou the subject is narrated by him as F DKMiSKY absence touring the United Status ar magnesia 2 drachms saint 15 grains for the diamonds was in most dreadful follows None of the people here had been The condition My skin awas almost yel ¬ tent in the Orange Free State rived at his betol grains antifebrin 35 grains at tHeir homes during the day but re Tex Monday winter home in Austin sirup 15 orange flowers 1 ounce This total quantity of diamonds found in low eyes sunken tongue coated Letter List lIe will remain In Aus of mained around time lied Ash mine continually in hnc c and sides Tho following letters remain un ¬ Transvaal in 1898 was 22848 the Some had not eaten during the tiny tin for several weeks before going on must be well shaken and n tablespoonalled for at the Earllngton post another tour ful taken every fifteen or twenty min carats valued at 43730 Time stones no appotltegrowing weaker day was liberally Hupplled to the Food hnd gh otto lhico John IL Miles son of John H Miles utes during the first day On time fol- found at the alluvial diggings are atm ime up Throe ¬ Fortunately a friend lays of workmen in the rescuing party brakeman Anderson Roht Adams Miss but many of the women who could getI of Sedalia Mo who wasd aTexas rail- ¬ lowing days one should tape two each finer quality than those found as at vised trying Electric Bitters und ets on rising in the morning and two Kimberly in volcanic pipes A to my great joy and surprise the Noryan Brooks Chess Barker Rich ¬ no word of comfort refused to eat or on the Missouri Kansas improve road was killed near Clifton City a on going to bed at night composed as pure whlto stono is sometimes of first bottle tjotd their homes The president sent to the senate follows Magnesia 24 drachms be twelve times time value of a straw ment I continued their use for thra Grown T TltoHorroiT weeks and am now a well man Monday the correspondence called for tol 73 grains salol 45 grains tcrplne After 12 tours work at the wrecked by resolution of Senator Hoar asking 45 grains colored stono of identical weight know they saved my and robbed M H Clerk Bottle Cato Wlllio for twenty cachets mine more than fifty lead bodies had Unfortunately tho war has caused a the grave of another vlctlmuNo Cross Dora Coomes Alice Calvcn for Information relative to our course Dr Jorne says his principle is that ono should fail to try thorn Only Mrs Louisa Craig Bob Eados Ed already been taken out and the num in the Philippines all the digestive and respiratory tube diamond crisis and hundreds of 600 guaranteed at St Bernard ber of dead may reach 75 or more It Evans J J Fox Mrs Martha Hall Senator Davis of Minnesota chair ¬ should be disinfected lie had experi diamond cutters in Antwerp and Drugstore was thought Tuesday night that at man of the foreign relations commit ¬ mented with all the antiseptics capa- Amsterdam have been thrown idle Dan Gonr Wm Gilchrlst John least 45 miners were yet entombed in tee offered an amendment to the ble of combination and had eventually Insurance of Railroad Employees Gordon W IL Green Prof J S the wrecked mine Puerto Rican tariff bill to extend the arrived at the kinds arid doses given Maharas Minstrel Carnival The lifo risk of railroad employees THE LAWTON FUND CLOSED provisions of the constitution over time in the prescriptions Of course time Among the many colored organi- is BO great that tho rates demanded Brown Hoborilolds Frank Henry Island and abolish the 15 per cent doses were modified according to the zations in existence none havo a of them by both accident and life In- ¬ J C Hawkins Mrs Mallssa Hlbbs age and condition of the patient Nearly One lunched Thoiirmiul Dol more prominent standing and repu- ¬ surance companies are nearly pro- ¬ Miss Manila Holman Sam Hyatt Patrolman Thomas Meagher of St larK Mud ull Letter Itccclvcd Louis was shot and dangerously FIVE WERE BURNED TO DEATH tation than Maharas Big Minstrel hibitory Tho Chicago and Alton F P Johnson John Jenkins L L Turned Over