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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 9, 1909

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

) $1. o $2.50 For $1.10 The Jeffersonian izine, Southern le Jeffe soman, Jl one jjear for ) Uncle Remus Magazine, Southern Agriculturist and The Jeffersonian, regular price $2.50, all one year for $1.10 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE, INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, December 9, 1909. Chts. found Dead. FEE. Introduction t Gained in, Esglaai aae How It by Fsotkelt-Writ- tsn Mn. S. D. Thomas- - Sir Henry Bloun' wrote from Tur-:- y in 1634 thattlie natives of that untry had ajf'drink called cauphe taste a litffle bitterish," and that ley daily ectirtained themselves two rthree hourfln cauphe houses, which ' Turkey abiund more than inns or . London's first coffee house was lblished in St. Michael's Alley, Corn-1- 1, He in 1652, by Pasqua Rosee. as the servant of k Mr. Edwards, a irkey merchant, ' who. having the coffee (drinking habit in Turkey, had hisserjvant Rosee to pre-ar- e beverage whil e in London. The ;w drink attracted curious onlook-- s ac-jir- Kvidently the too numerous, forEdwaids ' Fsee set up as a e prospectors set forth at great tue of the Coffee and tasters. com-nygre- w ven-Th- ly made and sold in a Rosee." The ber-- i "a simple, innocent a liquor of countless prevent drowsiness t for business, if one watch, and therefore years, Chas. Pound, aged sixty-on- e nacaerl awav at his home about tWO miles from Jeffersontown on the Fish Sivts by Mr. tad Mrs. Samatl Garwood At erville road, Saturday morning at o'clock of heart disease. Mr. Pound had been ill for several months, but his condition was not alarming until a few weeks ago, when he became much worse. Deceased was born and reared in the community in which he died and was one of Jefferson county most nrosDerous farmers. He leaves many warm friends to mourn his death. Deceased was a member of the Presbyterian church, from which place the funeral services were held morning at 11 o'clock, con- by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Cheek, iucted A long concourse of f Louisville. riends and relatives gathered to hear the last friendly words of respect paid to a man who had lived a most xemplary life. Burial was in Jeffer- lontown cemetery. Besides his wife, Seceased leaves three brothers, J. D. pounds, of Fisherville, John Pounds, bf Clarks, and Wm Pounds, of Worth ngton; two sisters, Mrs. Henry Wise- ieart and Mrs. J. P. Burdon, of Fish- rville, and the only child, Mrs. Dr. A. Blankenbeker, of Jeffersontown. the Jeffersonian extends sincerest ympathy to the bereaved widow and ! . amily. Ml ed Along the Bardstown Road ing the Past Week. record-breakin- " , I -- SiLlVixiiM i Ky. rom ' .af : ,' no SEran, H...teMKkr.i .mir Fob e-s- uent; telephone ame 3 aim work horse. Camb. phose 16 Jefferaonj nai w. (Sunday. t aa the tAAmA - IK achoraae Ky. M-t- f aatk ftm Uekjaw. Bloodnoisoninar and lockjaw, which Ideveloped from a wound he received lin an accident while hunting Novem Iber26. caused the death of James L. row agood II ocum. thirty years or ace, aurmcr R. SPBOWL. Inn the nlace of J. C. Bowles, near m l. Ky. ... on the seatonvuie road. The funeral was conducted at .ffel, Box poaU. Fob SatB-Ce- dar 10 o'clock Monday morning from the 14. Jefleraontown. Boate Iresidence, with interment in the near car line. ihenoweth Run cenetery. Mr. Fob Bbbt Six room boui Yocum was resting the muzzle of his Joa. Blachoff. Buecnei. --louble-barrshotgun on his feet, when a shell in one of the barrels was discharged. He was removed to his home, where the wound was cauChristmas Money terized and dressed by a local y physician. He appeared to be reyour covering from the injury until a few days asro. when he suffered a change price. for the worse. Bloodpoisoning and & YENNER lockjaw developed Saturday, and, after intense suffering, he succumbed City at 2 o'clock Sunday morning. He is survived by his widow, three children, a brother, William Yocum, and ueffersontown, BS-- lt u BS-- tt I. el fani Brine us Wc pay top IHLANGE 4t the Little Thomas Walsh visited his cousins, Misses Edna and Julia Bischoff, Sunday afternoon. ENTHUSIASTIC Meeting Of Jeffersontown Com- mercial Club Held. rabbits. Limits. three sisters. Twelve New Members portant Received and Im Business Was Transacted Plan On Foot To Bnild Hall. Dur- -- K. I last Friday. and Ed SMYRNA. the News of Interest Which Has Happen - Worthington, Dec. