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Image 6 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), November 19, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

ftlncd as ftficavod TIIJ JEFFEnSONIAN, JEFFERSOirTOVll (JEFFERSON Cilia end Nation j 7, .CAIDM i"! TO U Now that butchering time is approaching, it is a good idea to see that all the equipment needed is at haTid, including a copy of 'Circular 261, "Killing, Cutting and Curing Pork," put out by the College of Agriculture and Home ' - GROVE CHURCH THIXTON LANE ROUTE 2. BUECHEL ' v' And lo! the dead man often sings A brief, but moving, song (It floats afar on phantom wings) : "What matters who was wrong?" The moral, friends, is very clear Learned in a bitter school: If you hold life as aught or dear, Drive right, and shun the fool! V - - j 1 Super So- lubles places first as a fiigh protein-hig- supplement. cially vitamin h This is espe- to you important now when (all and winter conditions on the range necessitate barn feeding for your animals. Write now for immediate livery of your B Solubles, a F d sack or a ton. de- Super iSu. accomplishments. WISE BE MARKET rtimA i Get-of-Sir- JV ACIO .AMINOIENZOIC IIOTIN. roue ADO FATS and PROTEINS CALCIUM. PHOSPHOROUS 7Jute AT AUCTION 4 ESSENTIAL THACE MINERALS Mi SATURDAY, KOVEMBER 20 AT 2 P.M. SUPPLEMENT BEEF 5 BUILDING SITES 1 GEORGE KRUER'S-B- IG Tuesday, November 23, 9 AUCTION A.M. Prompt COMPLETE DISPERSAL FARM SOLD Guernsey and Jersey 4 14 DAIRY CATTLE Holstein and Jersey cows in cows, in full flow; 3 milking Jersey cow in full flow; full flow; milking Shorthorn and JerShorthorn in full flow; milking Shorthorn in full flow; sey in full flow; 6- - year-ol- d purebred Jersey to freshen by day of auction; milking Shorthorn to freshen by day of auction; 7- - year-ol- d Jersey cow in full flow; a good herd of dair cattle, all raised on this farm, all T. B. and Bangs tested within past 30 days. 1948 I.H.C. Model M tractor 5 TRACTOR OUTFITS plow and I.H.C. disc, like new; with I.H.C. 1944 I.H.C. Model H Tractor with breaking plow, disc and cultivators, A-- l; 1948 IHC Model A tractor with cultivators and Case 1 bottom rubber tire plow, like new; 1946 IHC Model TD6 caterpillar tractor hydraulic lift slip scoop, like new; Alhs A-l- . Chalmers Model B tractor with plow, disc and cultivators, panel truck, like new; 1948 Ford 4 TRUCKS 1946 Ford stake truck, 1946 Ford "A ton pickup, A-A-- l. like new; 1940 Ford 1 ton pickup with stake rack, complete line of excellent tools, all IMPLEMENTS A like new; IHC Model T50 pickup baler on rubber; IHC Power mower on rubber; 2 New Idea rubber tire tractor manure " combine on rubber; John spreaders; John Deere Model tractor grain drill; IHC side delivery rake; HolDeere potato planter; land plant setter; Farquhar Iron Age IHC rubber tire potato digger, power takeoff; Dunham Avery corn planter, complete; 2 rubber tire wagons; orchard disc; 3 lime spreadwagon with box bed; farm cultivators; 2 single shovel ers; fertilizer sower; 2 plows; 5 shovel spring tooth cultivator double shovel plow; harrow. steel beam breaking plow; Jacques tree felling saV outfit TOOLS, EQUIPMENT Liberty for tractor mounting, complete, like new; power spray capacity, grain elevator, A-l- ; with motor; Par electric air compressor, complete, Wisconsin motor; 6 h.p. gasoline water pump; Wisconsin 6 h.p. gasoline -- bag concut-osaw for Model A tractor mounting; Jaeger crete mixer, mounted on wheels; platform scales; large 1,000 capacity hand operated gasoline pump for 500 or metal water tanks, like new; gallon tank, 2 cooler; 2 stock and die sets; thread cutting Surge electric milk outfit; double bench grinder; 2 anvils; post drill with bits bench vice; 3 electric motors; 2 boltcutters; dehorner; portable