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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), April 25, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

i o o rrr INCOUrOIlATKI E ALBERT COOKPhD M ° IM Entered at till rottofflet at flrtta Xyr odON oioOooroloooS0lo nailmatter o VIII Vol about VJUi that rliB KMH JieaVs IU Walls dllite In nlYrtKlIlC rtotn of datlfeltt sir iwto Many teen da sot rJplos n> irk root but pun than up miry now and this ia ehtMrwn do jKWor they haw ptenuM to Mt If dliry ar growing Hww < FROM THE WIDE WORLD Hmvy 8arrdnluhhock of Otmof M StCO fJOUlOR im ttM hat CVMMtl TIll tiWM of ChlHiincmu Chlluprt unrut I Ayallo ilk Omet yeo not k il gee a liD 11 end th HOT Aoipyhvt Is lrlY und T water1r1m1 Ihr wwti of hr rud iiUi tram the Th rr wrre pLagu In ladle lllrllf for Week rod t t ro 1 t tt iri f dIC euivrbO uKl wlttenit Uv u IN unties aid Ikur esna BpkUuJrn and dta + e mid InnnM The pto Ad ihr tnrrikto cjaUKiuo pie ere eIUne UMMeiTM toad all Utrr pwBvw to MMIW vaoiHlk food to > Ufff allra COUNTRY OWN lOf The National ArttHmtton nd 4kurtea mwhiitoM reootn OHJKIWW nwz ling among otter things Boat the Hague OunforMM Inll bWBfl er be a pPMRvnam MULE beat iMWtMtkHi lIn the because some soldiers of the one country took a mule that the other country claimed 1 ¬ dons Bball be diwlted by tho oomin contcnnrf that the United Stat KOTcrnmrnt urge on tM oonfer action 1wking to tho lUnltotton o TM nwoluUons spec k xnnjinvnt MRlily of Pre ld9 t Roosevelt Stero Mlniamr Sir tort Jloa And tho llrlt Cxm bcI > Iaimernun of girt for the stand they hive taken In favor of a > Ulrd iwlloy of PBeC Oae Dollar a year ONKI- From the Wide World Irk art over 1600000 a that was paid for the mule Too high price for a mule They might have down there Cliliirwi Kuuilnn lUilloC 1MGK Comment Pours IVriunnent Inllurnrn of the Tbealre Upon thingsIn UlilrlctScUool governmentLast lliwcut Nliiln New New York City There were great men there from Englandand France and many of the most famous people of the United States They came together to say is time that we It 1MOK KIOIIT Kailoru Kentucky Nowr The 0d World and Its Ways This Is tho Utlo of a new and i ro fus ly Illustrated book by CoL William If two men have a quarrel if they Jennings Dryan resonating his notod are fools they will get revolvers and kill each other as the Journey around tho earth and through miners at Sturgis Ientucky did last week If they arc wise Europe which was su widely herald ¬ through theywill bring their case to a just and fair judge and let edTho book tho Amerlaau Pressend de la an Hluawutod him settle the matter ecrijitlvo rcoonl of that entire Journey where their cases can be settled instead of trying which la so memorable in current his ¬ to shoot each other to pieces when they do not agree There tory The Journey embraced a period is alreadysuch a court for the nations of the world in a city of a yar nnd covered pwcllaally nil tho oirtli of Holland called The Hague But many of the nations the nations of travoIlKl wIth camotu Col Drjian still arc buying revolvers and cannon instead of going to the and punch and not only described in Is it not time to judges they have chosen paying brilliant phrase what ha sew but for a further lllastiutcd his Journey by the lives of a photograph Theso photographs con stlUUo a striking pictorial presentaFour Hundred Babies Left to Die tion and load especial Interest to hank Thu luliof Committee is doing all it can with tho money which comes They number 210 and they show in iu to navo the starving Chinese Ono of tho telegrams sent to tho United picture tho world ns he saw IL They constitute Just that many striking Status not longago said Tho Relief Committee was able to necuro enough milk for ono depot to Object J B33ns of tho pooplo of all feed 100 babies until the harvest with the result that about 100 more lives countries in their clUes towns and have been Ravod7ce Committee however ban been compelled to leave village to them names and every ¬ dayoccuJXLtons nbottl 1 wi when hn wji gooA one IVMtaiinster G neml showed hlmsell unfit for such a positionNew York mule stop OF and Iwn Intentional canl- pl3gn oaine to a clote SiUurtiy when of Owensboro decld t by 442 to retain the 40 ttilootw In tbl city Thouainds ol people paraded the strata nil dry ulnTrfng