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Garwood gave a musical entertainment at their home Friday night in honor of their neice, Miss Elizabeth C. Garwood. Miss Garwood intended to return home last week, but her visit is to be extended until New Year's (much to the gratification of her many friends, also to the writer), when she will return to her home in Afton, Va. Plenty of good music and singing attended the occasion. Refreshments were served by the charming hostess. Everybody enjoyed themselves and reported a good time and went away rejoicing and sincerely wishing for the repetition of such good times in the near future. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Doll and daughter, Lucile, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lentz, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mitchell, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mitchel, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ted Garwood, Mr. and Mrs. Bethel Garwood, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gar wood, Miss Maud Baisch, of Dahl-gruII L, Messrs. Walter Z w.-- . lake. Haeberlein, Harry Taylor and A. L. Chamberlain. A Worthingtonian prospered is the only 1,'ing from the number Buechel, Dec. 6. The M. W. Jun ishments which were ior Bunders held their monthly meet- Sunday It is claimed there ng at Hikes school-hous- e quickly1 s ' 3,000 coffee houses in afternoon. were nearly end of that century, Miss Emma Whistler entertained London at th oduction of tea was ttn Friday evening a number of friends While the intr coffee was at her home. cepted with more than a decade. Mrs. T. S. Skiles, Mrs. Wm. Bischoff, opposed for ,i . A and Miss Adelia Bischoff will be en Poets and pa mpnieieers uaum The House of Commons tertained this week by Mrs. Thomas new drink. grant ed Charles II the excise Walsh, of Prestonia. in 1660 Little Edward Buechel, son of Mr duty on "coffee and all other outlanand Mrs. Edward Buechel, is ill of drinks.' dish wives In the yea r of grace 1674 the Wom- the mumps. heard from in ' Mrs. John Diemer is quite ill at of England tj'ere en's Petition against coffee." These this writing. Mr. and Mrs. William Fegenbush varied assaults, r abuse of coffee political purposes, caused entertained at dinner Sundav Mr houses ftr ex and Mrs. J. B. Seay, Miss Mayme Kai the kin J, though he did enjoy the unu, is, from that "outianaisn suppres-jt- per and Russel Seay. Mr. Runvon is buildinsr a poultry 'fae a proclamation for the of the coffee houses, only to can- house on his farm recently purchased dry. Conee bf M. Hooker Kairdon. El it 'ere the ink udcome to stay. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Currev entertain- Mrs. sD. Thompson. ed a few Louisville friends this week. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hon had as their I Record Price For Hoes. quests last week Mr. and Mrs. J. H. The highest price paid for hogs ic Hon, of Avoca, Ky. ille within the last thirty years The following composed a party to was registered Monday, when the farn Macauley's Theatre Wednesday: of W. R. Crawford & Co. sold fifty Misses Florence Roggencamp, Kath eight head of hogs to a local packing erine Graff and Ida B. Kaiser: Messrs concern at a price of $8.Jo per bun Louis Hoock, George Roederer and dred. The average weight was 245 Russel Seay. pounders "per porker," and the fact Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Smith had as g sale had beer their guests Sunday at dinner Mr that a consummated, created considerable and Mrs. Porter Nutter and two comment at the Bourbon Stock Yards daughters. Misses Goldie and Myrtle nr.tnfnrp. the highest price re- - Lee, Mr. and Mrs. L. Stivers and son, s8.25per 100. TO Prices; Emmit, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Smith and cor'.' er. Miss Goldie Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth a'epason. : XcA i pre viii--5ve anc. scarcity of Perry, of