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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), November 19, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

V VCrj) WISDOM OF TIIS r r The Lord U far from the wick-d- ) but be hearelh th prayer of the righteous. i.iJ 'M l VaaMnir''yvU J M Til ir TTf frui ihii mi hw ItiMa1' r: I )irll 4fcx 41 YEAE3 CFCmVICS TO ALL JEFFERSON COUNTY 7 ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 Lakin, Rcdeheaver Coming For Campaign PASTOR RESIGNS 1 Th Rev. J. E. Stombergrer, D. D has announced his resigns tlon as pastor of Christ Lutheran Church at Jeffersontown, where, for more than a quarter century, rs. H H son County, foods; Elsie Clausen, Oldham, room improvement; Martha Routt, Oldham, clothing: Eloise Lorch,' Jefferson, housekeeping; Doris Ruth Feltner, Laurel, canning; Elizabeth Ann Marshall, Madison, dress revue, and Flsip Marip Isaacs. Clark. girls record. Charles Schadler, - Jr., Campbell, garden; Doris Lee Smith, Jefferson, swine; Paul Rankin, Boyle, bee; Wallace Montague, Owen, dafry; William Adams, Gallatin, farm labor; Tommy Phillips, Simpson, sheep; Joe Willett, McCracken, corn; Ivan G. Emerson, Russell, poultry; Rollin Shuffet, Green, meat animal: Juanita Teegarden, Bracken, farm safety, and George Kirk, Martin, leadership. A student team from the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, University of Kentucky, will judge livestock at the International. Members are Carl Hamilton, Falmouth; Beryl Corinth; Frank Linton, Princeton; James Wells, Arlington, and Robert Hicks and Roy Mc-Clai- n, Camic, Lexington. Is Fourth In County Carload, Cattle Show 4-- H members Jefferson County won fourth place with their carload entry at the Annual Fat Cattle Show held at the Bourbon Stockyards, November 10, 11, and 12. Twenty beef 4-- H twenty-seven- th ealves were shown by 12 Jefferson County H boys and girls, said E. N. Royster, Associate County Agent. Those entering calves in the carload lot were: Bobby Head, Worthington, 2; Marvin Head, Harrods Creek, 4; Bobby Littrell, Worthington, 1; James Meyers, Harrods Creek, 2; Harvey Frey, Newburg, 2; Teddy Chism, Valley 4-- Charles Bastin, AnMilton Feger, At Large, 1; William Feger, At Large, 1. Other members showe, ing calves were: Mary Ann Station, chorage, 1; 1; Hu-flag- Greenwood, 1; Dayton Mat-lic- k, Middletown, 3; David Ray, Lyndon, 1. ' Bobby Head had the best calf In the carload, which sold for 45 cents a pound. Bobby also won sixth place in the Angus breed rillg- - entries were made in Breeders ring by Marvin Head and Charles Bastin. They won seventh and thirteenth premiums respectively. The best five calves from the carload were owned by Bobby Head, 1 calf; Bobby Littrell, 1 calf; Marvin Head, 3 calves. These calves placed sixteenth in the ring of best five baby beeves from the county carload. Two V ' Every Friday ei $2X0 Per Yc:? " In the face of modern advancements, the Navy has given up its old tradition of having every officer competent to handle every Job by setting up "Specialist Duty Only" classifications for officers in the fields of Communications, Intelligence, Photography, Public Information, Psychology and Hydrography. USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS TIISY LTJNG RESULTS. Stats Farm Bureau To City Next Week AFTER JVEDDniG SCENE The Jefferson Cpunty Farm Bureau membership will participate largely, attending the anState Federation's thirty-firnual convention in Louisville Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. The Bureau's Associated Women's annual meet is to be held at the same time and place the Henrv Clav er he has been the spiritual leader of an admiring flock. The resig nation is to become effective at this year's end, when he will be- revived. Lou "Christ for Louisville come pastor of the Lutheran con isville for Christ," is the slogan gregation at Hebron, Ky. the layman's group has adopted for the campaign, to be led by Chicago Trips For Dr. Lakin. On Sunday evening his sermon subject will be, 'Recipe for Revivals." On MonOutstanding day evening he will discuss the "Comeback of a Defeated ChampEloise Lorch, Anchorage, is one ion." 21 Kentucky farm boys of the Music for the services will be and girls who did outstanding of Mr. Rhodeheaver, club work this year and will in charge evangelist