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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 13, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Jeffersonian ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, April 13, 1911. Vol. 4. No. 43 Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Aileen Bowser and Mr. E. P. Roberts, ford and Co., Louisville, Ky. Others those present were Mr. and Mrs. Will of Lexington. present were Mr. and Mrs. K. S. S Stout and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Mills, parents of the lovable school Miss Mollie Joyce and Mr. Joe Kaufman and son, Mr. and Mrs. Claud teachers, Miss Ethel and Mr. GuyJoyce were guests of Mrs. H. B. BurStout, Mr. Will Eldrige, Mrs. Charlie Mills: Mr. G. S. Mills, of Fern Valley nett Sunday. Smith and children, Mrs. Lucy Stout, of Ky.. the proud grandfather of a ten- For The Electric Light Plant For Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kendall moved All the News of Interest Along Mr. Harry Ay res, Mr. Fred Stout and Is the All Important Subject pound boy: also the first great-granMiss Viola Stout. All enjoyed theminto their beautiful new home Satur Jeffersontown. Jean and tlie in child ot .lrs.. I. Bardstown Road. The Day. selves immensely. day. fant son of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Hays, Harry Rommel has returned from Mrs. J. D. Burnett's guests Sunday of Kubanks. Ky., the charming Mrs. Tennessee to make his future home were Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Burkhead, Henry Frederick, sister Sarah, anil with his parents here. Citizens Along Bardstown Road Working brother. Krrett Mills: Mr. and Mrs. Question Will be Pat to the Citizens of This of Louisville, Mesdames Sid. Dodge Church, Social, Personal, the Sick and Busi Misses Cordelia Fegenbush enter and Mary Swindler, Miss Sallie Camp Vicinity on April 19th and 20th. PoreeJean and three beautiful chilness Notices Concerning People Hard To Secure The Road Meeting tained on Saturday Misses Hlsie and aud Mr. L. M. Camp. dren: Miss Cleo Mills, of Fairfield, Ruth Rommel and Mr. Harry RomTime To Act. You Know. at Bardstown. Miss Rena Neal spent several days 111., the winsome sister of Mrs. Frank mel. of last week with her sister. Mrs. W. .lean: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kldrige and Bro. H. H. Watkins filled his reguD. Bland, of Kosmosdale. son. Mr. Henry Stockoff, of near Jefflar appointment at Fairview ChristThe Jeffersonian has been instruct Mr. and Mrs. Will Napier and little tiuechel. April 11. The Misses ian church Sunday. The morning The Bardstown Commercial Club ersontown. and the Rev. Clinton F. ed by the parties interested in in daughter, Marion, of Parkland, were Rommel, of Los Angeles, Cal.. who text was "Lip held an enthusiastic meeting at the Davidson. Service," and in the courthouse Monday night and as a This happy gathering was enter stalling an electric light plant at guests of Mrs. John Napier Sunday. have been visiting their cousins evening Bro. Watkins preached on result a big mass Meeting will be tained most appropriately, singing this place to give notice to the citi Mrs. John Bryant is very ill at her .vnsses Elsie and Ruth Rommel, for "The Resurrection." very early date to sacred sonffs and all reverently re zens that they would have a man out home. several weeks, have returned to their George Graff was a member of the held there at a home. push along the Lincoln boulevard membering the Sabbath and sweet here on April 18th and 20th for the confirmation class of the Barret Mr. W. C. Kennedy has returned purpose of placing the matter before proposition. recollections of the past. Miss Adelia Bischofl is ill of tonsi- - Avenue Evangelical church Sunday. from Hot Springs, Arkansas. the people and ascertaining howA committee composed of R. If. litis. Mrs. A. Huber was given a surMrs. R. B. Foss, of Mt. Pleasant many houses can be lighted. In oth Edelin, B. N. Cook. R. C. Cherry. X. .Miss Ada Fegenbush has been on prise party Sunday afternoon in BETTER SCHOOL er words, tney desire to see n tney Tex., arrived Friday to spend several