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Page 265 of Plays and lyrics / by Cale Young Rice.

The rocks that cry reverberant and vast The people and the palms Third IYoman. Yea, all the branches Torn from the trees ! The waving of them-O! Second HXoman. And David, see! triumphant, calm, between The king and Jonathan ! . . . His glory All the wild generations of the wind Ever shall utter ! Hear them- (The tumult ascends afar.) ' David ! David 0 queen ! a sea of shooting 'hinsoan. Which vou crave, Then go and lave you in this tide ot joy. (The women go rapturowuly. AHINOAM turns.) Ifr-ab. Mother I iA/;in.n My daughter .Werab. Well Jhi'noam. They all are gone. Mferab. And Michal, where Ahlinsainz. I do not know, my child. Merab. Why did my father pledge her to him you Not hindering lfhinoam. She is your sister. You Arc pledged to Adriel. Merab. And as a slave And if I do not love him there is-riches If he is Sodom-bitter to me-riches! ihinoam. But for the kingdom. Merar. For my torture! What Kinfgdiom is to a woman as her love DAVID 26S

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