to the Widow Carnival that comes to the Earling ¬ railroad company has announced Kerr Miss Cora LIlo Chits Lewis wounded Monday night by Ed Sulli ¬ interest- van one of two men whom he had And 1ollce Make Many RcMcaen from ton Opera House Tuesday March 18 that it will hereafter pay onehalf Perry Lorlo Will G Washington March Mcrslion ing scene occurred lIt the Itigga na ¬ halted and was searching as suspicious a Doming Cheap Bowery Mahara Bros have been managing the premiums on policies issued to Frank Pentecost Dock Parish Tom liotljflns Monte tional hank Tuesday when the fund characters The two men were arrest- ¬ colored minstrels for twenty con- ¬ conductors baggagemen brakemen Ross Will Riley Jns W Roach raised by a grateful people in recog- ed and locked up secutive years and this seasons engineers flromon etc and thirty George Randolph F J Regan Bird nition of the services of the late Maj New York March 5Five persons company Paul Blouet Max OKell who wna comprising nearly fifty per cent on the premiums for Gen Lawton was formally transferred to have lectured at Memphis Tenn were burned to death ann three were is the pick and cream of col ¬ classes of employees who can bo in ¬ Tandy Chas A Taylor Randal to his widow The parties to the Monday night was attacked Injured early Sunday marring in a Travis Evalyn Taylor F M Vin transaction were Mrs Henry C Law catarrh of tho stomach He will brini which occurred in a sevenstory 10c1p red artists A special feature with aured at lower rates son ThoR E VInson W13 Walker this organization and one that will ton AdjtGen Corbin Acting Com his tour to a close and go to Paris for InS house at 44 to 43 Bowery August Flower John W White Jessie Wynn Mar ¬ missionerGeneral Weston and Mr C treatment interest ladies and children in par ¬ The Death LUt says Prof tin Wheeler Hoary Wllhurn Chas C Clover the lastnamed representing is surprising fact ticular will be seen In Prof Qen Charles Uuttie 40 years old in all Houlton the bank 0 G ROIJINBOX P M Will Dine the IrntrlcH Utllcur hers Highly Educated troupo of- parts of thothat in my travelslast ton Woods John Clark 50 years old world for tho Earlington Ky March 7 1000 Rouen Mirth 7 Senator Wadding ponies and thirtyfive ten Shetland I have met more people hav- ¬ Edward Doyle 35 years old a ton representing Itouen in the senate wonderful performing dogs Prices Ing used Greons August Flower than Henry Jackson colored 35 years old Co Mary C Lawton and saw that it wan and president of the chamber of com A dose of any other remedy for dyspepsia do ¬ Have you a cough and 75 cents One unidentified transferred to her credit on the books mere of this city will give a dinner man about fifty ranged liver nm stomach and for Coussens Honey of Tar will relieve of the bank At the sam time his March 24 in honor of the officers of years old constipation I find for tourists an dBernard 25 cts and 60 cents at St How to Take Cod Liver Oil Drug Store as treasurer cf the fund was the United States auxiliary cruiser salesmen or for persons filling ofllc ¬ The Injured Nearly everyone knows that when whore headaches and gen closed Gen Corbin said he did not Prairie which brought time American Stephen Carne 75 years old was Kentucky ¬ care for n receipt for the funds but exhibits to France burned about the body fare and hands they are thin there is no remedy in its exist that Greens August to cod liver oil to Mrs Lawton insisted on giving him aril removed to a hospital in a serious tho world equal Flower Is grand remedy It doe From Louisville Evening Post one Yet there is not injure a the system by frequent Kentucky dark and bloody ground I Martin Gallagher 53 years make thorn fleshy condition THE MARKETS In addition to the money the com old was burned about the face and nothing against which they rebel use and is excellent for sour stom- ¬ Thy tame Nw York March 7 mittee also turned over to Mrs Law Sample bot ¬ hands and also removed to a hospital more promptly There were a great achs