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Page 7 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

Minutes of the General Association SIXTIETH CONVENTION OF THE KN.E.A. Louisville, Ky., April 15-18, 1936 FIRST GENERAL SESSION Wednesday, April 15 8:15 P. M. The Kentucky Negro Education Association held its sixtieth an- nual session in Louisville on April 15-18, 1936. The first general session was held Wednesday, April 15 at 8:15 p. m. at Quinn Chapel with the K. N. E. A. of- ficers, directors, and past presi- dents seated on the rostrum. H. R. Merry, Vice President of the K. N. E. A., presided at the ses- sion. The opening musical num- bers were rendered by the Girls' Glee Club of Central High School, directed by Miss N. G. Board. The invocation was rendered by Rev. Frank M. Reid, pastor of *Quinni Chapel, Louisville, Ky. The opening features of the program consisted of a welcome address by Prof. Clyde Liggin, principal of Virginia Avenue and Parkland Schools, in Louisville. The response to the welcome was made by Miss Nora H. Ward, prin- cipal of Southgate Street School, of Newport, Ky. Prof. W. S. Blanton, principal of Mayo-Underwood High School of Frankfort, President of the K. N. E. A., was next introduced and delivered his annual address, which was full of thought and very comprehensive. He recom- mended that $100.00 be placed at the disposal of the Research Committee, that school authori- ties and principals be urged to seek to develop greater interest in agriculture, home economics, and trades, that principals and teachers, who work in the agri- cultural districts, give greater support to the Farmers' Confer- ence, conducted at the State Col- lege at Frankfort, that the K. N. E. A. pledge its loyal sup- port to the administration of Gov. Chandler, and that the K. N. E. A. cooperate with the progressive plans of Superintend- ent H. W. Peters, of the State Department of Education. After a piano solo by Miss Tella Marie Cole, President Atwood of K. S. I. C. introduced the guest speaker of the evening, Dr. W. E. B. DuBois, Professor of Sociology, Atlanta University. Dr. DuBois delivered a philosophical address couched in eloquent diction on "The Problem of Race Segrega- tion in the United States with Special Reference to Education.'t The content of this address is be- ing published in the K. N. E. A. Journal. After announcements by the. Secretary, Atwood S. Wilson, the benediction was rendered by Rev. F. C. Locust of Covington. Among the past presidents who sat on the platform were: Miss M. S. Brown, Dean H. C. Russell, Prof. A. E. Meyzeek, Prof. W. H. Hum- phrey, President W. H. Anderson, President R. B. Atwood, and Pres- ident W. S. Blanton. SECOND GENERAL SESSION Thursday, April 16, 1936 9:00 A. M. The second general session of the K. N. E. A. was opened with two music numbers by the All- City Sixth Grade Chorus of Louis- 7

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