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Image 56 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1948-1949)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I l § l gl ` 52 UNIVERSITY mr l{l·ZN'I‘l`(`KY § Graduate School ? ' Master of Arts Master of Science { Master of Science in Public Health Master of Science in Agriculture Master of Science in Home Economics Master of Science in Civil Engineering Master of Science in Electrical Engineering _ Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering _ i Master of Science in Mining Engineering §_` Civil Engineer (C.E.) _ Electrical Engineer (E.E.) Mechanical Engineer (M.E.) {E Metallurgical Engineer (Met.E.) , Mining Engineer (E.M.) Master of Arts in Education Master of Science in Education Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) ‘ Doctor of Philosophy I The names of degrees listed above give only a general idea of the educational opportunities available at the University. Within the various colleges there are many possibilities for specialization and the pursuit of particular interests. These may be outlined ri as follows: College of Arts and Sciences. Within this college it is possible ° to major in any one of twenty-eight departments as follows: l Anatomy and Physiology, Ancient Languages and Literatures, ' “ : Anthropology, Art, Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry, Economics, , English Language and Literature, Geography, Geology, German Q Language and Literature, History, Hygiene and Public Health, A Journalism, Library Science, Mathematics and Astronomy, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Radio Arts, Romance Languages and Literatures, Social Work, Sociology, and Zoology. · College of Agriculture and Home Economics. Students in agri- _ culture may select any one of the following curricula: general agri- , ` culture, agricultural economics, animal industry, horticulture, orna- V l , mental horticulture, or vocational agriculture. There are pre-p1‘0- ·e§ fessional programs for students who plan to study agricultural , engineering, forestry, veterinary medicine, or theology. Students in home economics may select any one of the follow- ing curricula: general home economics, child development and · family living, clothing, costume design, textiles and interior decora- tion, home economics extension, institution economics, or vocational - home economics. ‘

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