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Image 7 of 1997 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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7. Regent Burich commended the President and Murray State for assisting in keeping the job on track. President Alexander gave a brief report on woods Hall. After a cost analysis by Mr. Dewey Yeatts, Director of Facilities Management, the decision was made that Woods Hall would not be renovated for use as a housing facility. Mr. Yeatts showed what the total cost projections would be over a period of 25 years and how the university would lose money on the various models and options. As a result of the analysis, the University recommended to the state not to reconstruct Woods Hall or renovate it as a residential facility. A meeting was held in Frankfort with the Commissioner of Facilities, Armond Russ, and several people. Commissioner Russ and some of his personnel came to Murray to review the situation. We are talking about options that other people have not tried and any time you do that under state bureaucracy there are lots of questions. They are working closely with us and we believe that we can start construction of a facility in a relatively short time, possibly by the fall of ’98, as we were originally going to have the Hoods Hall facility constructed. we are not planning to build big buildings like Hart Hall. we are talking about a design that would form quadrangles and building two at a time without incurring a tremendous cost all at once. The costs would be approximately $70 per square foot. The location has not been determined. According to the state, we could build on our own property or we have an option to contract with someone outside and the buildings be leased back to us. Those are the two options with which the state is comfortable. Each unit would hold 32 students. Dr. Alexander showed a design of the buildings. He pointed out that the University Attorney suggested that the University could start construction of a facility as long as our payment didn’t exceed $200,000 in the initial year. Then we would have some I time to plan the next few facilities with the legislature. We could start before the legislature meets in its regular session and then ask the legislature to give us permission to modify the Richmond Hall and Woods Hall models. We already had legislative approval to spend our students’ money for Richmond, to take out Richmond and to renovate Woods. we can start construction as soon as we get the plans together and get it all lined with the process. He could start construction and then as the quadrangle develops, we switch the approval from Richmond Hall and woods Hall to this approval. Regent Lovett requested that a questionnaire be submitted along with the bids for construction of the privately owned buildings to make certain there would be no conflict of interest. In other words, if the people/companies bidding the construction have made a big contribution to the last Governor’s race of a sitting Governor, etc., related to any of the Regents whatever, they are disqualified for bidding. D. Development/Investments - Mr. Lovett. No report. E. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action - Mrs. Gamble. No report. F. Faculty/Staff Affairs - Mr. Lanier. Mr. Lanier presented the following recommendations on behalf of the Faculty/Staff Affairs Committee. 1. Revision of Sick Leave Policy For the Faculty/Staff Affairs Committee, Mr. Lanier moved that the Board of Regents, upon the recommendation of the President of the University, approve the revision in the Sick Leave Policy (Policy IV C) in Murray State University’s Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual for the inclusion of "step" relatives in the definition of “immediate family." l

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