the U. Haydeii, .T. W. Shauntv, together honor of her fiftieth birthday annisick list this week. weeks with relatives aud friends. can secure enough busines to justify with B. 1'. Grigsby. president of the oaivin, the little son of Mr. and versary bv a number of her relatives Mr. Roy Burnett gave a dance at them in investing in a lot and install club, was appointed to make all Many useful and beauMrs. Harvey Frey, is very ill at Nor and friends. necessary arrangements for the Is To Be Discussed at Ice Cream Social at ing the plant, which will cost several Richland hall Friday nignt in honor tiful presents were received. ton lum inary, pending an operation. of Miss Lillie Burnett. thousand dollars. Meeting. The Commercial Club, of Middletown Tomorrow Evening A number of Buechel and Newburg ine improvement League met at young people en joyed a horse-bacA representative of The Jefferson Louisville, citizens of .lell'erson. Miss Bessie and Mr. William Dem ian called upon the parties Monday ply visited friends and relatives in the school house Friday night. No ride through Newburg and Smyrna Spencer, Bullitt and Larue counties business of importance was transact TheMiddletown School Improvment and was told that there was plenty Oldham county Sunday. will join with Nelson and the road Tuesday night. League will give an ice cream social of money behind the men who want ed. the next meeting will be held will be built. Mrs. Florence Brown was the guest Bro. H. H. Watkins was the guest Friday night at seven-thirtAll of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Westerman The citizens along the Bardstown at the school house Friday evening to give us light, and that the citi of Mrs. J. H. Dodge Sunday. and members and other parties interest road in Jefferson county usually get April 14. It is especially requested zens would not be asked to donate family Sunday. Miss Lillie Burnett will leave Sun ed are invited to attend. a thing when they go after it. and that every patron of Middletown one cent. All that shall be asked is day for Misses Gertrude and Ethel Hikes Charleston, W. Va., where Misses lrginia Lynam. Dora entertained on Sunday Miss Edith with the help of the people along and surrounding districts be present. that they state to the man, who will she will spend several months with The two subjects, "A Graded School be here on the I9th and 20th, how Kuntzman and Margaret the road to Bardstown, the Lincoln Pfeiffer Fegenbush and Messrs. Cbapin, of spent Saturday in Louisville. Way" should be the Bardstown road for .l iddletown. and "Is (trading or many rooms each person desiring her cousin, Mrs. S. A. Scott. Owensboro. and Paul Powell, of Lou Miss Alma Elliott and Mr. Thomas Best for Jefferson electric lights will have. At this Consolidation way. Miss Nellie Singleton was the guest isville. time you will not be asked to con Nelson, of Highland Park, Mrand of her grandparents.' Mr. and Mrs. The Boecbel Commercial Club met County?'" will be discussed. Misses Mayme and Ida Belle Kaiser These subjects are of vital inter tract for the lights, but give the pro Mrs. James Hoke and Miss Fannie Bryant were Monday night and preparations Williams, Saturday and Sun were the guests of Misses Skiles the made for a strong canvass of the dis- est to every man. woman and child moters of the enterprise some idea Hope were the guests of Mrs. Wm. day. first of the week. trict in behalf of improving the road. in Middletown. A vote will be taken of just how much business they can Demply Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Glaser had as Four lots were sold at auction in secure in order that they can place Subscriptions are being taken to to determine future action. Kleiderer Addition for good their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. the LYNDON. Viola Caldwell. a fair rate upon lighting the houses. raise a fund with which to put the Henry Blase and little daughter, prices Monday. Secy. Public School Improvement The town trustees will also be asked condition. It is road in a Mrs. Al. Stieger is suffering from Leonalda, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Glaser, April 