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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., March 15, 1907

Part of The Big Sandy news.

ANDY NEWS. BIG Ant inveniam viam, aut faciam. :lume xxn number J. VICTORY Professor Kennison. YEARS OLD 106 louisa, lawrence county, Kentucky, march 15, 27. -. B. Clayton Appointed Sheriff.1 m. f. 1907. PERT PARAGRAPHS conley, Goinj to NeW publisher York. Dr. U H. York and A. P. Banfieldt B. Clayton was on lost MonPicked Up At Pike, Paint and will leave on the 20th for New Tort ' appointed Sheriff ot Lawrence City to tako coorsett Cotr-tand executed bond and enPrestonsburj. In their profession. Thla Is Dr.Ban Me tered upon Ma duties at once. 14tfii course. field Dr. York wilt appointed T. J. Chapman and WalDi. G. V. Daniel and family have irtve bis attention entirely to generter Clayton aa deputies. to Pamtsvllle from Sip and moved al brrgery while there. He will reId." Claytoi la a sober, Industrious, pre occupying Uielr pretty resl turn to Louisa by the new comment nun, and will make a .1enct on Upper Second street. Rlvtrview Hospital la ready to open goou officer. He is already at work Dr. York has been Tery tnccessfuE executing papers and expects to Mr. Andy Hatcher, a prominent in the practice cf surgery as well an. have everything in bis line ready and aged cltUen of Plkevllle, died the of medidne, and this xpecial preparaby the time Circuit Court opens the Wednesday coining. riolut of view an Ideal instructor. He waa the i 'i lit Keu'.mky and poaal-L.'many months, belnK threatened and tion will give him the advantage of Of touith Monday in April. Vi.rv Iirmu'h I ri tliH father of James Hatcher. ' J the United Stalee. menaced by the avowed declaration the most advanced methods. by thla It la meant schools la bla. FoK-ve- r.l mouth, be had been WEBBV1U.E. corporation which had for It, a .lih, to eullndy fa.ul lar wrac'K-allbelpleaa. but prevlou. to r.'il Perkins and lour boys went The Court of Apieals has revers demollshment of Entertained the Clubs. achoo U amever, thing Uughl In that time waa itnurkaMy active. poaseaalona to Villurd ti. load i car of timber ed a Judgment of the Pike Circuit Ho aeeuis, and la, at home; Couri in an election contest case Ilia lolliKca. tie waa Uiin In Virginia. of the good people of for ibeir banile mill. Mr J. D. Biggs entertained the From the c'mrl of Ihoutunils aU department. CfjIUreKs against W. B died three years in oldest daughter Ho)u, l'lke, Itcier, and aonui oth-i- r Cr'nt la loading out a car load of of A F. Flinch Club on Thursday afternoon, :rA1.v .t..u nlIA - .. ...i " "' " (ountiea In Wo'Jbvllle Exchanse Plnson involving tb office of School of last week. Eaatern Kentucky, ota-.- ' ai o at the ana ot 7S. Five children""" ",u"rcooipeittlil The members ot the.-icatmer cna rx- be la me up'Sntetidcni of Pike County,, and Cosrip in le bailing upokes. the people of Gheae have lived Club and Mrs. Delia Fergu'.... .1.1.. ...I Will. t.l. puivi- , , .i VVUIUMICU 1UUI Ub Win. ill. t.) Childress, the of losing the aires which they Bcnle Webti ' sold big farm on Dry awcrded the office son were also guests ot the occasion. . Keunlaoii baa fenr Republican candidate. The opinion covered by 'arly acquirement I'nf. Tbe remarkable A recreant eon Foi k to John Perklub. rlKhtitilly claimed. All played flinch during the entire) to the great aiaii vmvuiuu ability of tt e court was announced by Jjdge bla U has T. aud S. Pievlns, Dave Polly.wlfe the