singer for who was receive trips to the National Club Congress and International the late Billy Sunday. Playing Live Stock Exposition in Chicago his trombone, varying the programs by anecdotes, by short the last week in November. Included in the groups will be talks, vocal solos of negro spirit Woodford Countv'a fat stock uals and entertainment, leading judging team, members of which the singing in a way that is are Charles and Kenneth Reed equaled by no other man, Mr. Rodeheaver will play a large part and Bill Curry. Other club members and the at each service. projects in which they excelled are Julia Maureen Ross, Harri- Quail Rabbit Season 4-- Lpcal High Students Invited To Lexington Thanksgiving week in Louis Senior students of Jefferson ville is to bring to the city and town High School have been in county the vited to attend the seventh an evangelistic campaign, starting nual Vocational Guidance pro Sunday at the Fourth Avenue gram which is scheduled to be Methodist Church. Sponsoring held on the campus of Transylthe series of evening services is vania College, Lexington, Friday, Rev. Frank Rose, pastor of the the Greater Louisville Evangel istic Association, Inc., which is First Christian Church, Danville, will give the keynote address interdenominational. The Association, which is offi which will open the conference Rose is a former member of the cered by some of the City's lead ing business and professional Transylvania faculty and grad uated from the college in the men, is bringing to the commu nity Dr. B. R. Lakin, of Caudle class of 1942. He will speak at a 9:15 a.m. Tabernacle fame in Indianapolis, and the world famous musician general assembly in Morrison and song leader, Homer Rode Chapel on the Transylvania campus. Dr. Leland Brown, col heaver, of Winona Lake. The services, starting Sunday, lege dean, will preside and the are to be daily at 7:30 p.m. in the a capella choir will sing. Immediately after the assemblv church auditorium at Fourth and St. Catherine, and are to continue the 800 invited students will no through November 28. The spon into small vocational interest sors are planning an intensive groups which will be led by eight - day county-wid- e inter leading business and professional denominational crusade for the men of the Lexington area. A cause of Christianity whereby, it luncheon will be served at noon is hoped, the spiritual life of all on the campus for both the stuthe Christian churches may be dents and the attending faculty. Lakin-Rodeheav- 4-- AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1948 No. 27 VcL 42 . To Open Saturday Hotel. , f the Jefferson County I D teen-ag- e a clubs will come together for Football Frolic at the Valley gymn. Miss Betty Redwine, teen-ae- e supervisor, savs. "Let's have every club represented!" This dance will be informal and will be from 8:30 till 11:30. The football players and their dates will be our hononed euests and they will be admitted free of cnarge. A King and Oueen of Football will be elected and crowned bv the outgoing royalty, Onie Priest and Mike Hall, of Okolona. Support your candidates and vote for them at the dance. All the teen-ag- e clubs that meet on Saturday night will come to Valley instead of their regular meeting in order that all will be able a.--; Yor-brou- gh Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Rutledge, Jr. left Thursday for a wedding trip, before resuming their , There will be about 550 votine delegates from 110 county Farm Bureaus, but more than a ronnle of thousand others are expected to attend. Biggest attraction at the meet ing is the Farm Bureau Queen Contest Monday night. Sixteen girls from eieht districts will compete for top honors. All of them will be given valuable gifts every girl likes to have. But the queen, runner-Uand honorable mention will receive numerous valuable gifts. There are two new fpatnrps nn the program one la the Rural Youth Talk Meet, in which six boys and two girls will compete on Tuesday night; the other is a portable chest machine. xop speakers on the program include Allan B. Kline. Amprirnn Farm Bureau president; Mrs. Raymond Sayre, president Asso ciated country Women of the World; Kent Leavitt, president National Association Soil Con. servation Districts; Dr. T. O. Wal ton, president emeritus Texan A. and M.; T. Russ Hill, industrialist; and Col. J. R. Rash, Sr., president Kentucky State Fair. i tie commodity Conferences will be held the first day (Monday), and the Resolutions Com mittee will be in session at the same time. The business session will be held Wednesday morning, followed by the election of offi cers, with sine die adjournment set ror noon. During the afternoon "open house" will be held at the organization's new home office, 120 S. Hubbard Lane, St. Mat- On Saturday nieht. November 20, 51-d- ay . 