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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-309- Minutes Of The Board Of Trustees April 6, 1020. "These, gentlemen, are a few of the problems confronting the University at the present time. Ye have many other problems, but I have time only to dwell on these few points." (7) Committee for the Purchase of Coal. On motion made and seconded, the Chair appointed Mr. Grady and Senator Peak to make arrangements for the purchase of coal for the coming year. (8) Plans for the Erection of Dormitories. On motion by Mr. Wells, duly seconded, the President was requested to ask Mr. Coolidge, the University architect, to prepare plans and specifications for the erection of a dormitory costing approximately $150,000, the plans to be presented to the Board at some future meeting. (9) Subscription Student Loan Fund. After the discussion of the Student loan fund by President McVey, members of the Board vol- untarily subscribed the following amounts to that fund: Mr. Richard P. Ernst subscribed ......... . ........ $500 Mr. Richard C. Stoll subscribed................... 500 Mr. J. I. Lyle subscribed ................ ..... .250 Mr. George Colvin subscribed thru Mr. Ernst .. $100 (10) Purchase of Engineering Equipment. On motion duly made and seconded, a committee consisting of Mr. Lyle, Dean Anderson and Mr. Grady was appointed to make a selection of engineering equipment, the selection to be reported to the Executive Committee which will give authority for the purchase. (11) Agricultural Extension Committee. President McVey re- ported to the Board that the Governor had recently appointed the members of tVie Agricultural Extension Committee provided by law, consisting of the following persons: Governor Morrow, Commissioner Hanna, Senator Froman, Mr. McKee, and Mr. Hornsby. (12) New Members of the Board of Trustees. It was reported to the Board that the Governor had made appointments on the Board of Trustees as follows: Mr. W. H. Grady, Alumni member, for a period of six years; Mr. James W. Turner, for a period of six years; Mr. Frank McKee, for a. period of six years: Mr. T. L. Hornsby, repre- senting the Board of Agriculture. On motion duly seconded the Board adjourned to meet on Tuesday June 1, 1920. Respectfully submitted, /Signed/ Wellington Patrick Secretary of the Board.

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