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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 13, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . LETCHER COUNTY . WIIITESBURG, . THERE ARE GRADE A WW AMD APRIL it KY KEN i U, PAoE 1967 SEMI-BONELE- SS FULLY HAMS NO CENTER SLICES HALF or CANNED $3.29 HAMS JUST 69 WHOLE REMOVED THERE ARE GRADE A" COOKED LB. wuqlf ATx Fryers J;?. Mai r f v..39$ Turkeys. ..e..a. Pork Loins 39( 14 Pork Center Cut Pork Chops!T?!69$ U.S.D.A. INSPECTED Hon. Sold to Dtolto No Limit Not all Grade "A" eggs arc alike. To bo labeled Grade "A" eggs must meet certain minimum requirements. U.S.D.A. FROZEN There is many an egg that can be called Grade "A's that just never could bo a Sunnybrook Egg. Loins.J..s55 Sunnybrook Eggs... they're our best. They have to be well above the minimum or they won't make the grade with us. Break one in a pan, notice how proud the yolk sits up. That's the sign of a good egg...a fresh egg.. a Sunnybrook Egg. U. S. Si Try Sunnybrook. And if you ever find just one egg that doesn't measure up, we'll give you a dozen free. 12 for 1 . . . that's pretty good odds. IDAHO 1 - i " Are Sunnybrook Eggs a good reason for shopping A&P? They're one of many. CO) . RIGHT Orange Juice; Cim.THtGRCAT TfA CO. JANE PARKER Pie..:.' (SAVE MB. 4 BAG m 9C) Sovt 2 OA AiP WHIPPED JQ i ttO y S 49 1 CAN 6.5-O- Av.vhIH!:!.0Af.r?.,!;.?.,.,i'.vJ... Applesauce .51.4 OO T...l p.k.g...oc 2?.v.!.si oweis Sail Cleanser?" -- 2 ' 25: LOAF LOAVES t 5for59 .StrawberriesrSl.OO Tomatoes.E.....tB.29 24 0Z. KLEENEX DESIGNER 1 V ...i!79$ ti.39t Coffee 10 LB. POTATOES 0 r a n g es WHITE BREAD f OPDing I Banana Nut Loaf Lemon INC 6169 FLORIDA 79 RUSSET CALIFORNIA NAVELS 4 PACIFIC ATLANTIC &P FROZEN CONC. HE REAL THING mm 0i p 1 i ShorteningT:!-.5- 5e Coke.S".39t. Our Own Tea Baqs??89t Instant Breakfast liL59$ A&p cfNlliy?22$ eggs Large so7(; BJ 89( 4 roapKins sav.!.'. French FriessLE. 4 & 996 KLEENEX ARISTOCRAT SALTINES Crackers 23$ 99t Dry Milk Non-F- at t n DESIGNER Planting With Do Your Spring NORTHRUP KING SEEDS PACKET On Sale Now At A&P l A Cheer Detergent......?;.. 77$ Ivory Liquid. Dash Detergent!!. Ivory Snow Detergent J ? 83( Ivory Flakes Soap - ? Salvo Tablet Detergent ? 141 c J)reft Detergent v.:s??:.5??..35t IMPORTANT NOTICE! Our Billfold Bingo Ends Sat. April 15th Redeem Winning Slips Thru Sat. April 22nd THERE'S STILL TIME TO WIN UP TO '1,000 IN CASH NO PURCHASE REQUIRED JHIK 7 " SHIU 7 H , mms: TO PLAY Ora Buckley Ruth Combs 3 h. Maude Musgrave Roxie Webb CLIP THESE COUPONS PRICES IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE THRU SATURDAY Bufferin PAIN BOTTLE OF 100 TABLETS KILLER 95 Hearts Delight Apricot Hector (120Z. 14-q- CAN 17) OTTa z. CAN -- 1 r uiai ioap DEODERANT 2 2 BATH BARS REG. BARS 39t 29 APRIL 15th.. COME SEE, SHOP AND SAVE SAMSGnJTE FOLDING INTRODUCTORY Table or Chair $099 CHOICE WITH J25.0O IN CASH REGISTER TAPES REG. 6.99 VALUE WOMENS BAY encyclopedia of VOL. ONLY 1 OFFER CooJiery 89t VOLS. 2 THRU 12 1.49 EA.

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