forge; 2 grindstones; 2 skidding tongs; lot of log chains; cant tools; hooks; all kinds of carpentry, garden and mechamcs guns; 2 large type alemite grease guns; several various grease 2 slip scoops; potato grader; seed cleaner; 2 chain hoists; 4 bicycles 3 boys, 1 girls; 3 blow torches; metal hog oiler; iron kettle; blocks and pulleys; several tarpaulins; oil cans; 2 wheelbarrows; several extension lot of barrels and miUc cans, ladders; galvanized can wash vat; 12 galvanized 5 metal milk stools; 8 sanitary milk pails; 2 large wken coops water tanks; bath tub watering tank; lot lot of hampers and baskets; lot of collars and halters, lot of berry picking crates; several tire and truck chains; galvanized hog self feeder; wooden hog feeder; several hydraulic and kinds of mechanical jacks; lot of paint; lot of feed sacks; aU tires, hay nuts, bolts, screws, etc.; 4 bean dusters; lot of used fork and rope; 4 seeders and numerous other articles. 300-feused pipe; large lot of MATERIALS 9 rolls woven used galvanized roofing; 10 rolls barbed wire; drums Kendall wirefencing; 500 locust posts; 6 barrels and oil and grease; 28 bags lime. 700 bushels yellow hybrid corn; 2,000 FEEDS SEEDS A-1,500 bales wheat starcr. clover and timothy hay, bales 75 bags Irish 1 bushel red clover seed; 300 pounds kale seed; Cobbler potatoes. 75' Barred Rock hens. POULTRY Antique marble top table; antique cherry FURNITURE chest of drawers; antique dresser; 2 antique hanging lamps; several antique pictures and frames; 2 wardrobes; dining quiltroom suite; 3 beds, springs and mattresses; lot of quilts;chairs, ing frames; curtain stretchers; metal day bed; lot of 9x12 wool rug; and other items. CASH TERMS Auction Rain or Shin. Jour Inspection InTited Lunch Serred by St. John' Catholic Church h te-t- on Beulah Presbyterian Church, Owner CHAS. C. WHEELER, AUCTIONEER 5-- ABSOLUTE AUCTION! n on et l; DUNLEVY AUCTION SERVICE, AGENTS EVERYBODY'S AUCTIONEERS T. M. DUNLEVY. Charlestown, IndU Phone 77 C A. DUNLEVY, Henryrille, Ind-- Phone 17 0 A. M. BY ORDER OF R. A. TINSLEY we will tell the following, at his place which is located at ML Washington V mile off Highway 44 and mile west of Bardslown Road. Holstein cow, with twin A Farmall tractor, with starter calves by side and lights, plow, cultivator, Holstein cow to freshen mower and disc. To be by sale date sold as one unit Guernsey cow (fresh) 2 tractor trailers 1 Oliver corn planter Guernsey cow to freshen 2 wagons by sale date Guernsey cows in full flow 1 hay frame 1 grain drill Jersey cows in full flow matched black mares (good) 1 riding cultivator 2 hay rakes Farm Master milk 1 lot small plows cooler (good) DeLaval milker (used 1 breaking plow 1 roller 18 months) 1 sled 1 lot hoes, forks and shovels Dairy Maid hot water 1 section harrow heater 1 lot harness and collars lot milk cans wash tank About 10 tons hay manure spreader (Massey About 200 bushels corn Harris) Many other articles. 1 1 1 1 14-fo- r; 1 1 1 1 1 n ff Dairy Cows, Tractor, Corn, Hay, Etc. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27 -1- 10-di- sc 30-fo- 7-- 10 5-- 5-- 10 11 12-A- th garnish, with enough of the traditional "fixin's" to give the meal its rightful atmosphere. Plan well ahead so that there will not be to? much of the last minute rusn wlia iviom s day spoiled be- sf of too much work to do, Might be well to divide the responsibilities so that all the fami ly shares in the tasks to be done. A young daughter or son cah collect materials to be used for the table decorations, perhaps even make the arrangement. Put dad to work too, there'll be just the right job for him perhaps the knives need sharpening, or there's another jar to bring from the storage shelves. It's much more fun when the whole family has a part it is