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Image 3 of 1997 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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3. Report of the President Governor’s Special Session on Higher Education President Alexander pointed out that this is the first time that we have ever stopped to think about higher education in Kentucky as a system. It has just grown up over the years. western was added and Eastern was added in 1906; Murray State in 1922 and Morehead. The University of Kentucky just came about as kind of a shift from Transylvania to a land grant institution. The community colleges have been a fragmented piece mill thing. The technical programs have never T been related to postsecondary education. They were in the Department of Education, Elementary and Secondary, and in 1917 they were mandated by federal law and that has just evolved into another system of education, or a piece of a system. So we’ve never had, although we use that word system loosely, we’ve never had a system and this is the first time that anyone has ever backed up and looked at all of this thing in context. It is important and vital to us and Murray State and I think we will be better off from the experience, having gone through this, and working with the Governor in his effort to bring some rationality to all of this program. We see that Murray State has growth potential. we’ve got some options as far as our mission and vision is concerned and we expect those options to remain available and we would expect to have more options after this legislation. President Alexander asked for support on behalf of the Governor’s program. Recruitment and Retention President Alexander pointed out that Murray State is growing and getting more and better students. He pointed out that fewer scholarships are being awarded for Fall of 1997, but our numbers are up again. I 0ur test scores, as well as numbers, are up. Our faculty is doing a marvelous job as usual. A decision the Board is going to have to decide is whether or not we are just going to grow taking the same quality students as we have before or whether we are going to be compelled to limit our enrollment. The opportunity is now available to us. After three years of growth, we are going to be able to set some standards that we haven’t set before, maybe raise the admission requirements, maybe modify them, maybe look at some options for pre-baccalaureate or community college education for the students who have traditionally gone to Murray State. He suggested that a workshop ` be scheduled to discuss the directions of the University. President Alexander expressed appreciation for the support of the Board. He also expressed appreciation to the “Minute Men" and "Minute women" who volunteered to make phone calls on behalf of the _ University for whatever reason when needed. Report of the Chairman Chair Easley expressed appreciation for the hard work and support on behalf of the Governor’s Higher Education Plan. He also expressed appreciation for support outside the community as well, pointing out that Job Quest, an ad hoc committee of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and officials of major businesses and industries in the Commonwealth, raised money to support the Governor’s project; Calloway County raised $15,000. Murray led the way in writing letters to alumni, student support and other universities. Mr. Easley congratulated Rose Bogal-Albritten on receiving the 1997 Distinguished Professor Award and other individuals who received awards at Commencement. T

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