Henry county, Mr. George owine to the t it Smith, of Union county, Mr. and Mrs. year on f,rt thst last corn, mafla ers the high price of eet John Laura, of Louisville, Miss Alta ot tneir siut. disposed og Pearl Smith and Master Walter price n - Smith. wa.conWlnClwjBnatJ re a, Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson are enter ,Ioti 3ity uaJ .nlllNV lit ,h,,HipG taining her mother, from Louisville, markabie retuiuiu.u...v and her aunt, Mary Cauffman, from IMt. Carmal, 111., this week rfG ADVER1 CLASSIFIED Misses Nell Singleton and Marga ; ret R. Williams spent Sunday with . ic Ceo .nii nnrtf r this h Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams. worNoTdkenforleMU James Yocum, of near Jefferson town, formerly of Buechel, died Sun- Wanted. Way morning after about a week i ill in ness of blood poisonintr. While out Yon to have roar live stock death from any cause Writ huntine on Thanksgiving day he ac tf cidentally ahot his toe off which re c. . (nst jeHeracntown. 3. sulted in his death. He leaves a wife men of three children besides his parents Mr. and Mrs. William Fishback re oV.-----j-cli- oi my table. m: cently had as guests Mr. Rufus Wil- waruci erated.jefleraontown. tf Prell. liams, of Franklin, Ind., and Mr. Ed- rard Knapp, of Fisherville, Ky. For Sale. Mr. W. B. Fishback and family cowcleverhay an sited friends at Fisherville last FoSai.B-OMr- en 1 Worthing tan in Hosor ef Their Miss Elisabeth Garwood. Wednesday. R. E. Dougherty will preach at Salem church of Christ Sunday, Dec. 12. Everybody invited. who owns the W. J. Bruce, Okolona store, has recently had the Cumberland 'phone taken out and all his friends can now reach him by the Home 'phone. Mrs. Jim Cochran and daughter, Louise Lillian, spent Saturday with Mrs. W. H. Beeler. Misses Marie and Catherine Bischoff entertained the following Misses guests Sunday afternoon: Stella Powell and Zelma Gilmore, and Messrs. Addia Long and Edward Bischoff. Misses Marie Bischoff, Stella Powell and Edward Bischoff were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stolz n, BUECHEL. irink it after supper, .d to be watchful, for eep for three or four I night guest of Miss Myrtle James MUSICAL SOCIAL Dec. 6. Miss Mamie Robison and Lily Mae Appelgate have returned from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A large number of the members of the Jeffersontown Commercial Club met at the schoolhouse last Monday evening. The president, Mr. E. R. Sprowl. presided, and Secretary Mr. E. E. Goose, was on hand to take care of his end of the work. H. A. Hummel, chairman of membership PROMINENT CITIZEN Of St. Matthews, Mr. Chas. C. Baaer, Saccambs to Pnlmosary Troable. Suicide. the barn of John Schindler, near CHICKEN THIEVES Mid- dletown, by cutting his throat with a razor, was found to be Edward Skain, a blacksmith recently employed at Paris, Ky. He was tramping through the country, according to his Paris employer, who identified him from the description published. He came from the East. Wednesday night Mr. Schindler, who is a blacksmith, was approached by a man who asked employment, stating that he was a competent Make A Raid On John Lausman's Hen House And Steal Horse And Wagon To Carry Booty Away. Mr. Charles C. Bauer, a former Deputy Sheriff and wagon manuTuesday night chicken thieves facturer at Indian Hill, near St. made a raid on the hen house of Mr. Matthews, succumbed to pulmonary John Lausman. Sr., near Hikes Point, troubles at 7:30 o'clock Monday mornand carried away every chicken Mr ing at his home, on the Brownsboro To Lausman had about seventy-five- . road. He had been in declining the thieves make a quick health for two years. He was forty-si- x took Mr. Lausman's horse and wagon, years of age and a native of St. Matthews, being a son of the late blacksmith. Schindler replied that in which they loaded their booty. John Bauer, a prominent merchant he had no vacancy, but the stranger They also stole a raincoat and some and farmer. He served as Deputy could probably secure employment plow gear. Mr. Lausman immediately notified Sheriff under Henry Bell and Scott along the line of work of the LouisBullitt. He was an enthusiastic ville & Eastern road. The man said the police authorities in