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Image 71 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1948-1949)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

ARTS AND SCIENCES 67 dits Suggested Courses for a Major in Anatomy and Physiologyt 3 mmon YEAR 5 First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits Psych. 1a—1'ntro. to Psych. 1b—Intro. to Psychology 3 5 Psychology 3 Chem. 130b—Orge.nic Chemistry 5 4 Chem. l30a—Organic Chemistry 5 Zool. 10G—Embryology 4 Zool. 101a.—Histology 2 Anat. & Phys. lO9—Cellular 2 Anat. & Phys. 105—Archi- . Physiology 3 tecture of Human Skeleton 4 Zool. 157b—Vertebrate Anatomy 4 or · Bact. 102—General Bacteriology 4 om- SENIOR YEAR cific Third Semester Credits Fourth Semester Credits Wil] Anat. S; Phys. 1lGa— Anat. & Phys. 116b- Seminar (Tutorial) 1 Seminar (Tutorial) 1 SSOI Anat. & Phys. l07—Compara- Anat, & Phys. l06—Intro. tire Neuro—Physiology 4 to Endocrinology 3 Chem. l40a—Physical Chem. 4 or English 3s.—Hist. of Eng. Lit. 3 Anat. & Phys. ]l0—- Electives in modern lang., Intermediate Metabolism 3 social subject, or botany 6 Chem. 140b—Physica1 Chem. 4 English 3b——Hist. of Eng. Lit. 3 ad_ Elective (Cont. elective Subj.) 6 Jrse gn ANCIENT LANGUAGES >e the The courses and curricula in Ancient Languages and Litera- mg] tures are confined to the classical fields (Greek and Latin) and are ENS planned to meet the needs of the following: (1) Students who wish to get a general liberal education without preparing for any specitic vocation. The broadest possible educationally sound program will be permitted. the (2) Students who want to prepare through a classical major p ime, for work in the various graduate and professional schools. Such iose students will use their electives to meet the specific requirements >my, of the individual graduate or professional school. (3) Students who wish to prepare with a classical major for rom entering various vocations upon the completion of the A.B. degree. hool For the individual student this department, in consultation with rave the department representing the student’s vocational interests for (home economics, journalism, radio arts, etc.), will arrange a cur- riculum that will satisfy the requirements both of a classical back- {us- ground and of the vocation. tion} (4) Students who intend to enter the ministry and wish to tical lake an undergraduate classical major or merely to learn to read the Greek New Testament. (5) Students who are going to teach classical languages or who Mmm HTG 30mg to do graduate work or research in classical languages, `“ a¤€1GI1t history, archaeology, medieval studies, or ll1’1gLllStlC$. each mrc- Y °_F<>1‘ the full schedule of part of the Junior Year and the entire Senior H\?3;\·‘:ll?kSl¤1

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