their party then, a family festival. Someone has said "You don't have to have turkey" it could be stuffed pork chops or a pork loin roast, chicken, or even a ground beef pie. Whatever the food, select and prepare it with care. For an introduction to the meal when the guests arrive, you might serve hot spiced apple juice or cranberry punch. To prepare the cranberry punch, start with a pound of cranberries, add 4 cups water, cook until the skins pop open. Then strain through a cheesecloth. Do not stir or press. To the juice add cup sugar, a stick of cinnamon, ana h or iu cloves. Cook together for 5 minutes, add two or three slices of lemon and 2 cups of freshly brewed tea. Serve piping hot in punch cups what color, what flavor! If It's to be poultry, select a young, well-fattbird for roasting. Marks of youth in birds are flexible cartilage on the rear end of the breastbone, tender skin, soft meat, few hairs, and soft, smooth feet. Chickens in the roasting class are generally 9 months old, depending on the breed; capons, months; turkeys 9 months. Guineas are good for roasting when months old and geese when months old. As lo the size of bird, when selecting turkey allow for each person to be served 3A to one pound dressed weight; chicken or guinea, about one pound dressed weight; fat duck or goose IV'2 pounds dressed weight. It is economical to buy a larger bird than needed for one meal or even two, because the larger the bird, the greater the yield of meat in proportion to bone. When ready to roast the bird, sprinkle the inside with salt, and fill the body cavity with stuffing but do not pack. Allow room for the stuffing to expand. It may be convenient to stuff the bird the day before it is to be cooked. For all birds, stuff the loose skin at the base of the neck, again putting the stuffing in lightly. Fold the neck skin toward the back and fasten with skewer, or a few .stitches. Fold the wing tips back on the wings, "arms akimbo" fashion. To make the stuffed bird ready for the pan rub it all over with butter or other fat, sprinkle with salt, and dust lightly with flour. If the bird is very lean lay several strips of salt pork or bacon over it. For roasting a young bird use a shallow uncovered pan with rack in the bottom. Thus the bird cooks more evenly and more rapidly than in pan with high sides. Start a turkey or guinea ed TERMS AT SALE l; culti-packe- BLOCK WEST OF BARDSTOWN ROAD THESE TRACTS HAVE 100 FT. FRONTAGE ON BEULAH Church Road. Excellent neighborhood, on bus line, close to churches and about Vi mile from Fern Creek grade and high schools. At Starlight or St. John-- t II mile northwest of New Albany, Ind 7 miles west of St. Joe, 7 miles north of Floyd Knobs. 9 miles northeast of Galena, 9 miles southeast of Borden. TERMS CASH II. A. IlcIIahan Evereil Ellingsworlh AUCTIONEER CLERK Phone: Fern Creek 3632 Lunch on Grounds AUCTION SALE! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27 - 1 P. II. PERSONAL PROPERTY OF ALBERT ALLGEIER LOCATED ON FEGENBUSH LANE AT HIGH VIEW. milk cow to be fresh day Dressing table 1 wash stand of sale 1 porch swing 1 radio 1 mule and harness 1 mirror 1 1 horse wagon 1 child-- s 1 lard kettle china cabinet 1 china cabinet 1 coal brooder Couch 1 buffet . Chicken feeders 1 dining table with 6 chairs Water containers 5-- 11 j ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 Forks hand cultivators 5 tooth cultivator Home For INSURANCE nRK RUPTUTJ2)? I Something Much Zel'it TORNADO LIGHTNING TILE RELD TIIUC3 -- i- Finest Precision V. B. HELT Fllcri REID HOSPITAL SUPPLY COMPANY Jefferson town. Kentucky Phone IIs-- c; 610 South 5th Street Louisville, Cy. WAbash 063 891ft 1 2 small chicken house 1 1 vanity and bench rocking chairs lot lamps 1 lot rugs Curtains hall tree heating