10. Miss Elizabeth Heitz- how many lights will be required for generally believed that the road that League. Mr. and Mrs. Julins Glaser, Jr., and an attack of rheumatism. man, of Crestwood, was the week-entown. is the best to travel on and which lighting the Mr. Willie Costella, all of Louisville. B. J. Lancaster is putting up a new WORTHINGTON. passes through the best country will There is no need of The Jefferson- guest of the Misses Hardy. Mrs. Rose Blase and little daugh be the road that will be known as ian calling attention to the advantMiss Fannie Picot, of Crescent fence around his place. ter, Leonaida, have returned home, Apr. 10. Rev. J. E. Kirk, of Louis- ages of having an electric light plant Hill, spent several days with Miss Mrs. Wm. Frederick. Jr., was the after a few days visit with Mrs. the "Lincoln Way." The old L. & N. pike out of Louisville seems to be ville, spent the week-enguest of Mrs. Wm. Frederick, Sr., Blasc's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius with friends at this place. The citizens, and es- Emma Orr. pecially the property holders, recogthe way that is calculated to receive here. Mr. and Mrs. Gunor, of near Fish- - Thursday. Glaser. the honor but if the people along the Mrs. R. L. Miller returned Sunday nize at once the value of an enter- erville, spent Sunday with Mrs. N Miss Mary Catherine Taggert, who Little Miss Alberta Sha'ce spent road improve their after spending several days last week prise of this kind here. There is left Fontaine. Bardstown has been very ill. is much imnrnvml Wednesday with her little friend, thorough fare to such an extent that with friends at Goshen. but one thing for us to do, and that Joe Buechel recently purchased an Miss Gertrude Glaser. Mrs. George Miller and children, moveit will be more desirable to travel Misses Marie and Gertrude Glaser Mrs. Noah Maddox spent the week is meet the parties behind the of near Middletown, were guests acre lot on the pike Irom Joe Ru over, the question of the "Lincoln will spend Sunday and Monday in ment more than half way by agree- Wednesday of end with relatives in Louisville. her sister, Mrs. Jake dolph. Louisville. way" will be easily decided in their ing to put electric lights in our Miss Rosa Maddox, of South Louis Miller. Mrs. Pickering and Mr. Fred Glaser returned home af daughters, favor. Let everybody to be helped houses. The town trustees have very week-enguest of her wisely done Sunday aud Monday by this moveement and those who be ville, was the their part in the wav of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hahn enter Misses Pauline and J essie, and M iss ter spending Mrs. Kredie Zhender. tained Sunday for the following Katherine Tross, all of Louisville, with Mr. and way donate sister, Mrs. Alonzo Broyles. lieve this is the best offering inducements and the ComMrs. Susan Hunt and daughters, mercial Club has endorsed the prop- guests: Mr. and Mrs. John Rothen-burgewere the week-enguests of Mrs. Ed. liberally to the fund. It's true that Cake Sale. of Worthington, Mrs. J. A. Fegenbush. of the L. & N. pike is Mrs. J. B. Clore. of Crestwood, Mrs. osition. the distance It will be put up to the Under the auspices of the Method two miles shorter than the Bards- P. A. Hunt, and Miss Hattie Hunt citizens on the 19th and 20th. Now, Rothenburger, Mr. Frank Burger, The new home of Joseph Wine- were guests of Mrs. H. H. Sims and the question is what are you going Misses Nettie, Eleanora and Jennie ist Ladies' Aid, there will be a cake town pike, but as the latter hurst in the Richland Addition is sale Friday, April 14th, at J. Bacon through a better country and daughter, Miss Louise,last Thursday. to do about It? Are you going to Rothenburger. Hearing completion. & Sons. Call and buy your taster A few days ago II. H. Sims, Noah help this more beautiful, it is the way that Stella and Sallie Fontaine spent concern and thereby Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stout enter- cake and help a good cause as pro- Way." Maddox, and Dr. Quesenberry had help your community, or are you last week with their