7 Dance To Honor Footballers to take part in this spectacular FRANKFORT Kentucky's affair. See you there! nimrods will fire their first volleys next Saturday, November Clark News 20, when the 1948-4- 9 season on By Mrs. J. A. Lashbrook quail and rabbits opens. Hunting of these two species will be Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller, leRal until January 10, which of Huntington, W. Va., were re brings to a close a period cent guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. of hunting in Kentucky. Miller and fimily. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Z. Taylor. All hunters are required to possess a hunting license, the Di- of Louisville, spent Tuesday with vision of Game and Fish points Mr. and Mrs. James U. Whitaker. Mr. and Mrs. Conn West and out, and pump and automatic repeating shotguns must be plugged family, of Shelbyville, also Mrs. so that the barrel and magazine Martha Anna Boyd, of Detroit, combined will hold not more than called on their aunt, Mrs. Georga three shells, with the plugs of Bland, who seems to be improvsuch type that they cannot be ing slowly. Her daughter, Mrs. removed without disassembling Breeden, is still with her. Mrs. Ida Burdon has sold her the gun. Statewide licenses, which are valid in any county in farm on the Taylorsville Road fo Kentucky, may be obtained for Mr. French, of Crestwood. She $3, while a $1 county license perhated to give it up I am sure as mits the hunter to take ' game that was the place she and Mr. only in the county so designated Burdon went to housekeeoint!. I am sure she will always treason the license. Bag limit for quail this season ure it as it is a beautiful home. Capt. Clark Burton and Mrs. is 10 per day per hunter, the Division points out, while the Burton, of Danville, 111, and Mr. possession limit is 20 after the and Mrs. James Taylor Whitaker. first day, provided the hunter of Louisville, wer guests last has hunted two or more days. Thursday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Limit on rabbits is eight per James U. Whitaker. Mrs. M. Fisher, of Louisville. day, with 16 being permissable, after the first day, provided the spent Sunday, November 14, with possessor has hunted two or more Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown. Mrs. Mary Downs, of Jeffer days. The Division warns hunters that 107 conservation officers sontown, was dinner,guest, Sunwill patrol the fields this season day, of Mr. and Mrs. James Lash Their daughter Mrs. to see that these rules and regu- brook. Nelson Bland, called in the after lations are complied with. Reports from throughout the noon. Other recent guests in state indicate more quail and their home were: Mr. E. C. Lashrabbits this season than last, the brook,' Mr. and Mrs. Collen Holmes and little daughters, Division claims. Elizabeth and Virginia. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, of Simp- Baptist Thank Offering sonville, has been spending sev "Day's Pay" To Orphans eral days with her daughter and family, Mrs. James Stallard, who The annual Thanksgiving call has been ill. I am glad to report is again going out to all Baptistj she is feeling better. Mr. Arnold Willoughby has in Kentucky to give "One Day's Pay" toward the maintenance of been spending some time at the two Children's Homes, at Nichols Hospital. He was in Glendale and at Louisville. The jured in World War II. I hope he will be much improved and home at 'Glendale is known the Kentucky Baptist Children s soon be able to come home and Home, and the one at Louisville be with his family. Mrs. Arch Yager, spent Sunday is called Spring Meadows. Both institutions are under- in Washington County with her taking large building programs,, mother, Mrs. Caery, as she is according to V. V. Cooke, of Lou- sick at this time. She had some isville, Chairman