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Page 465 of Novels, stories, sketches, and poems of Thomas Nelson Page (vol. 4)

THE TRAVELLERS ARE ENTERTAINED heard her father ask about the man he had come South to see-Mr. Hiram Still. "Do you know him" he asked their host. " Oh, yes, sir, I know him. We all know him. He was overseer for one of my friends and con- nections, who was, perhaps, the wealthiest man in this section before the war, Mr. Gray, of Red Rock, the place where you spent the night you spoke of. Colonel Gray was killed at Shiloh, and his property all went to pay his debts after- ward. He had some heavy indorsements, and it turned out that he owed a great deal of money to Still for negroes he had bought to stock a large plantation he had in one of the other States -at least, the overseer gave this explanation, and produced the bonds, which proved to be genuine, though at must be forged. I though some people hard to have that house. " "But he bought it, Welch. " Oh, yes, sir, he forced sale, " said I don't know-to up there looks very VOL. I. first it was thought they suppose it was all right, thought not, and it seems fellow living in Gray's did he not'" asked Major bought it-bought it at a Dr. Cary, slowly. "But see that fellow living strange. There are some 465

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