the city Democrat and worked hard for the he would sleep for the night in the yesterday morning after going to his success of the party in the recent barn. Thursday morning he was hen house and finding his chickens campaign. Had he lived he would found dead in the barn, with his gone. At 10 o'clock yesterday morning a patrolman found the horse and have been a Deputy under P. S. Ray, throat severed with a razor. wagon at Preston and Hampton County Clerk-elecEASTWOOD. streets, but no trace of the thieves Mr. Bauer was the president of the has yet been ascertained. wagon manufacturing firm of Bauer Dec. 6. Mrs. A. J. Sturgeon spent Chicken thieves are numerous in Bros. He had a wide acquaintance Jefferson county at the present time, throughout the county. He was a several days in Louisville. Mrs. E C. Hegan left this week and raisers should keep a close watch member of the Holy Trinity Catholic for Macon, Ga., to spend the winter. on their hen houses. A load of buck church, at St. Matthews. Mrs. Wilber Blackwell and daugh shot lodged in the proper place He is survived by his widow, who ter, Miss Mary, spent Sunday with might help to put a stop to this was formerly Miss Mary Albert, four sons, John, Henry, Louis and Clarence Mrs. Blackweil's mother, Mrs. Julia practice. Bauer, a daughter, Miss Ida Bauer, Pearce, of Jeffersontown. Bazaar and Supper. Miss Grace Duncan, who has been his mother, Mrs. Barbara Bauer, a Valley Station, Dec. 6. Every one sister, Mrs. Jacob Heskamy, and five confined to her home with a severe is cordially invited to attend the brothers, Louis, Edward, John, Albert cold, is able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Beckley spent Bazaar, given by the Ladies' Aid of and Henry Bauer. His brother, John Bauer, left last week for Florida on several days with' Mrs. Beckley's Bethany church, Dec. 18, at Valley sister, Mrs. Ella Howell, of Crescent, Station schoolhouse hours 5 to 12 p. account of ill health. Hill, this week. m., and to purchase fancy aprons, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Jones and pin cushions, dolls and many other PRESTONIA. children, were entertained at dinner pretty articles. Thev are just what Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Henry you want to give your friends for Dec. 6 A birthday celebration was Frank, of Middletown. Christmas presents. Come and bring held in the home of G. Washington Messrs. Jeff and Gordon Mullins. of your families and friends, and take Gilmore, Saturday, in honor of his Shelby county, have leased Mr. Jas. supper and spend an enjoyable oldest daughter, Mrs. C. L. Cooper's Johnson's farm for one year, and evening. Take Orell car and get off birthday. An excellent dinner was expect to move soon at Valley . served and the following partook of Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Watkins had as it: Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Cooper, Mr. their guests this week, Misses Buys Livery and Confectionery. and Mrs. J. C. Cowley, of Vine Grove, Lettica Dye, of Louisville, May WilMessrs. Kelley and Curtis Baird Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Gilmore, Messrs. son, of Greensboro, Ky., and Jennie have purchased the livery and conJordan Gilmore, Lindsey and Price Watkins, of Louisville. fectionery of Mr. Sherman Miller Cooper, Misses Mariam Cooper and Miss Janie Russell, of Louisville, and son at Fern Creek and took Alice Gilmore. has returned to her home in Louis- charge of the business last week. Miss Marion Brewer is quite sick ville after a short visit to her aunt, Mr. Hugh Baird is clerking in the at this writing. Mrs. Julia Isaacs. store. The Messrs. Baird are well J. P. Demarr left this week for his Mrs. Thos. Johnson, of Louisville, known young men and their many home in Flemingsburg. spent the week-enwith her parents, friends wish them much success in Miss Lulie Briscoe attended ser Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Johnson. their new undertaking. vices in the city Sunday. Mrs. Omer Jones entertained at W. J. Bishop, a returned mission dinner Thursday. Covers were laid Withdraws His Snit. ary from Japan, will lecture at F for the following: Mesdames County Clerk Mark H. Gabhart and Preston St. church