greatest develbiggest sort afternoon, the only interruption bewho of the soil la. for Die I luaUUcllou to Uioae "Waiving ing opment ever wllneaad in any other input neertng the legal and and nine t.illilreu Henry PoIly,wlfe Loafing, who writes: for the service of refreshments. beeu' Aa has probably seek It aerW of the world' history. When raid before lit tbla imper Uiere are literal machinery in una siupenaoua and lour children, North Kellar.Dave ulu An tdciiulcalities and formal .nC while some of the flinch playobjections, appellant, on the face of Ha and what be yesterday Wel'o and two boys all left ww member that be waa born the rteal. for ers often declare that they "would lbua who know bui cannot teach. the returns, was fairly elected and b .1 w I li m .iMiftfh nt 41oruM km. denominated and fondly claimed bla Oklahoma. ratter play flinch than to eat," . 'aud there are tbow, uuforlutunely, entitled to the o'fflce." Bl.l Taylor passed .here with ISC thla arb ngton we reallae that ha waa and good friend;" the evident 'lelisa. with vrtilch the- and deolre "mat. are by lucUuaiioti Tbe . declaloi. ot the court was United Btalwi 'who head of fine hogs. , Ing. unscrupulous corporation, resuly aa old aa the . ,, , grain .,, delicate and delightful refreshment a.-umeuwaa born before - Ward and Mr. Potter are here announced In the consolidated' cases were received hy eac" and every on gone down Into the dual "mud" ! hM nut m hdlMmhln knffl- - have nKiltr of Childress vs. Plnson, Pinson, vs. would better describe defeat on their way to Aland. Ua-- steamboat waa Invented and le- present tended to raise some question, Jrof. Me modern on Jasper Tlobcrts, ,f near Louisa, Hartley, and Plnson vs. Keen, Can riant for furw railways were in use. rnd bla lackers met their Wat as tr the sincerity of the aforesaid ' Ketiiitaon does not belong to eith tippcal from the Pike Circuit Court good old town yes- Is here on hl-- i way to Grayson. ilm were used where electric llgtita er ot these c'.uaaee. declaration. It ia safe to say that fully erloo in thla He ia The judgment ot the court below is Tmln two hours behind time. terday. It would be; equi-'peTheir petition asking for daxxle the eye. the afternoon passel most pleasant-along Sie llnea of ability case reversed as to the CMt Thompson and wife for katorvctlng to follow thee reflections the Hating of "thlr" lands Went ly for all guests. to Uach and meut;U aud Intel lect- and affirmed as to the other cases. itaxirg waa demurre out of court, to Charleston today. adow the tartoua lines ef progreaa ual acquirements. Combined wltbi election Two car lo.ids of bogs shipped to At the November, 1905, and a! the r mot ona were denied tt w bad pace. and eaaentiai qua! Childress and Plnson were candl to ihet Important BIG DEAL the motions of the people, rppretrnt Cental Ohio. Bandy aomebow manage Bla a Keunlaou poaaeaaea A J. Pennington til lllea Irof. sivh giants as Jabn 1 lager, ed returned from dates for the office of County SupkrM. record rlgtif along la and nervrnallty at once inviting On the 8tewart, W. H. Wadaworth.Tay-ln- r Oklahoma and report a good time erintendent cf Schools. recently agTwable. Tbe writer face of tbe returns Childress wls The Gunnell Block in Louisa Soli ' Harklns, were and his Improved. Vinson and Walter I! had tbe pleasure ot aeelng and hear- vlrturloua, and Jack Hendricks .l-- n rfelle GamblU returned from elected by a majority ot sixty votes, la For $16,000. FATAL ACCIDENT ing tor