of the joint teeth drawn and is having quite a bit of trouble. I hope she will Thanksgiving Offering Committee. Eventually supplanting the soon be well again. Capt. Clark Burton and Mrs. present large but old and completely antiquated building, will Burton, of Danville, 111:, Mr. and be groups of bright, new, modern Mrs. James T. Whitaker, of Louin cottages, where the children can isville, spent the week-en- d live more nearly as in normal Bowling Green with Mrs. Taylor's parents, Dr. H. M. family life. and Mrs. Yorbrough. Jimmie met Capt. Burton while Thanksgiving Services in the armed forces and they beAt Presbyterian Church came great friends. Union Thanksgiving services are to be held for the Jeffersontown area in the Presbyterian Church, Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock. ''The Thanksgiving message will be given by Minister Lloyd Roach, pastor of the local Christian Church. Special music for the occasion will be provided by members of the Jeffersontown choral group. The general public is invited to attend the annual Thanksgiving event. st . Teen-Ag- e 1:0:22 THAI! Newly married, Mr. and Mrs. James M. McGaughy war caught by tha camera as they left the Jeffersontown Christian Church, scene of their wedding. They were married by the. ReT. Raymond Connell on the erenlng'of November 8. The bride was Miss Mary Virginia Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Anderson, Jeffersontown. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Chattanooga, the groom Is a Lieut. Commander in tha U. S. Merchant Marine. Following the wedding ceremony, a reception was given the couple at the home of the bride's parents on Watterson Trail. The honeymoon is being spent in Florida and New Orleans, after which Mr. and Mrs. McGaughf will return to Chattanooga. Buechel, Jeffersontown County Girls Win Awards Health Stations Open State 4-- H thews. Doris LOUISVILLE, November 16 Highview Smith, 4-- H Further expansion of its services Club, won first place in the State to residents of Jefferson County on her swine project and Eloise Lorch, Anchorage was announced today by the Club, won Board of Health with es first place in her housekeeping tablishment of two more Public project, it was announced by J. Health Nursing Stations bringing W. Whitehouse, State Leader the total to nine la out -- Club Work, last week. lying information centers origi Doris and Eloise will receive a free trip to the National nally planned. Today and every Wednesday Congress and International Livethereafter the newest nursing stock Exposition in Chicago, Nostation at Buechel will operate vember 27 to December 3, for club work from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the their outstanding Presbyterian Church there, and this year. Twenty-on- e Kentucky farm beginning Thursday at the same time Jeffersontown residents may boys and girls, who won State projects, will attend the regular weekly session awards in their Congress in at the Jeffersontown Fire Station. attend the A public health nurse will be Chicago this year. T present at each station to give inany of the servformation about ices of the Board of Health. This information will include a schedule of clinics held at General ERNSPIKER-GRAFHospital as well as other facts re-- g F a r d i n g preventive services, Mr. and Mrs. John Ernspiker, Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Jeffersontown, announce the enand the Hospital. Also gagement of their daughter, Miss available will be free health lit- Virginia Ernspiker, to Mr. Charles erature for everyone and labora- Basil Graff, son of Mr. and Mrs. tory containers and diagnostic Michael Graff, also of Jeffersonmaterials for private physicians. town. The wedding is planned No treatments will be given at for 8 p.m., December 11, in the the stations. Christian Church, Jeffersontown. The new program of public No formal invitations will be health nursing stations, which be- issued. gan this month for seven other population centers of the county, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Stout, is an effort toward eliminating long and often unnecessary trips of Buechel, announce the engagefrom outlying sections to Gene- ment of their daughter, Miss ral Hospital. Board of Health Elizabeth Ann Stout, to Mr. Clinofficials said many people come to ton