and indigestion Rests not more sure on thy glo ¬ all the letter received from subEdward Walker 47 years old was many ways recommended for mak ¬ tles freo at St Bernard Drugstore Blare past 2 CO C 3 LOURWlnter Wheat in nIl civilized coun scribers to the fund many of which horned but after having his wound ing cod liver oil pleasant Among v Though first to grave thy many contained beautiful tributes to th dressed remained at the lodging house these we would mention placing a honored name memory of lier late lamented husband Girl Has a Peculiar Scar pinch of salt in the mouth boforo Beside tho deathless sisterhoods BIG FORTUNES IN COTTON On his return to his office ion Cor ST LOUISdoso of oil March 9 9tf bin received a check for 25 from Mr COTTONMiddling 1St Lon Speculator Have Hounded and after taking the peel was also Hawesville Ky of Geo 8Grace Off which cast yoke Syrup of bitter orange C Carter which the sender Driskoll Englands James and gave to the little daughter Up Two Million Dollar fur 575 fl 775 recommended But now all this is section foreman L H d St L hoar asked to have added to the Lawton fund CALVESper 100 lug the Recent Advance unnecessary Science has found a ¬ explaining that he would have aen Than in tho love thy children boar it earlier but ho had been out of the FLOUR theo nowLouis March 7 Residents of St way of making cod liver oil not only iar origin A few weeks since she St country It will make the total fund WHEAT No 2 Red Winter 71W W- S Louis have made 2000000 in cotton pleasant to take but easy tg digest was vaccinated on her lower limb Vhereor they wander homesick y 34 t CORNNo2 9843207 In the past 60 days Members of the Messrs Scott Bowne have brought the hope being that tho unsightly oor tho earth Grover Going Fluhlnfr St Louis cotton exchange are toduy this science to perfection in their scar would not be on time arm or S 80 JI 860 TOBACCOLugs The light of morning on thy lifted 4 50 W 12 00 Leaf Barley Princeton Jf J March GEx Presthe happiest and bestnatured men in Scotts Emulsion which is cod liver other other exposed place Time vac ¬ brow j ident and Mrs Grover Cleveland let HAY Clear Timothy new 10 00 01260 the city The sudden rise in the priceI oil free from dlsagreablo odor and cination took splendidly and during Thy blue grass nods to winds that 3 of cotton with the resultant profits to taste and already partly digested Princeton today for New York ushertlio time she fell on a baby buggy tp gently blow 1those who bulled the market is the Mr Cleveland will join F C Honedlct EGOS Fresh ftp 11 23 3PORKStandardMcssnew cutting her check By scratching Fair Ceres walks amid thy fields w S li cause One firm a close corporation and Daniel S Lamont with whom he LARD Prune Steam Labor Shortage tho virus was transmitted to her face of wheat will start for Florida tonight on Controlled by but two men is credited Birmingham Ala March 6Be- ¬ and now a grafting of foreign skin But all the world pays homage at pleasure trip The party will spen y with having made an even 500000 Choice 475 cD 700 alone and individual factors and comI cause of the readlnes of the big no thy feet about three weeks fishing along the SHEEP Fair to Patents will be neoossary to remedy the 3 40 r a t5 FLOURiWlnter Florida coast mission men have made sums varying steel and iron industries now being scar 3 15 ftj 3 43 Spring Patents For greater crop than rain and sun WHEAT from 10000 to 200000 may grow i completed at Ensley to begin opera ¬ Murdered by Negro Uoya uHe laughs best who laughs last St Louis traders claim that the ad- tions together with tho largo num ¬ 33 338 CORNNo 2 For high heroic souls that Baxley Ga March 7Dnn Mills a Sarsaparllla you s vance is legitimate and has come to If you tako SiMf No 9 Co y 10 60 to do ber of furnaces mills and mines be ¬ may laugh first last and all the young farmer living 20 miles from stay KANSAS CITY And daring still are noblo still ing started up elsewhere in Ala = time for it will make you well here was