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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), March 30, 1905

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

rC i N G 1 SIXTEENTH YEAR EARLINGTON HOPKINS COUNTY I HARGISES SENATOR ON BAND OF Ky Lexington i THURSDAY MARGH KY 4 FAMOUS CONFEDERATE BATTLE Denied Bail Except One in Famous Murder Case i + n FLAG RETURNED Colors of Sixth Kentucky Infantry A Now at Frankfort CS LOCOMOTIVE BLASTS i I s > Ky March 27 Gov Beckham has received from Washington the old flag of th March 27 Judge Hargis his nephew El bert Hargis and Sheriff Ed Callahan of Breathitt County were today held without bail on charges of complicity in the murder of James Cockrill i Jackson Ky three years ago while Senator Alex lIar is ar- New L N Line U Beady Howell he hav ¬ j the LcC hTat helped to build the shops at Knoxville Teun t March 27 ing 3It is understood here today that that nldce lilts left for an exSixth Kentucky Infantry C S tended visit in Germany A This flag was carried by the line in Lesli Weekly in commentlate dipt Ed Porter Thompson East Tennessee will be operated ing on the New Historian of the Orphan Brigade York Subway who served under Gen Lewis next Saturday April 1 from strike the back of which was broken in short order by the prompt action of the Grand Vas the same Oin It wilt bo used at the Louisville train onICnoxville line the divis Chief Stone of the Brother ¬ ctauati Atlanta hood of Locomotive Engineers reunion and carried by old veterans The flag was returned ion will be operated from Liv- ¬ says It would be well if other ingston Ky through to Atlanta labor organizations could have under Congressional action reaching the latter city Monday the same conservative morning Passenger service over minded honest Ideal Entertainer leadership that The Ideal Entertainers gave this new line may be inaugurated has alway characterized the an exhibition at Temple TheatreJon April 5 Brotherhood Engineers Thursday night for the benefit of A train crow from thE Illinois Win Lemme engineer on the the Christian church which was Central railroad remained three St Louts end is visiting at well attended The show while days and nights at West Point Carmi Ill this week newI 1 fair dt workf Pat McOue foreman of the blacksmithshop at Howell is the audience were satisfied son Route from laying a track spending a few days at St Char Quite a nice little sum was real across the Illinois Centrals right les Mo ized for the church of way An adjustment has been o on ¬ ¬ I The ladies of the Christian reached and the Henderson church desire to thank the r Route will be allowed to continue its construction At Glasgow Mrs Anna C sure them it was appreciated Molloy was given 5000 damages against the L N railroad on Mrs Jacob Splntjlcr account of the death of her hus ¬ The death of Mrs Jacob Sping ler at St Charles last Wednes- ¬ band the late Attorney Samuel day removed an old and well 0 Molloy of Kuttawa who was known citizen from the county killed at Glasgow by a train Born in Wittenburg Germany crashing into his buggy while April 21 1884 she was 71 yearof age at the time of her death The Erie Railroad has ordered For a long period of years she 187 yery heavy freight locomo ¬ has made her home at St Char tives and 5000 freight cars The lea where she was loved by nil company is also having built who knew her three of the new uud fast type Her husband to whom she was of passenger engines known as These married in 1807 preceeded her to balanced compounds the grave fourteen years ago locomotives will pull more pass ¬ She loaves three children one enger cars at a higher rate of son and two daughters She speed than any other kind The was a faithful member of the company is also having built Christian church The funeral three heavy Pacific typo of pass ¬ was conducted Thursday after enger engines noon by Howard J Erazel ton The Highland railway in one and the interment took place at respect holds a unique position the St Charles cemetery in British railway history AI ¬ though the first portion of the Surprise Party system was incorporated as long A surprise party was given Jewell Webb Wednesday night ago as 1856 not a single passen just previous to his departure gor was kilted until 1894 The first portion was opened in 1858 for Bowling Green where he will sd that for a period of thirtysix attend school Quite a number