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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-307- Minutes Of The Board Of Trustees April b, 1920. "(e) Eousing of Students. The enrollment at the University Zs growing rapidly. The total number of students that have regis- tered to date this year is 1b23 including about 300 in the summer session. We receive daily, letters from parents wanting places for their children. Parents want their daughters placed under Univer- sity supervision. Vrnen we are not able to care for them they send them elswhere. The University will undoubtedly increase its body of students very rapidly and we must make provisions for housing these students. Last year we were able to house about 700 men. About 200 students were turned away from the University because they could not find adequate housing facilities. The cost of living for students has increased; room rent, where rooms can be obtained, has gone up. The monthly cost of living for students has increased from $25 or $30 a month to $50 to $bO a month. "The increased cost of an education is fact becoming a menace to democracy. It is true that the ability of students to pay more for an education has increased, but this increase has not kept pace with the increased cost of living. We will get from the legisla- ture an appropriation of $75,000 annually for two years to build dormitories. This does not really solve our problem, because it merely takes up the slack. By the time we have spent this money for dormitories, we will have moved far ahead of our present posi- tion and the housing situation will be even more difficult. There is a movement at the present time for the erection of fraternity houses. We have just leased to the Sigma Nu fraternity a building site for the erection of a fraternity house. I understand that the Sigma Alpha Epsilon wishes to make application for a site for a $40,000 fraternity building. These fraternity houses will help to a certain extent to solve our housing problem, but the rank and file of students not so taken care of must be considered. "(f) The Building Situation. In the budget estimates which have just come to me, there are several requests for additional buildings. Dean Anderson has requested that Mechanical Hall be enlarged by the addition of a wing for recitation and tool rooms. In the Agricultural Department there is a great necessity for a building for Agricultural engineering. We have carried on this work in a number of small sheds and this has been very unsatisfac- tory. The demand for more recitation rooms is very pressing. We need, also, a woman's gymnasium; we are using at the present time a small wooden structure behind White Hall which is very un- satisfactory. With the $150,000 which we shall receive from the Legislature, we can probably construct one dormitory. The plans which were drawn by Olmsted Brothers provide for a system of dormitories to be erected mainly on Mulligan lot.

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