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Image 66 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1948-1949)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

II . I _ ~ S G2 UNlVERSl'.l`Y or KmNTUCi;Y C( ` sive examination are automatically candidates for department gi - honors. i Independent Work Courses iii E! A junior or senior, if his particular excellence in the depart- U, ment warrants it, may, with the approval of his major professor and W dean, register for an independent work course in his major subject. ` l Such a course is characterized by special assignments for study, weekly or bi-weekly conferences, reports, and semester papers of some sustained effort. Credit for such courses may be granted to m ~ i undergraduates to an amount of not more than 12 credits. At the CI end of the semester a written report of the work in such a course, tk or a paper representing part of the work must be read before the · }i staff of the department. A copy of this paper must be filed in l ... the office of the head of the department concerned. ` V Independent work courses are defined by their larger scope, lll ` wider content, advanced point of view, and by a more rigorous N demand of reading, writing, and thinking. gi t A Credit for Beginning Foreign Languages A passing grade in the first semester’s work of a beginning U modern foreign language will not entitle the student to credit for UI that course until he has gained a passing grade in the second pl é semester’s work. Classification in Foreign Languages a. The student who presents one unit of high school foreign i language will be permitted to enroll in first year work for full t credit. L, · ? b. The student who presents two units of high school foreign af 1 language will be permitted to enroll in first year work, but will fe R receive credit only if he makes at least a B standing in this course. Q C. N0 student whose native language is other than EngliSh, ja _ and Who has had formal instruction in schools of his own C0L1Ill.YY» pr ; may be permitted to take elementary, intermediate, or conversatlfm St; { courses in that language. . Electives in Other Colleges IE! · The student is permitted to elect and count toward graduation gn courses in the other colleges of the University not to excééd 30 E ·l credits. Credits in the other colleges gained during the junior and `l senior years may, if not open to freshmen, be counted on malor SC , and field requirements. However, election of law courses by Arts DL i and Sciences students is limited by the following regulations: E; Students having the major part of their work in law must in all me , register in the College of Law. Seniors registered in the College of Arts and Sciences, and W Y°“s°n DP , thereof carrying at least one~halt of their work therein, may take RS mfmy 215 8 credit hours of law during a semester selected from the fcll0“l“g

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