years not one passenger lost his of the friends of this popular young in a n unceremoniously life iru train accident and ul though over ten years have pass- ¬ dropped in on him and made ed since 1894 and many millions things lively until a late hour of passengers have during the The following constituted this surprises Misses Sue Foard period traveled over the system the total of fatal accidents to Richie Stone Blanche Edmond passengers remains at one son Virgio Rule Margie Whit Mr Elvie Hankins who has field Ida Martin Sadie Stokes N Pattie Cox Anna Rico and Mrs been employed by the L R R as brakeman for sometime Deshon Messrs Chas Trumpy J Y Montague Robert Fend has resigned and will seek em ¬ James ployment elsewhere wick Henry Oowand The L Court MARION FIRE In Business Portion Destroyed With Loss of 200000 Two Blocks ¬ grocery two blocks away was Emerson said Nature arms each man with some faculty which enables him to do easily some feat impossible to any other Therefore boys dont envy or get jealous of the other fellow What hu uoea you cant begin to do nor is it possible for him to do the thing that you are j burnedAmong the losers were A M Hearin ly of Earlington Son groceries former ¬ the new 10 Nunn Blue James lawyers James law ¬ yers two newspaper plants the Grittenden Record and the Crit tenden Press the Masonic bUIlding a threestory brick partl doingEngineer All the above men ¬ Charles Sursa and insured firemen C E Shaw and Clifford tioned carried partial insurance Barnett spent a few days in These are only a few of the Glasgow last week in a law suit many and are not among the that had been brought against heaviest losers the company Car repairer J A Adams is visiting relatives at Manchester Term Mr Jick Woos loy of the Burkhart Bridge Carpenters visited friends in Hopkiusville Sunday Capt Chapman Promoted Chapman Adju- ¬ Oapt A G Infty has been made special agent of the YepPig iron Home Fire Ins Co for Ky and C L Williams of the Howell Tenn with headquarters in store room was at Earhngtou Louisville The officers and men on business for the of the regiment hope that his last OODpnriy 000 post office May Die as Result ThirdS I s i An erroneous statement was made in the Madisonville Hust ¬ ler Tuesday to the effect that anew trial had been refused Caleb Powers The fact is that the Court of Appeals decision was that Powers shall be tried again and both the prosecution and the defense are preparing for the trial which is expected to come up soon in the Sgott Circuit Court This decision rtvas rendered some time ago Fpliow ing this decision and after Judge James Oantrill took hisv seat as one of the Appellate Judges the prosecution moved for a rehearing of the case apparently in the hope that the case might be reopened and that the court might reverse itself be cause of the change in political complextion of its members This the Court of Appeals re- ¬ fused to do the case was not re ¬ opened and the decision stands as at first made ofy thlnRIt of Jumping Rope Lena Vollman a fifteenyear old school girl who had jumped a rope seventyfive successive times at Owensboro fell over unconscious at the Seventh street public school in that city Satur ¬ day It was thought for some time that her heart had stopped beating Strychnine was inject ¬ ed in her veins and she was brought back to consciousness but soon afterwards her face and hands began to turn purple and she again lapsed into uncon ¬ sciousness She was removed to her home and is in a critical change of residence will not Lonis Wagner one of the old necessitate his withdrawal from conditions esc carpentorsiri the employe of the > HANSON ° I- tant of the 3rd Ky Get out I D H Boultinghouse Marion Ky March 28iThis spent Sunday at Canneiton with city was visited today by the most destructive fire which has parentsA of the St Louis ever occurred in its history and Division who has been running tonight the heart of the city lies between here and Nashville for in ashes The fire broke out at the past month has returned to a few minutes before 3J oclock his old run in t stable in the rear of J P Wellington Newton engineer Ormes residence A high wind on the Shawneetown Branch was blowing and soon the flames will leave in a short while with leaped high and spread in every his family for Los Angeles direction Every building on Oal where he will visit rela the east side of the square betives he