tiimetlf bow thla able K. was but the vote of one precinct and treat Pel r.cylvanla today. chew the rag to 'eft the N. " man to lnatruct not reported U the County Election all he may ket to 11k ten to him to . F. R. Moore went to Blaine yesmauy youpg men and women who. Pu bably the largest real eetatft-deaGod save the roads In Commission, and that body certifi Fell Under Wheels noiia of them, from early In the a uluh of "cheatnuU" ot the Tint- - terday. Ccnny ever made in Loulea waa clos1000 B. C county for the County Courts ed that Pinson had aixteen major age ot this morning untl late In the day, throngity on the canvas of returns, but ed ldft Saturday afternoon hy R. A of Mornin; Train. from thla just will not There la no appe-It was a ((tert.lon ot ,Uilne Gardner, and aa Taylor Woods went through here me commissioners did not issue a Bitktl. It iLcluded what Is known ed Ma recitation room. . . . - . - k.... i. - 1.I..U.. as tbe Gunnell business block, con-tl- stii certificate to blm. with a fine drove ot cattle. Ob last Suuday morning Dennle g of one-ha- lt dt muiil h,ve bw.n fc er. aa to a similar ruling of the other acre in Pinson entered suit against Bart-'e- y the Tom Perkins, family and Late Webb .. a r. mnA fl brakeman. fell .k. Tbe. and Keen, officers ot precincts heart ot tbe business district are moving to Mahan. ta ine 'tNior; nere. aiuaeni w V :. Maport, of Williamson and Co., in the count, asking a mandamua to buildings on it are tbos occupied byttto to y, t V ..,.t I a., tl. . . a UU W a i. . compel them to bring in signed state- - D- - r- - Spence. & A Kirk, Louisa. iU litlUTIl, WW IlUlMlal ...kU is here. Company, W. D. Pierce, J. B. The Mrs. John GamblH and Miss Swet- - menU about disputsd ballots. ' and Crutcher, Dra. Busaty and Jones, nam are here going to- - ClnclnratL lower court heard the contest petitions of Plnson Rowe's barbr shop and the Arling- Tin. McKee. the old conductor, who dismissed the The, people and their gallant rept motion and Adklna wfco! Tbe price to l(,0O0.0O. . reaitaUTe are greatly to be eon- - la ni w In the office, made the run against Bartley and Keen, and de-- ton Hotel . th (Vunmiii . M.t anaca, u you a Ii. this deal Mr. Gunnell closes out . Thele nuTnu ia the for Conductor Kllgore. whose wife' c,alJ "neon to have received l malf a abort time, waa sitting Pi of getting the pupil to rfl;beB.Bnin(i of the end. majority of the votes. The court the lemalnder ot hli Louisa propla Ht, , mv . rr mbwl " aoiiM . . . It. rethe winner hy twelve erty, having sold his residence rnmK '""i Following ia the judgment ot the Peters and Allen, of Floyd th. ,r,1"M ,he P""" w,lh fouf- - Court in the matter referral appealed Childress to cently to W. M. Justice. -to ly. jiaased today with 80 head majority. .o r ana tne Mr Bickel Is a successful insurJenc In himself; to give blm elf-- 1 , Ithe court, anu gets the office. Tbe of oung cattle. .v mm .- -j nnfortunate nrMalht i tha ..: he? 'mmnf lease was tried la the lower court ance and real estate man and to l,ere Mr. Stewait. or Blaine, rnv.trivwRAt.TH cv where emoiyo teamer. was taken to Plkevllle ia laci every stud- on Ms way to East Fork Floyd Circuit Court on before Judge Ben G. Williams, who is being congratulated upon his latma(Ur' whst may be bla' th Coropana surgeon, Dr. Z A.fDU The property was Special Judge ot the Pike Clr- - est achievement In the matter of the application buo'.neaa. Thompson, rendered all poaalble aid. intended voraUon. will thoroughly of E . Lands! V Hicks and two Bisters. Miaa cul Cul for the hearing of theiyery desirable and the large pressed Kentucky Coal Ira ainmriaie ..... Iimwuriiiit qunuim ., A anerlal train was haaUly , Miu ,u.l .1.1. nm . i case. Met store building on the corner j ,.j n..'