on the even Wi'liam Melone, John Beckley, B. F. ing of the 9th. Tuesday withdrew his suit against Pearcy, Breed Melone and others. Pres. S. Ray County Clerk-elec- t A protracted meeting will be held Mr. Gabhart the last week of the yearatNewuurg without prejudice. Sells Hog for $50.25. charged fraud in some of the city church. The regular min Christian Wjlker Bros., of Jeffersontown, ister will assisted. by T. S. Tinsley, soiiT Fanelli Bros. Tuesday a two precincts and desired to have the His action in of Louisville. This will close the year-olDuroc-Jersehog for $50.25 ballots year's work at this place by the The hos? weitrhed 670 pounds and withdrawing the suit met with the present minister. brought 7ic a pound. Walker Bros approval of his friends, as he was The Sewing Circle will hold an all purchased the pig from Chas. C making a useless fight. day meeting Tuesday, the 14th, with Wheeler and was one of the latter's Mrs. J. W. Gilmore. high bred Durocs, but was sold to be Coin 120 Years Old. get-awa- y t. Nett, of Louisville. The following composed a horseback ride Monday night: Misses Mamie Robison, Sarah Mills, Elizabeth Smith, Lily Mae Appelgate; Messrs. Will T. Bates, Alden Nett, Emles Smith and Everet Mills. reported twelve ap Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Gailbreath, of committee, plicants for membership, which were South Park, spent Sunday with Mr. received. The club now has seventy-on- e and Mrs. Will Bence. members. Mr. Porter Bridwell, of Shepherds-vill- e The various chairmen reported dined with Mr. and Mrs. Ed. that they were working on some Miller Sunday. very important questions of a Mrs. Cora Smith and daughter, Mary Lee, is visiting her mother, private nature, but as yet nothing definite had been done. They hope, Mrs. Mary Craig. Mr. Everett Mills and Miss Lily however, to report favorably at an early date. Mae Appel gate attended the Carwar-dinSeveral enthusiastic speeches were and Zeigler wedding Thursday made and much interest shown in the night. was suggested that a corMiss Ella Rush and brothers spent club. It poration be formed for the purpose Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rush. raising money to build a public Mr. Harry Waltz, of Louisville, of hall in Jeffersontown, and a motion was a guest of Mr. Alden Nett Sunwas carried to consider this question day. Mrs. Ada Appelgate and daughter, and report at the next regular meeting. Miss Lily Mae, spent Wednesday fj A hall has long been needed at with Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Winand, of this place and it is hoped that the Jeffersontown. club will formulate plans to build one. The club could easily do this by each WORTHINGTON. member subscribing for a small amount of stock. New members are Dec. 6. TheRev. J. E. Thorn desired and may receive application berry, of Louisville, was entertained blanks from any of the members. this week by Misses Annie and The dues, inclnding application fees, Entertained. Mamie Broyles. are $2 per year. Nov. 6. Miss Emma Graff Buechel, Mrs. Tom Wheeler, of Louisville, was given a surprise party Wednesvisited her mother, Mrs. Claxon day evening, Dec. 1. Those present MIDDLETOWN Wednesday. were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Graff, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Broyles spent Margaret Hen. Misses Mayme Hile, Sunday with Mrs. Lee Maddox. Smith and Newbill Ont of Danger, Thresa Hile, Mayme Kaiser, Lenia Miss Vestina Grunwald spent Sun Messrs. Diemer, Mealie Kaiser, Katie Zehn-deImprovement of Buildings All the day with Miss Leona Carter, of Freda Kaiser, Mary Kroger, MarAnchorage. News of the Past Week. garet Henn; Messrs. Will Nachand, Mr. Warner Nuckols, of Louisville. of Jeffersonville, Ind., Henry Kramer, is visiting relatives here. George Heddinger, Rob. Henn, CharMrs. John Tatchel, who was operThe Misses Miller entertained some lie Kaiser, August Zehnder, George ated upon at the Deaconess Hospital relatives from Illinois Sunday. Diemer, Willie Balke, Will Zehnder, Dr. S. D. Wetherby, of Middletown, last Tuesday, is improving as rapidly Fred Hahn, George Kaiser, Arsie gave an interesting lecture at the as can be expected. Kaiser, George Graff, Charlie Graff, Mr. Sam