has not seen for thirty ginning at the old brick hotel yearsMr Newton intends to and extending to Koltinskys go via New Orleans FIRE AT Destroys One Hundred Thousand V Dollars of P roptrty Inolud Paducah Ky March 27 r ing Mrs Mary Brockwell whose three children aged 8 4 and 5 WEIRS BIG TOBACCO PLANT years died from poisoning under suspicious circumstances last Sat ¬ exThe little urday today broke down and perienced town of Hanson the worst fire in its confessed that she killed them history Monday night The fire by giving them morphine and originated in a frame building coal oil The woman said that on the west side of Parish her husband was in an asylum Browns business house where and that she could not support the Woodmen of the World Imp the children She also stated held a meeting earlier in the that George Alberton promised night This building was quick ¬ to marry her if she would get rid ly consumed The Hanson Hotel of the children Alberton was which was a brick building was arrested as an accessory damagedto the extent of 100000 The fire then skipped over one INSPECTION OF CO G house and caught the Christian church The flames quickly Will be Made April 8th by a U S Army spread to other buildings and Officer factories until almost one half of Capt Paul P Price command ¬ the town was consumed The following business houses ing Co G3rd Ky Infty has received notice that the local and residences were wiped out company bf militia will be in ¬ by the raging flames Wake spected on April 8th 1905 by a Gos tobacco factory M ra residence W H Par + U S Army officer in company Webbs residence Livingstons fac- ¬ with Cola Noel Games Inspector ishs ¬ tory W H Weirs General of Kentucky This in ¬ ing establishment manufactur stemming and spection is held annually as pro packing factory and stave fac ¬ vided by the Dick Law which tory Dr J S Wallers lumber was passed by Congress several yard and several out houses and years ago frame buildings It is to be hoped that each small amount to over The loss will 50000 member of Co G will be pres ¬ partially covered by insurance ent on that occasion and so The Christian church was in avoid the penalty for nonatt- ¬ sured for 1 0000 W H Par ¬ endance provided in the Ky 50000 and Mr residence Statutes Friends of the local ishs property was insured tot boys trust and believe that af- ¬ Weirs about onethird of its value ter this inspectionuG com- ¬ origin of the fire cannot pany will have the honor of- The atpresent be ascertained is escnztiugthecolors of the regi ¬ ment which honor is given to CALEB POWERS the company standing highest on To be Tried Again in the Scott Circuit annual inspection TribuneFireman Nis Ta March 27 Guthrie Ky While crossing the main tract N Railroad from the of the L depot to the hotel last night Baker Radford was run over by a freight train and both legs cut DEMOCRATIC I tracks ¬ refused ¬ Roy McMillen a helper in the boiler shop at Howell spent Sunday and Monday at Cannel ton Ind visiting friends and Her I whenndayI rested in the sumo connection was released on 15000 bail The decision was announced today by Judge Parker of the Fayetto Circuit Court who heard testi ¬ mony last week on the question of bail and the trial of the case will be hold at the present term of court Cockrill was shot and from the courthouse window a Jackson and Curtis Jett who had been convicted and sen ¬ tented to death for connection with the crime was on Saturday granted a now trial while Tom White is under life sentence fo complicity in the crime All o the men arrested in connection with the crime are prominent in Kentucky business and politics and few murder cases have created as much stir as has this NOI3 Paducah Mother Says She Killed Three Babies With Poison s ao 4o r 30 1905 FEARFUL CONFESSION Frankfort 15000 I d h 4 All t I Compost and ppiitlcsi New York Sun J nextthne notInterested putunder atlaying W D HAJUIAOK The answer is to be read in the Macon Telegraph answerYours RIVES A symbolical and representa ¬ tive letter The country is full of citizens who are not interest ¬ ed in politics this year ijnd to them the proper elements of a compost or tne best flies for trout are a matter more momentous than even Jofforsonian dinners or JOE BABCOOK of the Republi ¬ nationalcommittee Make money and row trouble dont bor ¬ r M = e r p C N tTn tY t i t1 Vd J

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