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Page 249 of Plays and lyrics / by Cale Young Rice.

DAVID 249 David. But words, Foolishly from the heart ; a shepherd speech I Give them no mood; but see, see yonder fires Camping upon the peace of Israel, As we were carrion beneath the sun Let us conceive annihilation on them, Hurricane rush and deluging and ruin. Saul. Ah, but the prophecy ! the prophecy! It eats in me the food of rest and ease. And David, nearer: Samuel in my stead Another hath anointed. David. Saul, not this! This should not fall to me, my lord; no more! You cannot understand ; it pains beyond All duty and enduring! Saul. Pains beyond . . . Who is he know you of him do you know you You sup the confidence of Samuel I'll search from Nile to Nineveh David. My lord! Saul. Mountain and desert, wilderness and sea, Under and over, search-and find. Davia. Peace, peace Enter MICHAL joyously. Afichal. 0 father, father ! David ! Listen ! . . . Why All here is dark and quivering as pain, And a foreboding binds me ere I breathe David, you have not been as sun to him! David. But Michal will be now.

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