Hatfield, of Jeffersontown, General Hospital seeking serv- son of Mrs. William Cark, Louices of specific clinics, only to isville. The ceremony will be learn on arrival that their par- at 8 n.m. on December 18 in the ticular clinic is held on a differ- Jeffersontown Christian Church. ent day. Nursing stations already in opAt a candlelight ceremony, Miss eration include Pleasure Ridge, Highland Park, Middletown, Ok- Frances Swan Blair and Mr. Roy Friolona, Newburg, St. Matthews, Y. Schneiter were married, day evening, November 12, at and Fincastle. Schedules and Church. other information may be had by Christ Lutheranofficiated. Dr. J. E. Stomberger phoning the Board of Health. ,The bride wore a gown of antique gold slipper satin, fashioned with a wasp waist and hoopskirt f and carried s,a shower bouquet of centered with bronze Becky Blair a brown orchid. was a miniature bride and carried a basket of bronze pompoms. They wore matching half bonnets tied under the chin with The Study Group for Mothers, illusion. sponsored by the Jeffersontown The matron of honor, Mrs. P.-A. will meet with Mrs. Roy Sylvia Tapp, wore a bustle gown C. Brentlinger, Monday. Novem of deep green. The bridesmaids, ber 22, at 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Mrs. Alma Wall and Miss Dorothy All mothers are welcome. Topics Schneiter, wore bustle gowns of for discussion are: "Learning to flame and purple, respectively Decide," "Are They Really Driftshower bouquets of ing," and "What It Takes to be and carried bronze mums. They purple and Popular." in wore wreaths of The Jeffersontown Yonhppr their hair. Woman's Club met Monday night The groom's best man was Earl at the home of Mrs. Wilma Smith. Maeser. The ushers were: John Plans were discussed for a rum- Petry and William Schneiter. mage sale December 11. The Miss Frances Myers, of Louisproceeds will go for Christmas ville, sang, "Because" and "The baskets. Lord's Prayer." She was accomMrs. Thomas W. Floore is at St. panied on the organ by Miss Mary Anthony's Hospital this week for Baumlisberger. A reception followed in the rest and treatment. Her condition is said to be improved and Middletown Woman's Clubhouse, she expects to return home Sun- after a short trip througn tne t South, the couple will live in day, City-Coun- Cows In One Day 4-- H ty 4-- ot-the- 4 Calves From Two Four calves females thev are too from two cows in 30 minutes,-- if such-- were n-- ordinary occurence, would increase thp dairy cow population pretty H -- 4-- 4-- H 4-- H 4-- H secern. San-itoriu- m, STOUT-HATFIEL- D SWAN-SCHNEIT- OCS3M pom-pom- T. studies at the University of Louisville. Before their marriage November 4, at Indianapolis, Mrs. Rutledge was Miss Lucille Gerard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Gerard, 521 Iola Road. Mr. Rutledge's parents live at 128 Sherrin, where they will make their home. He is head student manager of the U. of L. USE THE CLASSIFIED AD 3 football team. TIISY EHINQ RESULTS. H pom-po- Middletown. A NEWS ITEM: The Jeffersoiuan, 6143. rapidly. But that doesn't happen every year in anybody's herd. However, it did happen in the herd of Dr. S. G. Bandeen, dairyman on the Shelbyville Road. Yes, one of Dr. Bandeen's registered Brown Swiss gave birth to . i 4...: i twin uener caives ai a a.m. last Sunday morning. Not to be outdone, another pure bred milker brought forth another female pair at 5:30. That's producing cows in a hurry. Dr. Bandeen says that E. J. Willis, who has just recently assumed the position of manager of the dairy farm, seems to be going in for a record. Burt will have a big job on his hands if the Bandeen herd keeps up that sort ; , x of a pace. Fish, Oyster Supper For Band's Benefit A fish and oyster supper is set for Saturday evening in the Jeffersontown Engine House. The event is being sponsored by the Jeffersontown School Music Association for the benefit of the High School Band. The band, under the direction of Miss Fannye Stoll, band leader, will give a performance for the entertainment of those attending the supper. A liberal patronage is expected. Eastwood News H0MEMAKER CLUBS Adclph JEFFERSONTOWN The meeting of the Jeffersontown Homemakers Club was held at the home of Mrs. Elswicks on November 16, with 14 members and two guests present. The major lesson on basic patterns was a continuation