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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 27, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

t y tI Tf y J i lVLUME M RUSSELL f PETE COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY 9 J I One DEPUTY Office hours week days 730 a m to 830 P Do of Columbias Aged and Esteem ed Citizens Passes Awav in the Night COURT DIRECTORY COURT Monday First Monday In each month A Murrell Jas Garnott County Attorney OTJNTT COURT R StulU K P Conover J F Pelly JailerJClerkT Assessor Surveyor B T McCaffree School Supt W D Jones M Russell Coroner C COURT Regular court month Jas G Eubank second Monday CHURCH DIRECTORY PRESBYTERIAN Rev W C Clemens pastor Services second and fourth Sundays n every Sabeach month SundaySchool at 9 m bath Prayermeeting every Wednesday night BUBKESVILLE STREET a METHODIST r STREETRev A R Kasey first and third Sundays in each month Services SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer sonIt is believed meeting Thursday night BURKESVHIB that death was instan ¬ taneous scarcely suffering for a minute BAPTIST Had he lived until the 22d this monthr he would have been 77 years old Scruggs Rev J P GREENSBORO STREET Sunday Mr Murrell was not a member of any First and third Sundays in each month every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayermeetin church t ut a gentleman uprignt in con ¬ School Wednesday night duct honest with his fellow man He CHRISTIAN was a man of deep convictions and pasture CAMPBEIXSVILLE PIKE Eld A L Oder never played into the favor of any one and Fourth Sundays Services second 39by subordinating honest convictions a month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 each trait admirable in any person By oc Wednesday night aDo Prayermeeting cupation and training he was one of the LODGES best carpenters in this part of tne country and gave full value in an hon MASONIC discharge of his duties M RegnL Lrest CoLUBfBiA LoDGE No 96 F and A Three sisters Mrs Jennie McLean Friday night meeting in their hall over bank on of Columbia Mrs Gilmer and Mrs on or before the full moon in each month Gordon Montgomery W M Mrs Dailey of Texas and his son W SZ G Atkins Secretary C Murrell survive Services were held at the residence M No7 meets Friday COLUMBIA CHATTER R A SAM LEWIS H P night after full moon of Mrs J M McLean on Friday at Horace Jeffries Secretary 11 oclock and the body laid to rest in meets 2nd Friday the city cemetery beside his wife who COUNCIL U D COLMBIA night after full moon in each month departed life several years ago TI E G ATKINS R STULTS RECORDER M- Elaborate AffairMarion Commandery has issued invi ¬ It f IHotekRestaurant v 4 f tJr W N Brlnton Son Proprietors Uncut all 1a Night tations to its PostYuielide Conclave which will be held at its asylum in this I city on Thursday December 28 On account of the unusually large class upon which the orders are to be con fered work in the Red Cross degree will be begun at 1130 in the morning The banquet which is always one of the most delightful of the year and for this unusual preparations are now COMFORTABLE ROOMS being made will be served at the au ditoaium at eight oclock in the even ¬ The trade of Adair and adjoiLing ing The chrIstmas banquet is the onsolicited ly one given by the Commandery at KENTUCKY LEBANON t which ladies are invited and each Sir Knight is permitted to have one lady accompany him on this occasion A large attendance is expected There are twentyseven eligible to take the degrees next Thursday and it BLACKSMITH ANDis thought the greater part of them will be presentLebanon Enterprise WOODWORKMAN hOllPa- T Scounties ¬ NUMBER 7 1i 50TH S6fl001 11 I Music Department in charge of C Fredric I Ohlenmacher who as a Teacher of Music has superiors and few equals in this section of the Classes in Shorthand and Bookkeeping al in progress New classes in these Branches organized at the beginning of next term ¬ i Iready noI COMPETENT TEACHERS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT OF THE SCHOOL il jei o- Two good Boarding Homes on the College Boarding Facilities unsurpassed Next term begins January 1st 1906 For further Rates very Reasonable 9 I t JNO W FLOWERSS il Lppp ppp pppppp pp00pC N N NN1 yy C 7GO TV OtOOCG CCC J00000 The pianoforte recital given in the Presbyterian church on Friqay evening by Miss Carey Hughes pupil of Mr Ohlenmacher was a revelation to the people of Columbia Mr Ohlenmacher r assisted Miss Hughes and played in his usual faultless manner O N NN JG00 III 000000J NNN- I lan vere hah The poor will be largely neglect- side of life and perhaps not yes s ed in the distribution of the than 60000 new made graves i s result of this legalized trafic Christmas presents but the kind the great and good Yet Heavenly Father did not negle tment continues to legalize the any one in the gift of his precious business sonthe rich and the poor the high and the low all share al- ik 1 v nervous s resulting from is not expected to recover Miss Hughes Recital CampusI Secretary