.- i ,or ann i ir 's the finest in the Big Sandy Valley. . of taxation, and to ing train. 'or fcrseesrut-n,i, w..ini.n VESSIE. TlS ,Lnin",,DM '"hOUl t0nC"t" ought Young Tard and Walters passed Uxe. which board. train ItT. ZION. th, fr!n(, an(, ,Jvo. thmt'gh here from Ashland - to i C. S. Arthur and family are vis J. W. Bellomy, ot Durbin spent 1 iting Wm. Riffe. home In Johnson county. their ",JU,,r",U "",,, lnK folks at Adeweek Sunday with home Miss Bessie Neal left last tract, of land herein below de-- Jl.n Ward came In from Ashland JfrlJ !1J yU- WOn"n- - ,"'U Md in line. On from Judgment today. for, a visit to her brother O. K. Horman made a busiaera trip, m"h a" fn,'0r Mf'"" m- O. Floyd County Court Utile Shini GamblU and John " ,,,r, r ,nl""- - th"1 " yU manl J. P. Riffe and little daughterIearl, to Ashland Tuesday. coming on in reg- - Dol are here going to Ohio. "V Tult for buyder V.lss Levia Workman ' was called! voumelf for jour life work u,ftr tal( aHj , parties having an- - Clabe Speers, . of Catlettaburg, Is Fpenl Saturday and Sunday with rel l"l'"l upon r'.. to Portsmouth to Ge bedside ot her ibul'.l ... ...wn. here to buy ties. tie foundation. of a nood . ,,,. ,k. In Louisa. " ttk M.. arrlJMit . ourred the' .. .i toe court u.)on the demurrer . Tarkett and Mitch-d- , ot Floyd, went l,, u. k. roieie naa reiurnea iroui( Bister, who has typhoid fever. ,,niiijai our dtiora. la Ka arhool ' where' to and the motlou to. dlsml-w- , the y with 130 bead ot cattle, 1200 Washington, and to. going into the Ai'en KInuer was k Bolts fork vis et Fallaburg were Dotlfied by' tele...... foUndalion ran he laid, and'jtietition and appllrition, and argu have passed here itot Sunday. In three poult ly business at thla place, Some of them cam lo lxvt- - )h " t (co Ki tbeuii. t Mrh. comrar- John Rosa, ot Durbin, visited"'. Harry Queer has leturued from of counsel wire heard ion day. orntng and took charge 6 ,, ' fcsa Monday !lflUnK Taluo lt alm.wt' leander fcwetnam's daughter h 'Portsmouth, where he spent a few;tolE folk Sunday. time ot tbe body, carrying it to Leory Bolt returned from Mud riv- days with his brother. And the Caurt aa now advised up- - hen on her way to Blaine. i t i j v Kan's creek ft Interment uujay. The saw mill on Slab Camp is icn loiiHldefation of the petition and Ben McXeul, of Cherokee, is here! ILYSdFS. Dr my Adklns was t son of Wllllamj a. John Queen. Hulette. was uppluatiou is ot Ihj opinion way to old Mrglnia to lee' doing a flourkhing business. that on tils or AdVlna, single, and about 26 here Monday. JtMrs Morr.Mm about three wi eks, Ari,.i in of an Act of the LmI-- ! Thornsberry spent one nsht' nk hrotlr. Ti ytara of aKC. D. Bolt was on our creek Fr-iano rtuck ti IihII In Ma hand, which ' : ...a r.ii..,iin f iM.ncnn 1ki cwk with Jim lemons. .,,mu.i "An Af n.i.ih.. in, thls,adT' raptnly developed Into a serious tnM ieVei.ue ami Taxation," C. T. Mille- has moved from approved 'drove 22 held of cattle by. poisoning. Row on Train He ia nmch MarrL 15. i9i'. and being Chapter of Ainett iColbrook Is here from El- - Itoce to Bolts Fork, where he is Iko fannln and Willis Armstrong. of Culbertsoa. was a business vi-sItn the eooda hnalnpna. Improved