brutally murdered Monday CATTLE Native Steers 620 375 RcfUMed to repeal the Goel el Imv bama there is a labor shortage In and true night by two negro boys Mrs Mills To Make pig Iron Frankfort Ky March 7The house this section both for skilled and un ¬ Tried to get away from the negroes OATS No 2 A F Bridges Colorado Springs 24 24V4tf but they captured her killed her baby CORNNoNEWORLEANS3161f 31 1 by n party vote killed the bill lairs skilled work and labor agents are Time Kentucky Furnace Company Col duced by PNpreaentutlveliaswcll rep nnd beat the woman so badly that slur FLOURHIgh Grade 4 PO SCO scouring the South for the latter of this city will within thirty days 43 CORN No 2 c 31 iS which proposes to reveal the Joebcl class and the North for time former begin operating tho big furnace at will die The murderers escaped A N O I L cures fJJ OATS Western election law 18 W 1750 Bruises Rheu ¬ HAYChoice Paducah This furnace has a daily Death of CoiiBroKHnuiu Ilanner 11 00 j 11 K PORK Standard Mets matism and Sores Price 25 cents capacity of 100 tons of pig iron The fi rO I timccle to HcMMiin bi iA hla March 7Congress 13 AGON Short Rib SI es r o07 1 capital stock of tho Kentucky Fur ¬ Sold by St Bernard Drugstore Alfred C Harmer father of the COTTON jnan UUHlSWHfcKE ALL ELSE FAILS I neat Cough Syrup Taatos Good Uso 73fei nace Gompanjvjs 8000It house > the representative from the WHEAT NoNo2 2 Red Subscribe for TILE BEE 2SVK In time Sold by druggist CORN lpor l Fifth Pennsylvania district died at CATS No 2 SliJ U yea1 PT1 GFN 0Subsoriboforluni BEE > as unibasador at Washington remain 1025 I PORKNewMess hlshottie here Tuesday njgbt aged 7-5 HACON Short Rllis 6J i i9 i indefinitely COTTONMldrt 7c rll moJi + J Norwood certain special engineering and chemical work J Karl Taylor of Eohols Ky Is Stamp books will bo placed on sale May 1st at Uncle Sams city for the St Bernard Coal Com visiting friends horn with whom he has accepted Dixie Ray woe horo Tuosdaylookst amps Books containing twelve a responsible place Mr Nor is ono of the best known ofh for market for a lot of lumber stamps will bo sold for twentyfive wood o has at his ents j twentyfour stamps fifty Kentucky geologists and first rank- On account of the illness and ab cents j fortyeight stamps one dol tists and in in knowledge of Kentucky geol ¬ sonco of some of the councilman larTho ogy particularly of the coal fields- the Board had no mooting Monday party of prominent Louisville hnvmg for several years served night merchants and manufacturers who with distinction the State have boon on a Jaunt of two weeks as State Mine Inspector The Theo Watts Is improving after nnto Havana returned to Louisville Coal industry and the people of illness whirl confined him to his Sunday They wore most cordially Hopkins county are fortunate in room several days received at tho Island city by Mili ¬ of Mr Norwood John the acquisition t Lako Secretary of the county As Work for time Y M C A County Those gentlemen established agen ¬ as a passed soon as he can get a suitable through Enrllngtou yesterday alter cies while there for number of Ken comet housesDirs Norwood will day spent in Hopkins in the inter ¬ tuckys loading manufacturers Luzon ¬ Ft 1 > 0 J Norwood is now actively EiiBiKC the Rclicl vrlth Cold Steel engaged mid Clear Oat Southern TIll hotiKo passed a bill to ratify the tuay with the Indian tribes of Okla O disposalc ¬ 1 Woodary burnedI isn toI thec 5 J 3One- ¬ ¬ elebrationa Ilsloyc > ¬ ¬ Gust Ive ¬ Diamondst partyt ¬ ¬ ¬ w aAter ¬ atI ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ JeI byc ¬ ¬ fJ i Sami ¬ ¬ K ¬ bumss ¬ tariffI 7An Garfieldr ¬ b tino ¬ fundYf 5act > 4 I It ¬ 1mboral ¬ 1ton triesI 75CG1rONMlddllng 7375e 2SMFORK 75Cows ¬ tm5 9Tt ¬ peoula < wOther ise 605I 2i ¬ 214RYENO CHICAGOn Poi Frooctomblrthf j v x 04No daredtl ¬ I 87YrWHEAl r f 11D PlantArsCUB t7IlmIladel + 9fcLOU1SY b11 wlt j i I 1 1 1 37- r j 0 a I 1 1 7 d f 6I r- yi Pt C

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