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Image 9 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 13, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN Nominate EAGLE LETCHER COUNTY. THURSDAY, KENTUCKY (More on Page 3 and Page 11) RAY COLLINS Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blair and two children, Mark and Mike, of Lexington Were here last Week because of trie death of Mr, Blair's father, Emmltt Blair who passed away Wednesday. The funeral services were held at the First Baptist Church Friday morning with burial In the Blair cemetery. Mrs. Orval Hughes was In Cynthlniaria to visit relatives during Easter holidays. The Zenneth Bentleys had as guest during the weekend their son, Randy, and Mss Sue Robinson; both students at the Uulver-sit- y of Kentucky, and Bill and Bob Walker, students from Eastern University. Capt. Bert Frances left this week for Onclnnattl where he will serve In the capacity of Officers Selective Service Board. He has returned from several months, service in Viet Nam and was joined In Los Angles by Mrs. Frances, they are going to Haw-1- 1 for a short vacation before returning to Whitesburji. Mrs. Frances expects to finish! her teaching position In high school here before joining Capt. Cincinnattl where they will make their home. A family dinner was enjoyed at the home of Mrs. Hannah Fra-zi- er of premium on Saturday. . About forty members of the family were present for the get together. Some came from Indlanr ia, Ohio and Michigan. Mrs, Harry Blackson of Dayton, Ohio i: guest of her mother, Mrs.R.T. Holbrook, Sr. Mrs. Sandy Adams has returned to her home after spending the winter months with her son Owen Adams in Louisville. Owen returned to Louisville .Sunday. Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Vermillion were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ed Carr and four children of Knoxville. Mrs. Carr is the former Nell Vermillion. Mrs. T, C, Adams has returned from Lawrenceburg after spending several days at the home of her son. Dr. T. Lee and family. Dr. Adams State Senator for Letcher and Perry Counties Republican Primary May 23 A man who says what he will do and does what he says. Estate notice To whom It may concern: Jeanette Thompson has teen appointed administiatiix of the estate of Carl Thompson, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate or owing debts to it should contact her at Post-offiBox 187, Neon, Kentucky, before July 10, 1967. ce JEANETTE THOMPSON, Adminis- tratrix of the estate of Carl Thompson, deceased. ...J .1 dAHK bank, first. i lil- ,' i , terms' the lowest and .. ' are easy. ' J1' J.'i'J ,1i1 'JIM.1',!, . LOANS FOR ALL SOUND PURPOSES First ; .hi s i GTrrTTTHTY BANK my, of Lexington were weekend visitors here with Mrs. Forrest Brown, the Jesse Holbrooks of Kona and the W. G. Holbrooks they, returned to Lexington Sin-da-y night. Mrs. Don English has recovered from an illness which kept her confined to her home for several days. Among those from the Letcher County Health Department who attended the Public Health Association .held at Kentucky Hotel, Louisville last week here : Dr. Richard Keeler, Miss Hazel Strieback, Mrs. Jeanette Sparks, Mrs. Grace Collins, Mrs. Waagh-leti- a Little, Mrs. .times Crazier, Mrs. Lillian Wright and Mr, Charlie Hall. Miss Elline Salyer, Mrs. Bal-an Salyer and Mrs. Gaynell were in Lexington for several days last week. Mrs. Olga John had a guest during the holidays her daughter, Mrs. Bill Burdette, Mr.Bur-det- te and little son, Billy John of Louisville. Something to make you sleep easier rd Hol-sto- BE REALLY Put RELAXED that security buffer of extra dollars in a fully insured savings account here. They'll Mrs. McCoy dies be safe, and they'll be earning more Mrs. Ruby McCoy, a former money, with regular interest. resident of Jenkins, died April 5 at Ashland. Funeral services' were held 8 at the Polly-Cra- ft Funeral Home, Jenkins. The Rev. Robert Shockey was minister. Burial was in the Laurel Grove Cemetery. Norton, Va. A-p- ril THE BANKOFWHITESBURG BYRD HOGG .1 announces his candidacy for I (5) To seek lawful ways and means of removing the inequities that exist under the "Broad Form" deed between the owners of the surface and mineral. One must not be allowed to run rough-sho- d over the rights of others. . Aside from what little money there Is In it, which may or may net defray my expenses, my reasons for seeking this office are as follows: "'" (6) To advance the cause of education by securing for our teachers a salary for twelve months of the year, not just nine. A good teacher's job does not end when school goes out. In addition to innumerable details that must be seen to bef ore and after a school term, there is the teacher's dignity and respect that must be maintained twelve months of the year. I (1) To work to bring jobs to Letcher County; jobs that our people will be proud to hold. Jobs for our fathers and" young men and women who are now having to leave in order to earn a decent living. Jobs with real wages to ' feed, clothe and educate our children. r . ' (7) To insure to the tax payers of this County the greatest return possible on every tax dollar that goes to Frankfort. (2) To see that the families living in the heads of- the ' ' hollows, branches and creeks have a good road to get out to the stores and shops to do their trading and attend our ' schools. The man up the hollow has been neglected, ' he' does not have the means or the desire to speed to Lexing- ton or Louisville for his business. (3) To streamline our tax collection laws by, among q- ther things, stopping the practice of reading off the names of those who cannot pay their taxes, to the public in front of the Courthose door and publishing their names in a news-- i paper. It Is an archaic law and all it does Is embarrass and shame our people, who for some reason or other, can- ' not pay their taxes on time. inolved in automobile accidents with uninsured motorists, a fund or system of insurance from which all claims for damages and injuries may be paid. (8) To provide for those who are (9) Last, but not least, to obtain for my personal use, complimentary tickets to all the University of Kentucky football and basketball games, that are given to State Representatives. ! , r (Perry & Letcher Counties) Democratic Primary, May. 23, 1967 ELECT A MAN WHO WILL BE A FRIEND TO ALL THE PEOPLE No. 1 On Ballot j - loan. Our rates are ,., , STATE SENATOR ' . when you need, a i, for office of State Representative. . - PEARL STRONG Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Carol Holbrook and two sons, Randolph and Tom- TO THE VOTERS AND CITIZENS OF LETCHER COUNTY,. wish to takethis means to announce my candidacy for the LOWEST RATES' For 91st District (Letcher County) in the Republican Primary THE i.i to 22,1967 State Representative LOANS S Vote hom6 improved. Mr, and Mrs, Virgil Plcklc-sime- r, formerly df Ailtesburg, now of Lexington, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Vermillion and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Combs and friends last week here. Mr. and Mrs. John Brown and two children of Louisville stent the weekend as guests of Mr. Brown's mother, Mrs. A. C. F. retire Visit our NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK April 16 was a patient In Norton Infirm ary Louisville where he underwent surgery. He has returned w '.mm OFFER PAGE 9 APRIL 13, 1967 Reading is what's happening THIS WEEK IN WHJTESBURG Elect & WHJTESBURG. (4) To provide a system of Workmen's Compensation Insurance, state supported if necessary, that will protect the men In the mines and'other high risk Jobs; where the present cost of such Insurance Is prohibitive. .Your Vote and Influence wUl be appreciated. 8?' rr F...B-Yi R D HOGG

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