BOHRS and tipping ivory taw xntantni Tor prayer mentlngs Nearly 4000 votes were oait Reports from out In time state nc cordlng to the frkndr of Judge VII ibm n Molt Indloito that tho sent iulCnt for him fir tho republican nom ination tor Oovprnor Is rapidly spread ins Judge Holt siys he Is not n MBdlaitu li> the sense of making n Eight for it but that he would nocei t It 1f It were offered to him By a majority of at least 2000 votes ttho dfalzcns of Webster county hive drcfifcd agslnst open salDoni In tint county A fairly light you was oil and the liquor sldo war oamplote tic ¬ > l By TlM paDiple Bount U State nnjorltj ot st BwwnpodJtvnus accused of complicity murder of James Oockrlll went on the witness stand at Lexington in ilho Irtil of Dill Drltton on tho Pam cbargo and denied all the charges Lon ecrnlng the oDmplincy Curt Jot also itestlfled anti took all the respon sibility far the murder of COck l1 Tho testimony is about nil in u- d ntie end of the trial is In sight in the ¬ Big Crowd Fspeekd Ono week from Afonday end TuosdaS Ctb mid 7th students nights Stay Those who save just as they happen to feel like it and those who save what they have left at the end of tfhe month seldom make saocessfal But those who Start out with some defi¬ regular plan are the ones who ultimately up handsome accounts Try to save a certain amount each week oc each rnoatiiha certain per cent of your iQoaeae is the Jaestway Then take this am ¬ aunt out of your income first of all and live the iiilancc This is the winning system + I ¬ ¬ saRcrSr tntte + o 1 + I o I 0 oJ + + J flfttene TRUST CO o President Ceaaurid Shaking W oo THE oo+ OmlO o- o- + o 2 o o- ° j 0 + o lAoFo + o o + o + oFo + o+4oFo + 0- 0 National Bank I 0 CAPITAL 25OOO o- a r s We Cordially Invite i 0 i YOUR ACCOUNT 0- BY 001 f o ° prest Vlco 00- ape11M cashlort ¬ S E WELCH < 3 W FOWLER 8s5dont GAY + o Fodf Y blkt4geji cc j + 0 + o +o + oJoOO o + oi odO + o+o4o + o lea of 4 Per Cent Interest ea Savings Insurance All Kinds Real Estate o Capital 1000000 our Porter Cashler H bil 0 + b and eur Surplus of i+ 1 F o ooco t + > t i O f BEREA BANK o h 45 0oa i DBPOsrrons ARE SAFEGUARDED Federal Supervision i ¬ 0- ibuiJd 1 + tI V i + o o Use College representing tho moun + tale counties of Kentucky and neigh o bor states meet In tho College Chapel + at 770 Po m to have at the wan otime fun and fDrk Appalachfcv la the name chosen for the state slam + Uroui of Hiirlilcn NiiflVrarii riiutogrnitlKxl loT Ucv W FJunklu tho name of the mouniolua that form tho counties represented A Largen Opening of the Jamestown Exposition port of the LegUaturo of Appalachia + o will bo composed of students whose + The formal opening of tho James ¬ first English Battlement In America on Upon tho arrival of President Roose- homes are In the oauutlea they rep town TerCenUnnlal Exposition April 20th 1907 will bo under Uio cUr velt on tits Mayflower In lampion resent In other eases students have ection at Mr O T Shoppcrd S3cre Roads a salute will be tired by the been chosen to represent other oun tiiry of Uw Jamestown Exposition United Stairs and foralgu warshljw ills than those from which they coma + On the first night the message ol OomjuiH assisted by Lieutenant P there nsscmlliedo When the President of the Expos ¬ Governor Lewis Prof C D Lewis H llagby Cth United Stolen Infantry Military Attache to tho Department lion presses the gold button starting will be read f vpaiker will be elected 0 Uw machinery cf the Exposition In committees appointed bills on various of the Secretary At sunrise on April 26th the Nor motion ll will at the Dime tlroo bo subjects retch as schools good rooda folk Light Artillery Blues stationed tho signal for the unfurling ot more and law and order will be handed In + at tho Exposition Grounds will flro n than one thousand flags on the var and referred to committees o 1I On the second night the bills will hundred guns to usher lOllS buildings of tho Brpwltlon The siluto of three In tJLe commenoemcmit of the day op pressing of this button will ialro be be taken up and debited some ol ening the Jaineatown TorOentcnntol Use signal for the allots to the Union them pissed aa lawn and o Exposition In commenmoniUon of the by tho United States and foreign ships CtMUnuodoB Itli three hundredth anniversary of the assembled