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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-308- Minutes 0' The Board Of Trustees April b, 1920. 22(g) Memorial Building. Plans have been prepared by Mr. Coolidge for the Memorial Building. We have raised $165,000 and the amount will probably reach $200,000. The committee has some men in the field at wrork. It is best, however, to let this matter rest until we have fully determined what the contributions will total. "(h) Library. One of our most pressing needs is more adequate library facilities. The Library now has reading room for about fifty students. By removing some of the stacks and placing them in the basement, we could probably make room for 75 or 80 students, but this is less than 10 per cent of the student body and is wholly in- adequate for our needs. We now have about 41,000 volumes in the Library but we ought to have even at the present time 70,000 or 80,000 volumes. The Library is the heart of the University. We cannot carry on graduate work without library facilities. "(i) The Need of Better Alumni Organization. We have had at the University during its history a me 15,000 students and about 2,000 of these have received degrees. We have at the present time no adequate record of where these people are and what they are doing. In most cases, we have not even their addresses. We have kept up fairly well with those who have received degrees but we are not in proper touch with them. We have an enormous number of former stu- dents scattered over the State and Nation and we should have some adequate way of keeping in close toucbh with them. With the proper organization for taking care of alumni matters, we could do better work. In the near future I want to suggest some plans for working out better organization for alumni matters at the University. "(j) Student Loan Fund.. We have felt the need of a more ade- quate student loan fund. At the present time, we have a loan fund aggregating about 42,200 including $1,000 given by the Southern Rail- way to agricultural students living along their roads. We have frequent calls for student loans and the loan fund should be consid- erably increased. @(k) Deartment of Music. Professor Lampert has indicated to me that there is considerable demand for pianos for practice. Our music instruction is general in character and we have no adequate facilities for instrumental practice. If we could have a small building where we could place five or six pianos for practice, it would be a good thing. We have need also of additional instructors in music, the cost to he University would be perhaps only the cost of the building and purchase of pianos as salaries and instructors could be paid wholly from fees.

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