at this time aa to be ahlo' .,i th. im. nt ihj m.urto.tnn nfin...i t.i. l Buchanan Monday. sit up and walk about the room. tne Born, to Mr. and Mrs. James Lem- - lt0H B lawful ex- La' t Sunday morning a row oecurr-jt- o V-maion , Ella McKee came up from Misses Clara Burton and Elsie-legislative power ons. a 10 pound girl ed ot; the passenger train fiom Plke-- j Horn on t :b. 13, to Lliaa George of the of Greoi.up to e her mother. a and wife, a girl. Also to Monroe .),, Ptlltp. Lut tne C4nrt BUStan Ahand which caused ville Btn and Tom Buckley, of Estep, Vanhorn, ot Rove creek, were guests Rev ranlels, of CaU fork. Went of Bear creek friends last week. j,ne demurr-'- r to the petition and' to Huntington n4 deal of excitement and onejlUirders and wife a girl. j who have been very 16w with pneu- - Mrs Anntj K inner visited her. a. There haa been a great man ttwi n,,,i,.ai on foi the leasons that inl T.aln got off tra.-- k rwotk-dowJoha Daniels, and waa Kuemonla for some time, are better. and of 'jirripp hcie recently, all the opinion of the Court the aald reac' tng here last night noisy. but paaaenurr, grew Vf-Frank Stewart and James Lemons parents on Garner last veek. Mrs. Lewis Fannin, ot East Forkv. Then remonntrated with became ro are letter. jetllion and application to lnsuf-- l Ducon Wade Is here for Jits are our champion fox hunters. EJ Boyd has Just finishes haul-aiMrs. Hall to Impiovlng from an was called to Portsmouth hy the HI v'olet.t that Conductor Carr knocked Icieiii In that It does not comply' firm nes ot her tanddaughter, Miss When the train readied Ing raw logs. town. with the mandatory provisions of Young Pennington, of Little fork, attack ot pneumonia. who tuts typhoid fever. Payne took Mr. Allcs Poyd viMted her J. T. Riffe and Wm. Albright are Uduim he and Dete-tlvgood s lire on bis way to Greeuup to said Article, and for other Klnner was a btlslness vitl- Mr. Minnie Beaaley, Sunday, contemplating a visit to Ashland Pamela off and and turned him ov- and aufflcleut reason apparent op- work. tor at Buchanan Friday. bailard Castle, of Oeorgea creek. ine face of the petition and applicatr to Judge Twonnwon. Tbe The Literary had a tine time at soon. aiibs rannv uacooic was t&e ga esvr until and Mrs. Mary E. Hannah, ot this tion. ,vaer was hold In 1100 ball Prof. Daniels Is a Noll Sava, ot Estep, purchased their debate. her sister at Culbertsoa last, when he ,na arraigned for p'ac. were iitilted In marriage Mar. and la go ot Monday, It la further ordered and adjudg tine educator and our school to a a fine horse last week, week. The ed that the motion to dismiss ing into the crosstld business. iriaL After a. statement from both 7th, hy Rev. Albert Miller. the rplendld one, v Ben ODanlcls Was on our creek; and the bride S5.Thla petition and application, be and the Som Mayncrd will move from this stdei. tiie Judge Imposed a fine of groom is 34 Mr. Jackson, ot Oteenuf), to here. Monday. la the sccoiii. marriage for both, she 'Rmc la now sustained, and that the Is rlaco to Cat 1p the rear future. Miss Riffe. of Be'.l'a Trace, belnr the widow of the late II. K. Lel((,n and ,piiratlon be and the here. 0!ng to niucb rain our roads Mrv Millard French was the guest ot home folks last week. Hannah, w!io died nbout five Jeara ranie la not dismissed. Subscribers. Notice to Gamhlll, of Cnlnes creek, went are in a bad conditio!. was . ago. extend Their many friends Vncle Johnny Armstrong has the Boll Queen, of Culbertson. the to Ahland