McGlothan is replacing schoolhouse on last Friday afternoon Mike Graff. Refreshments were serDr, his barn, which was destroyed by fire in the interest of education. ved at 9 o'clock and the evening was Wetherby is one of our most earnest sometime ago, by a much larger and enjoyed by dancing and singing. All one. One of Mr. workers in this cause and those who more reported a good horses was also burned at Mrs. Charlie time. failed to hear his lecture missed Graff's guests Thursthe same time. quite a treat. day afternoon were Mrs. John Hart-maMr. Charles Swann is improving his Mr. and Mrs. Marry Mitcneil en Mrs. Mike Surey, Mrs. Marga-ae- t on last Friday night quite residence by building a porch at the tertained Henn and Mrs. Charlie Graff. a number of the young people. rear end of his house. Mr. Walter Swann sold five hogs Those invited were Misses Anna, Newton and Georgia Miller, Mabel, the first of the week, for 8i a hunLeola and Ruth Maddox, Fanaie dred. The hogs were eight months Klein, Elsie and Rosa Rothenburger, old and weighed two hundred pounds Edythe Colyer, Katie Quinn and each. Mr. and Mrs. Clark McDonald and Vestina Grunwald; Messrs. John Quinn, Bevery Colyer, Jim and Miss Ethel Woods spent Saturday in Walter Rothenburger, Frank Miller, Louisville. Jake Maddox and Chenowith Young Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cox spent Sun day with Mia. Will Poulter. OKOLOKA. Mr. and Mrs. Chaa. Witherbee spent the first of the week with Mr Dec. 6. Mrs. Frank Bell spent Jas. Urton. Saturday and Sunday with her Mr. Ed. Cox is drilling a well on mother, Mrs. Dent, of Louisville. the lot which he formerly bought MissNiva Bell visited her sister, from the Cox heirs. Miss Virginia Bell, this week. at The Christian Sunday-schoscholars Miss Belle Brown was the over this place had seventy-nin- e night guest of Mrs. G. W. Kirk Wed present last Sunday. How many schools had that many present on a nesday. rainy day? Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Beeler, Miss Miss Hildergard Hoffman is the Edna Beeler and Mr. Andy Beeler in the city Sun- guest of Misses Isabel! and Lidia dined with friends day. Hardy. will spend the Mrs. Lizzie Hays Miss Pearl North and Mr. Archie Mrs. Lucy Foreman in Brinley have returned from Copper winter with Louisville. after visiting Miss North's grand Brown visited Mrs. mother. Miss Georgia Messrs. W. D. Newbill and Roger M. A. Beeler's family Saturday. Sun- Smith, who were injured while work Mr. Herman Williams spent ing on the L. & E. road last week, day with his parents here. Miss Maybel Gentry, who are out of danger. Little has been seriously ill with pneumonia, is much improved at this In answering advertisements please writing. - be kind enough to mention this paper Miss Virginia Bell was the overe Committed man who committed suicide late Wednesday night oflast week in The r, te n, d y d butchered. Christmas Ad. We call attention to our readers to the announcement of J. Bacon & Sons in this issue of The Jeffersonian. They are offering everything that may be desired in the way of Christmas toys and other things suitable for Christmas gifts. Read and answer their ad. Christmas is Coming Leave us your orders. We have everything good. Come early and avoid the rush. SCHLANGE & YENNER City Limits. Mr. William Gailbreath.of Okolona. found on his farm while plowing last spring a Spanish Silver coin that The was made in the year 1790. coin is about the size of a dime. Mr. Gailbreath prizes his find very highly. Debate At Epworth League. At a regular business meeting of the Epworth League Monday evening it was announced that a debate would take place at the next business meeting to be held the first Tuesday night after the first Sunday in January. The time for holding the business meetings was changed on account of the Commercial Club meeting on the first Monday nights. The question to be debated is, Edu"Resolved, that Christian cation is the Only Education Safe and Helpful to all good." Affirmative, Lud M. Bryan; nagative, J. C. Alcock. 1 Eagle Brand Fertilizers Produce Best Crops. ol I Southern Seed Company, I - INCORPORATED.! Preston and Jefferson Sts. Louisville, Ky.

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