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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-305- Minutes of The Board of Trustees April 6, 1920. Resignations Resignation of Mr. H. E. McSwain, county agent, Lewis County, Kentucky, effective February 2Y, 1920. Resignation of Mr, Kimber Bowles, county agent, Morgan County, Kentucky, effective December 31, 1919. Resignation of Mr. Geoffrey Morgan, assistant director of ex- tension, effective March 31, 1920. Resignation of Mr. Marcus J. Clarke, assistant county agent, McCracken County. Kentucky, effective February 22, 1920. Resignation of Mr. 0. F. Floyd, extension specialist in market- ing, effective March 31, 1920. Resignation of Mr. Ralph J. Morgan, district agent, effective April 30, 1920. Resignation of Miss Wallace Utbterback, Secretary of the Feed Control Department, effective May 1 1920. Leaves of Absence Leave of absence is granted to Mr. M. 0 Hughes, without pay, for an indefinite period, effective March 31, 1920. (5) Report of Business Agent. The report of the Business Agent was presented and ordered filed. (6) Report of the President. Presidnet McVey made a brief report to the Board of Trustees as follows: "(a) Increased Cost of Operation. The conditions facing the University have greatly changed in the past two years. Dur- ing the next two years, we shall be facing a very difficult situa- tion. The increased cost of supplies, the added cost of coal and the cost of labor and other supplies will add materially to the budget changes. t`(b) Salaries. The question of salaries is becoming more and more serious, and increasingly more difficult to meet. We are un- able to fill the positions of persons who resign at the salary they received, new people cost more, with the result that we often get people of less experience and the standards of the University are in danger of being lowered. Some provision must be made for bring- ing University salaries up to what they ought to be in order to meet the increased cost of living.

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