today. It to further adjudged that Two Chmoa. heif last jconiratulntlona. CotMiionweBlth recover .of the petiEllas prlp .uix Anna. Hart came to We have s cured an extenalou pf Hmiry Uowrn and nua l.yons nave tioner the Eastern Kentucky fine C. S. Arthur has sold hla Coal . ebb's today. offer Mine on the big combination the Lane's Corporation, tfie coeta In thla Ton Whitley and B. Roberts re sadul horse. a tuie lot c( saw logs at SI Plunk. The sale ot the Elolse Iropiove-Connd a reduction to $1.60, and also creek. tost any's pertonal property o nnd In the lower Court expended. religious weekly month of Ixitt turned from court at Grayson. tiie addition of a nuay aiiraciea quite a lwis Clinndlcr, of River, bought Dr. M. G. Watsoa has been concrowoi 13 Mr. Bell, lumber d.aler, who This mnkoa for ix nioutha of a thousand ties at the mouth brought goo I Mont The Infant daugCiter ot a lot ot lumber to England, Is fined to his room for several days md the proiK-rtand the Big Bandy News for ri-i- ts "Xanthous. Lost creek recently. bought" or here looklnj after Na timber Inter ua the result of an injury received Tbe store in Louisa was Holt and wlfJ died Wednesday All viho havo pald I1.S0 will 11.50. on a trala while returning from py U T. Rule. convulsions. It w.ia aeven days ests. on the NKW8 tor credl receive Yctterday the Whltehouse Company A;ien Brumtleld, who formerly A heavy lurch old. Tbe fjneral took place from religious Joi n Webb't son, rho Is a cadet the West recently. U ten cents and the a leraonal property was sold, bat p here, had hla hoel badly Injured the icaldence at one o'clock Thurs .t Uxlngtor. is visiting here. f the train drew him against weeVly will be sent aleo. we Wreck day afternoon, conducted hy Rev, a freight whlla clearing Ju(ge Redwlna came up from Car- - chatr with such force that an ab- - to the time ot going to press sufftring on the N. and W., etrftt miles eaat Klalo H. B. Hulolt la tbe eesa has resulted from the brulae.He .!ave .received no report ot Cem . er Court and "pent Sunday. Interment in Tine Hill u of here. He ia a section foreman. with Inflammatory rheumatism result. etery. , t Tit has teen aufferlng severely. 8ureaa to the NEWS. Tbo reputation' ot Prof. Kennison .c. the World's Oldest Men for profound scholarship and great For Bi; Sandy People In Jack excellency aa a teucJier bud precedHendricks Land Grabbing Dies Near Louisa. When the Ken ed blm to Louisa. Game. Collega was located in "llicl Jimmy" Belcher died near tucky Normal lta Preatonaburg be was oue ot Kup, this couily, few days ago. Me corps u( Instructors, and when rrostonsburg, Muron 11 The spec waa over one bjudred yeara old. tbla city became the ieriuaiient home ter (f eviction, the 'goblin ot eject So youngest con. uow about school Mr. Kenuiaon adhered old, saya bit father M Uro of the men'., and the devil of disorder fotluiiea ot (he College, lie lo U f li 0, maktrg bla kite more than every have been cllcctually banished from iu ail respects ani from Floyd. For good county rear. He ai undoubtedly the Junes day 1. the-tim- 1 y etirrlf-illllll- - j to-d- . bo in 'y' ' ' lt--- first-nam- ed Jn l Adns -- 1 a,m .u h.u .. i, i.. . " . J":.,"", eTV?-!! " ; 11 a N? ... ... ... ' rTf lcuy. ,..,, j ri"w coun-declar- .f"" vkstitky '-,-fr' b - l, i T. f JTI" t i TTJ ' J ?. ShS Ttl! rJ"l .1 Z JZL .v. . ,.,. atit -- t " ' lv. ' s'f i.-ui....- jj,, s t, y. e -- mk. - mi prh. B. t ... i ii

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