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Image 12 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 13, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

1 H E MOUNTAIN EAGLE . . . WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, PAG r 12 APRIL 13, 1967 THURSDAY, KENTUCKY Jenkins BIRTHDAY PARTIES HONOR AMY BENTLEY AND MELODY ROBINSON, WHO ARE NOW EIGHT YEARS OLD By: JOYCE GISH Miss Amy Lou Bcntley was honored Wednesday, April 5, by friends and classmates at a birthday party cookout given by her parents, Mr. and Mis. Lester Bentlcy, and her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. F. M, Johnson, at the lohnson's residence on Wood- - Give Your Garden the Once-Ove- r Super Tractor and Hotary Plow land Trail. G Jests were served hotdogs, hamburgers, cake and Ice cieam. Any, who received many gifts, was 8 years old. Miss Melody Robinson was feted on Monday, Apiil 10 In observance of hex 8th birthday. Many of Melody's friends and classmates were present for the party given at the home of Melody's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Robinson of Camden. The Jenkins PTA will have its last meeting of the year Monday night, April 17, at 7 p.m. A pot luck supper has been planned for teachers and parents at this meeting. All members are urged to come to this final meeting of the year. Warnle Flint, Jr., is president and Mrs. E. B. Sanders Is hospitality hostess for tilts meeting. The Jenkins Order of DeMolay Card of Thanks PERFECT SEEDBED e Gravely's tractor and Rotary Plow team up to till a perfect seedbed in one operation ready to plantl high-torqu- One of 39 quick-chang- year-roun- e to make tough jobs easy, built to last. Proof? Ask us: tools-bu- ilt "Is the Gravely really rndestructible?" Free Demonstration Call: DEWEY'S HARDWARE Cumberland Phone 589-48- 15 B GRAVELY 50th ANNIVERSARY 1917-196- 7 Mr. and Mrs. Lonnic Adkins and Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Johnson were guests for Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bcntley and But it's still nice to know that If something ever does go wrong we'll take care of normal repairs at no additional charge. What else that costs sp little gives you so much value? O. O Parks has returned to his home In Jenkins after spending the winter months In Daytona Beach, Bla. Mrs. Bill Eads and Beth and Lisa arc visiting in Whitcsvillcand Madison, W. Va. . this week. Mrs. E. B. Sanders and children are in Lookout, Ky. , visiting Mrs. Sanders' father. Mrs. E. P. Auxici and her nelce M s. Martha Brewer are In Baltimore tills week on business. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Snwell were in Louisville and Lexington for the past week end. one family. Dr. and Mis. E. B. Sanders have returned home from Louisville, Ky., aridPiketon, O. While In Louisville the Sanderses attended the Ky. Dental Association meeting and were guests of Mrs. Sanders' sister, Mrs. Chester Newsome. In Piketon, O., they Prevent forest fires DAY ONLY!! jjj Thursday, April 20 BIG 11x14 SHVEITONE PORTRAIT Bast Vignette) (Semi-Lif- e visited another of Mis. Sanders' sisters, Mis. Harry Spears. Arthur FInley Newsome and Daniel Klingman of Louisville arc visiting the E. B. Sanders family this week. Mrs. Gary Maynard and son Greg of Lexington were the week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Childers. The Rainbow Girls were guests Sunday Morning of Mrs. Trumon Conley at services at the Methodist Church. Thto Cobpoh .......... For 60c Savingi Clip Special Yi Price Photo Coupon Thto coupon madl $ purchase made the day photographer Is in the store, entitles you to We take this opportunity to thank each and every one who helped us during the death of our husband and father, Emmett Blair. We deeply appreciate all the kind words spoken in sympathy. Especially do we thank the ministers, McCoy Frahklin and David Morrow, for the fine messages, and the Polly-Cra- ft Funeral Home for their care. And all those who brought food to our B lackey (fr. P. home, and all those who sent beautiful flowers, and others who ebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary recently. They received stood by us in our time of sorrow. God bliss you all. rug as a a beautiful hand-nookgift from Mrs. Irene Kin neer. MRS. EMMETT BLAIR and I. D. Back is feeling poorly JACK BLAIR and Family right now. We hope he is up to fishing soon. T. A? Dixon, Elma and Tommy, Card of Thanks Jr. , spent the week end in LouiWe, the family of Emit B. sville . While they were gone Duncan, wish to express to you, Mrs. Oley Blevins and Mrs. Crit-tl- e our friends of Letcher County, Andrews spent the week end our appreciation or your thought- with Mrs. T. A. Dixon. ful kindness extended to us during the death and burial of our beCoy Fields has had his mother loved father. To those who sent Mis. Susan Fields flowers, letters, telegrams, who Lovell Fields from and brother Jacksonville, spoke words of comfort and for Fla. , visiting with him. each and every act of kindness we are grateful. May God bless each of you is our prayer. The family of EMIT B. DUNCAN" Seral-LU- Bust e nette Portrait at M CRAFT STORES coupon VYtMAt to the Photographer and Save 50c Vig- fl Mc Only one 49c offer per family. Without purchase above offer will be 99c Separate 11x14 Portrait of additional children $1.98 ea. Family, or any part, group photographed S 1.95 extra. Full Pom and Oil Coloring available at extra cost. ed No age limit No Handling Charge Guaranteed or money back. Satisfaction CRAFT DEPT. STORE Main Street WHITESBURG, KY. Before you can have great car deals, you have to have a great car. Chances are...y our telephone will never have to be repaired. (ffi) neld an installation of officers Sunday, April 9, at 2:30 p.m. in the Jenkins Lodge Hall. There were 22 boys who took part in the ceremony. The Rainbow Girls acted as escorts. There were boys from Pound, Va., and Whltesburg, Ky. , in the ' Only Pontiac dealers have both. Anylime's a great time to buy a new Pontiac. With great names like GTO, LeMans, Catalina, Firebird, Bonneville and Grand Prix, there's no such thing as a bad tirne. time to But If there ever was an extra-grea- t see yo'ur'Porjtiac dealer, it's right now. Because all this greatness has inspired him to let you write just about any kind of deal on your new Pontiac. GM So why settle for anything less? Get In on the great ones at your Pontiac i t i .J i uuaitii s i muayi muiuiiciutaci Pontlao Motor Oivltlon Southern Bell KYVA MOTOR GO. , Inc. Main & Madison, Whltesburg

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