I ¬ blessingY Sallie are spending the holidaysLawrence will return to Carrollton Saturday January at home I v odtol bt thd nowI reIf hasf usd sa S WE JiESTER I f I DENTIST dissapatioh exPerrn I llYrONTP6LIER JvU f i bors there another year Mis s Sallie will return to Cincinnati in a few weeks to continue her study of music in the Conserva ¬ Miss Hughes played eleven numbers tory Her finger which was ac and to say that she played gift I bring yo 3 cidentallycutoffbyalittle from every standpoint is not putting it mis Her technique was clear glad tidings of great joy whic too strongly J hap of a descending A New Enterprise elevator has CANE VALLEY KENTUCKY and strong and she handled her pieces shall be to all people Bank at Burnside is at home oni not fully recovered but will per Mr W H Wilson is now negotiating in a masterly manner Nothing like it Horse shoeing and Buggy repairing specialities The coming of the loved one few days vacation He wit haps soon be well for a gasoline engine and complete out had ever been rendered by a music pupil Give him a calL Satisfaction guaranteed who are off at school or in busi ¬ return next Tuesday to mill which he will put in in Columbia fit for a grist operation in Columbia within the next She has proved herself beyond a ness or in other States is an oths month It will be located on the town doubt to be a rising star in the musical source of great joy to parents an 0months has returned home to branch just below Eubanks shop Mr world Much credit is due Mr Ohlen ¬ other friends But there i r Wilson will put in good machinery in macher with whom she has been study ¬ c another side to this picture no11 j with a view of promising young men have oc ¬ position accepting a posi ¬ lno other season can approach It KENTUCKY Adair county and will take the market is the culmination of the years curred from the brutal gam COLUMBIA tion offered him in Illinois We 1 as soon as prices advance Mr Avalee Taylor who is finished football one hundred and eighty plans this task must be 0FFIcECorner Room Marcum We bring the News four days ahead this preparation must be made four have been wounded or crip ¬ clerkingfor WL Yallner will Hotel These are young men gone resume his former place as clerk sitions We can commend him of time in order to give two days fo- r Santas gifts must be provided pled rest and enjoying Christmas and if we for Everything desired can in out from happy homes and loving for Wheat Williams the 1st of I wherever he may go as a good fail to present as much news this time l How de ¬ parents These things contributel January He held this place for energetic and efficient young Qjjif s as usual wewill doubtless make it uP- some way be obtained ¬ man lightful to the giver to anticipate to the sorrowful sideof in the next an ex ¬ = our best colleges persist and en ¬ the glad surprises over there Dr Loren Williams and wife lDENTIST Mr Claud Hobson manager of courage this brutal game as OFTfJCE FRONT ROOMS IN of Glasgow will not make their friends will be glad to welcome S H Grinstead poultry house remove 7Ji ¬ necessary part of our civiliza ¬ J FRIES BUILDING us usual visit to Montpelier this last Friday to the residence he recently J 40 RING 3 The whisky trafic has him back Mrs Alice Herman on ness the most precious giftS the tion purchased from Continued to 8th page Burkesville street human family has ever known contributed ts part to the sad Lawrence Williams grid sister r JOHN EUBANK J N Ne NI 11i ii fi s 1905 1iUn that evening he fell and his son toand a black man assisted him to the bed and apparently he was not seriously hurt When the hour for retirement came he stated that ne did not want his clothes removed as he felt easy and did not care to be disturbed Soon he fell to sleep and his son Mr W C Mur ¬ rell retired and he too was soon in slumbers Awaking at 3 oclock in the morning and not hearing his fatherbreathing he arsoe but found him dead Just at what hour his life ebbed away could not be determined but it is sup ¬ posed that he had breathed his last justbefore the discovery of death by his 27 NNNN N N pectedOn Gordon Montgomery MarshaLW A Myers N > tblj s Last Wednesday night Mr J D Murrell one of the oldest citizens of Columbia passed over the silent river of death For several months Mr Murrell had been in declining health but immediately prior to his demise was able to stir around and his sudden taking was not expected by anyone but death often comes when least ex ¬ drcuit ClerkJ F Neat udgeT I 1 MORNINGand il Circuit J dge1L C Baker A A Huddlerton Commonwealths Attorney W eriffF oT J NINN f third Monday in September Ab NN NI t Y WEDNESDAY DECEMBER Three sessions a ye arrhlyd January third Monday in May in c jlCITY r J DnURRELL iI t 1 t POSTMASTER CONOVER Cz A c tt f POST OFFICEDIBECTQR J I 4 i ti K s withi MURKELL JR I eS havei peri manya I q 0 S Dunbar Yt l I Buthowd > Sr fNO I 0I J t N I t > J J > 1 0 I > a rr v- I l > > i i 4 J I i i1 l i f j 0 v y 1t n s Y Ji r- r j r-

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