stoves Quick Meal range 1 lot baled hay lot straw (loose) refrigerator (Coldspot) living room suite with slip covers oil stove 1 2 bed room suite (green) Bed, springs and mattress 1 bed, wardrobe, thest ' 1 book case Saws 1 lot tables 1 iron bed 1 2 kitchen 2 kitchen 2 cabinets cabinets chairs (medicine) bed. spread Lot small articles. LEO EMILE T0BBE Auctioneer Fern Creek 363S Louisville, Ky R. R. 3. Box 595 Office: J. SCHULER FRanklin 8687 Route 4, Box 667 LOUISVILLE KY. FRanklin 0595 The following time table may be used as a guide, though no hard and fast rules can be given but use caution, don't overcook a plump young bird responds well to good cooking. For 5 pound chicken, allow 1&-- 2 hours at 350 degrees; 6 pound duck, 2 hours at 350 degrees; 10-pound goose, 4 hours at 325 degrees; 2 pound guinea, about 1 hours at 350 degrees; 9 pound turkey, 2 -- 3 hours at 325; 10-pound turkey, 4 hours at 300 degrees; 14-pound turkey, 6 hours at 275 degrees; 3 pound turkey, 4-- 5-- 2-- 12 3-- 2-- 6-- 13 3-- 17 MONDAY, 24-- 30 hours at pound turkey, 250-2- 8-- 9 250 degrees. If you'd like more directions for preparing poultry, recipes for dressings, what to do with the left-ovportions, call us for your copy of Poultry Cooking, it's free, simply call WAbash 8636 or send a card to Room 437, Federal Building. May we suggest a simple meal now, the cost suitable for the lowest family food budget, yet good enough to satisfy everyone? With pork prices remaining reasonable, you might select and prepare stuffed pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, spinach ring with buttered carrots, cranberry and apple salad, pumpkin or mince pie for dessert. Let us be thankful then, for life, for health, for family and for friends. PrIL to property. .IMPROVEMENTS ; modern residence, large living room, open fireplace; oil burner furnace, hardwood floors, modern kitchen, complete bath, large combination stock and tobacco barn, garage, and other necessary outbuildings. LAND Rolling bluegrass limestone soil, 9 acres creek bottom, tobacco base. This property is wonderfully located, surrounded by nice homes, a community in which anyone would be proud to live. Only 15 minutes drive to St. Matthews. Close to all school and churches. Your inspection invited Sunday afternoon 2:00 to 5:00 P.M. We conduct the kind of sale you like to attend. The Genuine Kind. TERMS ANNOUNCED DAY OF SALE. For further Information call or write our office. degrees; hours at 75 NOVEMBER 22, AT 2 To be Sold in 7 One-Acr- e Tracts. 53 Acres With Improvement!, and We Reserve the Right to Sell as a Whole. THE JOE TRIBBLE FARM Located off Highway 60 (Shelbyville Highway) at Eastwood, Ky. on Gilliand Road and approximately 4 miles north of Taylorsville Highway and Fisherville. Follow auction liana 18-2- 7 ACRES ABSOLUTE AUCTI0II! .5-- 6-- CO C. W. STALLARD WA. 4359 & SON, AGENTS 320 SOUTH SIXTH ST. Louisville, Ky. er MORE COVER CROPS Farm Farm Agent J. R. 'Davie, of County, that estimates 12,000 acres of cover crops have been seeded this fall, an increase of 50 per cent over last year. He cites the case of George Wat son, of Burkley, who, in 1947, seeded 35 acres to cover crops. This fall Watson bought a 50-tcar of rock phosphate and applied it to 100 acres seeded to winter oats, fescue and ladino clover. on About 1.7 billions of dollars in war bonds were sold to Naval personnel in the Navy's war bond program from September, 1941 to July, 1947. MYERS Funeral Home Anchorafe JEFFrRSONTOWN DU1 S3 Ml Auction Sales! Go direct to the auctioneer. CALL Edw. L. Crabb Licensed Auctioneer TA. 6152 139 CORAL AVE. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20 ML Washington II. 10 A. mil IMPROVEMENTS Splendidly arranged and constructframe house with 6 rooms, large and comfortable. Plenty of closet space; on a nice mound overlooking entire farm, plenty of shade, beautiful home site, water furnished to house and barn by electricity. Servant house in yard. Wash house, wood house, chicken house, meat house, tool shed, combination stock and dairy barn with 20 stanchions, concrete silo, metal corn crib, granary, milk house, blacksmith shop, stock scales enclosed, tobacco barn. two-stor- y e FARM WILL SELL IN 3 TRACTS tract, with good tobacco barn, good highway frontage. tract with good highway frontage. 85 acres with all improvements. Unsurpassed as stock and grain Reserve right to group. farm well located, very desirable community. In fact we know of no place where you could invest with greater assurance of security. Churches, mail and school bus route. Purchaser will be amply compensated for the price he pays for this farm. Look this estate over before day of auction. 12-ac- re International H tractor on rubber and equipment, extra good shape Black Hawk corn planter, fertilizer attachment harrow Land roller Living room suite Occasional chair End table Bed, complete 2 table lamps Rastus plow 4 hog troughs 5 tooth cultivator Wire 38 Chevrolet truck, cattle rack Planet Jr. seed drill Farm wagon and bed White wash spray Bath tub Harness Hog crates Corn and farm sled Small tools consisting of forks, hoes, shovels, etc. Lot of coal 25 bushels oats 1,000 bushels good white corn Jersey cow, full flow of milk Odd dishes Dining room suite Warm Morning stove 5 TERMS rugs Gas stove straight chairs living room suite, antique Floor lamp Antique cabinet Table and 4 chairs General Electric refrigerator Kitchen table Churn Set of dishes Mirror, antique Stove Dresser, antique Pots, pans, etc. Aluminum ware Dresser Porch swing, bench, 2 chairs Clothes cabinet Table and chairs Milk buckets Single bed, complete. PERSONAL PROPERTY: 40 4 CASH. on day of sale, remainder on delivery of deed and possession. INFORMATION SEE OWEN HORSLEY OR GUS YANN AMBULANCE CHerokee - FARM R, L. Lyons farm (better known as Claud Ridg-wa- y farm). Contains about 128 acres, practically all can be cultivated with tractor, clay and bottom land, very productive farm; well watered, good fencing, V mile frontage on good black top road; land in grass, soy beans, and corn this year. FOR FURTHER Buechel Furnilure LOCATED 12 miles south of Louisville, Ky east of Dixie Highway on Blevin'i Gap Road. REAL ESTATE KY. - Implement PUBLIC SALE! McAfee Funeral Home BUECHEL. - th AMBULANCE MIDDLETOWN Feed ADMINISTRATOR'S ed Carlisle - Administrator Magnolia Pleasure Ridge 769S 4727-- R DAWSON REALTY CO., Selling Agenls 1531-156- 2 PHONE 4942 We Sell. SHEPHERDSVILLE. KY. We Advertise See Us Phone 34 SPECIALIST Fire, Windstorm, Automobile, Plate Glass, Burglary, Etc 42 years without a litigated loss. ViiAKKh Lawrence T. Miller Phone 5418. Jeffersontowa 11 '$ BOSSE FUNERAL HOME EGG PRODUCTION STRAINS Member of Kentucky Funeral Directors Burial Association; authorized to service burial insurance contracts issued by Commonwealth Life LAY MORE EGGS 1 TERMS CASH self-baste- rs. 60 ACRES INSURANCE 1 2 are cept ducks and geese which air k.. Ho., ttin warmth of the kitchen has a comfortable the about It So now Is the time to plan whole meals that can be baited in and over bread stuffing rood applet. point Is spareribs baked A crisp cabbage salad and hard rolU are good baked By Miriam Kelley The above poem, written by former Congressman Maurice H. Field Agent In Marketing and Thatcher, was published in the information. Deoart- Louisville Automobile Club's menl of Agriculture and Home magazine for June. Economics, University of Ken was better than "a fair record" tucky, U.S.DJL Cooperating. BARN ATTRACTS when 107 winners in 131 seven ATTENTION leading state fair