aunt, Mrs. should be known as "Lincoln tained at dinner Sunday their chileeds are to go for repairing parson their heads together. That meant going to refuse to do so? Let's all Blanche Jenkins, of Louisville. dren and Midnight in the Ozarks Among age. who would be the next Republican get right progressive and see that Mrs. Oliver Herr had as her guests and yet sleepless Hi ran Scran ton, of Governor of Kentucky. It was a t he electric light plant is installed. Clore, last week Misses Lucy Clay City, 111., coughed and coughed. whispered conversation. The wind Buckner, aud Hattie Hunt, of He was in the mountains on the ad- was blowing my way. They said it BASEBALL LEAGUE Harrod's Creek. vice of live doctors, who said he had would either be Judge O'Rear or K. Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Carpenter, ot consumption, but found no help in T. Franks. I say ask "Colonel Shelby county, are visiting Mr. and the climate, and started home. Whallen," he will tell them. Mrs. T. II. Saunders. Hearing of Dr. King's New DisMr. and Mrs. Alonzo Broyles and Formed, Composed of Shelby ville, Lagrange, Mrs. Parks, of Louisville, spent covery, he began to use it. "I believe son, Wiiliam, spent several days last Jeffersontown, Simpsonville, LakeSunday with Mrs. W. L. Duke. AiSTD my life," he writes, "for it week with relatives in Henry it saved land, Etc. - Play on Saturday county. Mrs. Oliver Herr entertained at made a new man of me, so that I can Miss Annie Bright entertained the now do good work again." For all dinner Sunday for Messrs. James C. S. W. last Thursday. The next lung diseases, coughs, grippe. A Saturday afternoon baseball Huber, of Louisville, John Hunt, of meeting will be asthma, croup, whooping cough, hay II n. Lyndon. with the Misses league, to be known as the "Trolley Harrod's Creek: Misses Alberta ah of Netherton, of Worthington, Hattie fever, hemorrages, hoarseness or Misses Mabel and Leola Maddox League," was formed this week and Hunt, of Harrod's Creek, and Lucy quinsey, it's the best known remedy. is composed of the teams of Shelby-villPrice oOc and $1.00. Trial bottle free. entertained at dinner Sunday Misses Lagrange, Jeffersontown, Simp Clore, of Buckner. Kate Quinn and Rosa Maddox. Guaranteed by all druggists. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Kyser entertainTon. sonville, Lakeland and one other 10 lbs. 50 lbs. 100 lbs. Mr. and Mis. W. T. Baisch were ed Sunday Rev. C. E. Wauford, of team. $35.00 $2.00 30 $1.25 Atlas Chick Peed Child Badly Burned. guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mr. Foreman, of Spauldings, Louis Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mil33.00 1.75 1.00 Atlas Hen or Scratch Feed . .25 d Simcoe. Clarence Winand, the ville, is president of the Trolley ler, of Ormsby Station, and Miss son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Crushed Shells (Fine, Atlas Mr. Chas. Ilite entertained the League. Walter Harris, is manager Margaret Duke. 10.00 .60 .40 25 Medium and Course) Vaughn, of Louisville, was severely Worthington String Band Saturday of the Jeffersontown team, Barto Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ochsner, Jr., burned last Thursday by falling on a night. spent Sunday with Mrs. Fred Hahn, .75 12.00 .50 25 Atlas Mica Crystal Grit as Roemele, captian, and the line-urange door. The child also received Revival services will begin at Wes- follows: McGuiness, pitcher: Matting-ly- , Jr. 60.00 3.50 2.00 50 Russian Sunilower some bad cuts necessitating a few ley Chapel tonight. catcher: Harris or Beard, 1 b. : Mrs. Kate Winkler, Mr. Adam and 24.00 .75 1.40 25 Cracked Corn (Screened) stitches to be taken around his eyes. Duncan 2 b. : Baker, s. s.: Sullivan, 3 Miss Kate Winkler, of Hikes' Point, Mrs. L. D. Pernel) and son, Charles, .85 25 1.50 Atlas Alfalfa Meal However, we are glad to report him spent Hahn, Saturday night wirh Mr. and b: Roemele, 1. f.: Whitlock, c. f.: spent Sunday with Mrs. Fred as getting along very nicely. Mr. Mrs. 47.00 50 2.50 1.50 Atlas Beef Meal Jr. Roy Pernel, in Louisville. Watterson or Davis, r. t. and Mrs. Vaughn are both well known Sunday Misses Katie and Minnie Zeitz 2 50 47.00 1.50 50 The local boys have no grounds of Granulated Bone they attended the birthday here, the latter being the daughter dinner Sunday with Mrs. William 45.00 50 2.50 1.50 Charcoal of Mrs. Pernell's brother, their own, and as a matter of course spent of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Winand. of Louisville. 