of I- ofo o + o fa College Chapel 0- + it 4S Re eseaUtlves from MauatUa CeuaUecol Kentucky Teancecc North Carolina YUjlnlaasd Vat VirgtaU toMt et AS LEGISLATURE Of APPALACMIA j FOR SAVING o Year Scribe lore are protected by First Mountain Congress fraud in tho collection of tnxes lie eatlmutus that tho state has been robbed of thouunda of dollars A very exciting moil option Cnnnicnrrment nay W Judge Flftli and tltrra will bo exhibition nd ndarrrerby > oilrnli In Ihn mummy wllfc a arena Fair of IfmlucU C FlrrIdr ImdinUlM anti n R nnml viflolnc at tit Collrtt IIbrnry rr1O0NoL Xnrbinery eta mu Ilan eveaing at 4 Y BC flit rrndd Onillonwl I be xIq sly lie dee XCw acid fonnerij F3ltdhlefL at Uun lhJo < State Inspector H nry lllnos In tilt report to the governor on the cundlUon of pawl affairs In Owen tconcty ehirged three former Bhw o 1 Commencement 1907 + 0+ + o o Unltrnnllr nail now LUorrufIUL eC Columbia UuIvrnJtj qr the ymteeLDr OuiBnlil r1rnldcrlit America ZrerybalynwJenrhlru will will Im initnietnl and pleasedby 1oat1Ie fcrar Coin rarljr nail enjoy net t Ute c neitt ilnjx ern llfelluiu KENTUCKY iOO Definite Plan Mate A + O + O + OO + O + O + O + od odo + O + O + O + O + O + OX- o of o o oafs o Rtedtn < d llborate I No 45 roll Kiwrx bought more than five thousand mules in Kentucky and Illcli IdruU Needed by Itotlt He z b taken them down there for less than that Tim KncrtMlnrn at Ifjitlierhuml Jollllenl TnikBut Central America is not the only place where people Tewpcrnuce XoUwVAOK pay xtvKis said that Vuulu 1eymrtment It twenty million people are in danger of starving to death And Tlie huuiliiy School Leuuu YmcnCungreCollege 1ruldrnt at Ian the Russian government is trying to borrow moneynot to wrem six HiiiiiHllcitr Tnkn save the starving but to keep and enlarge its army so it will TillIroin by Mary to Clark Cum of Matj 8 have more men to kill and be killed Its war with Tim Japan two years ago cost it 935000000 and it spends Tim JrtriuDrjIiiR Vault by If O Clark 350000000 every year for its army Do the people of Rus ¬ Klehlh Krnturky JIUtnry sia want war or an army No it is just the Czar and the Student JourimlVAOK 8KVKK Nobles who want the army Isnt it rather a high price the Nnwr rout 2vur ulierc among all the nations lYrtJtVmt Iloa vrlt Is slid to br prcpariiv to nhifl hll eup art lo noni oUur man lor for Ilopabllcan nomlnGIJon for the presidency In oaf TaCt It eaten by Foiukfr In the Ohli with t ItrpdOn Opening of the Jiuiiotawit 1 Int Mountain Cnngrex aceSince ttt II Something over a thousand men have been killed in this Year TWO war A good slave was worth 1500 before the Civil War RedidThe Ifoajui ot aTbuujuad Candle Poultry nod IIs in the United States A man is always worth more as a PAm T11UHK free man than as a slave but if you reckoned those men in Itarva nnd Tlcliilljr Central America worth only 51500 each that would be College 111uta foode Lickf parentsI be open lo nlIfa ll yur court dote of the world chats genatlnttty of wbllMUOA for ell the na COMMONWEALTH Fruit jj 0I Chief Contests of This Number rOE Drying Booloroiuoorooloroorop APRIL 25 1007 lllMl Wives look for You can get a pretty good mule in Ken ¬ In Our Own Counlryof Kentucky Two countries in central America have CommonwUIa Irlro of m Mala rtllforbil Tim thousand men OUR IK takes your mule tucky for 250 been fighting A KENTUCKY g I I rolororororomororororoosoo should stop wasting the wealth and the lives of Of the nations in war >U 8vtntj thOUNlUl IlfKf XSCMTfxd IU llIlgll the UlllbHlPrt nr vf tae tbe Punjab UiiMtU in uttrrlnt thr wonit tsar am + hi blur H Urown So lcrr tJlaa OOUOUOO In tilt s uth natTA iirjrli erg AprI getit BEKEA MADISON COUNTY THE PRICE OF from loMKfrllowIn character In manners In style In all thing due ftuprom exeelloneo la Bliupllcky SUi la unjust but ODd IB Just and UaMly Justice triumph Tlio ovrydty ones arid dutloa which men tall drudgery are the oriels and oount ri Ifts at the mock uI time giving Ml iwnduliim a ante TlbiuUon and its kinds a ragutor ua Uon Love Is ever buay with till BhuMla dull wwp waavlB It ever gorgeous Into lifes and BOWIW flowirft UrlKht Arm dtn Housing our gloomy prisonhouse CJem 0o ooioTHE CITIZEN hive conlfl a copy IDEAS JtQIforn f xo Itee roeoet BERU rUHUSHING r 7 dtoRohrFo3 o k-

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