from the September lesson. Mrs. J. P. Shelton and Mrs. W. G. Carter presented the lesson and showed every detail from readjusting a paper pattern to modeling a per- fect fitting muslin pattern. Mrs. Raymond Magruder reviewed "Give Us Our Dream" by Arthemise Goertz. Mrs. J. A. Priest, Beulah Church Road, Buechel, will be hostess to the club members on December 14. This meeting will consist of a Christmas lesson and IIc::r, Fern Leader, Organizer D::: Farmers from all over this county and businessmen from Louisville gathered Tuesday af- -. ternoon at the Moser home on the Middletown Road to pay their respects to a friend. Adolph Moser was dead, and regardless of the dark, dreary and rainy afternoon, many of his friends were there to attend his funeral. While attending an auction sale on the Brownsboro Road last Saturday Mr. Moser suffered a stroke and died immediately. He was 77, past, and had been very active right up to the end. He came to this country from Switzerland at the age of 12 when 7 party. HAWTHORNE The Hawthorne Homemakers Club met at the home of Mrs. Henry Harris, 2319 Hawthorne Avenue, November 9. The major project was "Basic Patterns." The lesson was given by Mrs. Charles Miles and Mrs. Henry Harris. Mrs. A. C. Stevens gave a most interesting report from "The Consumers' Re-sera- ch Buletin." A delightful luncheon was served by the hostess. The meeting adjourned to meet with Mrs. Kenneth Barrett, 2227 Hawthorne Avenue, on December 14. WRIGHT VIEW The Wright View Homemakers Club met November 10 at the home of Mrs. Lusk, Mrs. Charles Sims president, presiding. Meeting was opened with devotional by Mrs. Shobe reading Psalm 100. Eighteen members and four visi- tors were present. Roll call was answered by each member telling what she looked forward to most on Thanksgiving when a child. vious meetings Minutes of prewere read, then the treasurers report. Money was collected for old folks and Sunshine Lodge Christmas treats. Also plans were made to send a box overseas. Mrs. Hornbuckle and Mrs. Burch gave the second lesson on "Basic Patterns" which were made of muslin and they certain ly did fit. Everyone ordering a pattern. Mrs. Blasor gave a review on "Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal" which was interesting. A landscape lesson was given by Mrs. Brotzge. A consumers information was given by Mrs. Pfieffer, after which we adjourned for dinner. After dinner we had recreation, then settled down planning our Christmas party which will be at the home of Mrs. Brotzge, December 8. Meeting was then adjourned. Mrs. Ben Koehler, publicity chairman. lld Adolph Moser his family settled in New Albany, Ind. He was a dairy farmer and truck grower. Widely known and highly regarded as an agriculturist, he was a leader in the movement, farm having served as president of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation during its stage of early de- velopment when organization, among farmers was far frqm popular. His own 155-acfarm is situated on Moser Road near Middletown. A charter member and direct- tor of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau, he had held both county and state offices in that organization. He was a charter member re and past president of the Falls Cities Cooperative Milk Producers Association, county committeeman for the Farm Home Administration and a director of the American Mutual Fire Insur' ance Company. He was also a member of the board of directors of the Louisville Protestant Orphans Home, a member of the Middletown Lodge of Masons, the Clifton Unitarian Church and Helvetia, a, Swiss benevolent society. A pioneer in dairy and other movements, he was elected to the Dairy Hall of Fame ' of the University of Kentucky. He is survived bv his wife. Mrs. Anna Moser; two brothers, Fred ; Moser and Edward Moser, two sisters, Miss Elizabeth Moser and Mrs. Susan Reichenbach, Stanford, Ky.; two sons, John Moser, Louisville, and Carl Moser. Anchoracp? turn daughters, Mrs. Rose Hoellman, Louisville, and Mrs. Elizabeth bpeckman; five grandchildren and one His Masonic brethren paid their formal respects in a grave service at Cave Hill, where the hntlv was laid to rest beneath a veritable mountain of floral tributes. ' PLEASURE RIDGE The November meeting of the Pleasure Ridge Homemakers Club was at the home of Mrs. Carroll