1.75 32.00 35 1.00 White Kaffir Corn Charles Prather, at her sister's home will be compelled to play on grounds at other places. Our progressive The Lyndon Country Club met Atlas Stock Feed 25 .85 26.00 1.50 in Jefl'ersonville, Indiana. Tuesday night at the Gilmore clubENTERTAINED 31.00 1.60 1.00 Atlas Cotton Seed Meal .. .. 35 Miss Louisa Miller, of South Park, citizens would do a good thing for house. Many interesting speeches 1.75 3.25 60.00 50 Atlas Beef Scraps spent several days last week at home, the town by starting a subscription were made. purpose of buying suitable for the 75.00 50 4.00 2.25 Hemp Seed not being able to have school on acgrounds for this purpose. A baseball In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Cox and Miss Van 75.00 50 4.00 2.25 Canary Seed count of high water. Says Claim is Correct. league advertises the town and helps 105.00 De Vert, of New York. 5.50 65 3.00 Bird Rape Hush! Listen! Watch this space: move things in many ways. Let's L. L. Dorsey, who has been cited Buckwheat 47.50 2.40 30 1.25 something is going to happen in catch step with other progressive to appear before the Fiscal Court in 65.00 1.80 3.50 40 Canada Field Peas Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jean, the genregard to the numerous claims for towns. ial, popular manager of the well sheep killed by dogs, says that there We carry in stock a full line of the Old and Reliable Interesting Entertainment. is nothing wrong with his accounts known Malott store, entertained VALLEY STATION. Cyphers Incubators, Brooders and other Poultry Supplies. The Jeffersontown Public School most delightfully Sunday at their for the reason that he only raises Mr. and Mrs. Kelly D. Alsop and sheep that are assessed at $16.50, imsuburban home near Malott. in honor will close with a entertainment to of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cox and niece, be given at Bruce's Hall, Monday son, K. D. Jr., of Taylor Boulevard, ported breed, while other sheep are evening, Appfl 17. The admission fee and Miss Annie May Miller were the assessed at $4 a head. He said he Miss Mittye Van De Vert, of City. Those who enjoyed re- will be tefl cents. This entertain- guests of Mrs. White Stewart Sunday. was doing the best in his power to newing thedaysof "Auld LangSyne," ment promises to be highly enjoyable Mrs. John Miller's guests Wednes- put an end to sheepkilling dogs. and the sumptuous repast were aud every one in Jeffersontown should day were Mrs. Clay Patterson and Mr. Dorsey appeared before the Mrs. J. W.Jean, who has just cele- make it a point to cancel all engage- Miss Effie Smith. court twice, but the court was in sesbirthday, Mr. ments and attend in a body. Misses Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dodge cel- sion for several hours and Mr. Dorsey brated her eighty-thirIncorporated Myers Jean, of Douglas Boulevard, McDermott and Owings, the twocom-pete- ebrated their fourth wedding anni- bad to leave. Hesaidhe was willingat teachers in charge of the pub- versary, it being also Mr Dodge's all times to appear before the court Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Jean and charmLouisville, Ky. and Miss Winnie. Mr. Jean lic school bring, to a close an un birthday. ing daughter, Their guests were Mrs. and tell about his sheep that had is the successful manager of Bridge- - usually successful ter Bettie Bowser, Misses Clara Kuadler, been killed by dogs. GET READY LINCOLN WAY BUECHEL. d VY . - k first-cla- ss d d d r, way-passe- d s grand-childre- n. Poultry and Stock Feed Poultry Supplies e, fourteen-months-ol- p 28-0- Dei-me- r, - Tay-lortow- n. New-Yor- k SOUTHERN SEED COMPANY d nt Preston 4 Jefferson Sts.,

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