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Image 11 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 13, 1967

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN Whitesburg . WHITESBURG, EAGLE . (from Page . letvice. A locial hou: was held after the meeting, The auxiliary iponiored a spaghetti nipper at the club house Saturday night which was attended by a large number of people, Mn. John Jenkins hotted the East Whitesburg Homemakers Club at her home April 4 at 230 p, m. Mn. August CodlipotL gave a beautiful devotional read-In- s from Pialmi, the group her for the Lord's Prayer, Mm. Jenkins was In charge of Landscape, which dealt with planning the doorway. Mrs. Dona English read a hilarious poem entitled 'In Defense of 40. " Mrs. Jenkins also led the discussion of the topic 'Buying Food Wisely and What Makes Food Prices. " This timely topic was very helpful and entertaining and all present participated In the discussion. Others present were Mrs. Bob Owens and Mrs, P, W. Ramsey, A tea hour was enjoyed after the meeting. Mrs. Cecil Webb has returned from Frankfort where she spent the holidays with her son, C.H, Webb, Jr. , and his family. While there, she attended the kindergarten program at Capitol Day School, where her grandson, Cecil Webb III, participated In the program. Weekend guests of Mr, and Ms, Lester Hammock Included Mrs, Herman Wampler and daughter Marsha of Clarksvllle, Ind, , Mrs. lson Haynes, Mrs, Elmer Haynes and two children of Wood-wa- y, Va, Ella Kaye Hammock Is spending her vacation hereishe is a student at Georgetown Col- lege. Mr. and Mrs. Emll Joe Clay and their small son of Louisville spent the holidays as guests of Emll Clay and other relatives. Mrs. T. C. Adams entertained with a luncheon at her home on Indlania Avenue recently. The guest list Included Mrs. Follace Fields, Mrs. J. D.Boyd, Mrs. Bernard Banks, Mrs, Myrel Brown, Mrs. Ernest Blair, Mrs. Walter Enlow, Mrs. Hester Day, Mrs, M. D. Lewis, Miss Barbara Mrs. Gene Vermillion, Mrs, J.D, Larkey, Mrs, C.H, Williams, Mrs. M.R. Blackson and Mrs. Daniel Quillen, Jr, Blair Adkins of Akron. Ohio spent part of last week here vis- Prlt-char- d, iting relatives and friends, he is a son of the Ute Dr, Bnz Adkins and Nyna Adkins formerly of Whitesburg. The regular meeting of the Wnman'i Soeictv of Christian Service was held at the Metho dlst Church Thursday evening H flbH H COUNTY, KENTUCKY LETCHER 3) Collins, the president conducted the business session after which Mrs. . Billy Wayne Wright and other members of the Dor-th- y Reets Circle presented a program relative to the creation of the world as recorded In Genesis. Mrs. H.M. Wiley, Mrs. Logan Collins Mrs. and Mr. Collins participated In this participation. Others present included t Mrs, le.-t-(LlyS- The Owen Wright , Mrs. Orval Hughes, Mrs. W.H. Blair, Mrs, J.L, Hays, Mrs, Forest Brown, Mrs. Kyle Campbell, Mrs, Stephen Combs, Mrs. Joe Newell, Mrs. Ruth Rice, Mrs, Virgil Blair and Karen Collins, Prayer and a love offering was offered at the alter conclus 'ion. Refreshments were served during the social hour by the Dorothy Reese Circle members. Mr. and Mrs. George Dodson property tax roll will be open for inspection from May 1 through May 5 Thrifty w&y t$ & fink $f pr$tctk.. Kts ment, and compare it own may assess- with others in the county.' This is the assessment on which school, county, and state taxes will be due on September 15, 1967., The '1 tax "books are in the office of the county tax commissioner in the county courthouse and i1 may be inspected "between the hours and . of Ml 0 0 PM Tax Commissioner County Lady, you'll love flameless electric water heating (almost this much) 1 I 1 wsel ni idft, with our ctnvtnltnr bsx mlsctlianious Take homt a box lo fill, or htr. Inturtd, moth flrtaft. taxpayer inspect the tax books to check hie From the momtnt you Install a flimileil electric water heater you'll know Why It'i 10 much better thin other typei. Because It needi no cumberiome flue, it tucki away unobtrusively almost anywhere. It'i utterly eltent. And It suppllee ill the clem, even temperitured hot water your family neede.Talk with your hue electric appliance worth lovlni. bind soon about one-mo- ttl Any . J1 proof and County )r Shel-byvll- wnPipan Bros.! Cleaners jr us peck If PACE 11 INSPECTION PERIOD FOR THE PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT ROLL at 7i30p.m. Mrs.Billy Paul of Detrlot, Michigan were guests of Mrs, Iva Maggard and mrs. Rosa Parsons. Mrs, Dodson Is the former Irene Parsons , Other guests were Eddie Maggard, Earl demons, Pontlac, Michigan and Norman Brown, Toledo Ohio, all students at Eastern University. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Blggerstaff and daughter, Leslie, were In Frankfort recently where Mr. Blggerstaff attended a business meeting. Mr, and Mrs, Cotsle Quillen and son, Cossle Jr. , student at Morehead University, are vacationing in Florida. They ate accompanied by Mr. Qulllen's mcther, Mrs, Willie Quillen of Neon. Guests of Mr, and Mrs. Stephen Combs recently were their daughter, Mrs, W.L. Daughetty and two sons, Stephen and Daniel of Lexington, Among the high school students who attended the Kentucky Youth Assembly held at Kentucky Hotel In Louisville were t Teresa Moore, Candace Hunnlcutt, Jante Adams, Olivia Maggard, Jeanle Price accompanied by Mrs. James Arthurs also Gerald Combs, Mark Witt, Matty Newell and Roger Mulllns accompanied by R, T. Holbrook, Instructor at Whitesburg High School. Cadet Fred Coffej , Jr. and Cadet David Setzer spent the holidays heroes guests of their parents, Mrs, Fred Coffey and Mr. and Mrs. D, S. Setzer, respectively. Dr. and Mrs, H cmer Petru and two children, Nicholas and Laura of Henderson, N, C. were visiting In the home of Mrs, Petru's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Lewle is. They went from here to to visit his mother, Mrs. Chris Petru, APRIL 13, 1967 THURSDAY, ther Htwm's ON A NEW PSP ELECTRIC WATER HEATER 1 Ask MiMy-Savi- ibvt Rf CirtilkatM corner of Main and College S50 SAVE -- n u m mi 1

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