livestock shows were It's a sort of "nomey" day, this A stock barn with a gambrel Thanksgiving we look forward to. B-F Solubles-fe- d. .roof is causing considerable in- - It's a holiday when interest Now B-- F Solubles wears the "Royal" terest in Menifee County, where centers about the members of the. crown. At the recent American Royal , it is the only one of its kind. It family gathering to enjoy each Livestock Exposition in Kansas City. 17 was built by S. B. Smith of the other's company around a table Blue Ribbons out of 19 classes, including Tar Ridge community, who ob made festive with good things to e, and went to tained the blueprints from the eat. Or if all the isfamily can't be agricultural engineering depart- home, then there feeling with B-- F Solubles-fe- d cattle. In addition, the ment of the College of Agricul- all of us that we'd alike to share grand champion bull, grand champion ture and Home Economics, Uni- our meal with others who may female; and reserve champion female versity of Kentucky. Mr. Smith not have family together. is pleased that he will be able to were B-- F Solubles-fe- d. It doesn't matter if we have store his hay without loss from much or little to spend for the "Musta been somethin' they ef." outside stacking. special occasion, the festive air and spirit of humble thanksgivWhile the U. S. Treasury's ing can prevail. Let simplicity PROVIDES presses turn out around reign A 4 nil make use of native VITAMIN 0 $4,500,000,000 in curency each flowers, fruits or vegetables for VITAMINS year, there have been only two the table decoration, simple foods THIAMIN HIIOHAVIN, NIACIN. CHOLINE. PYK1. f thefts reported in 86 years. prepared with a flair, a special ACIO, DOXINE. PANIOTHENIC Best-Ten-He- ad , r It BF In the oven, keep the temperature moderate, or even slow, for the entire cooking period. Suit the temperature to the weight of the bird, using more moderate temperature for the larger birds. Turn the bird from time to time so that all portions may be even done. At the time of turning, baste with melted butter or other fat or pan drippings for all ex- grave): am:crow liiiiU To with. "To fools the margins give." 4' recognized, ' de JOHN S. TYLER, MINISTER Where champions are its breast on the rack in the shallow pan, a duck or a goose squarely breast down, and a chicken either sidewise or squarely on its breast. Do not add water to the pan. Do not cover the bird with either a lid or a blanket of dough or cloth. Water and coverings simply serve to steam a bird and steaming is not needed because the meat of young birds is tender to begin NOVEMBER KITCHEN LORE And this the thought a dead man gave For those who want to live (It rose above his new-ma- 10 A.M. Bible Class 11 A.M. and 7 P.M. Preaching Service 7:45 P.M. Wednesday Service 11 n:!i!:J Tories A' iiffrlSJ on one side of Observe the traffic code." CHRIST OF 1D IIIYIILU JL bed): "The Bible It The Only Rule of Faith And Practice" OAK HAM IP U A FssTlTh i 11 Nil 11 Y 11 Economics, University of Kentuc- CALLING ALL DRIVERS ky. Included are recipes and By M. H. Thatcher directions for making special sausage, This is the rule a dead man wrote meat products, such as When he was laid away head cheese, pickled pigs' feet quote) : scrapple. Copies of the free (I got it straight, and so I and "The traffic lights obey." offices bulletin may be had from of county and home agents, or This is the law a dead man said from the college, Lexington. Should govern street and road (He spoke it from his lonely BUTCHERING BULLETIN FREE . 0 Frcn .i i: arena ITsws COUNTY) KEUTUCKY WESTPORT MARKET'S FARM St HATCHERY Insurance Co. CCO East Broadway TAylor 797S EL Matthew Ky. ' ROAD AT injrBArj'q. TAylor 7978' L."

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