Korfhage, Tuesday, November 3. Eight members and two visitors were present. After presidents report, leaflets were given each member by landscaping leader on Fall Planting. Each member contributed 15 cents for Sunshine Lodge to help bring them a happier Christmas. It was also voted on that each member is to bring any food item to fill a basket for a needy family in the community. We are also to bring a 25 cent gift to be exchanged at the club meeting. The second lesson on Cross To Be Director Of r was given by Mrs. Keith F. B. Youth Department Houchin. Two members have finished their patterns in muslin. R. C. "Bob" Cross, 30, Benton, . Three were measured at the club meeting and two were going to has been named director of the be measured at home and make Young People's Department of" New-Albany- great-grandchi- Basic-Pattern- s the Kentucky Farm Bureau Fedtheir patterns. eration, announces J. E. Stanford, KorAfter lunch, Mrs. Carroll fhage gave the first lesson on executive secretary. The department is a new adHooked Rugs. This is to be condition to the Farm Bureau family. tinued in December as our minor It was created to serve young project. The meeting adjourned with farm people and aid them in beeveryone hoping all members coming established in Farm Bucould be present at the next reau work. Mr. Cross will assume his new meeting, December 1 at the home duties November 15. At present of Mrs. Putnam Moremen. Mrs. Keith Houchin, publicity he is employed by the Fanners' Home Administration in d. chairman. He will establish his resi- - ' dence in Louisville at an earl Reynolds To Sponsor By Mrs. Gilbert Bryant The Union Thanksgiving Service will be held Wednesday night. November 24, in the Christian Church with the pastor of the Methodist Church delivering the message. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dean were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Russell, Friday evening. Miss Betty Bryant spent Monday night with Miss Shirley Hewitt in Jeffersontown. Basketball Broadcasts Rev. Elec Shores and Mrs. Shores were dinner guests of Mr. Again this LOUISVILLE and Mrs. Warren Russell, Monday year the Reynolds Metals Com-pan- yr evening. of Louisville, through its Miss Joyce Bryant spent Monnt David P. Reynday night with Miss Pat Mayor olds, has announced that it will in Jeffersontown. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Curry spent sponsor the basketball broadcasts Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. T. of most of Kentucky's leading schools over Radio Station Pearce in St. Matthews., Rev. Howard Ditrick was en- WHAS. 'This will be a regular Saturtertained Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bryant and day night feature bringing to the people of Kentucky a key game daughters. Several members of the East- each week," said Mr. Reynolds. wood Christian Church, with "U. of K., Western, Murray, Easttheir pastor, 'attended the meet- ern and the University of Louising held in the Beargrass Chris-tio- n ville are featured throughout the Church in St. Matthews, regular season and we will also broadcast the K.I.A.C., S.E.C. and Sunday afternoon. High School Tournament Finals." Mrs. Frank Wilder was hostess LOUISVILLE PROTESTANT on Wednesday night to Circle No. 4 of the Woman's Auxiliary of Orphans Home, Reception and the Harvey Browne Presbyterian Donation Day, Tuesday, NovemMrs. Walter Ade was ber 23, 2 to 7 p.m., is sponsored Church. Phone hostess on Thursday night to by the Pantry Club at the Home. Lunch will be served. Circle No. 3. Vice-Preside- May-fiel- date. 4-- FERN CREEK CLU3 The first monthly meeting cf the Fern Creek Grade Schr was held Wednesday, Noveml 4-- H 10,. At the meeting they elec4 the officers. The president Diana Roman; vice, presiJ. Linda Haller; secretary, I.Tar Haag; treasurer, Arthur Med; and reporter, Bernard Schrof " After the election ,Mis V spoke to the club. v The ones who turned in ' records of the Fern Creek-'- ? Club will be invited to go t i B. F. Avery Comnany F November 26, at 9:30 a.m. . Word said thev will be hc-Bernard Schroeder, r ; f 1 4. THE LADIES OF THE CT wood Christian Church will their annual bazaar 27, at the church in at 10 a.m. Oyster r 1 Eatr-Novemb- chicken salad, homemade and coffee will be serve i i . t

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